Volume-1, Issue-12, December-2018

Energy Efficiency and Delay in 5G Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications System Architectures
Author(s): K. S. Deepa, S. P. Audline Beena, D. Rajini Girinath
Page(s): 1-4

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Effects and Usage of Silica Fume on Steel Slag Concrete
Author(s): Himanshi Bhardwaj, Sumit Kumar
Page(s): 5-7

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A Survey on Internet of Things
Author(s): Shwetav Sharad, Amit Singh, Divyanshu, Abhishek Rai
Page(s): 8-10

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Big Data by 3V’s and Its Importance
Author(s): Sameet Sonawane, Dhairya Patel, Mansi Kevadiya, Raj Modi, Jigar Moradiya, Akash Thomas
Page(s): 11-12

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Inquiry and Enactment of Ultra-Wideband Receiver in Multi- Band OFDM System
Author(s): Shajahan Patan, Sk. Ch. Nagur Shareef, N. Rajeev Reddy, B. Priyanka, A. Raveendra Babu
Page(s): 13-17

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An Analytical Study of Role of Micro Finance of NABARD (with Special Reference to Rajasthan)
Author(s): Rita Jain
Page(s): 18-20

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Effect of Root Exudates on the Genomic Elements in Plant Growth Modulation in Bacillus Aryabhattai AB211
Author(s): Subhajit Saha, Sanchita Debnath
Page(s): 21-27

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Application of Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Amit Singhal, Satyam Kumar, Anchal Choudhary
Page(s): 28-29

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Performance Study of Solar Energy Charged Compact PCM Heat Exchanger
Author(s): M. Anthony Kingston, T. Parameshwaran Pillai
Page(s): 30-33

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Improving Productivity in Building Construction
Author(s): Karthik, Jagadeesh
Page(s): 34-38

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Waste Minimization in Construction Industry
Author(s): Naveen Kumar Reddy, Nadendla Rafi
Page(s): 39-42

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Concentrated Solar Heat Integrated with Geothermal Energy for Thermal Energy Requirements in India
Author(s): Shivam Sharma, Yash Kumar Baghel, Ajit Kumar, J. P. Kesari
Page(s): 43-47

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Dual Band and Dual Circularly Polarized Single Layer Microstrip Patch Antenna
Author(s): Thattari Chaithanya, Billa Ramprasad, M. Raju
Page(s): 53-58

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A Futuristic Approach: Incorporating Artificial Intelligence with Cyber Security
Author(s): Shefali Nangia, Megha Malik, Deepak Chahal, Latika Kharb
Page(s): 59-61

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Implementation of MPPT Controller in Solar PV Using Jaya Algorithm
Author(s): J. Nithya Jenev
Page(s): 62-66

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Design and Implementation of Z-Source Inverter for Voltage Boost Application
Author(s): Mahil A. Sanklecha, Chetan K. Mhatre, Rajkumar Y. Jadhav, Sagar S. Tambat
Page(s): 67-68

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A Survey on LIFI Light Fidelity (A Breakthrough in Wireless Communication)
Author(s): Juhi Aggarwal, Avinash Chander Verma, Shailesh Maurya, Saurabh Patel, Arun Kumar Teotia
Page(s): 69-70

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Introduction to Data Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms
Author(s): Ashish Ernest Rahul, Satyavani Narukulla
Page(s): 71-78

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A Survey of Various Chatbot Implementation Techniques
Author(s): Abhishek Agrahari, Hamza Shaikh, Ankita Pal, Achhey Lal Yadav, Amit Singhal
Page(s): 79-81

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Risk Analysis and Mitigation of Bot Projects
Author(s): K. Suman Reddy, P. Ravi
Page(s): 82-85

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Design of Punching Tool and Stress Analysis Over Sheet Shaping Process
Author(s): Sk. Mastan Vali, A. Siva Naga Raju
Page(s): 86-93

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Quantum Computing
Author(s): Ramveer Singh Yadav, Sumit Kumar Saini, Vashu Malik
Page(s): 94-96

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Analysis of Noise Pollution Hotspot in and around Kumbakonam Using QGIS
Author(s): M. Sabari Lakshmi, M. Dhana Lakshmi, B. Anupriya, S. Vijay
Page(s): 102-105

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Big Data
Author(s): Ritu Singh Kalsi
Page(s): 106-108

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Wireless Inductive Charge Sharing
Author(s): Amit Singhal, Priya Yadav, Shubham Gupta, Prakhar Ranjan Rai
Page(s): 109-111

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Algorithms for Number Theoretic Functions and Special Numbers
Author(s): Shubham Agarwal, Anand Singh Uniyal
Page(s): 112-116

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Investigation and Optimization of Aluminium Alloy with Copper by FSW using Filler Material – A Review
Author(s): Mohd Zuber N Khan, Alok Chaudhary, Dhaval Chaudhari
Page(s): 117-121

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Image Sharpening Using Basic Enhancement Techniques
Author(s): Shavneet Kaur, Mandeep Kaur
Page(s): 122-126

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A Novel Authentication Technique in Cloud Computing
Author(s): Prajakta Gajanan Mhatre
Page(s): 127-133

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Experimental Investigation of a Vibratory Analysis for Steam Turbine High Pressure Moving Blade
Author(s): K. Kumaraswamy, A. Siva Naga Raju
Page(s): 134-141

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Experimental Study on Machine Noise and its Monitoring along with Controls Measures in FIBC Industry at Flexituff Ventures International Ltd. (SEZ) Pithampur
Author(s): M. D. Akhilraj, Akhilesh Agnihotri, Rahul Vyas
Page(s): 142-145

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Protection for Women Using IoT Smart Device
Author(s): K. Priyanka, S. Purushothaman, A. Vaniprabha, C. Sathiyavel
Page(s): 146-149

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Foot Step Power Generation
Author(s): K. Priyanka, S. Purushothaman, A. Vaniprabha, C. Sathiyavel
Page(s): 150-151

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Measuring e-Governance Service Quality from Citizens Perception: Scale Development
Author(s): Alok Malviya
Page(s): 152-160

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A Study on Design of Earthquake Resistant Building for Zone-III
Author(s): Suail khan
Page(s): 161-164

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Optimal Energy Efficiency for 5G Wireless Communications
Author(s): K. Vinoth, S. Purushothaman, R. Baskar, C. Gomathi
Page(s): 165-173

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Fraud Detection in Online Transactions Using Data Mining Technique
Author(s): Sayyed Shifanaz, Muzaffar Shabad, Kshirsagar Vaishnavi, Kadlag Pradnya, Kadam Nandkishor
Page(s): 174-176

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Smart Walking System based on Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Vanita Babanne, Simranjeet Kaur, Tejal Mehta, Divya Mulay, Rachana Nagarkar
Page(s): 177-180

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Predictive Analysis and Data Mining Using Hadoop Inspired Map Reduce to Identify Trends and Patterns in Academic Courses
Author(s): H. R. B. Phani Kumar, Bimal Kumar, S. Akhilendranath
Page(s): 181-184

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An Experimental Study on Geopolymer Concrete with Flyash and Metakaolin as Source Materials
Author(s): P. Hemanth Reddy, K. Srinivas
Page(s): 185-190

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Database Management of Automated Weather Station and Rain gauge of IMD
Author(s): Jomin John Felix, Nikhil Oke, Masoom Raza
Page(s): 191-196

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Development and Evaluation of Hemolytic Efficacy of Guava (Psidium Guajava) Based Green Nano Particles
Author(s): Neha Gupta, Ratika Komal, Anshu Sibbal Chatli
Page(s): 197-200

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A Case Study of Water Absorption Behaviour of Natural Fiber
Author(s): Md Meraj Uddin Ansari
Page(s): 201-205

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Major Ethical Issue in Supply Chain Management and Solution (World Wide)
Author(s): Abhishek K. Shukla
Page(s): 206-208

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Effect of Characteristic Compressive Strength of Concrete by Replacing Cement Partially with Hypo Sludge
Author(s): M. Swapna, P. Naveen Kumar
Page(s): 209-213

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Microbial Siderophore and its Importance in Agriculture
Author(s): L. Nivetha, S. Hema, Halka Jayachandran, M. Priyadharshini
Page(s): 214-215

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FMEA Implementation for Determination Reject Handling Priorities (Case study of PT. XYZ)
Author(s): Anni Rohimah, Fransisca Debora, Daniel Agung, R. M. Sugengriadi
Page(s): 216-218

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Performance Evaluation of WiMAX (IEEE 802.16)
Author(s): Priyanka Shitole, Anshuj Jain
Page(s): 219-222

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A Systematic Study on Strategic Cost Management for Success in Construction Projects
Author(s): R. Shankar Nath Raj, T. Chandra Mouli
Page(s): 223-229

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Trial Investigation of Diesel Engine Using Different Blends of Blended Pongamia-Coconut Biodiesel as Alternative Fuel
Author(s): Shaik Rafi
Page(s): 230-232

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Imbibing the Values of Bhagwadgita in the Corporate World
Author(s): Ambika Rathi, Ankur Budhiraja
Page(s): 233-236

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A Study of Relationship between Working Capital Management and Profitability of Selected Cement Companies in India
Author(s): Shweta Goel, Suchita Dwivedi
Page(s): 237-243

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A Survey on Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Juhi Aggarwal, Shailesh Kumar
Page(s): 244-245

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Causes of Teaching Staff Turn Over and Retention Strategies Adopted in Self Financing Institutions in Bengaluru - A Study
Author(s): M. Haritha
Page(s): 246-252

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Digital Banking: Future & Prospects
Author(s): Sarat Kumar Chati
Page(s): 253-258

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Performance Enhancement of Multiple Cell Users in LTE
Author(s): Pranshu S Shukla, Sandeep Toshniwal
Page(s): 259-261

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Customer Satisfaction towards Online Shopping from Flipkart: With Special Reference to Raipur City
Author(s): Srishti Dixena, Suman Sahu
Page(s): 262-265

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CNC Plotter Using Arduino for PCB Prototyping
Author(s): B. Lakshmipraba, Akash Gondane, Suyog Dande, Pratik Salve
Page(s): 266-267

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Security in Cloud Computing
Author(s): S. Prashanth, Rakshith Gowda, Chanchal Antony
Page(s): 268-272

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Image Classifications in Pattern Recognition System
Author(s): M. Parimala
Page(s): 273-277

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Self-Tuned PID Based Speed Control of BLDC Motor
Author(s): Anuradha S. Muley, R. M. Autee
Page(s): 278-281

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Reduction of MIMO-PAPR by Residue Number System
Author(s): M. Shyam Sundar, M. Raju, B. Ram Prasad
Page(s): 282-287

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Two-Cloud Secure Database with High Level of Privacy Preservation
Author(s): Nikhil Kumar, Tapasya Thakur, Priyanka Verma
Page(s): 288-291

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Estimating the Strength of Concrete Cube using Copper Slag in the Replacement of Fine Aggregate
Author(s): M. Umar Farooq, P. Naveen Kumar
Page(s): 292-296

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Healthcare System by Using QR Code Strategy
Author(s): Kunal Nabariya, Dnyanashree Patil, Prachi Solanki
Page(s): 297-300

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K- Means Clustering Using the Optimal Cluster Finding Technique
Author(s): Anita Bishnoi, Vinod Todwal
Page(s): 301-303

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Real Time Technical Expert’s Recommendation from Social Media
Author(s): Saurabh Ghadage, Ankita Kshirsagar, Shivani Sapkal, Nikita Tilekar
Page(s): 304-306

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A Study on Performance of Fly Ash and GGBS Based Green Concrete
Author(s): P. Guru Chaitanya, K. Bhanu Prakash Reddy
Page(s): 307-311

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Assessment of Ecological Stressors and its Influence in the Functional Evaluation of Rural Wetlands in Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, India
Author(s): P. Satheesh, M. Muralidharan
Page(s): 312-314

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WiFi based Speed Control of Single Phase Induction Motor
Author(s): Pooja Thorve, Rupali Awachar, Samiksha Dawane, Sudha Dhanade, Payal Burande
Page(s): 315-317

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IoT based Future City: A Survey
Author(s): Seema Bajaj, Anuj Giri, Abhishek Gupta, Anurag Sharma, Anurag Saini
Page(s): 318-321

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Face Detection and Recognition System Using Raspberry Pi
Author(s): Ashish Ernest Rahul
Page(s): 322-324

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Blockchain based Decentralized Password less User Authentication System: A Survey
Author(s): Rajdeep Singh, Yash Jain, Sankalp Khawade, Akshay Jinde, Shubham Zanwar
Page(s): 325-327

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Design of Text Recognition in Scene and its Translation into Different Languages
Author(s): Ghodke Manisha, Sonawane Harshada, Deshmukh Dattatray
Page(s): 328-331

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Fingerprint Recognition System Using Arduino
Author(s): Ashish Ernest Rahul
Page(s): 332-338

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To Study of a Box Culvert for Semi-Arid Zone for Improvement of Life Span and it's Cost Analysis
Author(s): Talha Rahim
Page(s): 339-341

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A Survey Report on the Cyber Crime Growing Vigorously in Jamtara, Jharkhand (India)
Author(s): Sweta Kumari Barnwal
Page(s): 342-346

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Overview of Electricity Generation and Consumption in Rajasthan
Author(s): Pramod Chaudhary, Himanshu Raj, Suraj Gope, Arjun Kumar, Dhanraj Mahto, Mukesh Gour, Ravi Ranjan
Page(s): 347-352

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A Critical Study of Flexible Manufacturing System
Author(s): Seema Kumari
Page(s): 353-355

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Introduction to NFC - Near Field Communication
Author(s): Amit Kumar Sharma, Kapil Sachan, Kajol Gupta
Page(s): 356-358

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Content and Shape - Aware Image Retargeting (CASAIR)
Author(s): K. T. Harichandana
Page(s): 359-364

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Intelligent Data Mining of Social Media for Improving Health Care
Author(s): K. Hari, Karamala Suresh
Page(s): 365-367

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Drug Utilization Pattern of Antibiotics in Surgery Department in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Author(s): Kripa Sajan, B. Shankar Reddy, G. Manjunatha Gowda, Lida Jacob
Page(s): 368-372

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Verification of Advanced High Speed Bus in UVM Methodology
Author(s): Malla Siva Ramakrishna, Badireddy Satya Sridevi
Page(s): 373-377

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Will Advances in Quantum Computing Render Present Cryptosystems Obsolete?
Author(s): Kush Pandey
Page(s): 378-384

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Good Governance by using Blockchain
Author(s): Abhishek Gandhi, Mayur Dahake, Dhiraj Gadekar, Abhishek Bondage, P. P. Nimbalkar
Page(s): 385-388

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Survey on Load Balancing Methods Used to Handle Heavy Traffic in Web Application
Author(s): Aishwarya Shinde, Vaishnavi Kadam, Arun Bairagi, Vijay Annam
Page(s): 389-391

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Design and CFD Analysis of Temperature Control System of Pyschrometry Room
Author(s): Kasuba Sainath, Sharath Kiran Burgoju, T. Kishen Kumar Reddy, Suresh Akella
Page(s): 392-396

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Survey on Streetlight Automation and Accident Detection Systems
Author(s): Anant Salunke, Sudhir Kumar, Shital Mahajan, Gauri Mane
Page(s): 397-399

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Assessment of Health Related Quality of Life in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients in Chitradurga
Author(s): Lida Jacob, D. R. Bharathi, Ambarish Sharma, Kripa Sajan
Page(s): 400-404

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Factors Affecting Workforce Retention: A Literature Review
Author(s): Bandana Singh
Page(s): 405-408

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Network Security with Cryptography
Author(s): Chaitanya Tejas, K. D. Mithun Kumar, B. V. Brindashree, V. Aruna kumari, Chanchal Antony
Page(s): 409-411

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Cost Comparison between Conventional Building and Pre-Engineering Building
Author(s): C. Swathi, P. Ravi
Page(s): 412-414

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Power Electronic based On-Load Tap Changer
Author(s): Harshal R. Sawake, Bilal V. Sande, Venugopal A. Ekkaldevi, Sourabh R. Argade,
Narendra P. Zinjad
Page(s): 415-417

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Smart Locking and Unlocking System for ATM Trunk
Author(s): Vinay N. Sonavane, Pruthviraj A. Sonavane, Karan S. Shah, Manu N. Rajput, S. R. Todmal
Page(s): 418-420

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Elicitors of Disease Resistant and their Role in Plant Tissue Culture
Author(s): L. Nivetha, M. Priyadharshini, S. Hema
Page(s): 421-422

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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Construction Project Management
Author(s): S. Venkata Nagendra, Nadendla Rafi
Page(s): 423-427

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Rework Management in Construction
Author(s): K. Vinod Kumar, P. Ravi
Page(s): 428-431

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Low Cost Multipurpose Android Controlled Automation System Using ESP8266
Author(s): Mamata Patil, Prajakta Mestry, Manisha Jha, Anushka Malunjkar, Veena Kiragi
Page(s): 432-434

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REIT – Ideal Working Model for Indian Context
Author(s): S. Sudhakar, B. Raja Sekhar
Page(s): 435-438

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E-Commerce Product Recommendations by Analyzing Customer Personality
Author(s): Omkar Sinalkar, M. A. R.Shabad, Shubham Vaidya, Shubham Waghole, Prasad Gondhale
Page(s): 439-442

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Structural and Modal Analysis of Electric Overhead Travelling Crane
Author(s): D. Rama Chary, Y. Krishnaiah, Kasuba Sainath
Page(s): 443-449

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Improvement in the Life of Catalyst in Continuous Catalytic Regeneration Process
Author(s): Sushant Phalke, Hrishikesh Pandit, Sahil Patil, Manoj Mandake, Anand Wagh
Page(s): 450-453

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Fingerprint Sensor based Controlling and Operation of Power Supply
Author(s): Safalta G. Pimpale, Ajay B. Patil, Mahesh P. Rane, Prashant M. Chavan
Page(s): 454-456

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Energy-Efficient Intruder Detection System at Borders Using WSN with 360 Degree Coverage
Author(s): Linet Cherian, Ketaki Dhede, Ankita Vaidya
Page(s): 457-458

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Solar Based Autonomous Grass Cutter
Author(s): Hrishikesh B. Lohot, Akshay D. Shinde, Manadr R. Mhatre, Suraj D. Jadhav, Sharvari Sane
Page(s): 459-461

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Challenges in Flexible Manufacturing Systems: A Review
Author(s): Amit Kumar Batra, Aditya Rawat, Vivekanand Khanapuri
Page(s): 462-465

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A Review on Smart Solar Grass Cutter with Lawn Coverage
Author(s): Shreyas P. Zopate, Vilas P. Gadhave, Ganesh V. Patil, Shweta R. Desai
Page(s): 466-468

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Accident Prevention by Using Majors of Safety and Security
Author(s): Sagar Galwade, Vaishnavi Hava, Pratiksha Dhobale, Aishwarya Kalaskar
Page(s): 469-471

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Automated Monitoring and Service Recovery Using Real-Time Log Analysis
Author(s): Aarti Hatkar, Asawari Hanchate, Pornima Divekar, Krutika Latkar
Page(s): 472-474

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Needle Less Human Blood Glucose Monitoring
Author(s): Akash Gite, Deven Vasekar, Akash Takalkar, H. U. Joshi
Page(s): 475-477

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Online Advertisment: “Does the Consumer Satisfaction Leads to Purchase” (With Reference to Justdial)
Author(s): Asheesh Trivedi, Abhishek Gupta
Page(s): 478-483

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WPC-1.0: The Weed Plant Cutter
Author(s): Jeetkumar Gupta, Aman Gurudev, Ritik Koul, Akash Desai, Manisha Bharati
Page(s): 491-494

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Company Analysis of Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) Limited
Author(s): Kunal Madhav Vispute
Page(s): 495-503

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A Review on Causes of Delay in Construction Projects with Time and Cost Comparison
Author(s): M. Sri Hari, P. Naveen Kumar
Page(s): 504-514

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Productivity Improvement with Implementation of 5S: A Case Study in Mining Services Industry in the General Services Department
Author(s): Humiras Hardi Purba, Silvester Eka Jemali, Adik Ahmad Unggul Nugeroho
Page(s): 515-521

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A Review on Performance of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System with Different Refrigerants
Author(s): Sharad Dharpure, Rajiv Varshney, Pradyumna Vishwakarma
Page(s): 522-524

Download Paper
Simulation and Analysis of Black Hole Attack
Author(s): M. Anusha, R. Latha Manju
Page(s): 525-528

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Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete under Cyclic Loading: An Overview
Author(s): Vipul Aggerwal, Sumit Kumar
Page(s): 529-534

Download Paper
Experimental Investigation of Strain Rate Effects on PC and PC Blends
Author(s): Yogita A. Jadhav, A. P. Ghodake, B. C. Londhe
Page(s): 535-538

Download Paper
Supply Chain Management Performance Scorecard for Pharmaceutical Business-A Route to Operational Excellence
Author(s): Krunal Mehta, Nikita Kher
Page(s): 539-541

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A Review on Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning and Sun Tracking System
Author(s): Swapnil Aher, Akshay Narwade, Krishna Sawant, Mihir Yeolekar, Aparna Yennam
Page(s): 542-545

Download Paper
Performance of Concrete Utilizing Red Mud as a Partial Replacement of Cement with Hydrated Lime
Author(s): Monu Gaur, Arun Pandey, Amit Ashish
Page(s): 546-551

Download Paper
How Innovative Strategies Change the Industry Nature: Case Study of Automobile and F&D Industries (Energy Drink)
Author(s): Sunny Grewal, Dhanpat Grewal
Page(s): 552-556

Download Paper
A Study of Private Label Brands and Organized Retailing with Reference to Indian Market in Different Perspectives: Theoretical Overview
Author(s): Pritam Chattopadhyay
Page(s): 557-560

Download Paper
Customer Preference Towards Selected Branded Shirts in Tirupur City
Author(s): K. Prabha Kumari, S. Muthu Karthick
Page(s): 561-563

Download Paper
Design of Milk Analysis System for Dairy Farmers using Embedded System
Author(s): P. S. Ajeeth Balaji, G. Manisha, S. Mathumitha, K. Vinothini
Page(s): 564-567

Download Paper
QR Code Based Automated Toll Collection System
Author(s): Avdhut Deshmukh, Shubhang Khetmar, Krishna Gundewar, Patki Aditya
Page(s): 568-570

Download Paper
Analysis of Workload and Leadership Effect on Decreasing Employee Turnover
Author(s): Adha Winatie, Belia Perwitasari Maharani, Sampik Krisning Tyas, Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari
Page(s): 571-574

Download Paper
The Knowledge and Practice of Contraception among Health Care Providers in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Author(s): Rukhsana Sami, Qazi Haroon
Page(s): 575-576

Download Paper
A Case Report of Fournier’s Gangrene Vulva
Author(s): Ruksana Sami, Samina Sultana, Qazi Haroon
Page(s): 577-578

Download Paper
Feeder Protection from Over Load and Earth Fault Relay
Author(s): Neha R. Ovhal, Maya G. Namwad, Vikrant Kumar, Akshay R. Khapekar, Neha V. Raut
Page(s): 579-582

Download Paper
Energy Efficient Routing Strategies for Large Scale Wireless Sensor in Heterogeneous Networks
Author(s): O. Sampath, P. Suryanarayana Babu
Page(s): 583-585

Download Paper
Self-Regulating High Beam and Low beam of Straight Forward Vehicles Together with Seat Belt and Alcohol Detector
Author(s): Ravi Ranjan, Sikandar Birua, Manish Lakra, Abhimnyu Kaithwar, Promod Choudhary,
Dipjyoti Buragohain
Page(s): 586-587

Download Paper
Synthesis and Characterization of Some Hydra Zones
Author(s): Anuradha K. Pawar
Page(s): 588-592

Download Paper
Performance Improvement of Shif Production through the Appraisal Agreement Level
Author(s): Bambang Biantoro, Aris Trimarjoko, Choiri Purwanto, Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari
Page(s): 593-597

Download Paper
The Teaching and Learning Methods in the Department of Accounting and Finance with Special Reference to Botho University
Author(s): S. Raja Narayanan
Page(s): 598-602

Download Paper
The Effect of Reward Productivity Bonus and Motivation on Employee Performance in Every Semester Fiscal Year in Electronic Companies
Author(s): Candra Purowenang, Yulianto, Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari
Page(s): 603-606

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Physico Chemical Properties of Brompheniramine with 1-Methanol at 303K
Author(s): Sampandam Elangovan, Abraham Abebe Kibret, Tilahun Diriba Garbi, Dereje Wakgari Amente
Page(s): 607-609

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Predicting Green Products and Services Adoption using the Technology Acceptance Model
Author(s): Suchetha Hosamane, P. V. Padmaja
Page(s): 610-618

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Optimization of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Nano Powdered EDM Process of Inconel 625
Author(s): Grandhi Lakshmanaswamy, M. Sreenivasa Rao
Page(s): 619-622

Download Paper
Speed-up of Sequence Alignment Algorithms on CUDA Compatible GPUs
Author(s): Pradyot Patil, Prasad Pattiwar, Sahil Khan, Varad Panch
Page(s): 623-627

Download Paper
Financial Inclusion: Fintech Innovations Powering the Last Mile Outreach
Author(s): Arif A. Khan
Page(s): 628-632

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Evaluation of Silkworm Hybrids Tolerant to the High Temperature and High Humidity Conditions of West Bengal
Author(s): Nalavadi Chandrakanth, Velusamy Lakshmanan, Anil Kumar Verma, Nair Suresh Kumar
Page(s): 633-636

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Automatic Sleep Scoring System and its Stages Using Electromyography Signal and ANN – A Review
Author(s): Hemu Farooq, Anuj Jain, V. K. Sharma
Page(s): 637-644

Download Paper
Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Torque Limiting Feature in Flexible Disc Couplings
Author(s): Ganesh Babu, Karra Nancharaiah
Page(s): 645-648

Download Paper
Fabrication and Wear Studies of Blast Furnace Slag Particles Reinforced LM25 Composite for Two-Wheeler Clutch Pressure Plate
Author(s): Pasala Mohan Kiran, D. Ravi Vikranth
Page(s): 649-650

Download Paper
Real Time Automated Task Scheduling
Author(s): G. Malathi, D. Evangeline Nesa Priya
Page(s): 651-655

Download Paper
An Approach towards Hauling Out the Data Mining Techniques by the Side of Bayesian Classifier
Author(s): T. Praveen, S. Vikash, S. Deepan Kumar
Page(s): 656-659

Download Paper
A Study to Identify the Physical, Psychological and Social Problems among the First Year Nursing
Author(s): K. Renuka
Page(s): 660-661

Download Paper
Challenges in Handling Databases
Author(s): Rahul Paldiya
Page(s): 662-665

Download Paper
Ethical Hacking: A Survey
Author(s): Kaushal Kumar, Naman Rastogi, Neeraj Singh, Kunal Porwal
Page(s): 666-668

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Smart Drainage Solutions for Smart Cities
Author(s): Jyoti Jadhav, Nitesh Patel, Bhagyashree Gavhane, Sagar Shinde, Prashant Avhad
Page(s): 669-671

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Relationship of Performance Appraisal, Work Motivation, and Turnover Intention towards Improving Employee Performance
Author(s): Ayu Puspa Wirani, Ganjar Sidik Gandara, Riko Muri, Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari
Page(s): 672-675

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Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines: Need vs. Challenges
Author(s): Gitika Malik, Mithilesh Verma, Laxmi
Page(s): 676-677

Download Paper
Geocaching - An Artistic Gaming Platform
Author(s): V. Vijaya Samundeeswari, S. Suganya
Page(s): 678-681

Download Paper
Strength Appraisal of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Artificial and Natural Sand
Author(s): Priyanka Sudhkar Tandre, N. Shete Gunderao
Page(s): 682-685

Download Paper
GST - A Descriptive Analysis of GST implementation in ‘BRIC’ Nations
Author(s): Shyam Sunder Agrawal
Page(s): 686-689

Download Paper
Ocean Surface Current Anomaly during Titli Cyclone
Author(s): Amasarao Arika
Page(s): 690-692

Download Paper
Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite Reinforced with Graphite Particles
Author(s): S. Sai Mounika, M. Manzoor Hussain
Page(s): 693-696

Download Paper
A Review on Automobile Equipment Cooling Through Engine Heat Sink - Rectangular Fins under Natural Convection
Author(s): Purushottam Chandrabhan Jadhav, D. D. Palande
Page(s): 697-707

Download Paper
Design of Gear Driven Cable Operated Mechanical Prosthetic Hand
Author(s): Chintan A. Patel, Sunny M. Patel, Dinesh R. Damodar, Raj B. Patel
Page(s): 708-711

Download Paper
Effect of Casing and Supplemented Meal on Yield of Calocybe Indica
Author(s): Smriti Yadav, Kiran Kumari
Page(s): 712-713

Download Paper
Big Data and its Tools
Author(s): Heena Prolta
Page(s): 714-716

Download Paper
A Study on Noise Pollution in Metropolitan City, Mumbai
Author(s): Leena Muralidharan, Sangeeta Gaur, Chinmay Muralidharan
Page(s): 717-718

Download Paper
The Comparative Study of Combined Incremental Conductance-Fuzzy Logic Algorithm with Conventional Incremental Conductance Algorithm MPPT Technique for SPV System
Author(s): Chinmay Sharma, Prakash Bahrani, Suresh Meghwal, Chetan Kumar Sharma
Page(s): 719-720

Download Paper
Automatic Solar Powered Pesticides Sprayer
Author(s): Aniket S. Titare, Girish D. Shelke, U. S. Raut
Page(s): 721-724

Download Paper
Understanding the Concept of Customer Perceived Value from Both Organizations Perspective and Customers Perspective - A Case Study on Coca Cola
Author(s): Sunny Grewal, Dhanpat Grewal
Page(s): 725-730

Download Paper
A Study on Channel Estimation for Massive MIMO using Sparse Bayesian Learning Method
Author(s): M. Keerthi, T. Ravi Babu, Manas Biswal
Page(s): 731-740

Download Paper
An Empirical Study on Impact of Cashless Economy in Unorganized Sector in India
Author(s): M. Geetha
Page(s): 741-744

Download Paper
Design Microstrip Patch Antenna with Band Notched Characteristics for Ultra-wide Band Applications
Author(s): Aniruddha Bhardwaj, Pankaj Goswami
Page(s): 745-749

Download Paper
Concept of Ethnicity: A Social Study on Kolkata
Author(s): Jhoney Barui, Supratim Karmakar
Page(s): 750-752

Download Paper
Implementation of Internal Model Control (IMC) in Crane Systems
Author(s): Liji Ramesan Santhi, V. Vishu
Page(s): 753-756

Download Paper
A Baseline English-Garhwali Statistical Machine Translation System
Author(s): Arushi Uniyal
Page(s): 757-758

Download Paper
Global Positioning System
Author(s): Amit Singhal, Ravi Agarwal, Rajat Goyal, Vikas Sharma, Rajesh Kumar
Page(s): 759-761

Download Paper
A Review on Dynamically Controlling Priority Load Management through IoT Using Neural Network
Author(s): Shital V. Dhawas, Umesh W. Hore
Page(s): 762-764

Download Paper
Seismic Effect of Vertical and Mass Irregularity on Multistoried Building
Author(s): Sumit M. Netke, Padmakar J. Salunke
Page(s): 765-767

Download Paper
Analysis of Performance Measurement in the Department Quality of PT. ABC with the Balance Score Card and Path Analysis Met
Author(s): Kenny Halim, Ryan Permana, Andi Setyawan, Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari
Page(s): 773-782

Download Paper
Analysis of Increasing the Productivity of Using Tinting Machines Based on the VSM Method in the Paint Industry
Author(s): Gun Nanda Tian Purnama, Gunanto, Humiras Hardi Purba, Siti Aisyah
Page(s): 783-786

Download Paper
Digital Story Telling: The Impact on Student Academic Achievement, Critical Thinking and Learning Motivation
Author(s): Syed Uzma Kubravi, Seeret Omar Shah, Khushboo Jan
Page(s): 787-791

Download Paper
Online Ticket Booking Using Secure QR Code
Author(s): D. Beulah Pretty
Page(s): 792-794

Download Paper
Advance Secure Emergency Access to Patient Personal Health Record
Author(s): K. Vinodh kumar, K. Veeramuthu
Page(s): 795-797

Download Paper
Manage the Attacks in Online and OTIP using HMAC
Author(s): K. Anbuthiruvarangan, B. Prakash
Page(s): 798-801

Download Paper
Proposed Design for Water Leakage Prevention Attachment in Water Tanker Lorry
Author(s): U. OmEzhilan, V. Arumugham, Jeyaraman, S. Renu, V. Prakash
Page(s): 802-805

Download Paper
Proximate Detection in Wireless Networks Using NPV Protocol
Author(s): D. Mohana, M. Niranjala
Page(s): 806-809

Download Paper
QR Code based Secure Billing System for Shops using Cued Click-Points
Author(s): Nikita Dongre, Priyanka Giri, Diksha Hinge, Ankita Kashid, Pavan Sharma
Page(s): 810-812

Download Paper
Increased Productivity of Injection Molding with Analysis of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Author(s): Daniel Agung, Fransisca Debora, Humiras Hardi Purba
Page(s): 813-819

Download Paper
Evaluation and Recommendation of Performance Management Systems (Case Study in PT. Koba Multi Indonesia)
Author(s): Ahmad Hipni, Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari
Page(s): 820-825

Download Paper
Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Fully Integrated Neural Signal Acquisition Amplifier
Author(s): M. Niranjala, D. Mohana
Page(s): 826-830

Download Paper
A Survey on 3D Video Calling: Implementation of Holographic Video Calls
Author(s): Pratul Das, Arjun Singh, Shubham Gupta, Juhi Agarwal
Page(s): 831-836

Download Paper
Beat Separate Enquiry
Author(s): R. Nanda Kumar, K. Vinodh Kumar
Page(s): 837-839

Download Paper
A Survey on Introduction to Missing Values Imputation in Data Mining
Author(s): N. Amirtha Gowri
Page(s): 840-841

Download Paper
Fake Review Detection System Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Aishwarya M. Kashid, Ankita K. Lalwani, Samiksha S. Gaikwad, Rajal A. Patil, R. G. Sonkamble, S. S. More
Page(s): 842-844

Download Paper
Bus Tracking System using Geofencing
Author(s): Amrutkar Namrata Ravindra, Nikam Jayashri, Rumane Mohini, Patil Mohini
Page(s): 845-847

Download Paper
Employee Tracking and Attendance Management System Using RFID
Author(s): Krishnendu Nair, Priya Rajput, Sofiya Rao, Laxmi Tanavarappu, Manali Thombare
Page(s): 848-850

Download Paper
Design of IMC based PID Controller and Optimization of Proposed Process Control
Author(s): Jatinder Sohi, Nishu Gupta, Bhavi Bhatia
Page(s): 851-853

Download Paper
Ideal IMC Based PID Controller and its Design: A Review
Author(s): Jatinder Singh, Harkamaldeep Singh, Bhavi Bhatia
Page(s): 854-857

Download Paper
Improvements of “Authentication Protocols in Various Wireless Sensor Networks”
Author(s): B. Bhavya Sree, Latha Manju
Page(s): 858-860

Download Paper
A Study on Unemployed Persons to Become an Entrepreneur in Madurai District
Author(s): N. Muthuselvi
Page(s): 861-862

Download Paper
Quadcopter for Supporting Disaster
Author(s): Rakesh Choundkar, Shubham Shedge, Shweta Shelke, Swapnali Ladgekar, Krishna Kulkarni
Page(s): 863-865

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Stabilization of Expansive Soil Reinforced with Short Polypropylene Fibres Treated with Admixtures
Author(s): Vishwanath
Page(s): 866-869

Download Paper
Web Application ERP for College Management System
Author(s): Mane Ashwini, Kale Pooja, Udbatte Nikita, C. C. Tawre
Page(s): 870-871

Download Paper
An Overview on Cost Estimation of Product Life Cycle
Author(s): Rahul Vyas, Ravi Parihar, Lalit Jyani, Shailendra Bohra, Shaleen Panwar
Page(s): 872-875

Download Paper
The Real Time Location and Fault Alert System for Distribution Transformer
Author(s): Tushar Maske, Aadesh Sangewar, Pradip Kumbhar, Ashwini Gaikwad, S. S. Sable
Page(s): 876-877

Download Paper
Generation of Electricity with the Use of Speed Breakers
Author(s): Sagar Tayade, Shubham Pawar, Saurabh Deshmukh, Uday Bhosale, Swapna Manurkar
Page(s): 878-879

Download Paper
Predictive Distribution Model by the Use of Graph Theory in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Author(s): Priyanka Bhalerao, Seema Bagora
Page(s): 880-882

Download Paper
Crop Production Prediction System
Author(s): Shambhavi Dighe, Anuja Jagdale, Amar Chadchankar
Page(s): 883-884

Download Paper
Comparative Study of Encryption Algorithms for Cloud Computing
Author(s): Madhura Mahajan, S. C. Dharmadhikari
Page(s): 885-888

Download Paper
Comparative Analysis of Tissue Protein Isolated From Labeorohita, Labeoboga and Catlacatla and its Expression
Author(s): Sentilong Aier, Sthiti Porna Dutta
Page(s): 889-893

Download Paper
Smart Phone Operated Advance Irrigation Vehicle
Author(s): Haris Quazi, Akash Gupta, Kedar Prabhu, Abhishek Mishra, Vinay Kumar Singh
Page(s): 894-895

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