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International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management, is an open access International Journal for Paper Publication. To publish paper, the authors can submit research papers, case studies, survey papers, academic project works, scholarly articles, academic articles, original or extended versions of previously published papers in conferences, and basic advances from all the areas of academic disciplines. With a broad scope, the journal is focused on multidisciplinary research, from the viewpoints in the advancement of research. The journal welcomes articles from all the academic disciplines.

The authors who wish to publish paper in IJRESM, are advised to read the publication process and submit paper for publication.

Publication Frequency: Monthly
Scope: All academic disciplines subjects
Publication Format: Online
ISSN (Online): 2581-5792

Decision on Submitted Paper: 24 hours
Publication Time: 3 to 4 Days
Publication Fees: ₹1500 (Indian Authors), $55 (Other Nationals)
E-Certificate of Publication: Provided to all the authors

IJRESM is a paper publication journal. The aim of the journal is to provide a platform for authors to publish research work online. Students at graduate and post graduate level are welcome to publish project papers. Academicians, researchers, who carry out research can submit and publish research work in IJRESM journal. To help the authors, we have prepared a detailed guide to know how to prepare and publish paper in IJRESM.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As an author, the first step is to prepare your paper in a word file (Either single column or double column). 
  • The next step is to select a journal to publish your paper. (Read IJRESM Publication Process)
  • Once you select the journal, you should submit your paper using the journals submission system. (Submit Paper to IJRESM)
  • The next step is the review process, where the editor of the journal will check the quality of the paper and send the paper to review.
  • After review, the editor will make the decision on the paper. (It can be either Accept, Reject, Revision)
  • If the paper is accepted, it will be processed for publication.

The basic structure of the paper should include,

    • Title
    • Abstract
    • Keywords
    • Introduction
    • Literature survey
    • Methodology/Main work
    • Results and Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • References
  1. After completing the project, you should write the methodology/main work.
  2. Next, prepare the Results and Discussion section. In which you should analyze or elaborate on the outcome of the project.
  3. Next, write the conclusion section, which will be generally written in the past tense.
  4. Next, prepare the Introduction section. This should include a brief overview of the project topic in general. (For example: If your project analyzes the COVID spread prediction using Machine Learning. The introduction may be, How and where COVID has begun. Lockdown, Health issues, Economy, and so on… This is a general discussion on the topic). Note: This is just an idea. Introduction can be written in different ways.
  5. As an undergraduate, the amount of literature survey done by the student is minimum. Hence, if you have done any study on the previous works related to your project work, you can include the literature survey section followed by the problem statement.
  6. The next step is to prepare the abstract. The abstract is the brief version of your work.
  7. Then, select a meaningful title. For example, COVID spread prediction using Machine Learning. A meaningful title can be “A Study on COVID spread prediction using Machine Learning.”
  8. References are the research articles you have studied, website links, textbooks you have referred, etc.
  • The extended version of your paper will be your thesis.
  • The shorter version of your thesis will be your paper. (With the sections mentioned above).

If you have completed your project/research work. The next step is to prepare a paper for publication. Read this article to know how to prepare a paper for publication.

After your paper is ready, then read the publication process of the paper publication website (Read the paper publication process)

Submit your paper and follow the steps of the publication process above, to publish paper.

IJRESM is an International Journal to publish research papers. The authors can access the research paper publication website using ijresm.com

If you are looking to publish paper in International Journal. Then you may choose IJRESM journal for paper publication. IJRESM allows you to publish paper online.

The paper publication process of IJRESM can be read here (Publication Process)

The authors can submit paper online using the link (Submit Paper)

To publish a research paper, you should select a research paper publication site. Read the publication process of the journal and submit the paper. After submission, the paper will be reviewed. If the paper is accepted, your paper will be published. Sometimes it may be asked revise, then the author should revise and resubmit the paper.

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