Volume-1, Issue-10, October-2018

MAC Protocols for Application-Specific Wireless Sensor Networks: A Study
Author(s): Harish Joshi, Ravindra Eklarker
Page(s): 1-6

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The Effectiveness of Training and Development in HCL Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Madurai
Author(s): L. Venkatraman, R. Malathy
Page(s): 7-10

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Digital Piracy in Music Records Industry: An Economic and Legal Analysis on DRM Provisions in India
Author(s): Shilpa B Nair
Page(s): 11-16

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Design of Pipelined IFFT Processor
Author(s): Farjin J Tamboli, S. A. Shirsat
Page(s): 17-19

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Deep Learning
Author(s): S. Yogasudha, K. Mounika, P. R. Namitha, K. Merlin Rathina Priya
Page(s): 20-23

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Feasibility of Green Building
Author(s): Harshal P. Kanhor, Kiran P. Jadhav, S. S. Kanade
Page(s): 24-26

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A Study on Li-Fi Technology
Author(s): K. Pradeepa, B. Abirami
Page(s): 27-28

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Acqui-Hiring, The Next Step
Author(s): Saachi Awate
Page(s): 29-31

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Waste Heat Recovery from Chimney Using Advance Design of Chimney Structure via Thermoelectric Generator Module
Author(s): Lakhan Meghani, Ravi Shankar Bhunyia, Rakshanda Kumbhare, Akash Patil, Akshay Thorat, Omkar Nanaware, Aditya Pujari
Page(s): 32-34

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Design for Manufacturing of a Portable Air Conditioner
Author(s): Kasuba Sainath, G. Chaitanya kumar
Page(s): 35-38

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Portable Air Conditioner Design for Fabrication
Author(s): Jakkula Rajesh, Suresh Akella, K. Sainath
Page(s): 39-42

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Comparison of Wet and Dry pH Values in the Sediment Samples from the Sea Side Mangrove and River Side Stations at Kadalundi Region, Kozhikode District, Kerala, India
Author(s): P. K. Jayasurya, J. P. George, D. Prema, N. Anantharajan
Page(s): 43-45

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Design and Fabrication of Automatic Clamping Fixture for Seamless Tube Swaging Machine
Author(s): Pritam Gadge, Nitin Chokhande, Yogesh Mote, Shubham Gadhe, A. V. Suryavanshi
Page(s): 46-48

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Earthquake: An Overview
Author(s): Akshaya Ghalimath, Nikhil Shelar, Vyanktesh Baviskar, Vipul Varma
Page(s): 49-51

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Modelling Potential of Maxent Model in Predicting Geographic Distributions of Medicinal Plants
Author(s): Mamita Kalita, P. L. N. Raju, Nilakshee Devi
Page(s): 52-56

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Data Mining Approaches for Network Intrusion Detection System
Author(s): J. Deekshikka, G. Rajashree, J. Gowtham
Page(s): 57-59

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Zero Waste Concept: A Future Step toward Sustainability
Author(s): Priyanshi Sahu, Ridhima Madan seth
Page(s): 60-62

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The U.S - China Trade War and its Implication
Author(s): Shailendra kumar Dube, Sanjay kr. Mandal
Page(s): 63-69

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Search Engine Optimization
Author(s): K. Merlin Rathina Priya, D. Saranya, B. Tharani
Page(s): 70-71

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Bit Transition Identifier (BTI) for Low Power TPGs
Author(s): V. M. Thoulath Begam
Page(s): 72-74

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Behaviour of Geopolymer Concrete in Construction Industry: A Review
Author(s): K. Kunal, C. Piyush, M. Jitendra, S. Sachin
Page(s): 75-77

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Comparative Study of Recruitment Procedure (Modern Day Policies vs. Kautilya Policies in HR)
Author(s): Dantu Lakshmi Suguna
Page(s): 78-81

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Smart Memory
Author(s): M. Preethy, G. T. Soundarya
Page(s): 82-83

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Author(s): P. Sornapriya, M. Roshini, L. Sambath
Page(s): 84-85

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Use of Melted Plastic in Concrete
Author(s): S. S. Sawant, Mahesh Thakare, Khushal Bharsat, Roshan Gaikwad
Page(s): 86-87

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Solar Efficient Building
Author(s): Sampada Kshirsagar
Page(s): 88-89

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Wireless Home Security System with Mobile
Author(s): T. Abinaya, K.Vijayalakshmi, Mohamed Shanfer Ali, K. Karthick, S. Sakthivel
Page(s): 90-91

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Accessible India
Author(s): Ketaki Limaye
Page(s): 92-93

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Investigation on Strengthening of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Dolomite and M-Sand for Cement and Fine Aggregate
Author(s): S. Muthukumaran, N. Muralimohan, P. Sudha
Page(s): 94-99

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Influence of Infill Wall in the Performance of RC Structure Subjected to Seismic Load
Author(s): Pavan Pawar, Irshad Nadaf, Abhishek Pilane, Amol Nemade, Nikhil Mutha
Page(s): 100-104

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Study of Earthship and its Principles
Author(s): Aditi Deshpande
Page(s): 105-107

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Framework for Secure Exam Management System
Author(s): Rajat Charde, Dattatray Giri, Mandar Kulal, Sukalp Kokse
Page(s): 108-109

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Enforcement of Intellectual Property Arbitration Awards: Challenges in India
Author(s): Priyanka Ponna
Page(s): 110-113

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Study of Shear Wall Frame Interaction for Multistoried Buildings under Seismic Loading
Author(s): Deepak Tokriya, Lavina Talavale, Utkarsh Jain
Page(s): 114-117

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Behavior of Buildings having Flat Slabs under Seismic Loading
Author(s): Shubham Gupta, Lavina Talavale, Utkarsh Jain
Page(s): 118-121

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Indian Anthropometric Dimension (Madhya Pradesh)
Author(s): GurleenKaur Luthra
Page(s): 122-125

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Concepts of Passive Design in Composite Climate
Author(s): Trapti Dhakate, Mohd. Simroz Khan
Page(s): 126-127

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Limited Liability Partnership: An Effective Alternative to Complexity of Incorporation and the Personal Risks Associated with Partnership Law
Author(s): Rajiv Xavier Rozario
Page(s): 128-131

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Gambling and Betting in India
Author(s): Audrija Parasar
Page(s): 132-136

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Finite Element Analysis of a RCC Stair Using STAAD-Pro
Author(s): Sumit Gupta, Sumit Pahwa
Page(s): 137-140

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Thermal Modelling of Electric Arc Welding
Author(s): A. Akshay Kumar, D. V. Paleshwar, Sainath Kasuba
Page(s): 141-144

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Design and Simulation of Helical Intake Manifold
Author(s): S. Ravi, B. Rahul, E. Shibin Basil, V. Vijay
Page(s): 145-148

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Holo-Entropy and Advanced Encryption Standard for Wavelet-Based Image Steganography
Author(s): Wrushali Waghmare, S. I. Nipanikar, P. V. Mulmule
Page(s): 149-153

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Natural Methods for Treatment of Waste Water
Author(s): Tanupriya Kulshreshtha, Utkarsh Jain, Apeksha Singhai
Page(s): 154-158

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Turbo Air Ventilator Used in Natural Ventilation
Author(s): Mansi Joshi, Suhas Choudhari, Aradhana Maheshwari
Page(s): 159-163

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Bamboo as a Green Alternative Building Material
Author(s): Rashina Gurung, Ridhima Madan Seth
Page(s): 164-167

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Parking Facilities for Specially Able
Author(s): Mahima Jain, Utkarsh Jain, Nandita Singh Ranawat
Page(s): 168-172

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Acoustics in Education Zone: Creative Solution to Innovative Learning
Author(s): Jyoti Valeja, Mohd. Simroz Khan
Page(s): 173-176

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A Comparative Architectural and Structural Analysis of Earthquake Resistant Design Principles Applied in Reinforced Concrete Buildings
Author(s): Apeksha Singhai, Utkarsh Jain, Tanupriya Kulshreshtha
Page(s): 177-182

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Detection of Scour Depth Using IoT
Author(s): G. V. S. S Gowtham, T. J. Naga Lakshmi
Page(s): 183-186

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Socio Detrimental Status of Women and Their Rural Households in Gwalior Region of Madhya Pradesh
Author(s): Anita Sawnani, Alka David
Page(s): 187-189

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Identifying Risk in the Construction of Residential Buildings
Author(s): Vivek A. Shinde, A. D. Rathod
Page(s): 190-193

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Comparative Analysis of Different Waste Materials that can be Used in Concrete
Author(s): Nandita Singh Ranawat, Utkarsh Jain, Mahima Jain
Page(s): 194-196

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Rice Husk Ash as Partial Replacement Material of Cement in Concrete
Author(s): S. Andavan, Ramesh Bhaskar, S. Purushotham Vara Prasad
Page(s): 197-201

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Partial Replacement of Cement with Rice Husk Ash in Concrete
Author(s): S. Andavan, Ramesh Bhaskar, S. Purushotham Vara Prasad
Page(s): 202-204

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Architecture and Culture
Author(s): Sakshi Banduke, Suhas Choudhari, Nandani Kag
Page(s): 205-208

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Antimicrobial Activity of Perfumes or Plant Scents against Bacteria Isolated from Gallbladder Patients
Author(s): Sharma Priti, Shrivastava Archana, Jain Sudhir Kumar
Page(s): 209-211

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Enhanced Job Recommendation System
Author(s): Shivraj Hulbatte, Amit Wabale, Suraj Patil, Nikhilkumar Sathe
Page(s): 212-215

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Implementation of OFDM System
Author(s): Rushikesh Bhaskarrao Wade
Page(s): 216-218

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A Review on Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s): Sujay, Shashank V Rao, Chanchal Antony
Page(s): 219-222

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A Study on Social Media in Education
Author(s): M. Vairavan, M. Kavitha, R. Selvapathy
Page(s): 223-224

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A Study on Financial Analysis of Steel Trading Company: A Case Study on Kalyani Steel
Author(s): Shubham V. Shirsath, Pritam B. Bhawar
Page(s): 225-229

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A Study of Tax Saving Schemes Adopted by Individual Assessee
Author(s): Pritam B. Bhawar, Shubham V. Shirsath
Page(s): 230-234

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The Detailed Study of Services in Different Type of Residential Buildings
Author(s): Nandani Kag, Utkarsh Jain, Sakshi Banduke
Page(s): 235-239

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A Need of Conjunctive Use of Surface and Groundwater
Author(s): Navanath V. Khadake
Page(s): 240-242

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Save the Child: “A Stolen Childhood” (A Dark Past and a Terrible Secret)
Author(s): Asifa Ishrat
Page(s): 243-249

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Biomimicry in Architecture
Author(s): Krati Mittal, Ayush Jindal, Utkarsh Jain
Page(s): 250-252

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Impact of Day Lighting in Residential Building: A Case Study of Indore, India
Author(s): Shivani Bajaj, Soumya Jain
Page(s): 253-255

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Intelligent Transportation System Based on Fingerprint Biometric in Cloud Systems
Author(s): A. Arthi, L. X. Nisha Innola
Page(s): 256-261

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Media and Substance Abuse
Author(s): Tanmay Bhadani, J. Balamurgan
Page(s): 262-268

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Modular Construction and its Adaptation in India
Author(s): Palak Sachdev
Page(s): 269-271

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Behaviour of Dual System for Irregular Structure
Author(s): Krishna Mahajan, Ketan Jain
Page(s): 272-275

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Division of Retinal Veins Utilizing the Outspread Projection and Semi- Supervised Approach
Author(s): Daniel Richard Rajkumar, G. Charlyn Pushpalatha
Page(s): 276-281

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Utilization of Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Future: A Review
Author(s): Nidhi, Bhawana, Ashika, Gazala, K. Mahendra, S. Sachin
Page(s): 282-285

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Wear Test on Brake Rotor Using Pin on Disc Apparatus
Author(s): S. R. Durairajua, S. Deepak kumar, S. Deeraj kumar, D. Gokul
Page(s): 286-288

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Experimental Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Deposition Modeling and Other Additive Manufacturing Methods
Author(s): K. Shilpa, D. V. Paleshwar, Sainath Kasuba
Page(s): 289-293

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Patient’s Breath Detection and Monitoring System Using Webcams
Author(s): Shaik Nazma, A. Sandhya Deepthi
Page(s): 294-299

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Automatic Irrigation System on Sensing Soil Moisture Content
Author(s): Abhishek Kumar, Rajesh Bhatt, Vikash Kumar, Sudip Chowdhury, Kushal Roy
Page(s): 300-301

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A Review of Lung Cancer Detection Using Image Processing Techniques
Author(s): P. Santhiyaa, C. Sheeba, V. Poornimadevi
Page(s): 302-304

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Garbage Collection Robot on the Beach Using Wireless Communications
Author(s): N.Varuneshreddy, K. Nikhil
Page(s): 305-307

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Combined Use of NDT for Evaluation of Concrete Strength in Structures
Author(s): Abhishek Rawat, Hitesh Kodwani
Page(s): 308-310

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A Review: Seismic Responses of Multistoried Structures
Author(s): Yamini Nagwanshi, Hitesh Kodwani
Page(s): 311-314

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A Review on Design and Analysis of Go-Kart Chassis
Author(s): T. Z. Quazi, Omkar Jalvi, Sameer Shinde, Rohan Kamble, Tushar Sargar
Page(s): 315-317

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Intelligent Chatbot for guided Navigation of a Repository Content: The State of Art Survey
Author(s): Anjali R. Mishra, Shreya R. Nahar, Shruti S. Shinde, Shruti S. Sapre
Page(s): 318-321

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IoT Based Transformer Monitoring and Control
Author(s): Dnyaneshwar J. Mali, Vinod A. Jadhav, Kajal P. Dethe, Dhananjay B. Shivpuje
Page(s): 322-325

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Plastic Homes
Author(s): Anushka Porwal, Sourabh Gour
Page(s): 326-327

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Emergence of Women Entrepreneurship: “As an Economic Resource” in India
Author(s): Asifa Ishrat
Page(s): 328-331

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Comparative Study on Mechanical Properties of Various Additive Manufacturing Methods
Author(s): K. Shilpa, D. V. Paleshwar, Sainath Kasuba
Page(s): 332-336

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MQTT-SN Protocol - A Review
Author(s): Maria K Tom
Page(s): 337-340

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Diabetes Detection System Using E-Nose: A Literature Survey
Author(s): Faroz Borkar, Sanyuja Chaudhari, Aditi Dosi, Jasmeen Khan
Page(s): 341-343

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Study of Price Escalation in Construction Projects
Author(s): Surabhi Kharbanda, Ketan Jain
Page(s): 344-347

Download Paper
Analysis of Light Shelf Design
Author(s): Ayushi Tiwari
Page(s): 348-350

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The competencies of the Modern Teacher
Author(s): Sudip Mandal
Page(s): 351-360

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Bug Triage with Data Reduction Techniques Using Instance Selection Algorithm
Author(s): Akshay A Uppin, Mira V Bhosale, A. S. Chadchankar
Page(s): 361-364

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The Social Media Advertisement Impact on Customer
Author(s): P. Mahesh Babu
Page(s): 365-367

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A Review on Visual Cryptography Schemes
Author(s): Vijay Kumar S Karwande, Ashok P Kankale, Pravin G Thakare
Page(s): 368-372

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Problems and Prospects Faced by Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises with Special Reference to Coimbatore
Author(s): M. Deepak Kumar, N. Ramesh Kumar
Page(s): 373-375

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Acknowledging the Essence of Vernacular Architecture (A Case of Architecture in Malwa)
Author(s): Stuti Kanherkar
Page(s): 376-380

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Development of Automobile Headlight
Author(s): Amit Patil, Prathmesh Jadhav, Swapnil Bagure, Aditya Bhadwalkar, Vaibhav Kamble
Page(s): 381-382

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Comparative Study of Addition of Strontium in Aluminium (Aa6063)
Author(s): P. Saravana Kumar, A. S. Pramodh, M. Prasanna Kumar, V. Pradeep
Page(s): 383-388

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Smart Medicine Box Using IOT
Author(s): Sarvesh Kulkarni, Shreyas kandgule, Vaibhav Katkar, Shrutika Tone, P. A. Chadchankar
Page(s): 389-391

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Dog Friendly Spaces
Author(s): Sumita Jaiswal, Mohd. Simroz Khan
Page(s): 392-394

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Gasoline Direct Injection: An Efficient Technology
Author(s): Akshay More, Nitish Chavan, Rushikesh Kharat, Raj Kamerkar, Amit Patil
Page(s): 395-398

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Seniors and Parks
Author(s): Pragya Shukla, Mohd. Simroz Khan
Page(s): 399-401

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Office Building Daylighting Design in Indore
Author(s): Soumya Jain, Shivani Bajaj
Page(s): 402-403

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Environment Friendly Construction
Author(s): Pratibha Gautam, Rita Jaishwal
Page(s): 404-407

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Home Appliances Controlled by TV Remote
Author(s): S. V. Mulani, U. S. Kaulage, A. K. Lamkane, D. B. Shivpuje
Page(s): 408-410

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Information Extraction Using Clustering Technique
Author(s): P. Suganya, D. Nivetha
Page(s): 411-413

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Space Syntax Theory: For Spatial Configuration of Offices
Author(s): Abhidha Jain, Ridhima Madan Seth, Soma Anil Mishra
Page(s): 414-416

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An Overview on Mechanical and Durability Properties of Rice Husk Ash Concrete
Author(s): P. Hemant, K. Ajeet, A. Perwez, K. Pankaj, K. Imran, K. Neeraj
Page(s): 417-419

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Construction Techniques of Indian Temples
Author(s): Chanchal Batham, Aatmika Rathore, Shivani Tandon
Page(s): 420-424

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Review Paper on Thermal Management of Li-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicle by Active Liquid Cooling
Author(s): Karan Patil, Pratik Zaware, Vivek Rathod, Omkar Rane
Page(s): 425-428

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IoT Based Border Alert and Secured System for Fisherman
Author(s): Uthayakumar Jothilingam, Liston Deva Glindis
Page(s): 429-434

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Ajax Technology
Author(s): C. D. Sherin
Page(s): 435-436

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A Review on Reduction of Intake Noise in an I.C. Engine
Author(s): Sagar Khatavkar, Omkar Sawant, Shubham Pednekar, Vinit Raut, Viraj Patil
Page(s): 437-439

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A Literary Review on Emblica Officinalis in Pregnancy Induced Anaemia
Author(s): Kamayani Mishra, Vijeta Barange, K. C. Garg, Sanjay Shrivastava
Page(s): 440-442

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Advanced Electronic Voting Machine Using Arduino
Author(s): Bennet Prabha, A. Murali Krishna, V. Gokul, S. Devanand
Page(s): 443-445

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An Efficient Traffic Signal Management System for Ambulance Services
Author(s): T. Thiyagu, J. Nivetha, B. Keerthi
Page(s): 446-448

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Reviving Interactive Environment through Courtyard Culture
Author(s): Gauri S. Zaveri, Rashmin Kour Arora, Garvita Singh Kushwaha
Page(s): 449-450

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Acoustical Calculations in Existing Hall
Author(s): Saurabh Gaur, Urvi Agrawal
Page(s): 451-453

Download Paper
Evolution of Open Classroom Spaces
Author(s): Sakshi Kishore
Page(s): 454-455

Download Paper
Green Building Rating System
Author(s): Pragya Mishra, Sourabh Gour
Page(s): 456-461

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A Review on IoT Technology in Modern Cars
Author(s): Guruprasad Shetye, Amit Shelar, Prathamesh Patil, Sanket Sawant, Chetan Thakur
Page(s): 462-465

Download Paper
A Review on Electric Car Batteries
Author(s): Sarthak Narkar, Siddhaya Narvekar, Ajay Gupta, Aditya Mestry
Page(s): 466-468

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An Interactive Chatbot Designed for Books
Author(s): J. Nivetha, K. S. Kirubha Hari, B. Keerthi, Caroline
Page(s): 469-472

Download Paper
Mobile Augmented Reality for Architecture
Author(s): K. Mohammed Hashim, Sudharshan
Page(s): 473-476

Download Paper
Nickel Chromium Overlay on SS410 by MIG Cladding Process
Author(s): V. Srinivasan, T. Kumaraguru, V. Pradeep, K. Raghul
Page(s): 477-481

Download Paper
Air and Noise Pollution Monitoring System
Author(s): Sharmila, A. Murali Krishna, V. Gokul, S. Devanand
Page(s): 482-484

Download Paper
Query Optimization in Fuzzy Database
Author(s): Mamta, Kapil Kumar
Page(s): 485-488

Download Paper
Automated Emergency Call
Author(s): R. Sudharshan, K. Mohammed Hashim
Page(s): 489-490

Download Paper
Survey on Diverse Mobile Applications for Medication
Author(s): Neha Singh, Urwashi Thakre, Nikita Gudhe, Yash Gandhi, Gaurav Karariya
Page(s): 491-492

Download Paper
IoT Based Building Quality Monitoring Against Cracks, Vibration and Falling Using Sensors with Web App Using Raspberry Pi
Author(s): P. N. Likhitha
Page(s): 493-494

Download Paper
The Electric Vehicle
Author(s): Karan Chalke, Shivam Kale, Sumedh Bhalerao
Page(s): 495-497

Download Paper
A Review on Design and Assembly of Go-Kart Steering System
Author(s): Abhishek Pawar, Gavrav Mane, Siddhesh Pawaskar, Pranav Deshpande, Heeranand Vhangade
Page(s): 498-501

Download Paper
Windows with Space Benefits
Author(s): Pratanshi Singh, Jayeeta Kar
Page(s): 509-511

Download Paper
Additive Manufacturing Using MIG Welding
Author(s): U. Bhakthavatchalam, K. Ganeshmurthy, A. Jaisooriyan
Page(s): 512-517

Download Paper
The Study of Efficiency of Day Care Surgery in Elective Surgeries
Author(s): Upadhye Apurva, A. T. Kamble, P. A. Kamble, Pushpakar Shailendra
Page(s): 518-521

Download Paper
Towards Effective Bug Triage with Software Data Reduction Techniques Using Instance Selection
Author(s): Kunal Rawade, Kishor Satpute, Amar Chadchankar
Page(s): 522-524

Download Paper
Double Helical Spiral Mixer
Author(s): R. Bankar Pravin, A. Adhikari Rahul, R. Ahirrao Jayesh, P. Kokane Sushant, T. V. Gujrathi
Page(s): 525-527

Download Paper
Woman Safety Application - MwithU
Author(s): Abhijeet Singh, Vishnu Barodiya
Page(s): 528-530

Download Paper
Operations Research Applications in Steel Industry
Author(s): Akash Jha, Vaibhav Rustagi, Srishti Kalra, Muskaan Nagpal
Page(s): 531-533

Download Paper
Analysis of Automotive Suspension System
Author(s): S. R. Durairaju, R. Naveenkumar, A. Naveenkumar, J. Ramakrishnan
Page(s): 534-539

Download Paper
An Analysis of Human Development in Karnataka State: A Case Study of Raichur District
Author(s): B. Ravi
Page(s): 540-551

Download Paper
Digital Banking: Key to Marketing Development
Author(s): Asifa Ishrat
Page(s): 552-560

Download Paper
Ambulance Detection by Image Processing Using PLC: Colour and Sound Based Approach
Author(s): C. Loganathan, J. A. Nishalini Delcy, S. Santhosh Kumar, R. Hariharan, M. Suresh
Page(s): 561-563

Download Paper
Author(s): Nitesh Singh, Suveegya Pandey
Page(s): 564-565

Download Paper
Localisation in WSN & Security: A Survey
Author(s): Ruchi, Deepti Ahlawat
Page(s): 566-571

Download Paper
A Review of Hybrid PV System Design, Utilization and Its Efficiency
Author(s): A. Mohan, M. Abilakshman, R. Ajith, S. Deepak Kumar
Page(s): 572-576

Download Paper
Analysis of Brake Rotor Material
Author(s): Aadil A. A. Chicktay, Shreyash Bhoir, Pradhyumn Kokane, Darshan Gangar
Page(s): 577-579

Download Paper
Switched Reluctance Motor Drive for Electric Vehicle Using Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Strategy
Author(s): D. Ramesh, N. Sathish Kumar, S. Kabilan, M. Mahesh, M. Ashok Kumar
Page(s): 580-583

Download Paper
Cutting Characteristics of Carbon Fiber
Author(s): S. Periyasamy Bernix, S. Pradeep, R. Raviprasaath, B. A. Saravanan
Page(s): 584-587

Download Paper
Emotional Advertising - The Emergence of a New Marketing Paradigm
Author(s): Sunayana Shukla
Page(s): 588-593

Download Paper
Passive Cooling by Shading Devices in High Rise Buildings in Tropical Climate
Author(s): Avantika Utpariya, Soma A. Mishra
Page(s): 594-597

Download Paper
Revival of Post-Independence and Contemporary Architecture for Human Causes
Author(s): Muskan Sharma, Sourabh Gour
Page(s): 598-600

Download Paper
Nano Architecture in India
Author(s): Rashmin Kour Arora, Gauri S. Zaveri
Page(s): 601-603

Download Paper
A Review on Performance Test and Characteristics Emission on Bio Diesel
Author(s): L. Venkatesh, P. Aravindhan, J. Aravind, P. R. Balaji
Page(s): 604-607

Download Paper
Real Time River Water Quality Monitoring Based on IoT
Author(s): Akash Jadhav, Akash Pathak, Ajay Suryawanshi, Rishikesh Avhad
Page(s): 608-610

Download Paper
Effects of Dopamine Receptors in Drugs Under Transient State and Steady State
Author(s): K. Julia Rose Mary, J. Christy Jenifer
Page(s): 611-614

Download Paper
Cancer Detection and Classification Using AI
Author(s): J. Dheeraj, S. Gurubharan
Page(s): 615-618

Download Paper
Transformable Spaces
Author(s): Anubha Jain, Suhas Choudhari
Page(s): 619-621

Download Paper
The article with the title, "DDoS Mitigation Using Blockchain," pp. 622-626, by authors, J. Dheeraj, S. Gurubharan, has been deleted as the authors submitted plagiarised article., upon complaint received by the original author. (Retraction Notice )
MXD% as a New Hope of Diagnosis of Cancer: A Review
Author(s): Rudra Prasad Giri, Sucheta Ghorai Giri
Page(s): 631-635

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IPv4/IPv6 Address Translation Using Loadable Kernel Module
Author(s): Mandar Lokhande, Siddhi Pathak
Page(s): 636-639

Download Paper
Reassessing the Values and Utility of the Boundary Walls
Author(s): Aradhana Maheshwari, Ridhima Madan Seth, Mansi Joshi
Page(s): 640-643

Download Paper
CFD Analysis on Electronic Heat Sink of Al and Cu Metals
Author(s): M. Praveen Kumar, A. C. Uma Maheshwar Rao
Page(s): 644-648

Download Paper
Design and Structural Analysis of a 1000 Ton Hydraulic Press Frame Structure
Author(s): S. Raja Shekar, A. C. Uma Maheshwar Rao
Page(s): 649-652

Download Paper
Parameters Optimization of Photo Voltaic Module: A Survey
Author(s): Mohita, Jagtar Singh
Page(s): 653-658

Download Paper
Six Sigma Improvement Opportunities for NGO
Author(s): Sagar khatavkar, Manasi Telang, Shaikh Mohammed Ibaad, Ratan Pawar, Gaurav Sonawane, Siddhesh Tandel
Page(s): 659-660

Download Paper
Different Types of Water Element
Author(s): Jayeeta Kar, Prathibha Carpenter
Page(s): 661-665

Download Paper
Intelligent Spam Detection Micro Service with Server Less Computing
Author(s): Akshay Shelatkar, Neal Yadav, Abhijit Karve
Page(s): 666-668

Download Paper
Deploying Mobile Charger Ion WSN Field: A Survey
Author(s): Priyanka, Preeti Prajapati
Page(s): 669-674

Download Paper
A Review of Industrial Heat Treatment Processes and Opportunities of Waste Heat Recovery from Process Furnace
Author(s): Siddhesh Lad, Jaydeep Mandal, Ashish Gupta, Tushal Vhanmane, Himanshu Thakkar
Page(s): 675-677

Download Paper
Gesture Control Keyboard
Author(s): Surya Mishra, T. Dhikhi
Page(s): 678-682

Download Paper
Study on Internet of Things
Author(s): N. Sanseedha, M. S. Simrin Fathima, M. Y. Mohamed Haris, A. Mohammed Apsal
Page(s): 683-684

Download Paper
Food Security through Agricultural Sustainability: In Indian Context
Author(s): H. Mahesh Kumar Shetty
Page(s): 685-691

Download Paper
An Efficient Multi-Protocol Gateway Design Using ESP32 for Industry 4.0 and Electric Vehicle
Author(s): Lakshmipraba Balaji, Akanksha Singh, Ganesh Pise, Sagar Bawane
Page(s): 692-693

Download Paper
Analysis of Portable Spaces in Context with North East & North East Tourism
Author(s): Himani Mishra, Ridhima Madan Seth
Page(s): 694-697

Download Paper
Vehicle Detection and Tracking Based on GSM and Enhanced Camshaft Algorithm
Author(s): B. Tharani Srisakthi, J. A. Nishalini Delcy, J. Gunasekaran, Vimochanaguna
Page(s): 698-701

Download Paper
Quality of Work Life Enrichment Training for Nurses
Author(s): V. Karpagam, Sarah Manickaraj
Page(s): 702-704

Download Paper
Small Finance Banks – Challenges and Opportunities
Author(s): Arif A Khan
Page(s): 705-710

Download Paper
An Efficient Approach De-Interlacing Using Spatial Frequency Domain
Author(s): Jayshree, Shikha Gupta, Deepak Gupta
Page(s): 711-717

Download Paper
Rethinking Urban Open Spaces
Author(s): Nishi Gupta, Jayeeta Kar
Page(s): 718-721

Download Paper
Influence of Demographic Variables on Organizational Commitment
Author(s): M. Padmavathy, N. Premavathy
Page(s): 722-725

Download Paper
Online Voting System Using Aadhar Card Database and Fingerprint Scanner
Author(s): T. H. Feiroz Khan, Siddharth Srivastava, Anurag Thakur, Antony John Martin
Page(s): 726-728

Download Paper
Earth Architecture
Author(s): Mradul Khatod, Mohd. Simroz Khan
Page(s): 729-731

Download Paper
Grading of Rice Using Image Processing
Author(s): A. Abhinandan, M. Sai Teja
Page(s): 732-736

Download Paper
Comparative Analysis of Hydraulic Turbine Draft Tube with Varying Geometric and Operating Parameters Using CFD
Author(s): Himanshu Chaudhary, Vardan Singh Nayak
Page(s): 737-742

Download Paper
Road Bump Detection Using Gyro Sensors
Author(s): P. Harinath, S. Sai Prakash
Page(s): 743-744

Download Paper
Weather Monitoring System and Rainfall Prediction Using SVM Algorithm
Author(s): M. S. Bennet Praba, Antony John Martin, Siddharth Srivastava, Ajay Rana
Page(s): 745-750

Download Paper
Organic Architecture
Author(s): Samiksha Pandya, Suhaas Choudhari, Rukaiya Tinwala
Page(s): 751-756

Download Paper
Efficient Qos and Secure Routing in VANET Using Group Based Routing Management Protocol
Author(s): A. Mohamed Suhair, P. N. Sundara Rajan
Page(s): 757-761

Download Paper
A Survey on Secure Weight Based Cell Segmentation Algorithm for Multiple Scan Chains BIST
Author(s): E. Sankari, K. Rama Moorthy
Page(s): 762-765

Download Paper
CAN Bus Based Automated Effective Oxygen Administration and Dialysis Monitoring System
Author(s): P. Shibaani, S. Arun Kumar
Page(s): 766-770

Download Paper
Handwriting Character Recognition
Author(s): Mihir Kelkar, Ruhi Sharma
Page(s): 771-773

Download Paper
Smart Chatbot
Author(s): Sujeetha, Aritra Mondal, Avik Mondal, Yash Pratap Singh, Adarsh Sati Prasad
Page(s): 774-776

Download Paper
Design and Analysis of Air Intake System of SAE Supra Student Formula Car
Author(s): Vinayak Chauhan
Page(s): 777-780

Download Paper
Numerical Investigation of the Effective Parameters on Cooling Characteristics of Sub Cooled Boiling Nuclear Reactor System
Author(s): Shankar Chaudhary, Vardan Singh Nayak
Page(s): 781-786

Download Paper
Neural Network Model to Analyze Retained Customers for Future Prediction
Author(s): R. Angeline, Aditya Sugandhi, Shubham Godara, Mihir Ranjan Patra
Page(s): 787-789

Download Paper
A Review on Internal Combustion Engines
Author(s): T.Z. Quazi, Chaitesh Mhatre, Soham Khanolkar, Pranay Patil, Sanil Pawar
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Download Paper
Fully Automated Home System Using Sensors
Author(s): Shishir Chandra Nigam, Swapnil Soni, Abhishek Kumar Anand, C. Lekha
Page(s): 793-796

Download Paper
Fuel Theft Detection System
Author(s): Heda Venkata Sai Ajith, Pinjala Sai Kiran
Page(s): 797-799

Download Paper
Intelligent Threat Response
Author(s): N. Saurabh Kumar, Sukumar Varma
Page(s): 800-803

Download Paper
Sign Language Classification Using Webcam Images
Author(s): J. Shakthivel, N. Syed Suhail Ahmed
Page(s): 804-807

Download Paper
Sentimental Analysis Using Machine Learning
Author(s): S. Muthamilselvan, Arka Raha, Sunny Kumar, Sayan Ghoshal
Page(s): 808-812

Download Paper
Secured Smart Healthcare Monitoring System Based on IoT
Author(s): A. Sudarsan, M. Lavasai Anveesh
Page(s): 813-817

Download Paper
Fusion of Structural and Textural Features for Melanoma Recognition
Author(s): K. Ramya Thamizharasi, J. Ganesh
Page(s): 818-822

Download Paper
Early Detection of Breast Cancer Using Novel Neural Network Methodology
Author(s): G. Sharon Rosy, S. Selvi
Page(s): 823-827

Download Paper
Use of Advance Software’s in Construction Industry
Author(s): Vikas L. Kumavat, Prafulla M. Jain
Page(s): 828-831

Download Paper
Smart Helmet with Intercommunication System Based GSM/GPS
Author(s): Nishalini Delcy, B. T. Tharani Sri Sakthi, V. Thaliban, S. Vignesh, A. Priya
Page(s): 832-835

Download Paper
Author(s): E. Saraswathi, Avik Mondal, Adarsh Sati Prasad, Sourav Kumar
Page(s): 836-838

Download Paper
Smart Headlight System
Author(s): Shubham Chopade, Sampada Dhole
Page(s): 839-840

Download Paper
Speed Control of AC Motor Using Frequency Control Method
Author(s): Damini Gharat, Chetna Patil, Harshal Ghude, Sandeep Gaikwad
Page(s): 841-843

Download Paper
Importance of Chest Physiotherapy in Thoracotomy Condition
Author(s): Shubhra Dubey, Durgesh Sharma, Laxmi Barve
Page(s): 844-846

Download Paper
Prediction of Bank’s Customer Retaining Rate Using Neural Networks
Author(s): V. Sahaya Sakila, Ishan Kanungo, Anson Joel, Teja Srinivasa Ajay
Page(s): 847-848

Download Paper
Movie Recommendation System
Author(s): Bennet Praba, Abhinav Kumar, Prakhar Gupta
Page(s): 849-852

Download Paper
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Brain Image Segmentation and Detection Using K-Nearest Neighbour Classification
Author(s): C. Kokilavani, G. Sandra Karunya, A. Mathan Gopi, D. Rajinigirinath
Page(s): 853-857

Download Paper
Research on Recent Advancements in the Field of Early Childhood Caries - A Multifactorial Disease
Author(s): Rajarshi Saha
Page(s): 858-863

Download Paper
Experimental Research of Firmness and Longevity Properties of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete for M25 Grade
Author(s): Yellu Rahul Teja, V. Radha Krishna, B. Vinodh
Page(s): 864-869

Download Paper
Immunomodulatory and Wound Healing Activity of Aqueous Extract of Terminalia Tomentosa Barks
Author(s): Rutika Mahendara Kharnare, Abhinay Ashok Jha
Page(s): 870-873

Download Paper
Electro dermal Analyzer to Avoid Accidents Due to Drowsy Drivers
Author(s): M. Deivarayan, R. Sarathy
Page(s): 874-879

Download Paper
Data Compression Using Huffman’s Greedy Approach and LZ 77
Author(s): K. Subha, Yash Mohata, Jambay Yeshi, Ashutosh Digari
Page(s): 880-882

Download Paper
FPGA Implementation of AES Encryption on Increasing Speed
Author(s): Abhijeet Anand
Page(s): 883-885

Download Paper


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