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  • Decision on Manuscript
    Within 24 Hours
  • Publication Time
    Within 3 Days
  • E-Certificates
    Issued to all authors
  • Publication Fee
    ₹1500 (Indian Nationals), $49 (African Countries), $55 (Other Countries)

International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management, is an open-access International Journal for Paper Publication. To publish a paper, the authors can submit research papers, case studies, survey papers, academic project works, scholarly articles, academic articles, original or extended versions of previously published papers in conferences, and basic advances from all the areas of academic disciplines. With a broad scope, the journal is focused on multidisciplinary research, from the viewpoints in the advancement of research. The journal welcomes articles from all the academic disciplines. The journal aims to provide a platform for authors to publish research work online. Students at graduate and post-graduate levels are welcome to publish project papers. Academicians, and researchers, who carry out research can submit and publish research work in the IJRESM journal. The authors who wish to publish a paper in IJRESM, are advised to read the publication process and submit a paper for publication.

Types of Research Articles: Research articles, academic projects, review articles, case reports, clinical studies, short reports, and method articles.

Submit paper by email: publish@ijresm.com

The publication fee is ₹1500 (Indian Nationals), $49 (African Countries), $55 (Other Countries)

Yes. All the authors will receive individual e-certificates.

No. The publication fee includes paper publication (No limit on authors) + e-certificates to all the authors.

The paper publication process of IJRESM can be read here (Publication Process)

The authors can submit paper online using the link (Submit Paper)

Read the journal publication process and submit your paper.

Follow the steps of the publication process above, to publish the paper.

If you have completed your project/research work and ready with the paper, then read the publication process of the journal. (Read the paper publication process)

Submit your paper and follow the steps of the publication process above, to publish paper.

To publish a research paper, you should select a research paper publication site. Read the publication process of the journal and submit the paper. After submission, the paper will be reviewed. If the paper is accepted, your paper will be published. Sometimes it may be asked revise, then the author should revise and resubmit the paper.

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