Volume-3, Issue-1, January-2020

Comparison of Tyre Cord Reinforced Concrete to High Tensile Steel Reinforced Concrete Beam Behaviour Under Flexural Loading Condition
Author(s): Orime Henry Chukwudi, Victor Adokiye Georgewill, Egwanwor Chinonu
Page(s): 1-5

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Electricity Generation and Treatment of Sea Water Using MFC Technology with Wetland Process
Author(s): Parithoshika Anil Pitlewar, Ashish Raosaheb Gaikwad, Qamar Khan, Yash Nagpure
Page(s): 6-7

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Problems Related to Safety of Women in Meghalaya with Special Reference to East Khasi Hills District
Author(s): Ibansara Mylliemngap, Parkordor Kharkongor
Page(s): 8-11

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Follow Me Bot
Author(s): Aryan Prashant Gaupal, Akshay Vikas Gaikwad, Rohit Gorakh Doiphode, Bhavna Kanthale, Aales Londhe, Rajshree Mahale
Page(s): 12-13

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Parameter of Urban Housing Problem
Author(s): Yash Ghantiwala
Page(s): 14-17

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Effect of Planned Teaching on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Selected Peripheral Vascular Disease Among Class IV Workers with Diabetes Mellitus Working in a Selected Hospital
Author(s): Nandita Roger Gonsalves
Page(s): 18-22

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A Study of Webpage Recommendation Techniques
Author(s): Adhikar R. Patil, Ujjwala M. Patil
Page(s): 23-26

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Grade Transition and Mathematics Curriculum
Author(s): Asmita Saini
Page(s): 27-28

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Design and Analysis of Vortex Tube for Refrigeration using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Author(s): R. Pavithra, M. Sekar
Page(s): 29-37

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Guidance for Sleepwalkers and Caretakers using IoT
Author(s): Roxanna Samuel, T. S. Kavin, Harshitha Sonthi, K. Kavin Kumar
Page(s): 38-39

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A Survey on the Uses and Future Prospects of Telemedicine in the Healthcare Industry in the North-Eastern Region of India with Special Reference to Assam
Author(s): Bhabajyoti Saikia
Page(s): 40-50

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Learning Without Traditional Classroom System
Author(s): Raghavendra Prakash Dubedi
Page(s): 51-53

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A Systematic Review on Phytoremediation Technology: Removal of Pollutants from Waste Water and Soil
Author(s): Rashmi Bisht, Sheetal Chanyal, R. K. Srivastava
Page(s): 54-59

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Comparative Evaluation of PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller for Doubly Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Energy Conversion System
Author(s): Saba Hussain, Vishnu Kumar Sahu
Page(s): 60-64

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Economic and Environmental Reliable Concrete Incorporating Sawdust Ash as an Alternative of Cement in Concrete Production
Author(s): Orime Henry Chukwudi, Barisua Ebenezer Ngekpe, Ogbuji Paul Chukwuma
Page(s): 65-70

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Light Weight Concrete Using Plastic Aggregate
Author(s): Ankush Agrawal, Mahesh Ram Patel
Page(s): 71-74

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Effect of Zirconium Substitution on Structural, Dielectric and Electrical Properties of Lead-free Li0.5Bi00.5Ti0.9Zr0.1O3 Ceramics
Author(s): D. Panda, B. B. Mohanty, P. S. Sahoo, R. N. P. Choudhary
Page(s): 75-80

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Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Matrix Tablets of Aceclofenac
Author(s): G. Shirsath Shamli, D. Maru Avish, K. Surwase Rajendra
Page(s): 81-85

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A Review on Substituted 1,3,4-Oxadiazole and its Biological Activities
Author(s): Rekha Birle, Prerna Chaturvedi, Archana Dubey, Gajanand Engla, Nandini Kushwah
Page(s): 86-92

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Suitability of Aluminium Dross (ALD) as Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates in Self-Compacting Concrete Blended with Metakaolin (MK)
Author(s): Orime Henry Chukwudi, Iboroma Z. S. Akobo, Barisua Ebenezer Ngekpe
Page(s): 93-104

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Fast and Efficient Rule Based Recommendation System
Author(s): Apurva Ashri
Page(s): 105-110

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Speech Enhancement Using Ideal Binary Mask Based on Channel Selection Criteria
Author(s): Akshaya Hari, Ayesha Afnan, Junaid Abbas, Faisal Ahmed Shariff, Ramesh Nuthakki
Page(s): 111-114

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Effect of Rolling on Hardness of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites - An Experimental Study
Author(s): Deepak Raj, A. M. Manu, Subin T. Sunil
Page(s): 115-117

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Role of National Payment Corporation of India in Digital Era and Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction with Special Reference to Bharat Bill Payment System
Author(s): I. N. Suresh Kumar, Suseela Menon
Page(s): 118-120

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Stress Detection in IT Professionals by Image Processing and Machine Learning
Author(s): Ankita Patil, Rucha Mangalekar, Nikita Kupawdekar, Viraj Chavan, Sanket Patil, Ajinkya Yadav
Page(s): 121-123

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The Effect Analysis of Variety of Selection, Price Attribute, Sensory Attribute, Promotional Approaches, and Physical Stimuli on Impulse Buying Through Positive Emotions and Hedonic Shopping Value Towards H&M Store Customers in Surabaya
Author(s): Gloria Polii, Ronald Suryaputra, Amelia
Page(s): 124-128

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Analysis and Design of Retaining Wall as a Plate with Varying Internal Angle
Author(s): Shrikrishna Thokal, Vikram A. Patil, Somanagouda R. Takkalaki
Page(s): 129-132

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Reaction of Distance Education System at Secondary Level
Author(s): Kishora Kumar Bedanta
Page(s): 133-135

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The Effect of Ease of Use, Reliability, Efficiency, Convenience and Security Towards Customer Loyalty through Customer Satisfaction and Corporate Image on Shopee E-commerce Customers in Surabaya, Indonesia
Author(s): Sylveislie Debora Stella Kindangen, Ronald Suryaputra, Amelia
Page(s): 136-140

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Smart Traffic Automation System
Author(s): N. Monika, S. Ashwin Bharadwaj, G. Deepika
Page(s): 141-142

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A Study Focused on Alkalinity Dependent pH Alteration of Drinking Water and Comparing Impact Based Suitability of Alkali Solutions for pH Improvement
Author(s): G. Abhilash Babu
Page(s): 143-149

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Entwining Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation with Development
Author(s): Boidurjo Mukhopadhyay
Page(s): 150-155

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A Brief Study on Marigold Production in Odisha
Author(s): Pramod Kumar Das
Page(s): 156-157

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Fingerprint Based ATM System
Author(s): Aasoo Munna Yadav, Chaitrali Suhas Tambe, Komal Shantaram Bane, Nikita Vagmare, Manish Salvi
Page(s): 158-159

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Laplace Transform Deconvolution and its Application to the Solution of the Hyperbolic Diffusivity Equation Under Wellbore Boundary Conditions
Author(s): Olugbenga Adebanjo Falode, Sunday Tarekakpo Odobai, Jude Harrison Obidinnu
Page(s): 160-168

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The Origin and Development of Odia Script
Author(s): Bijayalaxmi Dash
Page(s): 169-173

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A Survey on Keyword Based Search Over Encrypted Data on Cloud
Author(s): J. Absana, R. Suguna
Page(s): 174-175

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A Survey on Data Sharing Mechanism of Cloud Storage in Big Data
Author(s): Sandhiya, Manohari
Page(s): 176-178

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A Study of Effectiveness of the Program on Development of Historical Language among Lower Secondary Students
Author(s): Pallavi Sameer Talekar
Page(s): 179-181

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Assessment of Coconut Shell Charcoal as Filler in Stone Matrix Asphalt
Author(s): J. K. Patil, Ankit Biradar, Roshni Upare, Gaurav Kudale, Sushant Shelar
Page(s): 182-183

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Competition Regulations and Governance with the Legal Perspective
Author(s): Dhannjay Singh Pundir, Gargi Shukla
Page(s): 184-188

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Traditional Education versus Modern Education: A Reference to Indian Education System
Author(s): Anju Walia
Page(s): 189-191

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The Failure Analysis of Worm Wheel for Ash Brick Factory – A Case Study
Author(s): Y. Anupam Rao
Page(s): 192-195

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A Comparative Study on Financial Performance of United Bank of India and Lakshmi Vilas Bank
Author(s): P. Bharathi, A. Rahamathunnisa
Page(s): 196-198

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Herbicidal Activity of 4-Arylidene-2-Phenyl-2-Imidazolin-5-One
Author(s): T. D. Sobha
Page(s): 199-200

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The Applicability of Concepts of Fuzzy Set Theory
Author(s): Animesh Kumar Sharma
Page(s): 201-206

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A Comparative Study on Financial Performance of Canara Bank and Corporation Bank
Author(s): P. L. Pooja, A. Rahamathunisha
Page(s): 207-209

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A Comparative Study on Financial Performance of Andhra Bank and Federal Bank
Author(s): A. Sabina, A. Rahamathunisha
Page(s): 210-212

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Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Analysis of Vanadium (IV) And Nickel(II) Complexes with
N-(3-Nitrobenzylidene)-N, N’-Dimethyl-4-Aminoantipyrine

Author(s): Jisha J. Titus, S. Aswathy Sudhakar
Page(s): 213-220

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A Study on the effect of Change in Width to Depth Ratio of RCC Beam in Shear
Author(s): Hanif Khan, Lokesh Singh
Page(s): 221-224

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Experimental and Analytical Study on Torsional Behavior of RC Flanged Beams with Strengthened with Glass FRP
Author(s): Kuldeep Singh, Ravikant Sharma
Page(s): 225-229

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Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Prenatal Care Among Primigravida Mothers
Author(s): Anitha Rajendra Babu, S. Abirami
Page(s): 230-232

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Driver Visual Drowsiness and Attention Analysis System
Author(s): Pandit T. Nagrale, Rajesh Nasare, Kalyani Pendke
Page(s): 233-236

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Design and Analysis of Flywheel for a Punching Machine Operation
Author(s): B. Siva Prathap, R. Srinivasulu
Page(s): 237-240

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Modeling and Analysis of Centrifugal Blower
Author(s): Sk. Abdul Samad, Sk. Shahul
Page(s): 241-243

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MATLAB Based OCR Toolbox Designing for Decoding of Vehicle Number Plate
Author(s): Maduguri Sudhir, Chintala Lakshmi Tejaswi, Dumpala Lakshmi Prasanna, Badineni Gowthami Sai Priyanka, Rompicharla Naimisha
Page(s): 244-246

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Customer Service in Private and Public Sector Banks
Author(s): M. Narmadha, G. Lalithakumari, J. Selvakumar
Page(s): 247-250

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Design of 4x2 Priority Encoder Using Reversible Logic Gates
Author(s): P. Annapurna Bai, B. Deepa, B. Theja
Page(s): 251-254

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<Women Security Assistance System with GPS Tracking and Messaging System with Recordable Camera
Author(s): Vidadala Srija, Teetla Asha, K. Hanuja
Page(s): 255-257

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Automobile Security System Using Arduino and MQ3 Sensor
Author(s): A. H. Hitesh, Ashok Babu, A. S. Ananthu, Ajishma L. Vijayan
Page(s): 258-261

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IoT Based Garbage Monitoring System
Author(s): Sumit Parmar, Niyati Jain, Saloni Negi, Meera Prajapati, Ishika Vaish
Page(s): 262-264

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Analysis of Annular Combustion Chamber of Jet Engine with Methane as Fuel
Author(s): K. Yesanna, Ch. Siva Kumar
Page(s): 265-267

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Design and Analysis of Multi-Storey Building using ETABS by Replacing Conventional Brick with AAC Block
Author(s): Nitin
Page(s): 268-269

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Effect of Temperature and pH on Growth of Alternaria Lini Causes Blight Disease in Linseed
Author(s): Sushmita Shukla, J. K. Mishra, R. K. Khare
Page(s): 270-273

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Application of TOPSIS for Optimization of Operating Parameters in Micro-EDM
Author(s): M. S. Vijayanand, K. Ajith Kumar, Adite Mathew, R. Ashok, A. Abdul Rahim
Page(s): 274-277

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Apoptosis: Modulators for Anticancer Therapy
Author(s): Khushbu Verma, Ajay Pratap Singh
Page(s): 278-281

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An Effect on World Economies After Economic Partnership Between India and China in Future
Author(s): Ayush Agarwal
Page(s): 282-284

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Envirokerb – A Linear and Combined Drainage System
Author(s): Tejal Kailas Hande, Vaibhav Vishwasrao Patil
Page(s): 285-287

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Earthquake Behavioural Analysis of Symmetric and Asymmetric RCC Structure Using Pushover Method
Author(s): Sushil Sankre, Pukhraj Sahu
Page(s): 288-291

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Demographical Impact on the Socio-Economic in India Next 20 Years
Author(s):  Ayush Agarwal
Page(s): 292-298

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A Study on E-Learning and Cloud Computing
Author(s): N. Monika, K. Gowtham, D. Varun
Page(s): 299-301

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Predictive Human Resource Candidate Ranking System
Author(s): Bhagyashree Anilkumar Koyande, Rucha Suhas Walke, Mithila Gajanan Jondhale, Deepali Shrikhande
Page(s): 302-305

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Design of AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK Using OptiSystem Simulator
Author(s): Rashmi Rekha Mishra, Sagupha Parween
Page(s): 306-311

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Need and Challenges of Inclusive Education in India
Author(s): Neha Goel
Page(s): 312-315

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Microcontroller Based Automatic Power Factor Improvement
Author(s): Aditya B. Dhanke, Manish B. Zode, N. V. Yawale
Page(s): 316-318

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Microcontroller Based Single Phase Load Control Using Wireless System
Author(s): Shubham B. Wankhade, Vaishanvi M. Salwan, P. V. Kale, P. V. Raut
Page(s): 319-322

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Static Analysis of Bajaj Pulsar 150CC Connecting Rod Using ANSYS-14.0
Author(s): Amit Kumar, Robin Chopra, Abhinav Bhatnagar, Sumit Chauhan
Page(s): 323-327

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Production and Optimization of Biodiesel by Transesterification of Chia Seed Oil
Author(s): Vaibhav V. Mahishi, Sourabh Kulkarni
Page(s): 328-331

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Implementation of Moderate Random Search Particle Swarm Optimization on Economic Load Dispatch Problems Considering Various Constraints
Author(s): Sayak Pal
Page(s): 332-342

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<The Role Played by Self Help Group in Women Empowerment - A Case Study of a Self-Help Group in Trivandrum
Author(s): P. Kaveya
Page(s): 343-345

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Stabilization of Soil by Agricultural Waste
Author(s): Gauri More, Jayshree Shelke, Shamayela Shaikh, Sandeep Ugale, Mukesh Varma
Page(s): 346-347

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Dream of 5 Trillion Economy - Difficult Not Impossible
Author(s): Reetu Sharma
Page(s): 348-351

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Real Time Automatic Irrigation System
Author(s): Suyog Patil, Himanshu Paithankar, Shivam Nikam, Afrin Shaikh, Janhavee Salve
Page(s): 352-353

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Various Constraints for Delays in Construction Work and Suggesting Remedial Measures for the Same
Author(s): Vishal Y. Kolte, Himanshu Ahire
Page(s): 354-359

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A Review of Compressive Strength of Partially Replaced Paper Pulp Concrete
Author(s): Hema Verma, Disha Rajput, Ravindra Kumar, Khushboo Dewangan, Deepak Sahu
Page(s): 360-362

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A Comparative Study of Wind Load on Tall Building by Analytical and Experimental Method
Author(s):  Pratap U. Pawar
Page(s): 363-365

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Approach to Multi-Cloud Based Distributed File Storage Security Enhancement
Author(s): Mithilesh R. Zade, Rashmi Jain, Ashwini Yerlekar
Page(s): 366-368

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An Overview of Women Entrepreneurs in the Country
Author(s): Faraz Ahmad
Page(s): 369-372

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Safe Herbal Drinking Water
Author(s): N. R. Aparna, S. Alice Keerthana, S. Kiruthika, A. Lingeshwar, M. Sundar, Kandasamy Arun Gandhi
Page(s): 373-375

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Use of Geo-Studio Software for Slope Stability of Earthen Dams
Author(s): Akshata Ghumre, Aniket Fulpagare, Sahil Godse, Aashish Gangurde, Vaishnavi Bhagwat
Page(s): 376-378

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Comparative Study on G+4 Multi-Store Building with AAC Block and Conventional Bricks Under Similar Loading Conditions by ETABS Software – A Review
Author(s): Nitin
Page(s): 379-381

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Policies of Indian Government to Grapple with Recession 2019-20
Author(s): Ayush Agarwal
Page(s): 382-385

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A Study on Bionic Eye Technology
Author(s): S. L. Ananthu Suresh
Page(s): 386-388

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2D-3D Image Conversion
Author(s): S. R. Ruma
Page(s): 389-392

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Smart Water Usage and Leakage Monitoring
Author(s): D. N. Mohan, S. Varna, S. R. Vasudha
Page(s): 398-399

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Impact of Capital Structure Components Analysis on Selected IT Companies in India
Author(s): K. Naupal Reddy
Page(s): 400-404

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Crowdsourcing Towards Blockchain
Author(s): G. Mamatha, B. R. Bharath Roshan, S. R. Vasudha
Page(s): 405-406

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Tongue Controlled Wheelchair for Disabled Person with Heart Rate Monitoring
Author(s): G. T. Chavan, Onkar Deshmukh, Vallabh Deshmukh, Aditya Gite, Nikhil Giri
Page(s): 407-408

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Socio-Impact of the Swachh Bharat Mission
Author(s): Shoryaditya Jain
Page(s): 409-412

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A Study on Impact of Advertisement on Consumer Behaviour Among Teachers
Author(s): Madhu
Page(s): 413-415

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A Study on Strength and Behavior of High Performance Concrete
Author(s): Naeem A. Tadavi, Sanjay N. Vasave, Komal V. Sonawane, Dipti A. Thakare, Roshani S. Pawara
Page(s): 416-418

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Design of Cantilever Retaining Wall
Author(s): Kajal Raut, Achal Meshram, Arati Ikhar, Kirti Kawase, Sujesh D. Ghodmare
Page(s): 419-421

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A Review on Recent Trends of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
Author(s): Pradipta Acharya, Sayak Pal
Page(s): 422-427

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Review of Energy Saving Techniques in Cold Storage Plant
Author(s): Vikas Kashyap, Ritula Thakur, Abhay Mahajan, Shekhar Sharma, Geeta Thakur
Page(s): 428-431

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Effect of Iron Dust on the Compaction Characteristics of Black Cotton Soil
Author(s): A. M. Kadam, V. L. Patil, P. G. Chavan, Rushikesh Keshav Karate, Atharva Rahul Nadge, Bhushan Bhausaheb Sawant, Snehal Regji Vasave, Laxmi Sudhakar Jadhav
Page(s): 432-433

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Investigation of Long Term Compressive Strength and Splitting Tensile Strength of Rubber Concrete by Replacement of Fine Aggregate
Author(s): Harshada G. Patil, Jayshree B. Sapkale, Chetana S. Patil, Bhumesh P. Ghuge
Page(s): 434-436

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Microelectronic Pill
Author(s): A. S. Lakshmi
Page(s): 437-438

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Artificial Hand Using Embedded System
Author(s): I. H. Sree Lakshmi
Page(s): 439-441

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Mine Detection Using Radar Bullets
Author(s): Nihitha
Page(s): 442-443

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IoT Based Air and Noise Pollution Monitoring System in Urban and Rural Areas
Author(s): S. Soniya, A. R. Sindhu, G. S. Manasa, D. N. Mohan
Page(s): 444-446

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Wearable Flexible Sensors
Author(s): K. L. Sreedevi
Page(s): 447-449

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The Hands Free Driven Car
Author(s): P. Seetha Lekshmi
Page(s): 450-451

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A Rare Occurrence of Hepatoblastoma in a Study on Experimental Induction of Hepatocarcinogenesis
Author(s): K. Jeevan, Suguna Rao, Hemanth Immanni, Mohammed Ghouse, Nagabhushan, Rakshith
Page(s): 452-453

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Study of Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Construction and Demolition Waste in Concrete
Author(s): Vinayak Ramdas Payghan
Page(s): 454-460

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Speech to Gesture Interpreter
Author(s): S. S. Ashwini, Niharika, A. Vyshnavi
Page(s): 461-463

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Synthesis of 2-Phenylimidazolidine Condensed Pyrimidines
Author(s): T. D. Sobha
Page(s): 464-465

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Utilization of Waste Glass Powder as a Replacement of Cement in Concrete
Author(s): Bhupendra H. Patil
Page(s): 466-468

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Experimental Investigation of Gyroscopic Couple by Response Surface Methodology
Author(s): N. Mohammed Raffic, K. Ganesh Babu, S. Selvakumar, Allocious Britto Rajkumar
Page(s): 469-473

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Mantle Cell Lymphoma of Nasal Cavity: A Rare Case Report
Author(s): Deepa Aggarwal, Mohammad Suhel, Sudhir Singh
Page(s): 474-476

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Knowledge and Attitude on Obesity and Weight Loss Therapy
Author(s): T. Akhil Kumar, K. V. N. R. Pratap, T. Madhavi Padma, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 477-478

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IoT Based Industrial Production Line Waste Management and Energy Management with Smart Machine Access System
Author(s): R. Aishwarya, S. V. Sharanya, Shilpa H. Naik, Manjula G. Hegde
Page(s): 479-481

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Garlic Administration on Blood Pressure Among Hypertensive Patients: A Critical Evaluation
Author(s): Arti Srivastava
Page(s): 482-483

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Effect of Process Parameters of Infrared-Convective Drying on Osmosed Pineapple Slices
Author(s): Parab Sayali Suresh, Gyanendra Sharma
Page(s): 484-488

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Smart Electric Bus Transportation System
Author(s): Sneha Mathapati, Shweta Jagadale, K. Manjunath, Amith Mahagavnkar
Page(s): 489-490

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Automated Switch System for Auditorium
Author(s): Ashitosh Chandrakant Trigune
Page(s): 491-493

View Article
Land Use and Land Cover Change Detection Using Remote Sensing and GIS in Pulicat Lagoon
Author(s): M. Deepika, Xavier Benedict
Page(s): 494-498

View Article
Wireless Ad-hoc Networks Performance Evaluation Using NS-2 and NS-3 Network Simulators
Author(s): J. Sateesh, M. Harika, P. Sirish Kumar
Page(s): 499-503

View Article
Object Recognition for Aged People Using Machine Learning
Author(s): A. Shiwani Raj, B. R. Bharath Roshan, G. Mamatha
Page(s): 504-505

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HART Communication
Author(s): G. Drowpathy
Page(s): 506-507

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Impact of Unified Payment Interface System on Customer Satisfaction and Role of National Payment Corporation of India in Promoting Digital Transactions
Author(s): I. N. Suresh Kumar, Suseela Menon
Page(s): 508-510

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Effectiveness of Yoga on Blood Pressure Among Patients with Hypertension
Author(s): Arti Srivastava
Page(s): 511-512

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Attitude Towards CPR Among Higher Secondary Students in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Author(s): Jisha George
Page(s): 513-514

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Why there are So Many Programming Languages?
Author(s):  Janhwi Goyal, Archi Singla, Archee Gupta, Malvika
Page(s): 515-517

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Design and Fabrication of a Fire Fight Robot
Author(s):  S. C. V. Ramamurthy Naidu, M. Kishore, A. Srinivasa Reddy, K. Praveen Kumar Reddy, M. Durga Prasad, B. Kiran Kumar
Page(s): 518-519

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Flip Mathematics Classroom to Enhance the Quality of Mathematics Education Among Apprentices
Author(s): Ashneet Kaur
Page(s): 520-521

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A Basic Overview of Prepaid Energy Meter
Author(s): Saikat Dey, Neel Banerjee, Sayak Pal
Page(s): 522-526

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Professional Recognition: A Road Ahead to Chase for Urban Working Women with Specific Reference to Banks
Author(s): Swati Tiwari
Page(s): 527-529

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Automatic Detection of Dengue Fever with Platelets Count Using Image Processing
Author(s): G. K. Roopa, D. S. Radhika Shetty
Page(s): 530-532

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Histopathological Study of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Carcinoma Cervix with Expression of P53 as IHC Marker
Author(s): Shrey Jain, Kishore Khatri, A. R. Kalla
Page(s): 533-536

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Power Generation from Linear Generator
Author(s): M. Akash, Ravindra, Varsha, K. Srinath
Page(s): 537-538

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Protection Scheme for Star Tracker Images
Author(s): S. Lingesh Siva
Page(s): 539-543

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PMT Waste Water Treatment Plant
Author(s): S. E. Shinde, Atharva Pachpute, Monis Mansuri, Atharv Thorat, Aditya Kasar, Pranav Nirgude
Page(s): 544-545

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Merger and Consolidation of Indian Public Sector Banks - An Analysis
Author(s): P. R. Jeyalakshmi, A. S. Lakshmi Rani
Page(s): 546-550

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Cyber Security in Health Care
Author(s): D. N. Mohan, S. Sagar Gowda, I. S. Vikyath
Page(s): 551-553

View Article
Energy Efficient Secure Multipath Routing Scheme with Packet Delivery Ratio for Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s): K. Bharathi
Page(s): 554-556

View Article
Utilization of Technology of 5G NR and 4G LTE in Frequency Spectrum
Author(s): Priyanka Bhadauriya, Gourav Bhardwaj
Page(s): 557-560

View Article
Energy Efficient Clustering for Lifetime Maximization and Routing in WSN
Author(s): D. S. Radhika Shetty, G. K. Roopa
Page(s): 561-563

View Article
Traffic Density Estimation in Traffic System Using Image Processing
Author(s): G. Mahantesh, M. Vedanth, K. G. Pooja, Dhanusha Kulala
Page(s): 564-568

View Article
A Review on Different P Parameter of Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s): Priyanka Bhadauriya, Gourav Bhardwaj
Page(s): 569-574

View Article
A Review on Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Recent Advances and Diagnostic Algorithms
Author(s): Vamsi Katepalli, A. M. Sateesh Kumar, K. Susmitha, P. Venkatesh, D. Hepcy Kalarini, R. Prema
Page(s): 575-580

View Article
Use of Moringa Oleifera Seeds as Natural Coagulant for Recycling of Domestic Waste Water in Ramanathapuram
Author(s): J. Stanley Stella, T. Gowsulya Rita
Page(s): 581-583

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Design of Smart Sensor
Author(s): M. S. Reshma
Page(s): 584-585

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Enhancement of Cloud Computing Security with Secure Data Storage Using AES
Author(s): D. N. Mohan, V. Hemanth Kumar, N. Shashank
Page(s): 586-587

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Design and Implementation of Hidden Identity Mechanism for File Storage Server
Author(s): Pradeep Kumar Patel, Chandu Vaidya
Page(s): 588-590

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Designing Feasible Mid-Point Location Determination from Multiple Geo-Points
Author(s): Hiraman Jadhav, Hemant Turkar
Page(s): 591-593

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Underground Cable Fault Detector
Author(s): Rutvikraj Vijay Kadale, Sourabh Vidyasagar Alase, Rushikesh Mukund Dharwadkar, S. R. Shirdhone
Page(s): 594-596

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Development of Speech to Text Machine
Author(s): J. Asiya, B. Archana, S. Harish, V. S. Hamsalekha
Page(s): 597-598

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Impact of IPR in Indian Agricultural Sector
Author(s): Reshmi Jose
Page(s): 599-601

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A Review on Prevention of Fraud in Electronic Payment Gateway Using Secret Code
Author(s): Shilpa D. Dhobe, Khemutai K. Tighare, Sujata S. Dake
Page(s): 602-606

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Automatic Mechanism for LED Parameters Testing and Checking
Author(s): Saurabh Kuhikar, Animesh Gupta, Lalit Gohane, P. D. Khandait
Page(s): 607-608

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Use of Geogrid Mesh for Improving Soil Subgrade Layer with Fly Ash Mix Composition
Author(s): Dnyaneshwar Mahajan, Pranit Nanavate, Mudita Tayade, Dipti Patil, Pratha Marathe, Mayuri Patil
Page(s): 609-611

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Operate Direct on Line Starter Using GSM
Author(s): Pralhad Subhash Gavali, Rohit Anil Kamble, Vrushabh Mahavir Chinchawade, C. S. Rawal
Page(s): 612-613

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A Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards Good Day Biscuits in Villupuram District
Author(s): U. Santhiya, S. Rajalakshmi
Page(s): 614-618

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The Effectiveness of Game Based Teaching on Hygienic Practices Among School Children
Author(s): Babitha Abiel
Page(s): 619-620

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Effectiveness of Play Method Health Education on Oral Hygiene Among Selected School Children
Author(s): Babitha Abiel
Page(s): 621-622

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A Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards Flipkart in Villupuram District
Author(s): M. Maheshwari, A. Rahamathunisa
Page(s): 623-627

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