Volume-2, Issue-1, January-2019

Emerging Technology Trends in Power Electronics, Communication for Water Supply Management for Public Drinking
Author(s): Soniya Joshi, Surendar Vishnoi
Page(s): 1-3

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Detection of Hidden Spy Cams in the Public/Private Areas using IoT based Mobile Application
Author(s): Sarikonda Meghana, Syed Abdur Rauf Magrabi
Page(s): 4-7

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Evolution of the Internet of Things
Author(s): Dipak R. Nemade
Page(s): 8-12

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A Review on Current Research Trends in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM)
Author(s): Sanjay Kumar, P. Sudhakar Rao
Page(s): 13-17

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Electric Cycle Motoring Control Section
Author(s): Anand G. Chopade, Bhushan M. Dehankar, P. V. Raut
Page(s): 18-21

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Web Based Remote Fault Analysis of Electrical Drives Using Microcontrollers
Author(s): R. Subramaniyan
Page(s): 22-25

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Intelligent Street Lights System for Energy Saving Using Power Line Communication
Author(s): Bhagyshree K. Sarode, Priyanka V. Rathod, P. V. Raut
Page(s): 26-31

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Generating UML Diagram Using Natural Language Processing and Use Case Diagram
Author(s): Khan Abdul Shariff, Faraz Alam, Mohd. Asmar, Amit Sharma
Page(s): 32-35

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Sports Result Prediction System
Author(s): R. G. Sonkamble, T. A. Dasare, S. S. Patil, S. B. Patil, I. C. Pawar, A. M. Phadtare
Page(s): 36-37

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A Survey on Clustering Based Collaborative Filtering Approach for Big Data Application
Author(s): Shweta Bhonde, Mirza Baig
Page(s): 38-40

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Development of IoT for Smart Ration Distribution System Using Rasbion
Author(s): R. Ramya, R. Ramya, M. Raveena, G. Dinesh
Page(s): 41-45

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A Novel Precise on Clustering Techniques: A Data Mining Analysis
Author(s): Sugirtha Mathiazhagan, N. Sharlie Vasanth
Page(s): 46-49

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Design of Robust Controller for Load Frequency Control in Isolated Microgrid Power System
Author(s): R. Raghuraman
Page(s): 50-55

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Low Cost Electrification Using Solar Energy
Author(s): Prajakta K. Gangasagar, Darshana K. Titare, M. J. Nemade
Page(s): 56-61

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Multi-hop Reliable Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s): D. Evangeline Nesa Priya, K. Vinodh Kumar
Page(s): 62-65

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Understanding the Role of Business Intelligence in Digital Marketing
Author(s): Tarun, Ashish Sharma, Shivam Kesarwani, Kaushal Kumar
Page(s): 66-68

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A Review on Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloys
Author(s): Sharda Sharma, P. Sudhakar Rao
Page(s): 69-71

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Computer Aided Green Manufacturing: A Review
Author(s): Pushpender Kumar, P. Sudhakar Rao
Page(s): 72-75

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A Robust Color Image Watermarking Algorithm with Various Attacks
Author(s): K. Yashoda Kumari, Sumit Nema
Page(s): 76-82

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TAP the Untapped (Think, Act, Prosper)
Author(s): Shubham Bhardwaj, Ashwarya Doomra, Reena Doomra
Page(s): 83-88

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Two Way Authentication for Analytics as a Service in Cloud
Author(s): Don Pezo Tshilombo, V. V. Gopala Rao
Page(s): 89-93

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Auto Saving Energy Robot Mower with Multi-Sensor Fusion Navigation
Author(s): Kiran A. Shende, Mamta A. Shapamohan, Kalpana V. Tale, U. S. Raut
Page(s): 94-96

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IRC Standards for Traffic
Author(s): Yogesh A. Bodke, Aman B. Bodke, Tushar S. Gaware, Kishor D. Ahire, Rushikesh Wankhede
Page(s): 97-99

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A Methodological Approach for the Supply of Agricultural Produce by Ensuring Quality Through Block Chain Technology
Author(s): O. S. Pavan, R. Ramya
Page(s): 100-102

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Increasing the Implementation of Environmental Management Systems Based ISO 14001 with the Six Sigma: Case Study Method in a Manufacturing Industry
Author(s): Gun Nanda Tian Purnama, Gunanto, Raden Mohammad Sugengriadir
Page(s): 103-106

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Secure Overlay Cloud Storage System
Author(s): G. K. Roopa, D. S. Radhika Shetty, K. Bharathi
Page(s): 107-110

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Customized Automobile Assembly Portal
Author(s): Ruchita Patil, Shreeya Sawant, Komal Sawant, Jyogita Thakur
Page(s): 111-112

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Data Mining Based Recommendation System in Social Networking
Author(s): V. S. Bindu, V. Deepika
Page(s): 113-115

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Influence of Design Parameters on Surface Leakage Current of Silicone Rubber Insulator
Author(s): Krishna Patel, B. R. Parekh
Page(s): 116-120

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An Efforts to Improve Service of Angkasa Aviation Academy Flying School Using Quality Function Deployment Method
Author(s): Denny Hadianto, Alfa Omega Hutagalung, Humiras Hardi Purba
Page(s): 121-127

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Opportunities for Growth and Career Development of Technology, Vocational and Livelihood Education (TVLE) Teachers
Author(s): Emelia M. Aytona
Page(s): 128-130

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Reduced Switch Count Topology for Power Loss Minimization
Author(s): Yogesh Yadav, Arvind Jain
Page(s): 131-133

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A Review on Magnetic Assisted Abrasive Flow Machining (MAAFM)
Author(s): Deepak Kumar, P. S. Rao
Page(s): 134-141

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Seismic Analysis of Steel Frame Structure Using Magnetorheological Damper
Author(s): N. Sunmathi
Page(s): 142-144

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Study of Seismic Response of Multi-Storied Vertical Irregular Building Due to Stiffness Irregularity
Author(s): Omkar M. Todkar, Padmakar. J. Salunke
Page(s): 145-149

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Aloe Vera and Probiotic (Lactobacillus Acidophilus) on Immune Status and Histomorphological Changes in Broiler Birds
Author(s): S. Barman, P. R. Boro
Page(s): 150-152

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Data Mining Techniques in Health Care
Author(s): Celeste Murnal, V. Deepika
Page(s): 153-156

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Crop Yield Prediction using Data Mining Approach
Author(s): Sushmita Narayan Gaonkar, V. Deepika
Page(s): 157-158

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Analysis of Major Performance Assessment on Representative Management using Integration Performance Measurement Methods
Author(s): Annisaa Wulandari, Versi Hangga Riksa, Marinus Halawa, Zulfa Fitri Ikatrianasari
Page(s): 159-166

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Proposed Improvement of Breaker Connection Quality 2 on Green Tire in PT UVW Building Machines Using SPC and FMEA Method
Author(s): Andi Setyawan, Raden Mohammad Sugengriadi
Page(s): 167-176

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Implementation of Quality Control Bulletin in Marketing Division in Achieving Targets (Case Study at PT KMI)
Author(s): Ahmad Hipni, Jimmy SHP Sitanggang, R. M. Sugeng Rijadi
Page(s): 177-184

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Estimation of Secondary Metabolites from Methanolic Extract of Treated and Non-Treated Callus of Withania Somnifera using Thin Layer Chromatography and High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Author(s): Reena Panchlaniya, Anurag Titov
Page(s): 185-189

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Global Mobile Data Traffic Prediction and Anomaly Detection in Cellular Network
Author(s): N. Suruthi, R. Kavitha
Page(s): 190-195

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Particle Swarm Optimization for Breast Cancer Recurrence Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques
Author(s): K. Vinitha, R. Kavitha
Page(s): 196-199

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Constructional Design of Energy Efficient Street Lighting System
Author(s): Vasudha P. Nawade, Ashish V. Patil, P. V. Raut
Page(s): 200-202

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Experimental Investigation of Modified Savonius Rotor: A Review
Author(s): S. Gejendhiran, D. Arulkumar, S. Gnanasekar, C. Gokul, M. Gokulraj
Page(s): 203-206

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Non-Metallic Substitutes for New QTC
Author(s): Paarth Chopra
Page(s): 207-210

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Text Summarization Techniques Survey on Telugu and Foreign Languages
Author(s): Sana Shashikanth, Sriram Sanghavi
Page(s): 211-213

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A Review on Auto Tracking Solar Operated Air Cooler with Cooling Cabin
Author(s): Harsha G. Nathjogi, Tushar A. Koli, Vijay H. Patil
Page(s): 214-218

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Software Cost Estimation Using Neuro Fuzzy Logic Framework
Author(s): A. Mary Christina, V. Banumathy
Page(s): 219-224

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Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Lift
Author(s): Rohan Dhumal, Aniket Kumbhar, Umesh Thite
Page(s): 225-227

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Multi-Mobile Charger with Small LED based on Solar Panel
Author(s): Arti S. Bhongade, Shubhangi R. Mohije, Vaishnavi D. Varma, M. J. Nemade
Page(s): 228-230

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Challenges Faced by Family Business in India and Measures to Overcome them
Author(s): Poojari Jayashree Muddu, Prameela
Page(s): 231-233

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Filter Bank Multicarrier to Reduce Intrinsic Interference in MIMO Systems
Author(s): D. Renuka Swathi, T. Ravi Babu, Nihar Ranjan Panda
Page(s): 234-240

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Unprotected Sexual Behaviour among Truck Drivers in Kerala
Author(s): E. A. Priya
Page(s): 241-242

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The Prevalence of Substance Use among First-Year Students at Selected Pre University Colleges in Bangalore
Author(s): E. A. Priya
Page(s): 243-244

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Spent Wash Solid (SWS) and Spent Wash-Press Mud Compost (SWC) - Its Effect on Concentration of Nutrient in Wheat Fodder
Author(s): Sanjeeb Kumar Das
Page(s): 245-247

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Today Shapes Tomorrow
Author(s): G. Keerthy
Page(s): 248-248

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Bug Triage using Data Reduction Techniques
Author(s): D. Patil Priyanka
Page(s): 249-253

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Rectifier based Electric Vehicle Charger with High Frequency Isolation
Author(s): Vishal A. Dhotre, Akshay N. Chakole, P. V. Raut
Page(s): 254-257

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A Survey on Load Balancing in Cluster Environment
Author(s): D. Santhana Lakshmi, J. Sangeetha, P. Isabella
Page(s): 258-260

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Damage Analysis of Centrifugal Exhaust Fan in Air Arrangement in Room Painting
Author(s): Ahmad Hipni, Jimmy Sabar HP Sitanggang, Humiras Hardi Purba
Page(s): 261-265

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FPGA Implementation of a PWM for Multi-Level Active Clamped Inverter
Author(s): M. Muthukumaran, R. Sreenivasan
Page(s): 266-271

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A Comparative Survey for Optimal Power Flow Enhancement with Classical and Intelligent Techniques
Author(s): A. S. Kannan
Page(s): 272-276

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Railway Tracking Identification System Using Advance RFID Technology
Author(s): Prajakta S. Sahare, Rushikesh H. Shilankar
Page(s): 277-280

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Detection of Malicious Packet Dropping in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Author(s): S. Anusha, R. Jaya
Page(s): 281-283

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Opportunistic Routing with Congestion Diversity in Wireless Multi-hop Networks
Author(s): G. Manoj, R. Jaya, N. Deepika
Page(s): 284-286

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E-Commerce Opportunities and Challenges
Author(s): Shivali Tyagi
Page(s): 287-288

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Customer Awareness on Green Banking: A Study on Perceptions of Customers and Bankers in Mangalore
Author(s): Bhavya
Page(s): 289-291

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Segmentation in Digital Image Processing
Author(s): Shaheen Khan, Radhika Kharade, Vrushali Lavange
Page(s): 292-294

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Challenges and Opportunities for Hospital Appointment System
Author(s): Sonam Talware, Pooja Tayade, Ashvini Uike
Page(s): 295-297

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An RTC Based Multilevel Solar Panel System
Author(s): Anup P. Rautkar, Vrushabh S. Waghmare, Mangesh J. Nemade
Page(s): 298-301

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Cloud Workflow Scheduling Using Deadline based Cost Efficient Approach
Author(s): Snehal Nemichandji Kankariya
Page(s): 302-306

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Energy Conservation by Consolidating VMs in Cloud Environment
Author(s): Jagruti R. Desale
Page(s): 307-311

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A Review on Cascade Refrigeration System by using R134a and HC
Author(s): Tushar Bora, Prerna Morge, Pratik Mahale, Swapnil Kadam, Pramod Kamale
Page(s): 312-315

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Secure Cloud Computing: Data Sharing using Revocable-Storage Identity-based Encryption
Author(s): K. Bharathi, G. K. Roopa
Page(s): 316-318

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High Performance Concrete: Fundamentals and Application
Author(s): Kamakashi Jamwal, Anil Kumar
Page(s): 319-325

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Transparent Concrete
Author(s): Rasvir Singh, Sunil Priyadarshi
Page(s): 326-329

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Effect of Progressive Collapse in Multistory RCC Building
Author(s): Vikram Singh, Anil Kumar
Page(s): 330-336

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Interlocking Between Concrete Block
Author(s): Rahul Saini, Sunil Priyadarshi
Page(s): 337-340

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A Comparative Study of Desktop Search Algorithms
Author(s): Harshita Shukla, Vinod Todwal
Page(s): 341-342

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A Review on Techniques Detection of Phishing URL
Author(s): Asha Choudhary, Rakesh Rathi
Page(s): 343-345

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Study of Employee Engagement and Development Practices in the Indian Telecom Industry
Author(s): Ekta Gangwar, Reetu Singh
Page(s): 346-350

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Soil Stabilization using Plastics and Gypsum
Author(s): S. Yuvan Shankar Karthick, R. Vasanthanarayanan, S. Ayswarya, C. Meenakshi
Page(s): 351-360

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Ayurvedic Management of Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy - Case Report
Author(s): Shabnam Rajput, Kalpana Patni
Page(s): 361-363

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Guiding System for Blind People using Voice Recognisation
Author(s): Maithilee Rajendra Chaudhari, Chetna Vilas Dasarwa, Pallavi Pandhurang Kedarkar
Page(s): 364-366

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Improved Dynamic Cluster Head Election using Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s): K. R. Anu Priyanka, R. Jaya
Page(s): 367-368

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Android based Security Lock System with Password Reconfigurable Option using Bluetooth and Microcontroller
Author(s): A. V. Thejas
Page(s): 369-373

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Experimental Study on Electrical Maintenance and Energy Consumption with its Improvement Measures in FIBC Industry at Flexituff Ventures International Ltd. (SEZ), Pithampur
Author(s): Surbhi Bhawalkar, Anand Haridas, L. D. Arya, Deepak Pandey, M. D. Akhilraj, Rahul Vyas
Page(s): 374-376

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Internet of Things (IoT) based Waste Management System
Author(s): Pranav Mhatre, Sneha Utekar, Tejali Shinde
Page(s): 377-381

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Huntington’s Disease: A Neurodegenerative Curse
Author(s): Indra Pratap Singh, Yashwani Singh
Page(s): 382-385

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Reform Initiatives in Mathematics Instruction for Public Secondary Schools in Calabarzon Area
Author(s): Riza Capacia Gusano
Page(s): 386-390

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Proposed Instructional Management Plan for Public Secondary School Principals of the Division of Batangas, Philippines
Author(s): Wilson Tordecilla Ojales
Page(s): 391-394

Download Paper
Review on Hand Gesture Controlled Real Time Paint Tool Box
Author(s): Saurabh Bhavsar, Manish Shah, Sumit Hiray, Harsha Gavali, Sumit Dhotre
Page(s): 395-398

Download Paper
Two New Operators on Triangular Fuzzy Matrices
Author(s): A. Priyanga, R. A. Myvizhi
Page(s): 399-401

Download Paper
Online Marketing and its Impact on Buying Behaviour of Young Generation at Aurangabad City (Selected Shops)
Author(s): Qureshi Riyaz Ahmed, Santosh. B. Sadar
Page(s): 402-407

Download Paper
Spin Games (E-Business Development Theory)
Author(s): Abhishek Kumar Shukla
Page(s): 408-412

Download Paper
Environment Sustainability and Sustainability of Waste Management: A Case Study of Jhalawar (Rajasthan), India
Author(s): Rohit Sharma
Page(s): 413-414

Download Paper
Analysis of Financial Strength of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC Ltd.)
Author(s): Pavan Mishra
Page(s): 415-424

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QR-Code based Student Bus Pass System
Author(s): A. Dhokrat Nilesh, V. Gaikwad Akshay, V. Nikam Saurabh, B. Shinde Roshan
Page(s): 425-426

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Analysis of Noise Pollution in Kolhapur City and Technical remedy to Reduce Noise Level: A Review
Author(s): Gaurav Sanjay Patil
Page(s): 427-429

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FEM Analysis of Aluminum and Nomex based Honeycomb Composite Structure
Author(s): P. Prakesh Reddy, S. Madhusudhana
Page(s): 430-432

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Visual Cryptography Data Hiding using LSB Algorithm
Author(s): K. Seena, T. S. Sreejitha, Neenu Unnikrishnan, Aneega Jose, Rajasree Sethu Madhavan
Page(s): 433-438

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Experimental Studies on Concrete Containing Tyre Rubber Aggregates
Author(s): Jagdeep Singh, Varinder Singh
Page(s): 439-440

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Analysis of Compressive Strength of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement with Marble Powder
Author(s): Shubham Bhatt, Nandeshwar Lata, Bharat Nagar
Page(s): 441-442

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Highly Sensitive Pin Accessibility for ATM using Human Body Communication
Author(s): A. Divya
Page(s): 443-445

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Paralleling Modeling of STATCOM and Wind Farm in Transmission Line using MATLAB and Analysis of Bus Voltage
Author(s): V. S. Pavan Kumar, K. Gopi Krishna, K. Sanyasi Naidu
Page(s): 446-449

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A Study on Knowledge, Perception and Practice of Online Pharmacy among Young Adults in India
Author(s): S. Priya Nair, Anil Middha
Page(s): 450-452

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Comparison between Floating Solar PV Plant and Grounded PV Plant at Bhimtal
Author(s): Ritu Raj Bist, Mohd. Saaqib
Page(s): 453-456

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Detection of Wildlife using Thermal Camera and Passive Infrared Sensor by Smart Hybrid Robot
Author(s): Aaqib Ahmad, Nikita Khandelwal, Akshay Konapure, Akash Landge, Priya Pise
Page(s): 457-458

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The Plight of Indian Judiciary and How ICT can be its Savior
Author(s): Nidhi Sengar, Pratyush Raj, Rahul Kumar
Page(s): 459-462

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Study on the Impression of Smart and Social Media Marketing in the Market
Author(s): Khushboo, Satish Chandra Ojha
Page(s): 463-466

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Evaluation of Penetration and Awareness of Insurance Policies in Rural Parts of Pune District
Author(s): Shivani Modi, Dharmendra Dubey
Page(s): 467-471

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Vehicle Logistic System using Advanced Technology
Author(s): Shubham Metkar, Shubham Dhumal
Page(s): 472-474

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Noise Pollution Monitoring using IoT in Urban and Rural Areas
Author(s): Vaibhav R. Wankhade, Shubham R. Vilayatkar, Pranjali G. Wangekar, Nikhil S. Mundane
Page(s): 475-477

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Design and Analysis of TATA 2518 TC Chassis Frame
Author(s): Vaibhav Shubham Dabhade, Omkar Dabhade, Nilesh Kolekar, Akshay Kharmare, M. B. Nirali
Page(s): 478-480

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BSN: A Secure IoT based Modern Healthcare System using Body Sensor Network
Author(s): Umme Salma, Sapna B. Kulkarni
Page(s): 481-483

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A Study on Geometry Measures of Hilbert Spaces
Author(s): J. Geetha, K. Asha Devi
Page(s): 484-485

Download Paper
A Study of Thyroid Prediction using Big Data Analysis
Author(s): P. Praveena, Sylvia Mary
Page(s): 486-488

Download Paper
A Study on Detection of Seed Borne Disease using Fourier and Wavelet Transform
Author(s): A. Charumathi, I. S. Mary Ivy Deepa
Page(s): 489-491

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Working Principle of Three Axis Pneumatic Advance Trailer
Author(s): Abhijit P. Katyarmal, Roshan A. Jadhao, Ankit V. Chude, Dhananjay D. Jawalekar, A. M. Hatwar
Page(s): 492-494

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Islamic Banking in India: Prospects and Challenges
Author(s): Jahfar Puthan Peediyekkal
Page(s): 495-502

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Five Acting Punching Machine: A Review
Author(s): Shrey Shah, Parth Rana, Chauhan Mihir, Trivedi Nirav, Mulla Parvez, Sunil Patel
Page(s): 503-505

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Study and Analysis of VCR System using Different Eco-Friendly Refrigerants
Author(s): Chintan B. Lad, Parth H. Patel, Afroj A. Shah, Jenissh S. Dave, Hiralkumar S. Dubey,
Mayank R. Mangela
Page(s): 506-509

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A framework for Building Technological Capability in India-Strategic Electronics Perspective
Author(s): Kishore Balbadra, K. Kalidas
Page(s): 510-513

Download Paper
Student’s Grade Prediction
Author(s): Nameerah Kazi, Rahul Yadav, Ujwala Chinta, Deepesh Sharma
Page(s): 514-518

Download Paper
Dynamic Response of Regular and Irregular High Rise Buildings under the Influence of Shear Walls
Author(s): Yeakambaram Sai Srikanth, K. K. D. Varaprasadarao
Page(s): 519-523

Download Paper
A Modern Methodology Enabling Plastic Disposal and Money Crediting System Promoting Digital India
Author(s): P. S. Sai Sruthi, M. Saraswathi
Page(s): 524-527

Download Paper
Wireless Communication: The Current Network Technology
Author(s): G. Gopinathan, B. G. Aktshaya, P. A. Anishma, P. Mutharasan, S. B. Saravana
Page(s): 528-530

Download Paper
Mathematics Instruction in the Public Elementary Schools in the Municipality of Balayan
Author(s): Jeffrey V. Balboa
Page(s): 531-532

Download Paper
Gender and Development Implementation in Selected State Universities and Colleges in Region IV-A: Basis for the Development of Academic Related Activities
Author(s): Estelito J. Punongbayan
Page(s): 533-539

Download Paper
An Intrusion Detection Scheme for AODV based Ad Hoc Wireless Network
Author(s): R. Prasanthi, H. Meharban
Page(s): 540-545

Download Paper
Effective Teaching in Science at Higher Secondary Levels
Author(s): G. Rajadurai, R. Santhalakshmi
Page(s): 546-547

Download Paper
Product Purchase Recommendation of User by Data Analysis using Data Mining
Author(s): Devhadkar Shivam Ramkisan, Kardile Suvarna Changdev, Pandit Nutan Dhanendra
Page(s): 548-552

Download Paper
Challenges and Anticipation: A Study of E-Commerce in India
Author(s): Akash Bharadwaj
Page(s): 553-555

Download Paper
Buckler: Intrusion Detection and Prevention using Honeypot
Author(s): Pagar Harshali Yashwant, Pathare Anjali Sanjay, Shaikh Sameer Shekhanur
Page(s): 556-559

Download Paper
Assertion based Verification of AXI Protocol using UVM
Author(s): K. V. S. Kumar, K. Siva Nagendra
Page(s): 560-563

Download Paper
The Effects of Globalization on Performance of Global Firms in Financial Sectors Operating in Kenya
Author(s): Edwin Obanda Ojiambo
Page(s): 564-568

Download Paper
Detecting Water Phobia using Virtual Reality
Author(s): Ashlesha S. Adhatrao, Zakir M. Shaikh
Page(s): 569-571

Download Paper
To Enhance Properties of Soil using Waste Coconut Coir Fiber
Author(s): Rajesh Kumar, Akash Batra
Page(s): 572-575

Download Paper
Energy-Efficient Communication Scheme for MANETs
Author(s): A. Padma, N. Swarnalatha, D. Sivakami
Page(s): 576-580

Download Paper
Radiation Effect on Convective Heat Transfer in a Vertical Wavy Channel with Hall Effects
Author(s): R. Suresh Babu, M. Ravindra
Page(s): 581-587

Download Paper
9-Level Trinity DC Source Inverter using Embedded Controller
Author(s): R. Sreenivasan, M. Muthukumaran
Page(s): 588-591

Download Paper
Challenges in Technical Skill Development Faced in Rural Kerala among Female Students
Author(s): P. K. Abhini, K. C. Deeepa
Page(s): 592-593

Download Paper
E-Polling System using Cloud Computing and Biometrics
Author(s): R. Prasanthi, H. Meharban
Page(s): 594-597

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Road Construction using Plastic Waste-A Novel Approach
Author(s): Rahul Nemani, Ajay Kumar Sahu, Achala Anjali, Barsha Rani Kar, Priyadarshini S.S Harichandan
Page(s): 598-600

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Comparative and Numerical Study of Open Webbed RC Beams with Different FRP’s using ANSYS
Author(s): Puneet Shetty
Page(s): 601-607

Download Paper
Performance Evaluation of Breast Cancer Diagnosis using Supervised Learning Algorithms
Author(s): Shivani Jain, Neetu Sikarwar
Page(s): 608-613

Download Paper
Generation and Optimization of Lattice Structure on I beam
Author(s): Jadhav Lalit, Dalvi Aniket, Gaikwad Sushant, Nanaware Pratik, Maske Prashant
Page(s): 614-615

Download Paper
Tracking of Jungle Bonfire by using IoT
Author(s): S. Manisha, B. Lavanya, P. Saranya, B. Bommirani
Page(s): 616-618

Download Paper
A Review on New Prospects and Agitates for Passable Control of Macrophomina Phaseolina Disease on Mungbean (Vigna Radiata L. Wilzeck)
Author(s): Priyanka Gupta, Vinay Kumar
Page(s): 619-625

Download Paper
A Review on Real Time Custom Object Detection using DIP
Author(s): Ruchita M. Bansod, Nitin N. Mandaogade
Page(s): 626-628

Download Paper
Effects of Mating Temperature on Female Reproductive Output and Longevity in Silkworm, Bombyx Mori
Author(s): N. Chandrakanth, S. M. Moorthy
Page(s): 629-632

Download Paper
Multimodal Aspect-Opinion Mining using NER
Author(s): Nasrin Munshibhai Shah
Page(s): 633-635

Download Paper
Dynamic Generation of Electric Energy to Utilize Waste Energy from Gymnasium Bicycle
Author(s): Kunal S. Landge, Payal N. Ghusalikar, P. V. Raut
Page(s): 636-638

Download Paper
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Author(s): C. P. Balasubramaniam, C. Janaki, P. K. Mangaiyarkarasi, S. Sindhuja
Page(s): 639-642

Download Paper
Implementation of Automatic Street Light Control System
Author(s): Pratik D. Sakure, Gaurav J. Malkapure, K. P. Mahure
Page(s): 643-645

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Design and Analysis of Wind Turbine Blades by using Different UV Foam Alignments
Author(s): Puram Rajendra, M. Adinarayana
Page(s): 646-653

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A Study on Open Research Issues on Big Data Analytics and its Challenges
Author(s): T. L. Pallavi, J. Kishore Kumar
Page(s): 654-661

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Design and Analysis of Sandwich Honey Comb Structures
Author(s): Y. Kiran Kumar Reddy, N. Venkatramana Reddy
Page(s): 662-669

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Design of a Punch and Die System in a Trimming Machine for Fettling of Casting
Author(s): Shardul Sunil Bargale
Page(s): 670-672

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Real Time Indoor Navigation System
Author(s): Anita Tandale, Avesh Mishra, Akshay Modak, Samruddhi Nate, Kiran Avhad
Page(s): 673-675

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Survey on ECM, PECM and Ultrasonic Assisted PECM
Author(s): Shardul Sunil Bargale
Page(s): 676-679

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ChatBee-The Messenger for Talkative Peoples
Author(s): Sejal Gaonkar, Savita Phad, Siddhi Surve, Harshali Rambade
Page(s): 680-683

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A Study on Customer Relationship Management of State Bank of India in New Panvel
Author(s): Sherin Mathew
Page(s): 684-686

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A Case Study of Effect of Polymer in Bismuth Ferrite (BiFeO3) Multiferroics Nano Composite Thin Film
Author(s): Amrendra Kumar, R. Bokde
Page(s): 687-687

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Introduction to Pneumatic Robotic Arm
Author(s): Abhinav D. Khasale, Akshay S. Kolhe, Ajinkya A. Korde, A. T. Bathe
Page(s): 688-691

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