Volume-1, Issue-7, July-2018

An Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s): Vishal Pawar
Page(s): 1-9

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Application of Deep Learning in Predictive Maintenance of Rotating Machinery
Author(s): Akhil Sivanand, Regi Kumar V
Page(s): 10-15

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Study on Effect of Induced Combined Index of Coarse Aggregate on Characteristic Strength of Concrete using Manufactured Sand
Author(s): Sahadur Alam, M. R. Rajashekhara
Page(s): 16-20

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Fatigue Behavior of Hybrid Nano Composites CNTS/Graphene Reinforced E-Glass
Author(s): Y. Rama Krishna Sharma, T. Seshaiah
Page(s): 21-24

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Reduction of Maternal Mortality in India (Using Census and NFHS Data)
Author(s): R. Subba Rao, Y. Jagannadha Puri
Page(s): 25-30

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Normal Mode Analysis of Automotive Car Body in White
Author(s): Sudheer Kumar B. N, Amruth C. H, Harsha G. O
Page(s): 31-35

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Effective Implementation of Quality Education System for Orphanage Children
Author(s): Ajay Kokate, Prasad Kamlaskar, Dinesh Nikam, Rohini Pise
Page(s): 36-39

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Analysis and Removal of Interference in Cognitive Radio Using RBFN
Author(s): Charu Gupta, Prabhdeep Singh
Page(s): 40-42

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Probiotics – A Review
Author(s): Shweta Patnaik, Deepti Gattani, Bhagyashri Gudadhe
Page(s): 43-46

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Design of Dual-Band Circular EBG Antenna for Different Applications
Author(s): Roopali Gurjar, Divya Jain
Page(s): 47-52

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Cyber Extortion
Author(s): Anmol Goyal, Priyanka Singh
Page(s): 53-57

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Comparative Study of the Corrosion Behavior of Magnesium AZ31B Alloy and Mg in 3.5 wt%
NaCl Solution

Author(s): Ashish Kumar, Ghanshyam Das
Page(s): 58-62

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Significance of Modifications on Disc Brake Vane in the Enhancement of Heat Transfer - A Review
Author(s): Shifin Yohannan
Page(s): 63-67

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Wavelet Transform Based Electroencephalogram (EEG) Signal Enhancement and Critique
Author(s): S. N. Patil, N. R. Patil
Page(s): 68-71

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Analysis of Scramjet Engine Flow Phenomenon with Model Configurations of Cavity Injector - A Review
Author(s): Geno John K
Page(s): 72-77

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Woman Empowerment: Participation in Panchayati Raj
Author(s): Priyanka Jogi
Page(s): 78-81

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Development of Diabetes Monitoring Using Android App
Author(s): Shanthi R, Dr. R. Maruthi
Page(s): 82-86

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An Illustrative Study of Adrenergic and Adrenergic Receptor Blocking Agents in Autonomic Nervous System on Pharmacological Studies
Author(s): Renganathan K
Page(s): 87-90

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Lean Implementation Using Root Cause Analysis Approach in Machine Tool Industry
Author(s): Aswin S, Vinod M
Page(s): 91-94

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Employees Trust towards Employers and its Influence on Productivity in IT Sector
Author(s): Sneha Murali
Page(s): 95-97

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Hunter Syndrome - A Case Study
Author(s): Vijayalakshmi N, Blanshie Rajila William
Page(s): 98-99

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A Study and Working on Electric Vehicle
Author(s): Suraj Bhan
Page(s): 100-102

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A Study on Assessment of Quality Attributes of E-Governance Projects
Author(s): Pradeep S, Darshan C, Sunitha N
Page(s): 103-105

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Analyzing Institutional Finance to Entrepreneurs in Tirupur City
Author(s): D. Gnana Senthil Kumar, K. Prabha Kumari
Page(s): 106-109

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Behavior of Setback Steel Moment Resisting Frame with Soil Structure Interaction
Author(s): Sunny K, Ramesh Manoli
Page(s): 110-117

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Smart Street Light System Using Reconfigurable FPGA Tool
Author(s): Asha Rani A. R, Anjali P
Page(s): 118-120

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