Volume-1, Issue-11, November-2018

Performance Comparison of Different Transmitter Diversity Combinations in WDM-PON Architecture
Author(s): Deepshikha Agarwal, Uma Shankar Modani
Page(s): 1-5

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A Survey on Non-Invasive Measurement of Hemoglobin Using Various Techniques
Author(s): D. Sineka, S. Mythili
Page(s): 6-9

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A Survey on Airbase Detection and Airship Recognition in High Spatial Remote Sensing Images
Author(s): B. Bersi Beulah, T. Agnes Ramena
Page(s): 10-13

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A Random Image Encryption Approach for a Novel Color Image
Author(s): J. Antonet Navnai Rani, X. M. Binisha
Page(s): 14-20

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A Survey-Cardiovascular Signal Rate Detection
Author(s): J. Hareen Breath Mary, C. Rekha
Page(s): 21-23

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Recent Trends: Issues and Challenges of Indian Aviation Sector
Author(s): R. Rajendran, M. Sasi Dharan
Page(s): 24-27

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A Robust and Secure Video Steganography Method in Curvelet Transform Based on Multiple Object Tracking and Error Correcting
Author(s): S. Nandhini Devi, T. Saranya, P. Rekha, D. Rajinigirinath
Page(s): 28-33

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Secure Storage Method Based on Blockchain for Authentic Documents
Author(s): D. Bhaskar, P. Nathan, G. Karan
Page(s): 34-36

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Fuzzy Logic in Automative Electronics
Author(s): Mihir Kelkar, Ruhi Sharma, Sanika Chelari
Page(s): 37-38

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Secure Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in NOMA Network with and without Cooperative Jamming
Author(s): J. Micheal Louisa, T. M. Babi Mol
Page(s): 39-46

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Design and Construction of Navguide for Visually Impaired People
Author(s): R. Kiran Rakshana, C. Chitra
Page(s): 47-50

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Sentiment Analysis and Prediction Based on Online Shopping Reviews
Author(s): S. Karthik, P. Rekha,T. Saranya, D. Rajinigirinath
Page(s): 51-55

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Decadal Trend Analysis of Monsoonal Rainfall for Udaipur District of Rajasthan
Author(s): Saroj Rana, Vaibhav Deoli
Page(s): 56-58

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SORT-That Aim to Decrease Malicious Activity
Author(s): Shilpa A. Irlapalle, B. M. Patil
Page(s): 59-63

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IoT Based Garbage Collection System
Author(s): Sahil Deepak Sawant, Suresh Thanaram Solanki, Vallabh Rajendra Sardesai,
Mukesh Kumar Sahajram Mishra
Page(s): 64-66

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Manufacturing and Testing of Three Phase Transformer and Improvement in the Design Parameters
Author(s): Vinayak Patil, Vinayak Salunkhe, Harish More, Chandrakant Konduskar, Swapna Manurkar
Page(s): 67-68

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A Review on Design and Analysis of Tyre Envelope Expander for Tyre Retreading Process
Author(s): Nihal T. Tahikar, Amol S. Pawar, Bhavesh P. Naik, Ganesh S. Salgaonkar, Jayesh. H. Malkar, Aditya Jadhav
Page(s): 69-71

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Application of Fuzzy Logic in Missile Guidance System
Author(s): Sampada Dhole, Sneha Gaikwad, Kiran Shinde
Page(s): 72-73

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Surveying Madrid Air Pollution
Author(s): K. Subha, Aritra Mondal
Page(s): 74-76

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Power Factor Improvement for Induction Motor by Using Capacitor Bank
Author(s): Harshal Wadke, Pranay Gurav, Sumit Ghaytadak, Ajeet Singh
Page(s): 77-79

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Corporate Governance - Indian Scenario
Author(s): Bindu Tyagi, R. L. Tamboli
Page(s): 80-84

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A Literature Survey on Tampering Detection Feature Extraction
Author(s): D. Arputha Nancy, G. Athisha
Page(s): 85-87

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Combined System for Reduction of Oxides of Sulphur, Nitrogen and Particulate Matters
Author(s): Shahrukh Saiyad, Patel Rutul, Jayesh Prajapati, Salim Memon
Page(s): 88-90

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Android Controlled Wildlife Observation
Author(s): Vidhi Ruparelia, Aditya Mhadye, Rajan Singh, Aditya Savani
Page(s): 91-93

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Intelligent Defense RC Machine
Author(s): Yasmeen Khan, Akash Gupta, Rahul Jaiswal, Sanjay Sahani
Page(s): 94-96

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Impact of Advertising on Customers at Hero MotoCorp Limited
Author(s): Naazia Zafar
Page(s): 97-101

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To Improve Efficiency of the Production Process by Implementation of 5S
Author(s): Ankush Pingale, Deepak Shukla
Page(s): 102-105

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Utilization of Load Balancing in Cloud to Distribute the Data over Different Servers
Author(s): N. Subbu Lakshmi
Page(s): 106-110

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145 CC CNG Engine Design and Matching with Turbocharger
Author(s): Prakash Shakti, Rutvik Orper, Karan Patel, Praful Patil
Page(s): 111-114

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CFD Simulation of Reactivity Control Diesel and Gasoline Engine
Author(s): Prakash Shakti, J. Raval Dhruv, Rana Rajveersinh, Panchal Deepkumar
Page(s): 115-118

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CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic and Aero Acoustics in Truck Trailer Body
Author(s): Prakash Shakti, V. Pathak Tanmay, H. Abhani Savan, P. Soni Rishank
Page(s): 119-122

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Review of Electrode Materials on Lithium Ion Battery
Author(s): J. P. Harikrishna, J. John Sebastain, S. Navin, P. Chandra Mohan
Page(s): 123-130

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A Review on Improvising the Ease of Driving for Differently Abled Person and Survey on Handicapped Vehicle
Author(s): N. Srimath, S. Dinesh Karthik, P. Dinesh Kumar, A. Dinesh kumar
Page(s): 131-133

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Integrated Solid Waste Management System for Small Community
Author(s): Megha Oza, Arti Rai, Gadhesariya Darshak, Dishant Thakor
Page(s): 134-136

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Teaching Plan Automation: A Survey
Author(s): Tanvi R. Umrani, Mayuri M. Panchal, Apurva P. Shirke, Disha K. Shetty
Page(s): 137-138

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Anti-Collusion Access Control Data Sharing Scheme to Dynamic Group in Cloud Environment
Author(s): Supriya U. Bharajkar, B. M. Patil
Page(s): 139-143

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Scheduling Under Uncertainties Using Fuzzy Mathematical Model
Author(s): R. Sri Kranthi Kumar, T. Chandra Mouli
Page(s): 144-151

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IoT Based Smart Sprinkler Irrigation System Using GSM
Author(s): R. Rampriya, N. Surya
Page(s): 152-153

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Routing Algorithm in MANET: A Survey
Author(s): Rekha Jatwani
Page(s): 154-156

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A Study on Customer Awareness and Perception on Green Banking
Author(s): A. Swasthika
Page(s): 157-159

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Mahatma Gandhi in the Context of Enhancement of Women Cottage Industry in the Development of India
Author(s): B. Ravi
Page(s): 160-163

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A Review of Metal Inert Gas Welding on Aluminium Alloy
Author(s): K. Girinath, R. Deepak Raaj, J. Gnana Sundar, R. Sudhakar
Page(s): 164-166

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Design and Finite Element Analysis of Electric Vehicle Chassis
Author(s): D. Arun, D. V. Paleshwar, K. Sainath
Page(s): 167-171

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Visual Outcome and Complications after Phacoemulsification in Cataract Patients Associated with Pseudoexfoliation
Author(s): T. Sangeetha, K. Kanthamani, Borra Harish Laxman, Chirra Reddy Gari Meghana
Page(s): 172-176

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Prevalence and Pattern of Refractive Errors in School Children (Aged 5-15 Years) of Kolar City
Author(s): S. M. Darshan, T. Sangeetha, K. Kanthamani, Borra Harish Laxman
Page(s): 177-181

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Structural Changes in Mice Gastrocnemius Muscle after Lead-Acetate Treatment
Author(s): Sushma Sharma, Anita Thakur
Page(s): 182-185

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Analysis of Brake Rotor Material
Author(s): Patel Moiz Mateen, Panchal Manthan
Page(s): 186-188

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Fibonacci Heap and its Applications
Author(s): K. N. Hemanth Rao, Raghavendra, Pratyush Singh, Sanket V. Salankimatt
Page(s): 189-191

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A Descriptive Study to Assess the Attitude Towards Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Among Plus Two Students in Kerala
Author(s): V. S. Pradeep
Page(s): 192-193

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Hand Gesture Controlled Robot Using Arduino
Author(s): Suryarajsinh T. Vala
Page(s): 194-197

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A Review on CFD Modelling and Analysis of Dual Fuel (Diesel + Methanol) Combustion Engine with Various Blend Grade Using ANSYS (Fluent)
Author(s): Pravesh Tedia, Shahnawaz Ansari
Page(s): 198-201

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Reconfigurable NOC: A Data Approximation Framework for Network on Chip Architectures
Author(s): T. Thangam, R. Sangeetha
Page(s): 202-206

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A Review on Clinical Decision Support System for Heart Diseases
Author(s): Kulkarni Ravindranath, Kulkarni Radhika, Kulkarni Rashmi
Page(s): 207-209

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Nursing Care of Children with Respiratory Tract Infection in Poyanil Hospital Kozhencherry
Author(s): V. S. Pradeep
Page(s): 210-211

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Acid Attack- A burning Issue in India
Author(s): Rahesha Sehgal, Udit Malik
Page(s): 212-217

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A Review on Bio-Diesel
Author(s): R. Venkat Krishnan, T. Vinayagamoorthy, S. Vignesh Kumar
Page(s): 218-223

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A Review of Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride Power Semiconductor Devices
Author(s): Vidya Viswan
Page(s): 224-225

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Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Author(s): T. Velmurugan, A. Aswin, V. Dinesh, S. Eugene Alosious
Page(s): 226-231

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Purification Processes Involved in Aluminium Recycling: A Review
Author(s): P. Saravanakumar, A. Antony Ramesh, M. Balaji, A. Gokulakrishnan
Page(s): 232-235

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Data Science and Analytics
Author(s): Aman Rathore
Page(s): 236-238

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A Review on Hybrid Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Author(s): Heeranand Vhangade, Krishna Kashid, Hrishikesh Gaikwad, Pramod Kurade, Darshan Gotral
Page(s): 239-241

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CFD Analysis of Giromill Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Author(s): K. Sainath, T. Ravi, Suresh Akella, P. Madhu Sudhan
Page(s): 242-246

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Corporate Social Responsibility-A Case Study of GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Limited
Author(s): Sunit Lakra, K. R. Mahesh Kumar
Page(s): 247-250

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Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojagar Yojana (SGSY) in India
Author(s): Susmita Sarkar, K. R. Mahesh Kumar
Page(s): 251-253

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The Effect of Capillary Tube Design and Refrigerant on the Performance of the Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle – A Review
Author(s): Uttam Shukla, Nitesh Rabde, Sharad Dharpure, Pradyumna Vishwakarma
Page(s): 254-260

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Emission Control of Catalytic Converter Using Cerium Oxide (CeO) and Cobalt Oxide (CoO) as a Catalyst
Author(s): V. P. Sathiya Moorthy, A. Praveen Raj, V. Rajeshwaran
Page(s): 261-264

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Sarcasm Detection in Social Media Posts: A Division of Sentiment Analysis
Author(s): Mansi Vats, Yashvardhan Soni
Page(s): 265-268

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Evaluation of DNA/RNA Ratio of Soybean Keal Replacement Diet with Cottonseed Meal in Thai - Chitralada Strain of Oreochromis Niloticus (L)
Author(s): A. Priyatharshni, C. B. T. Rajagopalsamy
Page(s): 269-272

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Comparison of Fly Ash Bricks and Conventional Burnt Clay Bricks
Author(s): Rajdeep Singh, Sameer Malhotra
Page(s): 273-277

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A Review on Paraffin Wax as Phase Change Material in Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System
Author(s): A. Manoj, P. Mukesh, S. Nuveen Raj Kumar
Page(s): 278-281

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