Volume-2, Issue-9, September-2019

Optimal Design of Power System Stabilizer Using a Gray Wolf Optimization Technique
Author(s): Vedant Choubey, Kapil Parkh, Raunak Jangid
Page(s): 1-6

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Cordial Labeling of Twin Chord
Author(s): S. Haridass, M. Karthigeyan
Page(s): 7-8

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Working Vacations on Multi-Server Retrial Queue
Author(s): N. Hari Raj, P. Joans Preetha
Page(s): 9-11

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Sum Divisor Cordial Graph
Author(s): R. Elambarithi, R. Anitha
Page(s): 12-13

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Cordially Divisor Rhombus Grid Graph
Author(s): P. Mugindhar Amarnath, R. Anitha
Page(s): 14-15

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Encryption and Decryption Technique by Using Decimal Systems
Author(s): B. Siddiqe Basha, S. Revathi
Page(s): 16-17

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Lean Six Sigma’s in Healthcare
Author(s): Shreya, Himanshu Kumar
Page(s): 18-19

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Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder – A Rare Case Report
Author(s): Deepa Aggarwal, Mohammad Suhel, Sudhir Singh
Page(s): 20-22

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Understanding Reasons of Slow Growth in Development of Traditional Fibre Craft “NETTLE” Industry of Uttarakhand
Author(s): Abhishek Ganeshgudi, Bhavin Patel
Page(s): 23-27

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Optimal Tuning of FOPID with GWO Algorithm for Multi-Source Power System
Author(s): Praveen Thakur, Navdeep Singh
Page(s): 28-32

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Theoretical Approaches in Number Theory and its Significance in Cryptography
Author(s): K. Muthu, S. Revathi
Page(s): 33-34

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A Study of ICT Among Teacher Trainees at Chengalpattu District
Author(s): E. Venkatesan, R. Gunasekaran
Page(s): 35-36

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The Zero Divisor Graph of a Lattice
Author(s): R. Kavitha, Y. Joans Preetha
Page(s): 37-38

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Domination Number of Jump Graphs
Author(s): P. Abirami, Y. Joans Preetha
Page(s): 39-40

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Regional Touch in the Novels of R. K. Narayan
Author(s): A. P. Kala, P. Bhanulakshmi
Page(s): 41-42

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Distributed Algorithm for with Cooperative Load Balancing for Cluster-Based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Author(s): G. Arun Prasath, R. Maruthi
Page(s): 43-44

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A Decentralized Approach for Anticipatory Vehicle Routing Using Deligate Multiagent System
Author(s): M. Dhivagaran, P. Karthi
Page(s): 45-46

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Five Year Development Plan for Batangas Province Science High School: A Case Study
Author(s): Simeona Rechie Cadiz Ojales
Page(s): 47-51

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RNAi: Gene Silencing
Author(s): Indra Pratap Singh, Sara Hasan, Prashant Saxena
Page(s): 52-54

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SWOT Analysis of Teacher Education Programme: A Students Perspective
Author(s): Monica Das
Page(s): 55-58

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A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Self Instructional Module on Knowledge and Practice Regarding Prevention of Problems Among Professional Computer Users
Author(s): Rima Deepti Sunil Patil
Page(s): 59-61

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Software Defined Wireless Sensor Networks for Traffic Load Minimization
Author(s): Priyanka S. Kottargi, Pushpalata Patil
Page(s): 62-64

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Vehicle Detection and Traffic Assessment Using Videos
Author(s): Deepti Patil, Pushpalata Patil
Page(s): 65-67

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The Spatial Journey of the Visual Narratives of Assam
Author(s): Meghali Goswami
Page(s): 68-73

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Segmentation based Projected Clustering of Hyperspectral Images using Mutual Nearest Neighbour
Author(s): Gurudevi, Pushpalatalata Patil
Page(s): 74-76

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Scope of Limestone Mining in India
Author(s): Anurag Bagaria
Page(s): 77-78

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Mindfulness Therapy in Reducing Stress and Anxiety Among Women with Infertility
Author(s): Manisha Dhyani
Page(s): 79-81

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Nursing Care for Patients after Cardiothoracic Surgeries: A Critical Evaluation
Author(s): Jagadish
Page(s): 82-84

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Low Back Pain Among Patients: Effectiveness of Selected Interventions
Author(s): Jagadish
Page(s): 85-87

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Effectiveness of Jasmine Oil Massage on Back Pain and Selected Fetomaternal Parameters Among Primigravida Mothers
Author(s): Manisha Dhyani
Page(s): 88-91

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Current Trends and Advancements in the Management and Treatment of Varicose Veins - A Review
Author(s): V. Shruthi
Page(s): 92-97

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An Empirical Study on Attitude Towards Mobile Advertising Among Millennial Generation in Surat City
Author(s): Riddhish Joshi, Sayyeda Jatniwala
Page(s): 98-104

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Waste Heat Recovery Systems Utilizing Thermoelectric Generators and Heat Pipes
Author(s): Shreyas Basagare, Chetan Metkar, Kunal Minde
Page(s): 105-108

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Significance of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
Author(s): K. Mahindra
Page(s): 109-111

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Multiband Fractal Antenna Deploying DGS Structure Simulation using HFSS for Wireless Applications
Author(s): Narayan Singh, Surabhi Mehta, Gunjan Sahay, Aabhas Mathur
Page(s): 112-116

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Enquiry Chatbot at District Court using NLP
Author(s): Lata Fating, Namrata Kshirsagar, Surabhi Bokade, Urvashi Kamth, Anup Bhange
Page(s): 117-118

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Analysis of Active and Reactive Power with Constant Speed Operation of Doubly Fed Induction Generator in Wind Mill
Author(s): D. Madeswaran, P. Selvam
Page(s): 119-123

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A Study on Cloud Computing Security
Author(s): A. A. Jaiswal, Payal Bhanarkar, Surbhi Vyapari, Kanchan Kapgate, Priya Dhage
Page(s): 124-125

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A Study on Digital Marketing Preferences of Generation Z
Author(s): Ayushi Somanna, C. S. Shyamilee
Page(s): 126-130

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A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Information Booklet on Knowledge and Practices Regarding Rehabilitation Among Patients with Valvular Heart Diseases in Selected Hospital
Author(s): Dernit Ancilin Allwyn
Page(s): 131-133

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Importance of Regionalism in the R. K. Narayan Novels
Author(s): A. P. Kala, P. Bhanulakshmi
Page(s): 134-135

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A Framework for Agent-Based Data Mining Classification on Allergy-Induced Asthma Patients
Author(s): T. Rekha, K. Shyamala
Page(s): 136-141

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Design and Fabrication of Extended Release Formulation
Author(s): Sofiya Ansari
Page(s): 142-147

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Smart Vehicle Automation
Author(s): K. Bhanu Prasad, N. Dinesh
Page(s): 148-150

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Effect of Different Level of Salinity on Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum L.) Plant Germination of Two Different Cultivars
Author(s): Abhishek Prasad Sahu, Radha Krishna Jha
Page(s): 151-153

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Bridging the Educational Divide
Author(s): Hemant Gawande
Page(s): 154-156

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Ultrasonic Vision for Outwardly Impeded People
Author(s): S. Srihariharan, L. Santhiya, M. Sowmiya, M. Kalyan Kumar, R. Vishnu Priyanka
Page(s): 157-160

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IoT based Water Distribution Control and Monitoring System
Author(s): K. S. Chandwani, Abhaya Gulhane, Neha Mahakalkar, Rasika Shivhare, Payal Mankar
Page(s): 161-164

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Enhanced Monitoring Scheme on Maximizing TVL Students Learning Time in Senior High School Within Taal Central School
Author(s): Babylyn Cuerdo Gonzalvo, Nescelle Sharmaine Macaraig Macalintal
Page(s): 165-166

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Effect of Planned Teaching on Knowledge Regarding Care of Children with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Among Mothers Attending Pediatric Outpatient Department in an Urban Hospital
Author(s): Kavitha Rajan
Page(s): 167-168

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A Study on Indian Railways Initiates “Project Utkrisht (उत्कृष्ट)” Regarding Safety Concern
Author(s): Ankit Kumar, Ashish Kumar Bhateja
Page(s): 169-174

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Standard Domination Number of Jump Graphs
Author(s): P. Abirami, K. Asha Devi
Page(s): 175-176

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Chawls: Analysis of a Building Type for Middle Income Group
Author(s): Mansi Bhardwaj, Ketan Jain
Page(s): 187-189

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The Lattice Parameter of the Zero Divisor Graph
Author(s): R. Kavitha, M. Karthigeyan
Page(s): 190-191

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Toyota Production System (TPS) – Applications and Benefits for Indian Pump and Motor Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study
Author(s): Siddharth Pal
Page(s): 192-198

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Creation of Virtual World with the Evolution of Cloud Computing
Author(s): Amritaticku, Deepika Yadav, Amit Sharma
Page(s): 199-202

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Assessing the Variables to Evaluate the Caliber of the Suppliers and Efficiency of Transportation in a Supply Chain through the Validity Test in E-Retail Industry
Author(s): L. Sudershan Reddy, Parigya Kulshrestha
Page(s): 203-211

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Cluster based Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Author(s): G. Arun Prasath, R. Maruthi
Page(s): 212-213

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A Redistributed Approach for Prevenient Vehicle Routing using Envoy Multi Proxy Process
Author(s): M. Dhivagaran, P. Karthik
Page(s): 214-215

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A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Nilavembu Kashayam on Reduction of Pain and Fever Among the Community Residence in Selected Community
Author(s): S. Angelin Lavanya, N. Vishva
Page(s): 216-218

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A Study to Assess the Knowledge on Tinea Corporis Among Client Attending Dermatology Unit in Selected Hospital
Author(s): E. Varalakshmi, M. Pushpalatha
Page(s): 219-221

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Existence of Solutions for Nonlinear Impulsive Fractional Differential Equation with Periodic Boundary Conditions
Author(s): R. Divya, N. Karthikeyan
Page(s): 222-224

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Smart Water Vending Machine
Author(s): Rajani Karalgikar, H. Prasanna Kumar
Page(s): 225-228

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Optimization of a Pressure Vessel Using Design of Experiments
Author(s): Topendra Kumar Saruva, Shubhrata Nagpal
Page(s): 229-232

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Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme Regarding Prevention of Food and Water Borne Diseases Amongst Upper Primary School Children in a Selected School
Author(s): Anu Harshad Joshi
Page(s): 233-234

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Sign Language to Speech Conversion Using Smart Hand
Author(s): N. Madan Yadav, H. Prasanna Kumar
Page(s): 235-239

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Urea Act as a Catalyst Nox Reduction in SCR System for Diesel Engine
Author(s): Raju B. Tirpude, S. W. Rajurkar, G. K. Awari, Ashish M. Wankhede
Page(s): 240-244

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A Review on Effective Utilization of Construction and Demolition (C & D) Waste as Recycled Aggregates (RA) in Concrete
Author(s): S. Kavyaa
Page(s): 245-248

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Design and Develop Futuristic Prediction Regarding Details of Health System for Heart Diseases Using the Integration of Data Mining Techniques
Author(s): S. M. Bhadkumbhe, Vaishnavi Metkar, Kshitija Shitole, Harshwardhan Suryawanshi, Ruchita Prabhune
Page(s): 249-251

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Automatic Bus Indication and Tracking System
Author(s): R. Gobi, G. Nithin Kumar, V. Ashok Kumar, C. Vibin Stalin, D. R. P. Rajarathnam
Page(s): 252-254

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Semi-Automated Trolley for Supermarkets with Ultrasonic Sensor and RFID
Author(s): R. T. Ajay Karthik, D. R. P. Rajarathnam, R. Deepan Chakkaravarthi, G. Poovarasan, S. Mohamed Niyaz
Page(s): 255-259

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Agrobot - The Healthy Farming
Author(s): Anu Kumari, H. Prasanna Kumar
Page(s): 260-263

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Studies on the Use of Non-Conventional Binders and their Effect on Moulding Sand Properties
Author(s): M. Anagha, C. Namitha, K. Sheshadri, Tanushree B. Patil
Page(s): 264-268

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Social Security for Organized Sector Workers in India
Author(s): Nandni, Meenal Chandra
Page(s): 269-274

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CDMA: Encryption Modulation in Communication
Author(s): Nishant Sharma, Ujwal Bang
Page(s): 275-277

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