Volume-1, Issue-6, June-2018

Workplace Monitoring System
Author(s): Shubham Pawar, Manish Sarwade, Prashant Rekulwar, and Seema Bhalgaonkar
Page(s): 1-3

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Utilization of Scrap Tyre as Resource for Flexible Road Pavement
Author(s): Samir Barge, Kiran Mane, Vaibhav Takawane, Sanjay Avhad, and Nikhil Yokar
Page(s): 4-6

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Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement on Modified Curved Vane Disc Brake by Using OpenFOAM
Author(s): Shifin yohannan, A. B. Anoop, and A. Joseph
Page(s): 7-12

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Utilization of Waste PET Bottles and Brick Kiln Dust as Construction Material for Low Cost Housing
Author(s): Ushadevi Patil, Dheeraj Chavan, Yogesh Rai, Rushikesh Surwase, Tejas B. Thombare, Sujit B. Patil, Akshay Shinde
Page(s): 13-15

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Increasing Capacity of Reservoir Using Fusegates
Author(s): Khatik Shahibaj, M. N. Alam, Shaikh Juber, Shaikh Kashif Ali, Shaikh Sahil, N. K. Gupta
Page(s): 16-18

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Bug Triaging Mechanism for Non Reproducible Bugs
Author(s): Akshay Patil, Vaishnavi Ingole, Arpit Bobade
Page(s): 19-22

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Interlinking of Water Courses
Author(s): Kapil Jamdade, Abhishek Charantimath, Vaibhav Dhanawade, Amol Ingale, Rutuja Jagdale, N. K. Gupta
Page(s): 23-25

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Secure Big Data Storage and Sharing Scheme for Cloud Tenants Using Trapdoor Function
Author(s): Rashmi N. G, Shrinivasa Naika C.L
Page(s): 26-28

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Efficient Processing of Skyline Queries Considering Medical Field as Case Study
Author(s): Chethana C. R, Mohamed Rafi
Page(s): 29-32

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Design of Leaf Spring Testing Machine
Author(s): Satish Chandbodhale, C.C Handa
Page(s): 33-36

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Phytochemical Examination of Plant and Preforming Antihelmentic Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Dioscorea Villosa War Fruits on Pherithima Posthuma and Bioassy on Frog Rectum Abdominal Muscle
Author(s): S. Sai Krishna, Aashrit Naraparaju, Abdul Sufiya, K. Sumasree, Jakariya Islam, Sk.Jilani, M.Janardhan
Page(s): 37-38

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A Survey on Mobile Opportunistics Network: Challenges and Protocols
Author(s): Rachana G Sunkad
Page(s): 39-41

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Enabling Secure and Effective Near Duplicate Detection Over Encrypted in Network Storage
Author(s): Ratna, Punit Kumar
Page(s): 42-44

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Comparative Study on Flexural Strength of Two Way RC Slabs Retrofitted with CFRP, GFRP and PPFRP
Author(s): Prashant Siddanagoudar, B. S. Shubhalakshmi, H. N. Jagannath Reddy
Page(s): 45-48

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Jet Impingement on a Flat Plate with Different Plate Parameters
Author(s): P. R. Sanjai
Page(s): 49-52

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Study on Red Mud Incorporated Building Bricks
Author(s): Roshan Pradeep, K Asha, H. N. Jagannathreddy
Page(s): 53-54

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Electricity Demand Modelling: A Comparison Using Long Short-Term Memory and Support Vector Regression
Author(s): Shijin Geo Philip, Vineetha S Das
Page(s): 55-57

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Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Crop Recommendation Using Precision Agriculture
Author(s): K. R. Akshatha, K. S. Shreedhara
Page(s): 58-60

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Risk Prioritization in Perishable Food Product Chains Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
Author(s): Nasid K, Regi Kumar V
Page(s): 61-65

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Using Wavelet Transformation Recognizing Iris
Author(s): Manjunatha E C, B. N. Veerappa
Page(s): 66-68

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Effect of Shear Wall with Flat Slab by Dynamic and Non-Linear Pushover Analysis
Author(s): Karthik A. S, Vidya. V
Page(s): 69-75

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