Volume-1, Issue-5, May-2018

Face Parts Detection through HMM and SVD Coefficients
Author(s): J. K. Poonam
Page(s): 1-4

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Formulation of Fly Ash Geopolymer Sand (FGPS) as a Sustainable Alternative to Natural River Sand
Author(s): D. D. Mohan Kumar, K. Asha
Page(s): 5-8

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IoT based Automated Polyhouse Monitoring and Control System
Author(s): V. Chaithra, C. Harshitha, K. T. Shwetha, U. R. Sowmyashri, S Ramesh
Page(s): 9-11

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Studies on Reactivity of Lime Pozzolona Mixture and their Influence on Mortar Specimens
Author(s): Meghana N Kumar, K. Asha
Page(s): 12-16

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Road Sign Boards Information System
Author(s): Halima Azeem, V. A. Darshan, G. S. Punith Kumar, Sachin, N. Manjula
Page(s): 17-19

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Multilevel Inverter for Induction Motor Connected Photovoltaic Systems
Author(s): M. Sravanthi, K. Bharath Kumar
Page(s): 20-23

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Duct Design and 3D Modeling of HVAC System for “Royal Oman Police” Building using Revit MEP
Author(s): M. Ganesh, T. S. Ravi Kumar
Page(s): 24-27

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Using Tagged-Sub Optimal Code Compression for Improving Performance Enhancement of Web Services
Author(s): Aakansha R. Shukla, Parag D. Thakare
Page(s): 28-31

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Vehicle Key in Ignition Lock Reminder
Author(s): Abhijeet Dilip Kale, Samadhan Balaso Lade
Page(s): 32-34

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Sub Water Metering with Anti-Theft Control System
Author(s): J. Kishore, Raj Kumar, H.M. Sandhya, Y. Rajeshwari
Page(s): 35-37

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New Topology of an Efficient Five Level DC/AC Traction Multilevel Inverter for Railway Transportation Electrification
Author(s): S. Sripriya
Page(s): 38-40

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A Novel Approach on Wireless Power Transmission Using Resonance Circuit with Multiple Coil Switching Technique
Author(s): Ashwini R. Shinde, Pragati B. Bavankure, Pragati A.Yawale, Abhishek S. Thele, Manish K. Shriwas
Page(s): 41-43

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Secured CDA Generation Using Cloud Computing
Author(s): Shalaka V. Mahajan, Sachin A. Murab
Page(s): 44-46

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Stress Analysis on Rail Wheel Contact
Author(s): B. Jagadeep, P. Kiran Kumar, K. Venkata Subbaiah
Page(s): 47-52

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Phytochemical Examination of Plant and Preforming Anthelmintic Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Dioscorea Mexicana Fruits on Pherithima Posthuma and Bioassy on Frog Rectum Abdominal Muscle
Author(s): N. Aashrit Naraparaju, C. Lokesh, W. A. Sojan, S. Hussain, Sk. Jilani, M. Janardhan
Page(s): 53-54

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The Impact of Organizational Commitment on Employee Loyalty in IT Industry with Reference to Coimbatore City
Author(s): S. Mahalingam, M. Suresh
Page(s): 55-59

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Experimental Investigation on Thermoelectric Generator Used for Exhaust Gas of a Four Stroke S.I. Engine
Author(s): Sushil Kumar Sharma, Vishnu Prasad Sharma
Page(s): 60-65

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Use of Calcite and Fly Ash for Manufacturing of Self Compacting Concrete
Author(s): Saurabh D. Lakhamapure, Swapnil R. Satone, Vivek Naik
Page(s): 66-69

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Privacy Preserving Top-k Spatial Keyword in Cloud Computing Using Biometric Identification
Author(s): H. S. Mangala, B. N. Veerappa
Page(s): 70-74

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Knowledge Discovery and Analysis in Healthcare Using Data Mining
Author(s): P. D. Thakre, Sheetal A. Tayade
Page(s): 75-78

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Activity Patterns of Mining Human in Smart Home Big Data for Healthcare Applications
Author(s): Ishwaramma, Mohamed Rafi
Page(s): 79-82

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Use of Composite Structures in Multistory Building
Author(s): Ajinkya D. Ruthe, Swapnil R. Satone, Satish Raipure
Page(s): 83-86

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Face Identification and Recognition Using Facial Skin Marks – A survey
Author(s): Sudha Magdum, Prashant P. Patavardhan
Page(s): 87-89

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Modeling of Automatic Rotating Door Using Pneumatic and Sensors
Author(s): Neeraj Kumar Kushwaha, Ateek Ahmad, Danish Ansari, Ranjeet Kumar Chaudhari, Udit Singhal, Sumit Sharma
Page(s): 90-92

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Recent Case Study on Cloud Computing and Cloud Deployment Strategies
Author(s): S. Sindhu
Page(s): 93-97

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Stabilization of Rural Road Subgrade Using Soil-Cement
Author(s): Achana Madhu, Amol Pawar, Anand Kumar, Arpit Kumar, Pramod Karmare, Manasvi Kumar, Nikhil Yokar
Page(s): 98-101

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Design and Implementation of Automatic Seed Sowing Robot
Author(s): Nikita Chame, Mamta Jadhav, Priyanka Tele, Snehal P. Hon
Page(s): 102-103

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Smart Breach Prevention System
Author(s): Varun Kulkarni, Akshay Mane, Ashwin Phadke, A. P. Laturkar
Page(s): 104-106

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Structural Health Assessment and Remedial Measures of Old Age Bridges (Pune City)
Author(s): Ankit Alashi, Abhinav Bhagat, Siddhant Darokar, Shubham Kshirsagar, Sunil Deshpande
Page(s): 107-110

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Increasing Efficiency of BRTS from Nigdi to Dapodi
Author(s): Nihal. P. Balwadkar, Ashish Kamble, Dipesh G. Meyani, Anandrao Pawar, Karan S. Pawar
Page(s): 111-113

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Overview of Fault Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques and Software Metrics
Author(s): T. Siva Kumar
Page(s): 114-116

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