Volume-2, Issue-5, May-2019

Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil by using Waste Gypsum
Author(s): Prashik Thul, Tushar Raut, Kunal Yadav, Mudassir M. Inamdar
Page(s): 1-3

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Application of Robotics for Advancement in Agriculture using IoT
Author(s): K. S. Megha, Meghashree, S. Roja, P. Shilpa, H. R. Seema
Page(s): 4-7

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An Integrated Approach for Rural Road Development in India
Author(s): Pankaj Sharma, Pawan More, Abhishek Vishwakarma, Mohan Solanke, Basweshwar Bansode
Page(s): 8-10

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Engine Valve Lapping
Author(s): S. Divya, R. Pavithran, S. Vijay
Page(s): 11-13

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A Survey on Hybrid Framework for Sentiment Analysis using Genetic Algorithm based Feature Reduction
Author(s): Bhagyashree Bhoyar, Tejaswini Patil, Sonali Thosar
Page(s): 14-16

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Energy Saving Device for Welding Transformer
Author(s): Vikram Singh, Kamlesh Kumar, Komal Gupta, Mayank Swami, Manoj Yadav, Monika Meena
Page(s): 17-18

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Design and Implementation of Algorithm for Time Table Generation
Author(s): Kevin Menezes, Vikas Jha, Krishna Jaiswal, Niket Amoda
Page(s): 19-22

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A Study on Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices in Restaurants with Special Reference to Kumbakonam
Author(s): M. Karthick, R. Rengarajan
Page(s): 23-26

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A Study on Employee Engagement at Raman and Raman Motors (A Hero Motocorp) with Special Reference to Thanjavur
Author(s): M. Sundar, M. Mohammed Al Basidh
Page(s): 27-30

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The Emergence of ‘Consciousness’ in Natural Sciences: A Historical Overview
Author(s): Uma Dhar
Page(s): 31-37

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Sustainable Construction in the Indian Context: A Review on Green Rating Systems
Author(s): D. M. Mudholkar, V. R. Dhawale
Page(s): 38-41

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A Study on Stock Management by Diary Product Retailers at Mannargud
Author(s): A. Vasu Deva Krishnan, R. Rengarajan
Page(s): 42-44

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Real-Time Detection of Changing Spam Tweets in Twitter
Author(s): P. Jayashree, M. Manikandan, M. Jayanthi
Page(s): 45-51

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Energy Audit in Oil Mill: Considering Motor Load
Author(s): Shraddha Deshmukh, Akash Badukale, Gaurav Patne, M. R. Chavan
Page(s): 52-54

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Application of the Improved Chaotic Ant Routing Algorithm into Radar system of Internet of Things
Author(s): M. Manju Reka, M. Manikandan, R. Banu Priya, M. Jaya Prakash
Page(s): 55-57

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A Survey on Advance Walking Stick for Blind Assistance using IoT
Author(s): Chandanita Thakur, Aradhana Sharma, Ayesha Ruman
Page(s): 58-61

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A Literature Survey on Child Safety Wearable Device
Author(s): Asghar Pasha, Bi Bi Khatija, M. Shaista Tarannum, K. R. Harris, Nida Sayedi, Aseema Sultana
Page(s): 62-67

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A Study on Impact of Patient’s Behavior on Nurses Attitude in Royal Dental College, Kerala
Author(s): T. Haritha, K. G. Selvam
Page(s): 68-75

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Security in IoT using AES Algorithm and Secure Key Transmission using Gmail
Author(s): Prathamesh More, Namrata Phadtare, Swamini Pednekar, Rajas Karnik
Page(s): 76-78

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A Survey on iBaby: A Low Cost BLE Pseudolite based Indoor Baby Care System
Author(s): M. B. Nanda, Kathyayani Laxman Nayak
Page(s): 79-85

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A Study on Health Care Workers Welfare Measures in MR Hospital
Author(s): P. Abirami, P. S. Shabi Shimny
Page(s): 86-90

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A Study on Job Satisfaction Level to the Employees in BSNL, Thanjavur
Author(s): M. Umamaheshwari, S. Venkatesh
Page(s): 91-95

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An Optimized Scheduler and Compiler for Image Processing
Author(s): N. Shashank, M. Kunal, U. Puneet, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 96-98

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Compiler Design Techniques to Better Utilize GPUs
Author(s): Parth Venkatesh, Nikith Hosangadi, P. Samith, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 99-102

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Error Reporting and Recovery in Parsing Expression Grammars
Author(s): N. K. Theertha Krishnan, Shraddha Sahinath Rane, Sinni Anna Alex
Page(s): 103-106

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A Study on Work Life Balance of Healthcare Workers in MR Hospital at Thanjavur
Author(s): M. Kavinaya, S. Mervin Sesu Raj
Page(s): 107-110

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A Study on Emotional Intelligence Selected in Textile Shop Employees with Special Reference to Thanjavur City
Author(s): K. Vijay, U. Vijay Shankar
Page(s): 111-115

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A Study on Role of Motivation and Improving the Performance of Employees in BSNL, Thanjavur
Author(s): M. Sivashankari, S. Vengadesh
Page(s): 116-120

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A Study on Training and Development with Special Reference to Meenakshi Hospital in Thanjavur
Author(s): R. Varsha, P. S. Shabi Shimny
Page(s): 121-125

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Compilers in Embedded Systems
Author(s): M. Shirisha, H. R. Samyuktha, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 126-127

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Error Detection and Correction using Machine Learning Concepts
Author(s): Asha Kutsa, Pauline Joseph, Garima Choudhary, Shrey Naik
Page(s): 128-131

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A Survey of Compiler Optimization Techniques
Author(s): Aman Raghu Malali, Ananya Pramod, Jugal Wadhwa, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 132-135

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CUP Parser Generator for JustAdd (EDAN70)
Author(s): K. Raghavendra, R. Mithuna, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 136-139

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Programming Language Compilers on the Cloud
Author(s): Harshan Goodwin Hector, U. S. Rashmi, Rohith Janardhan, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 140-142

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Psychological Contract of Healthcare Workers with Special Reference to Meenakshi Hospital, Thanjavur
Author(s): M. Noorish Nihar, U. Vijay Shankar
Page(s): 143-150

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A System for Dam Automation and Safe Flow
Author(s): Akhila Suresh, Fini Joby, Mable Mary Paul, E. S. Sudheesha
Page(s): 151-153

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Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm for Cyber-Physical-Social Computing and Networking
Author(s): P. Sangeetha, M. Manikandan, R. Banu Priya, M. Jaya Prakash
Page(s): 154-157

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A Study on Patient Satisfaction with Special Reference to Specific Hospital in Thanjavur
Author(s): M. Hariharan, K. G. Selvan
Page(s): 158-164

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A Study on Supply Chain Management as Perceived by the Operating Supply Chain Employees of Restaurants in Thanjavur
Author(s): S. Surya, R. Prema
Page(s): 165-170

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Electro-Mechanical Car
Author(s): Akash Kumar Dubey, Ashutosh Mishra, Abhishek Singh, Ashwani Yadav
Page(s): 171-175

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An Experimental Investigation on, Effects on the Properties of Concrete by Partial Replacement with M-Sand
Author(s): Rameez Raja, V. S. Sagu
Page(s): 176-180

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Review on Car Following Behaviour of Adaptive Cruise Control [ACC]
Author(s): M. K. Thejas Gowda, M. S. Tejas Kumar, S. Yeshwanth, M. N. Bharath
Page(s): 181-184

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Recognition based Syntactic Foundation, Relation with CFG’s and Syntax Error Recovery in Parsing Expression Grammars
Author(s): Sini Anna Alex, Aditya Raghu, K. N. Ajay Shastry, H. R. Chetan
Page(s): 185-190

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Automation on Fire Prevention in Automobile
Author(s): S. Vignesh, V. Jaya Prakash, K. Dharmaseelan, K. Kavi Bharathi
Page(s): 191-193

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Wave Energy Harvester
Author(s): S. Vignesh, J. R. Sudalai Thangamani, T. Poongundran, S. Sujil Joshva, D. Sathish
Page(s): 194-196

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Vedic Maths Calculator using VLSI Implementation
Author(s): Aakanksha Singh, Shivangi Tyagi, Harshada Ugale, Priti Shende
Page(s): 197-199

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Modernization of Conventional Multi Operation Machine with Special Attachment
Author(s): S. Vignesh, K. Vijay, G. Periasamy, D. Santhosh Kumar
Page(s): 200-202

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A Study on Future Prospect of Investments on Bitcoin in India
Author(s): Renuka Shree, Megha, Kavya, Nikhitha
Page(s): 203-204

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Factors Causing Stress Among First Year GNM Students Attending a Selected School of Nursing in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Author(s): Chatany Prakash Lodha
Page(s): 205-207

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A Review on Development of New Light Weight Vehicles
Author(s): Veeresh, G. Shashank, M. D. Vinay Kumar, M. N. Bharath
Page(s): 208-209

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Compiler Optimization using Machine Learning Techniques
Author(s): Amogh S. Inamdar, Sindhuja V. Rai, Anagha M. Rajeev, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 210-214

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A Comparative Study of Different Techniques for Translation of English Algorithm to C Program
Author(s): Kaushik Singh, Gaurav Karkal, Dhanush Reddy, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 215-218

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Broadband Over Power Lines
Author(s): Maram Hemanth Reddy
Page(s): 219-220

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Simulation and Optimization of PV-Wind Hybrid system
Author(s): Nikhil Takkar, Shubhankar Srivastava, Pawan Kumar
Page(s): 221-223

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A Review on Need for Efficient Cold Chain Logistics
Author(s): C. M. Manauj Gowda, Koushik Senapati, Rozer Mutum, M. N. Bharath
Page(s): 224-228

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A Review on Computer Systems in Learning
Author(s): Prithvi S. Naidu, S. Vivek, Shreyes Bhat, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 229-231

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Improved Keyword and Key Phrase Extraction from Meeting Transcripts
Author(s): Vishwanath D. Doddamani, B. N. Varun, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 232-233

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Prevention of Toppling of Heavy Vehicles using Gyroscopes
Author(s): B. Anirudh Pai, J. T. Prajwal, S. Srijan, M. N. Bharath
Page(s): 234-236

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Sign Language Recognition using Image based Hand Gesture
Author(s): N. Adarsh, M. G. Banish, K. R. Rohan, J. Rahul, Manjunath Kotari
Page(s): 237-240

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Oral and Written Numeracy Assessment Tools and E-Games: It’s Effectiveness as an Approach in Teaching Mathematics
Author(s): Arnel A. Alcantara
Page(s): 241-243

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Content Delivery based on Context and User Intelligence
Author(s): Dhanashri Shukla, Parag D. Thakare
Page(s): 244-246

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A Study on Durability Aspects of Self Compacting Concrete Subjected to Acid Attack
Author(s): Rashmi R. Ghali, V. Sanjana, P. M. Nithin, R. Yogesh
Page(s): 247-249

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Online Compiler using Mobile Cloud Computing
Author(s): Tushar Saxena, Utkarsh Agrawal, Yameen Aslam Zargar, Farhan Ahmed
Page(s): 250-251

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RFU based CPLD Compiler Approach
Author(s): S. K. Viswanath, M. Dhanaraj, C. Y. Santhosh, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 252-254

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Effects of Process Parameters and Mechanical Properties of Stir Cast Aluminium 6063 Alloy: A Review
Author(s): P. Arunachalam, A. Kathiresan, K. Kalaiselvan, K. Arun Kumar, K. Gokul
Page(s): 255-258

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Investigation of Stress Corrosion Cracking Behaviour of 316 Austenitic Stainless Steel in Magnesium Chloride Environment
Author(s): P. Arunachalam, S. K. Kiruthik Venkat, G. Ketharnath, P. Karthik, U. Mathuvishnu
Page(s): 259-263

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A Review on SaaS Oriented Cloud based Compilers
Author(s): Sini Anna Alex, Daniel Monteiro, Zaid Hossain, Zubin Paymaster, Adi V. Chari
Page(s): 264-266

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Enhancing Teachers Capabilities for Science Instruction in the District of Sta. Teresita, Division of Batangas
Author(s): Venus Marpessa R. Alcantara
Page(s): 267-269

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An Overview of Enhancement of Mechanical Properties in Weld Joints on Magnesium Alloy: A Review
Author(s): F. Justin Dhiraviam, R. Vignesh, V. Pravin, M. Nihilesh Karthick, V. Sridharan
Page(s): 270-275

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A Brief Survey of Compiler Optimizations and their Sequence Optimization
Author(s): Shiv Dutt Tripathi, Sashank Agarwal, Rohit Kumar, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 276-278

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A Survey on Vastu Shastra, AR and IoT
Author(s): H. S. Kshirsagar, S. S. Kotian, S. S. Surana, C. C. Kamthe, V. M. Lomte
Page(s): 279-280

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An Experimental Analysis on Bacterial Brick and Comparing with Conventional Brick
Author(s): Nitu Haridas, Roshmy Varghese, T. S. Sajna, Shilji Saseendran
Page(s): 281-283

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Twitter Sentimental Analysis using Machine Learning Algorithms
Author(s): Akshay B. Thite, Sarvesh Upadhye, Sudarshan Wattamwar, Sneha Deo
Page(s): 284-288

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Image Stitching of Dissimilar Images
Author(s): P. Sannidhi, Sathwik R. Gutti, M. R. Shamanth, R. Sai Charan, S. K. Parikshith Nayak
Page(s): 289-293

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Scope and Problems in Experienced Compiler
Author(s): M. Manjunath, M. G. Nikhil, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 294-295

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Analysis of Compiler Optimization Techniques
Author(s): Anshul Gupta, Ashutosh Pattanaik, Atul Rustagi, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 296-298

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A Study of Cloud Based Compilers
Author(s): A. Parkavi, Nivan Hanjura, Rigzen Bhutia
Page(s): 299-301

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Compiler Optimization using Various Machine Learning Techniques
Author(s): T. Anvesh, G. V. Dhanush Kumar, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 302-305

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Optimization of Program Flow using Hybrid Approach of Compiler Optimization and Code Optimization using Machine Learning and ANN
Author(s): Sini Anna Alex, S. Abhishek, K. Sidhartha Nambiar, K. Keshava Pranath
Page(s): 306-308

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Phenytoin Induced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in a Tertiary Care Hospital: A Case Series
Author(s): G. Ramya, D. Vageeshwari, K. Shilpa, K. Pheoba Lydia Rani
Page(s): 309-311

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A Study on Compiler Applications in Neural Networks
Author(s): Riya R. Ganiga, Shaguftha Zuveria Kottur, Tallapalli Surabhi, A. Parkavi, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 312-315

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A Review on Scopes and Issues in Green Complier, Solving Synonym, Homonym, Hyponym and Polysemy Problems and Translation of English Algorithm in C Program using SDT
Author(s): Sini Anna Alex, Rithika Bellad, Ankita Sumod, Soumya P. Sawkar
Page(s): 316-320

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Secured University Results System using Block Chain Features
Author(s): Rushikesh Pawar, Sambhaji Jadhav, Sainath Rodge, Naval Jakken
Page(s): 321-323

Download Paper
Torque Mapping and Productionization of a Compressor
Author(s): P. Arunachalam, A. Ragunath, M. Suraj
Page(s): 324-327

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Impact of Product Packaging Elements on Consumer Purchase Notation: A Study FMCG Items
Author(s): Naresh Naik Maloth, Rambabu Lavuri
Page(s): 328-334

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Lean Manufacturing Approach for Productivity Improvement using SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies)
Author(s): Hernadewita, Yayan Saputra, Wahyu Adhi Yatma, Yudi Prastyo, Agus Irawan
Page(s): 335-338

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Online Java Compiler with Security Editor and Data Extraction
Author(s): R. H. Raghavendra, Ramesh Kataraki, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 339-340

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Monitoring Diabetes Patients using Big Data Analytics
Author(s): B. M. Shantabhushana, Swati Salimath, Madhavi M. Pawar, Soumya T. Warad,
Amruta S. Ankaliki
Page(s): 341-342

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Literature Review on Effect of Admixtures on Durability of Self-Compacting Concrete
Author(s): Vishal Barapatre, S. R. Satone
Page(s): 343-346

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A Review of Conventional and Upcoming Approaches for Compiler Analysis and Code Optimization
Author(s): M. Shobha, Soumyashree Dhabade, C. Sowmya, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 347-352

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COCOVILA for Visual Languages and a Compiler for Processor with Programmable Accelerator
Author(s): Akuleti Harshini Reddy, H. G. Anil Kumar, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 353-354

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A Review on Different Approaches of Compiler Optimization
Author(s): Adarsh Anand, Abhinandan Jha, Kanwaldeep Singh
Page(s): 355-357

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Design Optimization of Bicycle Crank using Finite Element Analysis
Author(s): Shangraf Tiku, Samanth Bhat, Divyanshu Kumar Tripathi, M. N. Bharath
Page(s): 358-363

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A Survey of Compiler Optimization Techniques
Author(s): Aamir Syed, Keerthana Purushottam, Ashiwn Harish, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 364-367

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Testing of Compiler’s Optimization Done by ANN
Author(s): Sini Anna Alex, Abhishek S. Manthalkar, Avnish Shah, K. S. Chandan
Page(s): 368-369

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Soap Industry Waste Water Treatment by Electro-Coagulation
Author(s): S. B. Ankesh, Rakesh Gulaki, Kushal, K. V. Sudeep, K. Shreenatha, Mamatha
Page(s): 370-378

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Improvement of Press Process Productivity in Automotive Industry
Author(s): Yayan Saputra, Damsiar, Taufik Hidayat, Yudi Prastyo, Humiras Hardi Purba
Page(s): 379-384

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Conversational Agent for Student Service and Support
Author(s): T. Manvitha, Nishanth Sura, Muskan Agarwal, Moulik Sharma
Page(s): 385-387

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A Review on Splitting and Rotating Captcha Technique
Author(s): S. K. Parikshith Nayaka, Shri Raksha, Sheetal, Vinutha,Sumana Rehman
Page(s): 388-391

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An Android Application for Effective Public Addressing System for Railway Station
Author(s): Md. Shafiulla, K. Sheetal, T. K. Swathi, S. R. Sharanabasava, G. Naveen Kumar
Page(s): 392-394

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Different Type Feeding for Metamaterial Microstrip Patch Antenna Promising Future of Communication
Author(s): Avikant, A. K. Gautam
Page(s): 395-398

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An Experimental Investigation of a Biomass-Solar Integrated Dryer
Author(s): P. B. Jawanjal, S. S. Bhange, S. G. Bahaley
Page(s): 399-402

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Average Energy Drop in MANET’s using FCM
Author(s): Neha Pachauri, Neelesh Gupta
Page(s): 403-405

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Alexa based Weather Station
Author(s): J. Kusuma, R. Rashmi, K. Sandhya, Sreeram Tejashwini, V. Vidyashree
Page(s): 406-408

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Application of C/C++ Compiler
Author(s): Nikhil Deshpande, Sameer Joshi, Sagar Pawar, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 409-411

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Blasphemy - Legal Status in India
Author(s): Navjosh Singh Atwal
Page(s): 412-416

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Stress Among Professional Colleges Student at Kanpur City
Author(s): Chatany Prakash Lodha
Page(s): 417-419

Download Paper
Translation of English Algorithm in C Program using Syntax Directed Translation Schema
Author(s): Hareesha Ganapati Gummani
Page(s): 420-421

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Large Scale Hierarchical Natural Language Text Classification using Deep Graph-CNN
Author(s): N. Rohini, Neethu Subramanian, C. Sunitha, Amal Ganesh
Page(s): 422-425

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ASITCF-Ambulance System with Intelligent Traffic Control Facility
Author(s): R. Srikantha Gowda, Kotireddy Rajitha, S. K. Sonia, K. Y. Aishwarya, G. Gowthami
Page(s): 426-428

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A Survey on Detection of Phishing Attacks
Author(s): G. N. Sneha, M. B. Nanda
Page(s): 429-431

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IoT based Automatic Detection of Pot Holes and Speed Breaker Mapping
Author(s): K. B. Naveen, J. Adithya Gowda, O. H. Amrutha, Harshitha N. Kumar, R. Kushwanth
Page(s): 432-434

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An Android Assistant for Alzheimer's Disease
Author(s): Praveen D. Hasalkar, Asiya Mehtab Pathan, Chandani K. Jain, Neha N. Sullad, Ruksar M. Hukkeri
Page(s): 435-436

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Modern Caste discrimination and Amelioration of Class
Author(s): Manjeet Singh
Page(s): 437-441

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Design and Fabrication of Multifunctional Furniture
Author(s): A. R. Palanivel Rajan, D. Elavarasan, S. Balaji, A. Dinesh, K. Gowtham
Page(s): 442-447

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Design and Fabrication of Saree Rolling Machine
Author(s): P. K. Kavale, Saurabh Kumar, Shivraj Sakhare, Sumant Kulkarnie, Bhagyashree Patil
Page(s): 448-449

Download Paper
Factors Influencing the Competency Mapping of Employees in Textile Industry
Author(s): P. Purnima Yogeshwari, S. Varadaraj
Page(s): 450-452

Download Paper
E-Ration Distribution System by Sending QR- Code
Author(s): B. Navale Bhagyashri, S. Taware Pradnya, Kharade Supriya, V. Taware Vrushali
Page(s): 453-455

Download Paper
A Critical Study of Shashi Deshpande’s Novel “The Dark Holds No Terrors”
Author(s): Prabhat Chourasia
Page(s): 461-463

Download Paper
Controlling ATM Scams using Biometrics System
Author(s): Shruthi J. Shetty, Pavan Kamath, Rakshith Rai, Prasanna, Rakesh Kotian
Page(s): 464-466

Download Paper
Pothole Detection System for Road Maintenance
Author(s): Pragati Alone, Krushna Kapse, Shubham Ingole, Manjushri Mahajan
Page(s): 467-468

Download Paper
Augmentation of Water Supply Scheme to Muvattupuzha
Author(s): Kuruvilla Nayana Anna, Anjana Baby, A. Pooja, Thomaskutty Jacob
Page(s): 469-472

Download Paper
Corrosion Resistance of Concrete by Adding Calcium Stearate
Author(s): Chippy Ann Chacko, Arya R. Lekshmi, Felix Manuel
Page(s): 473-475

Download Paper
Low Cost Energy Efficient Smart Security System with Information Stamping for IoT Networks
Author(s): M. S. Venkata Chandrashekar, S. Bharath, Suhas P. Shetty, Suraj S. Kashyap, B. Tahir Naquash
Page(s): 476-480

Download Paper
A Review on Current Research Trends in Ultrasonic Machining (USM)
Author(s): Sanjay Kumar, P. Sudhakar Rao
Page(s): 481-485

Download Paper
Flood Mapping and Analysis using Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) - A Case Study of Kerala
Author(s): V. Megha, Vaibhavi Joshi, Nitin Kakde, Anuradha Jaybhaye, Dhanashree Dhoble
Page(s): 486-488

Download Paper
Analysis of Compact Multi-band and Ultra-Wide Band Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for S, C and X Band Frequency Ranges
Author(s): Keshav, Rishav Pandey, Mudit Garg, Mamta
Page(s): 489-493

Download Paper
Patient-Doctor Connecting Android System (MED-HELP)
Author(s): K. M. Apoorva, K. Harika, K. M. Ankitha, M. Dinesh, D. Aradhana
Page(s): 494-498

Download Paper
Stock Market Prediction and Analysis using Machine Learning Algorithms
Author(s): Ruchit Desai, Deep Shah, Manan Shah, Prakshal Shah, Suchitra Patil
Page(s): 499-503

Download Paper
Design and Manufacturing of Mini Jet Engine
Author(s): Vinayak Pawar, Kedar Kini, Umesh Kolge, Shivraj Mhetre, Sanjay Nikhade
Page(s): 504-506

Download Paper
Durable Water and Soil Repellent Finishes for Cotton Woven Fabric
Author(s): C. Yuvaraja, A. Jothi Manikandan
Page(s): 507-508

Download Paper
A Survey of Machine Intelligence Heuristics in Modern Compiler Design
Author(s): Miskin Dash, Lakshya Sharma, Mridul Tiwary, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 509-511

Download Paper
Brief Understanding About Quality Metrics in Virtual Reality
Author(s): B. N. Ramamani, M. R. Anala
Page(s): 512-514

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GeoMob - A Geo Location based Browser for Secured Mobile Banking
Author(s): A. H. Srinivasa Rao, C. S. Deepashree, Dhanashree Pawaskar, K. Divya, L. Drakshayini
Page(s): 515-519

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Mosquito Repellent Finish on Cotton Fabric using Justicia Adhatoda Vasica Extract by Micro Encapsulation
Author(s): M. V. Vijay Karthigeyan, C. Premalatha
Page(s): 520-522

Download Paper
Stabilization of Cochin Marine Soil using Treated Bamboo Strips and Arecanut Fiber
Author(s): Ajmi Haneef, Anna Neha Mary Thomas, Brozia George Varghese
Page(s): 523-525

Download Paper
A Review on Cloud Computing and K-means++ Clustering Algorithm with Map Reduce
Author(s): Vinay V. Hegde, Nandan Singh Gadwal
Page(s): 526-528

Download Paper
Automated Cardiac Monitoring System for Pervasive Healthcare services in THINGSPEAK Cloud with KNN Algorithm
Author(s): K. B. Swetha, V. Anjali, K. Renuka, V. Namitha
Page(s): 529-532

Download Paper
A Survey on Data Driven Intelligent Public Transportation using LoRa
Author(s): Kathyayani Laxman Nayak, A. Latha, Majid Equbal Akhtar
Page(s): 533-541

Download Paper
Extraction of Tannic Acid from Emblica Officinalis (Avala) by Hot Continuous Extraction Method
Author(s): Rajratna B. Kamble, Shirish N. Nemade
Page(s): 542-546

Download Paper
Seismic Performance of Base Isolated Buildings
Author(s): Nisha Philip, Nimmy Raji, T. K. Solvin, Joseph Mammen, Anju Ousephkutty
Page(s): 547-549

Download Paper
The Application of Ergonomics in Recent Engineering
Author(s): C. R. Roopashree
Page(s): 550-555

Download Paper
Experimental Setup of a Mini Counterflow Cooling Tower
Author(s): Mafiz Uddin Ahmed, Rahul Datta, Nabajit Chakraborty, Manoj Kumar Kalita, Ashok Talukdar
Page(s): 556-563

Download Paper
Water Treatment by using Moringa Oleifera and Tamarind Seeds
Author(s): S. P. Veena, Pritty Sebastian, K. K. Reshma, Amal Shajahan
Page(s): 564-567

Download Paper
Combinational Security Lock System for ATM using Finger Print Identification
Author(s): A. Nambikkai Nancy, S. Kavipriya
Page(s): 568-573

Download Paper
Development of Mosquito Repellent Finished Fabric by using Natural Herbal Extraction of Vitex Negundo Plants
Author(s): K. Rafiq, C. Premalatha
Page(s): 574-576

Download Paper
V2V Unicast Routing Scheme using Pheromone-Approach
Author(s): Ramesh Kataraki, R. H. Raghavendra, Rohit Kumar, Dhanraj, V. Mamtha
Page(s): 577-579

Download Paper
Effect of Admixtures on Durability of Self-Compacting Concrete
Author(s): Vishal Barapatre, S. R. Satone
Page(s): 580-584

Download Paper
A Study on Investors Perception Towards Futures Derivative
Author(s): Bhavya Mishra, Vibhor Jain
Page(s): 585-590

Download Paper
Detection and Tracking of Moving Object using Python
Author(s): Leela B. Kamkhede, S. M. Patil
Page(s): 591-592

Download Paper
Contribution of Different Attributes Towards Ice Cream Purchase Decision Among Male Consumer
Author(s): Nilima Das, Kaustuva Hota
Page(s): 593-596

Download Paper
Blockchain Voting System
Author(s): K. Raghavendra, R. Mithuna, M. Manjunath, Hanumanth Raju
Page(s): 597-600

Download Paper
Minutiae Cylindrical Code (MCC) for Fingerprint Matching - A Survey
Author(s): Kalyani V. Kapse, Dipak D. Wajgi, Sunil Wanjari
Page(s): 601-605

Download Paper
Design and Implementation of 0.5dB Chebyshev Low Pass Filter for L-Band Application
Author(s): Shraddha Jadhav, Swati Misal, Abhilasha Mishra, Anita Murugkar
Page(s): 606-607

Download Paper
Development of UV Protection Finish on Cotton Fabric using Lemon Plant Extracts
Author(s): S. Karthik, P. Periyasamy
Page(s): 608-610

Download Paper
Handwritten Character Recognition
Author(s): Devesh Rao, Rajneesh Singh, Navneet Singh Tomar, Satyam Singh
Page(s): 611-613

Download Paper
Design and Implementation of Advanced Helmet
Author(s): Anshul Soni, Dishank Singh, Santosh Kumar, Mayand Malik, Mayank Sharma, Shivam Sharma
Page(s): 614-616

Download Paper
Change Management - A Strategic Approach for Indian Economy
Author(s): Ritu Khurana, Shabnam
Page(s): 617-619

Download Paper
Detecting and Blocking Phishing URL using Excessive Machine Learning and the Concept of Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Asha Choudhary, Rakesh Rathi, Ankit Mundra
Page(s): 620-623

Download Paper
Security Operations in the Protected Area or LOC with Wireless Secured Communication and Tracking Device for Soldiers
Author(s): M. C. Rajalakshmi, P. C. Pramitha, S. Prerith, Sumbul Faizani, A. Sumukh
Page(s): 624-627

Download Paper
Computer Vision-based Crowd Attention Detection System
Author(s): Ajin Raj, K. Kiran, Safnaaz, Samrin Banu, Merlyn Melita Mathias
Page(s): 628-630

Download Paper
A Study on “Employees Job Satisfaction” with Special Reference to “Tezpur Central University”
Author(s): Utpal Pal
Page(s): 631-633

Download Paper
Face Appearance Detection based on BBO/SVM
Author(s): Sonu Kumar Verma, Himanshu Katara, Laxmi Goswami, Rishi Sikka
Page(s): 634-637

Download Paper
A Survey of Adaptive Compiler Optimization Heuristics
Author(s): Aamir Syed, Ashwin Harish, Keerthana Purushotham, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 638-640

Download Paper
A Study of Investor’s Awareness and Selection of Different Financial Investment Avenues for the Investor in Bangalore City
Author(s): N. Shantha Swaroop
Page(s): 641-643

Download Paper
Productivity improvement in Diesel Powered Screw Air Compressors by Work Study
Author(s): K. Saravana Kumar, G. Karuppusami, H. Mohamed Ijaz, N. Kathiresh
Page(s): 644-647

Download Paper
Observation on Electrocution of Indian Flying Fox (Pteropus Giganteus) in Ramganjmandi, Kota, (Rajasthan) and their Conservation Strategies
Author(s): Rohit Chouhan, Surbhi Shrivastava
Page(s): 648-649

Download Paper
Face Recognition System for Door Security using Raspberry Pi
Author(s): Ajaysingh Rajput, Sambaji Pramod, Shankar Pawar, Nandini Dhole
Page(s): 650-651

Download Paper
Mechanical Behaviour of E-Glass Epoxy Reinforced with Filler Material (E-Waste) Composite
Author(s): Rachana Godavarthi, Mallikarjuna Reddy, G. B. Deepak, G. B. Bharathi, K. C. Venkatesh
Page(s): 652-655

Download Paper
Performance Analysis of Bio-Diesel Blend (B20) Mixing with the Nanoparticles of AL2O3
Author(s): R. J. Teja, K. Hema Sundara Rao, P. Raja Sekhar, G. Rajeswara Rao
Page(s): 656-659

Download Paper
Comparative Analysis of Plasma Combustion Model with Alternate Fuel in Thermal Power Plant Boiler using CFD
Author(s): Prakash Kumar Pandey, Vardan Singh Nayak
Page(s): 660-666

Download Paper
Indoor Assistive Technology for Blinds using Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Machine Vision
Author(s): M. Jayashree, Duddela Sai Prashanth, Raghavendra G. Shetty
Page(s): 667-670

Download Paper
Skinput: Appropriating the Body as an Input Surface
Author(s): Dhanush Shetty, Akash Kumar, Ainab, Megha Hegde
Page(s): 671-680

Download Paper
A Study of a Box Culvert for Improvement of its Life Span and Cost Analysis
Author(s): Talha Rahim
Page(s): 681-684

Download Paper
Estimation of Finite Population Mean under Model Based Approach using Auxiliary Variables
Author(s): Damaris Felistus Mulwa, Mutua Kilai
Page(s): 685-688

Download Paper
Incremental Mining Algorithm for Efficient Mining of Frequent Item Sets on Large Uncertain Databases
Author(s): Manish Madhukar Chavan, Rameshwar Goraksha Tahakik, Sadashiv Prabhakar Shinde
Page(s): 689-693

Download Paper
A Survey on Hydrocarbon Exploration using Seismic Images
Author(s): Abhishek Varma, Aman Gupta, Dylan Saldanha, Madhushree
Page(s): 694-700

Download Paper
Optimizing Compilation using Machine Learning Models
Author(s): Neha Sharma, Nirvana Dogra, Mohammed Annan, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 701-703

Download Paper
A Study on the Consumer Behaviour Towards Brand Preference for Mobile Phones in Thanjavur
Author(s): G. Elakkiya Mary, P. Uma Eswari
Page(s): 704-706

Download Paper
Backpacking Practices and Backpacker’s Hostels in India
Author(s): Jagrati Gupta
Page(s): 707-709

Download Paper
Kinetics of Oxidation of Methyl Salicylate by N-Chloro-3-Methyl-2, 6-Diphenyl Piperidin-4-One in Ethanol in Acid Medium
Author(s): J. Kavitha, R. Kumaresan, R. Sivakumar
Page(s): 710-713

Download Paper
Brain Tumor Segmentation and Detection using F-Transform
Author(s): Shital Patil, J. A. Shaikh
Page(s): 714-716

Download Paper
Industry Automation and Safety Control
Author(s): A. M. Chopde, Ankita Mane, Rutuja Vartale, Supriya Kamble, Sima Mali, Trupti Kshisagar
Page(s): 717-718

Download Paper
Electric Power Generation using Railway Track
Author(s): Abhishek Kumar Gond, Aniket Kumar, Atul Pandey, Hariom Singh
Page(s): 719-721

Download Paper
A Renting Application based on Data Mining and Business Analytics
Author(s): Sneha Patil, Ajinkya Desale, Satya Prakash Singh, Laukik Lodh, S. B. Ware
Page(s): 722-725

Download Paper
Process Improvement in Compressor Assembly Line Through Work Study
Author(s): K. Saravana Kumar, G. Karuppusami, R. Maruthanayagam, A. Frankilin
Page(s): 726-730

Download Paper
Design and Vibrational Analysis of Steam Turbine High Pressure Moving Blade
Author(s): K. Kumaraswamy, A. Siva Naga Raju
Page(s): 731-737

Download Paper
Multipurpose Ultrasonic Dishwasher
Author(s): Jimmichan Joseph, Justin V. Jose, Joseph Joseph, Melbin Joseph, Jiss Paul
Page(s): 738-743

Download Paper
Cash-Flow Management in Building Construction Project
Author(s): Vaidehi P. Nirmal, Nitin W. Ingole, Ashish B. Ugale
Page(s): 744-750

Download Paper
A Review on Water Leakage Detection in Pipes using Sensors
Author(s): Sayeesh, Albin Francis, Ameen Ahmed, Mohammed Ashfan, T. R. Deekshith
Page(s): 751-754

Download Paper
Use of Sapodilla Seed and Dolichos Lablab in Treatment of Grey Water
Author(s): Komal R. Asopa, S. R. Korake
Page(s): 755-759

Download Paper
Crowd Attention Detection System
Author(s): Sourabh Kakade, K. Prajna, Merlyn Melita Mathias
Page(s): 760-762

Download Paper
Data Analytics with Elk Stack and Custom Dashboard
Author(s): Shetty Rasik Ramchandra, Shetty Sanath Santosh, Shetty Veekshith Krishna, Parikshith Adiga
Page(s): 763-765

Download Paper
A Model of Smart Surveillance Security System using Raspberry Pi based on IoT
Author(s): S. K. Rahul, Bhuvana Shiv Kumar, S. K. Parikshith Nayaka
Page(s): 766-769

Download Paper
Diagnosis of Liver Diseases using Machine Learning
Author(s): R. Yogitha, P. C. Manjunatha
Page(s): 770-774

Download Paper
Dynamic Geo based Survey Document Retrieval
Author(s): D. P. Mohit, Nivedita, V. R. Pallavi, H. M. Vinutha, Vinayashree
Page(s): 775-778

Download Paper
Enhancing Data Security in Cloud Environment using Data Masking Approach
Author(s): S. G. Tejashwini, B. C. Chandana, Sahana K. Kulkarni, V. Srikanth, Zaheer Abbas
Page(s): 779-782

Download Paper
Harmony Search Algorithm for Optimal Management of Chlorine in Water Distribution Network
Author(s): Charles Murage, Jane Akinyi, Carol Mugo
Page(s): 783-787

Download Paper
Democratic Decentralisation and Inclusive Development in India
Author(s): R. Chinnadurai
Page(s): 788-791

Download Paper
Rapid Decomposition of Solid Waste Material using Composting Culture Technique
Author(s): Krishna Myana, Sagar Shinde, Akshay Sonawane, Pushkar Shinde
Page(s): 792-793

Download Paper
Detection of Diseases in Pomegranate using Image Processing
Author(s): Roopalaxmi, Prathvi P. Shetty, Priyanka, S. N. Priyanka, S. R. Rakesh Kumar
Page(s): 794-796

Download Paper
Traffic Control System using barrier for Smart Cities
Author(s): Ashwini Kanade, Mayuri Yadav, Prajakta Ghorpade, P. J. Katkar, Y. S. Angal
Page(s): 797-798

Download Paper
Wireless Monitoring and Controlling of Automatic Room Light Control System
Author(s): Ashwin L. Abhang, Dhananjay J. Gorde, Sneha A. Kadam, Yogesh S. Angal
Page(s): 799-803

Download Paper
Health Hazards and Social Stigma Faced by Rag-Pickers in Delhi - A Review
Author(s): Sobiya Naaz
Page(s): 804-807

Download Paper
Design and Development of CNC based 3D Object Printer
Author(s): Rupali Patil, Mahesh Sapkal, Ayesha Mulla, Varun Parkhe
Page(s): 808-810

Download Paper
End to End Automation for Carrier Grade Telecom Products: A Case for DevOps
Author(s): Siri Prakash, Minal Moharir
Page(s): 811-814

Download Paper
False Data Injection Attack Exploration on Control System
Author(s): K. R. Gholap, M. S. Gunjal, K. U. Hole, S. D. Gunjal
Page(s): 815-817

Download Paper
Second Language Anxiety and Oral Communication Performance of Grade 11 Senior High School Students
Author(s): Ma. Catherine T. Ratin
Page(s): 818-822

Download Paper
Solar Powered Water Purifier
Author(s): Vikash Chaursiya, Rahul Kumar Tripathi, Sanjay Kumar Yadav, Rohit Kumar Kannaujiya
Page(s): 823-825

Download Paper
Bridge Safety and Flood Detection System
Author(s): Snehali H. Mane, Varsha B. Indalkar, Rushikesh P. Jadhav, Prajakta J. Gaikwad, Sheetal Suryawanshi
Page(s): 826-827

Download Paper
Rural Development through Solar Energy
Author(s): Mohit Tyagi
Page(s): 828-831

Download Paper
Human Activity Recognition using Convolutional 3D Network
Author(s): C. Anjali, M. V. Beena
Page(s): 832-836

Download Paper
Motorized Smart Turning Mechanism
Author(s): Vishal Kumar Singh, Shubham Shukla, Sarvesh Maurya, Saurabh Yadav, Prashant Singh
Page(s): 837-840

Download Paper
Strengthening the Usage of English Language for Grade 7 Students in Linguistic and Socio-Cultural Competencies
Author(s): Julie C. Maligaya
Page(s): 841-843

Download Paper
A Review on Security Issues in Mobile Adhoc Networks
Author(s): Shetty Ashika Chandrashekar, Shetty Tanvi Shridhar, Vanyashree Mardi, Sanjana Shetty, Shreesha Bhat
Page(s): 844-846

Download Paper
Online Advertising Platform for Small Scale Businesses
Author(s): Ankita Argade, Aishwarya Ashtekar, Priyanka Bhorkar, Sakshi Katkar, P. P. Jorvekar
Page(s): 847-850

Download Paper
Binary Multi Class Detection for Network Intrusion Detection using C 5.0 and ANN
Author(s): Meghana Solanki, Priya Raut
Page(s): 851-853

Download Paper
Javashoot – A Web Enabled Intelligent Tutorial System that Teaches Java
Author(s): Masoom Agrawal, Anjali Tripathi, Preeti Tuli
Page(s): 854-857

Download Paper
A Literature Survey of Stock Market Prediction using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
Author(s): Rakesh Prabhu, Viraj Vanatwala, Swapnil Mungi, Amaan Nawabi
Page(s): 858-860

Download Paper
Simulation Study of Dual Band Damru Shaped Square Patch Wide Band Microstrip Antenna
Author(s): Reetika, K. K. Verma
Page(s): 861-863

Download Paper
Power Quality Problems, Effects and Solution Techniques in Electrical Power System
Author(s): Chandra Prakash Meena
Page(s): 864-867

Download Paper
Challenges of E-Commerce Companies: A Study
Author(s): Akash Bhardwaj
Page(s): 868-869

Download Paper
Swarm Intelligence – A Survey
Author(s): Vineetha Pais, M. R. Rakesh
Page(s): 870-872

Download Paper
Plant Disease Detection using Image Processing
Author(s): Rekha C. Halli, R. Pavan, H. M. Milana
Page(s): 873-875

Download Paper
Employee Grievance and Work Politics: Expats Suffering in UAE
Author(s): Yagbala Kapil, Ankur Sharma
Page(s): 876-878

Download Paper
Mobility Load Balancing - Concept and Importance
Author(s): H. M. Madhuri, N. Deepamala
Page(s): 879-881

Download Paper
Predicting Depression Level using Social Media Sites
Author(s): Shivani Kale, Pravin Borate, M. K. Nivangune
Page(s): 882-884

Download Paper
Redevelopment of Pandharinath Temple Area - A Case Study of Indore, M.P., India
Author(s): Suhas Choudhari, Anjali S. Patil
Page(s): 885-888

Download Paper
A Cross Platform Framework for Functional Testing of Web Applications
Author(s): B. A. Harshitha, G. Shobha
Page(s): 889-891

Download Paper
Construction Cost Management in Resource based Economy
Author(s): S. Khajamoinuddin, G. Maneesh Babu
Page(s): 892-898

Download Paper
Enlarging the Security of Secret Questions
Author(s): Taware Rutuja Satish, Sutar Diksha Haresh, Rananaware Arati Dhanaji, Shelar Ankita Bharat
Page(s): 899-901

Download Paper
Navigation System for Visual Imperial Person
Author(s): Parmeshwar Mane, Ajay Devde, Kamlesh Jangale, Rupali Patil
Page(s): 902-906

Download Paper
Mechanism to Manage Prescriptions
Author(s): Rakshit E. Shetty, Anantha Murthy
Page(s): 907-908

Download Paper
Cloud Deduplication
Author(s): D. T. Shreyaswi, Arhath Kumar
Page(s): 909-910

Download Paper
Experimental Performance Analysis of Cylindrical Fins through Forced Convection
Author(s): K. Veeresh, N. Vishwanath, Vinod Bellakki, Tejesh Kumar, Lakshmi Kumari
Page(s): 911-914

Download Paper
Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution using Bio-Sorbents
Author(s): K. Sreelakshmi, K. G. Harshan
Page(s): 915-923

Download Paper
Detecting Malicious Facebook Application
Author(s): Sudhakar Avareddy, Meenakshi Devi V. Patil, J. Mallikarjun
Page(s): 924-927

Download Paper
Investigation on Land Cover and Land Use Changes in the Chotrakoot Forest Range, Madhya Pradesh
Author(s): Surya Kant Chaturvedi, Sanatan Kumar
Page(s): 928-931

Download Paper
Signature Matching for Bank System using Neural Network
Author(s): Ashwini Sharma, P. R. Thorat
Page(s): 932-934

Download Paper
Online City Bus Pass System based on Android
Author(s): Ashwini Tryambak Pingal, Jayashree Shankar Korade, Shruti Dnyaneshwar Diwate, Bhagyashree Anup Bhatiya, Puspendu Biswas
Page(s): 935-936

Download Paper
Stock Market Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
Author(s): Rakesh Prabhu, Viraj Vanatwala, Swapnil Mungi, Amaan Nawab
Page(s): 937-940

Download Paper
Compression of Data using Genetic Algorithm and Reversible Cellular Automata
Author(s): Pratik Kulkarni, Tejal Gaikwad, Shruti Nehete, Ameya Naike, Vanita Babanne
Page(s): 941-944

Download Paper
E-mail Security using Advanced Cryptography and Steganography
Author(s): V. M. Ashiq, K. Anoop
Page(s): 945-948

Download Paper
Real Estate Properties Assessment using Deep Neural Network
Author(s): A. Shinde, N. Dange, N. Patane, S. Gholap, V. Beera
Page(s): 949-951

Download Paper
Problems and Prospects of Pottery Industry in Majuli
Author(s): Bhaskar Jyoti Regon
Page(s): 952-955

Download Paper
A Review on Enhancing the Water Resistance Property of Gypsum
Author(s): Sunil J. Payghan, Suraj K. Wankhede, Suraj V. Gavhane, Shubham R. Khanna, Dilip M. Gavali
Page(s): 956-957

Download Paper
Effect of Permanent Magnet on Fuel Burning in S.I. Engine
Author(s): Satyajeet Tuwar, Shubham Kumar, Shruti Jagadi, Dhanasree Jadhav
Page(s): 958-959

Download Paper
Analysis on Bluetooth Security
Author(s): B. Chandan, R. Anand, K. Shradha Raj, R. Jeevith, Venkatesh Bhat
Page(s): 960-963

Download Paper
Design and Development of Automated Welding Fixture for Semicircular Weld
Author(s): Pranav Joshi, Rahul More, Ashish Khadsare, Shubhankar Sawant, J. P. Wagh
Page(s): 964-966

Download Paper
Proactive System for Real-Time Safety Management in Construction Site
Author(s): P. Neethu
Page(s): 967-968

Download Paper
Implementation Barriers of Green Building Design in Indian Construction Sectors
Author(s): P. Arthana
Page(s): 969-972

Download Paper
QR based Toll Collection and Vehicle Security System
Author(s): Shubhangi Khetmar, Aditya Patki, Avdhut Deshmukh, Krishna Gundewar
Page(s): 973-975

Download Paper
Factors Associated with Academic Performance of Learners at Coral Na Munti National High School
Author(s): Florence A. Poblete
Page(s): 976-986

Download Paper
A Survey on Image Encryption and Decryption
Author(s): Utkarsh Shastri, Shalini Tiwari, Geremsa Swargiary
Page(s): 987-989

Download Paper
VSI based Standalone PV Generation System using Super-Capacitor to Drive Induction Motor
Author(s): Bhagyashree Gadekar
Page(s): 990-993

Download Paper
Multimedia Data Mining and its Relevance Today - An Overview
Author(s): Sujata Kundu, Anirban Bhar, Shyamapriya Chatterjee, Soumya Bhattacharyya
Page(s): 994-998

Download Paper
A Review of Work Progress by Earned Value Management
Author(s): T. V. Jinas Ahammed, K. M. Anjali Narayanan
Page(s): 999-1000

Download Paper
Quality of Work Life and the Retail Industries
Author(s): Anupama Verma
Page(s): 1001-1005

Download Paper
Deduplication of Encrypted Textual Data in Cloud Environment
Author(s): Mukhid Lashkari, Arpan Suntnure, Siddheshwar, Shubham Kathale, Hansaraj Wankhede
Page(s): 1006-1008

Download Paper
Industrial Lifter Control using PLC
Author(s): Shruti Amrutkar, Ankita Ohale, Jagruti Patil
Page(s): 1009-1010

Download Paper
Design of Warehouses
Author(s): Vishal Dhawale, Shubham Jadhav, Krushna Gore, Ganesh Dhobi, Manoj Wagh
Page(s): 1011-1014

Download Paper
Data Analysis in Bank Industry: A Survey
Author(s): Satish Gaikwad, Tushar Darekar, Sanman Khalate, Prashant Karkalle
Page(s): 1015-1016

Download Paper
Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Degradation of Water Pollutants
Author(s): George Jogi, Rani Varghese
Page(s): 1017-1021

Download Paper
Smart Health Prediction
Author(s): M. S. Vishakh, B. R. Puneeth
Page(s): 1022-1023

Download Paper
Design and Fabrication of Portable Hammering Machine
Author(s): Jay Govind Yadav, Manjeeyadav, Manjeet Yadav, Manoj Kumar Maurya
Page(s): 1024-1027

Download Paper
Disease Prediction using QR Code
Author(s): Nagesh Badole, Abhijeet Dake, Darshana Bangar, Chaitanya Khaire, N. K. Kadale
Page(s): 1028-1029

Download Paper
Implementation of Critical Patient eHealth Monitoring System using Wearable Sensors Based on IoT-Internet of Things
Author(s): Shashikala P. Patil, H. T. Priyanka, G. Mallikarjun
Page(s): 1030-1033

Download Paper
The Rising Interest in Distributed Ledger Technologies
This article has been retracted due to plagiarism issue
Behaviour of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates by Crumbed Rubber
Author(s): M. Karthik, Varsha S. Danavandi, V. G. Ajey Kumar
Page(s): 1038-1040

Download Paper
Multiple Account Detection
Author(s): Sinisandal, Arhath Kumar
Page(s): 1041-1042

Download Paper
Edge Detection using Distributed CANNY Algorithm and Implementation in FPGA
Author(s): R. Jayarani
Page(s): 1043-1047

Download Paper
Solar based Multipurpose Agricultural Robot
Author(s): Mohd Saif, Abhishek Prajapati, Abhishek Srivastava, Abhishek Singh
Page(s): 1048-1050

Download Paper
Segregation of Mulberry Leaves using Image Processing
Author(s): M. Anusha, E. Harini, Shriram Subhas Hegde, Varrsha R. Kumar
Page(s): 1051-1055

Download Paper
Multivariate Modeling and Forecasting of the Stock Price Index in the Nairobi Stock Market
Author(s): Henry Gathong’a, Joseph Mung’atu, Anthony Ngunyi
Page(s): 1056-1064

Download Paper
A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Circular Hip Massage on First Stage Labour Pain Among Primigravida Mothers at Various Hospitals, Chennai
Author(s): N. S. Sunitha Mercy, P. Kanagavalli
Page(s): 1065-1067

Download Paper
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