Volume-2, Issue-4, April-2019

Heat Transfer Analysis by CFD on Different Shapes of Fins and Experimental Validation
Author(s): P. V. Jaiganesh, G. Kishore, P. Manikandan, S. Manoj Kumar, B. Thirumaya Prabhu
Page(s): 1-3

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Breast Cancer Prediction using Data Mining Tool
Author(s): U. Abirami, G. Anantha Jothi, S. Ezhilin Freeda
Page(s): 4-7

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Capacitor Less UPFC for Power Quality Improvement using Deadbeat Controller
Author(s): C. Krishna Kumar, V. Anitha
Page(s): 8-12

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Hazardous Detecting Robot
Author(s): H. S. Bindu, T. C. Darshan, N. Chandan, G. T. Goutham, Mohammed Raziq, S. H. Manjunatha, B. S. Sharath Kumar
Page(s): 13-17

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Li-Fi based Patient Monitoring System
Author(s): T. M. Aarthi, B. Chitra Raghavi, A. Shanmugapriya
Page(s): 18-21

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Car Accident Detection and Car Health Monitoring using IoT
Author(s): D. D. Patil, Tejas Shah, Sunil Konuri, Ajay Kumar Challa, Rohit Rawool
Page(s): 22-26

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CGSM based Electricity Theft Identification in Distribution System
Author(s): M. C. Priyanka, M. Arun Kumar, E. Chandru Shekar, N. Karthik, S. Kiran Kumar,
D. Raghavendra, A. Tejas
Page(s): 27-29

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Privacy-Preservation of the user in Social Media
Author(s): S. Rathna Bharathi
Page(s): 30-32

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Traffic Controlling and Health Monitoring System in Ambulance
Author(s): P. Aruna, R. Aishvaryaa, J. Anitha
Page(s): 33-36

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A Survey of Student Learning from Social Media
Author(s): Shailendra Pardeshi, Rahul Shukla, Shrikant Wadekar, Mayuri Yeole, Divya Patil, Nizare Dipak
Page(s): 37-40

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Heart Disease Prediction and Medicine Prescription using SVM
Author(s): D. Harini, S. Akash, R. S. Vishnu Durai, J. Archana
Page(s): 41-44

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Journey to the Realm of Chatbots
Author(s): Aashutosh Kumar Jha
Page(s): 45-48

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Missing Data Analysis using Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Shreya Banerjee, Shikha Mishra, Harshada Pai
Page(s): 49-51

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Optimization of Android Applications: A Survey
Author(s): Rahul Lotlikar, Gajanan Gawde
Page(s): 52-53

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Financial Inclusion and Gender Empowerment (With Special Reference to Eastern Rural Region of Haryana)
Author(s): Reetu Sharma
Page(s): 54-59

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Development of Needle Punched Mulch Mat using Natural Fibers
Author(s): B. Jeyanthy, S. Geetharani, J. R. Krishnaindhu
Page(s): 60-62

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Choice and Responsibility
Author(s): V. Swarna
Page(s): 63-64

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Forest Monitoring System using Micro Controller GSM and MQ-5 Gas Sensor
Author(s): N. P. Sathish, R. Prajwal, S. Sumanth, M. Darshan, K. P. Sumanth, R. A. Kiran Kumar, B. M. Sachin Kumar
Page(s): 65-67

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Design and Fabrication of Automated Guided Vehicle with Automatic Storage and Retrieval System
Author(s): S. Anish Kumar, V. S. Shachin, B. Sreemathy, U. Suresh Babu, S. Venkateswaran
Page(s): 68-72

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Smart Navigation Shoes for Visually Impaired Persons using IoT
Author(s): Priyanka Bharbade, Priyanka Jogi, Neeta Manakawad, Pankaj Dhakate
Page(s): 73-75

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Design and Fabrication of Air Conditioning using Engine Exhaust Gas
Author(s): K. S. Mohanraj, S. Manigandan, S. Jeya Vignesh, K. N. Krishna Kumar, S. Jothiswara Kannan
Page(s): 76-79

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Constraints Faced by the Farmers in Getting Agricultural Technology Information under ATMA in Hanumangarh District
Author(s): Jyoti Rajvi, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Samiksha Bhati
Page(s): 80-81

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E-Examination System
Author(s): Tanvi Waradkar, Mrunali Panvalkar, Tanmaya Kamble, Shruti Agrawal
Page(s): 82-85

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Achieving Data Truthful and Privacy in Online Shopping Application Dataset
Author(s): G. P. Kalukhe, S. A. Dolaskar, M. R. Deaokate, K. S. Tawaze
Page(s): 86-87

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Box-Office Movie Prediction System
Author(s): Apoorva Patil, Akshay Pujare, Monil Shah, Rohit Barve
Page(s): 88-91

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Enlarging the Security of Secret Questions
Author(s): Taware Rutuja Satish, Sutar Diksha Haresh, Rananaware Arati Dhanaji, Shelar Ankita Bharat
Page(s): 92-93

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Industrial Automated Data Acquisition System
Author(s): S. M. S. Devi Priya, V. S. Sangeetha, R. Dhurkaa
Page(s): 94-97

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Disagreeing the Phishing Attack, Identifying the Suspected Phishing Emails
Author(s): M. Kavitha, R. Anitha
Page(s): 98-100

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Comparison of Steel Frame using Rolled and PEB Sections for Comparison of Weight, Cost and Time
Author(s): Anil V. Bandre, Girish Joshi
Page(s): 101-104

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Suburban Transport Tracking using Geofencing
Author(s): Adhitya Annaldasula, Rahul Tiwari, Sahil Brahmne, Deepali Shrikhande
Page(s): 105-106

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Video Anomaly Detection through Live Surveillance
Author(s): Vina Lomte, Satish Singh, Siddharth Patil, Siddheshwar Patil, Durgesh Pahurkar
Page(s): 107-110

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Smart Trolley for Shopping Malls
Author(s): Tanveer Maner, Gajanan Benake, Mangesh Bhosale, Sharang Mali, Saurabh Pukale
Page(s): 111-115

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Predictive Analytics on Alzheimer’s Disease
Author(s): R. Divya, J. Aiyshwarya, M. S. Geetha Devasena
Page(s): 116-117

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Noise Cancellation using Adaptive Filter
Author(s): Sheetal Pawar, Sanjana Raj, Suraj Juware, Nitish Sayam
Page(s): 118-119

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Implementing Product Tracking using Beacons
Author(s): Sanjit Singh, Johan Palkar
Page(s): 120-121

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A Smart Way of Revelating Flash Floods Early Warning and Extrication System
Author(s): V. Rohith Narayana, Pruthvi Raj Reddy, S. Jhansi, Y. V. Sai Bhanu, S. A. Surya Prabha,
M. Pavani,
Page(s): 122-124

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Intelligent Reading Assistant for the Visually Impaired
Author(s): Reuben Reji, Rammohan Damodar, Rohit Pillai, Saurabh Nair, Manjusha Deshmukh
Page(s): 125-127

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The United States Agency for International Development and Community Development in Sokoto State (2010-2014)
Author(s): Idris M. Gobir
Page(s): 128-132

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Prediction of Indian Election Sentiments on Twitter using Machine Learning
Author(s): Rohith Nair, Sharan Rai, Vickson Rodrigues, Shivam Soni, Manasi Kulkarni, Shubhangi Rathod
Page(s): 133-136

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Increasing Quality Rate Rates in Accommodation Machine D-Wolf using Infinity Loop Methods at XYZ Company
Author(s): Yudi Prastyo, Mohamad Hoirul, Yudi Abdillah, Humiras Hardi Purba
Page(s): 137-142

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Efficient Way of Flooding Avoidance using ASF Algorithm in Wireless Data Centers
Author(s): J. S. Kanchana, M. Priya
Page(s): 143-148

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Experimental Study on Effect of Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate by Over Burnt Brick Bats
Author(s): Bidve Ganesh Shivkanth, G. N. Shete
Page(s): 149-152

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A Survey on Smart Water Quality Monitoring System based on IoT
Author(s): N. Lavanya, T. M. Raghavendra Babu
Page(s): 153-156

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Solar Air Cooler with Heater
Author(s): M. Ravichandran, P. Susila, T. Senthil Kumar
Page(s): 157-159

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Comparative Study on the Properties of Concrete using Fresh and Recycled Aggregates
Author(s): Salony Sharma, Nandeshwarlata, Bharatnagar, Mayank Varshney
Page(s): 160-163

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Fabrication of Multipurpose Heat Exchanger to Convert Heat Energy into Electricity
Author(s): K. Venkata Subbaiah, B. Pavan Kumar, K. Naveen Kumar
Page(s): 164-166

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Common Phase Error Mitigation and Data Detection in OFDM System
Author(s): Md. Alamgir Hossain
Page(s): 167-171

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Critical Speed Analysis and Root Locus Plot Analysis of Hybrid Bearing
Author(s): Amar Hatti
Page(s): 172-176

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Dividend Policy and Share Price: Evidence from Some Selected Pharmaceutical and Chemical Companies in Bangladesh
Author(s): Md. Ashikul Islam
Page(s): 177-182

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Implementation of Low Power and Area Efficient Carry Select Adder
Author(s): Pankaj R. Hotkar, Vishal K. Kulakarni, Pranay Y. Kamble, K. S. Kazi
Page(s): 183-185

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Comparative Analysis of E-Learning Platforms
Author(s): A. S. Gaayathri, R. Indira Priyadharshini, Kaavya Kandasamy
Page(s): 186-188

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Multi-Factor Authentication using Mobile Phones
Author(s): Manisha Jadhav, Shital Dudhal, Suyog Mate, Arpita Raut
Page(s): 189-192

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Challenges in Teaching Exploratory Courses of Technology and Livelihood Education using Pedagogical Approaches
Author(s): Michelle Cassandra B. Calanog
Page(s): 193-197

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Content Management System using Web Technology
Author(s): R. Rajyashree, Gaurav Sharma, Bhupender Singh, Prakhar Gupta
Page(s): 198-201

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3D Password for more Secure Authentication in Android Phones
Author(s): K. Nandhini, R. Sankar
Page(s): 202-205

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Treatment of GIT Disorders by Optimising the Normal Microbiota: A Review
Author(s): Sobiya Fatima, Asif Rasheed
Page(s): 206-209

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GoOrgano: An Agro Marketing Portal
Author(s): Asmita Wani, Anisha Mathais, Sripriya Karakkat, Akshay Loke
Page(s): 210-212

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Design and Development of Anechoic Chamber
Author(s): Siddhartha Das, Jeet Dube, Umesh Ithape
Page(s): 213-215

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Fusion Safety Helmet
Author(s): Nikhil Tirpude, Monish Shingnapurkar, Arpita Raut
Page(s): 216-217

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Public Works Complaint Management System
Author(s): Sowmiya Nadar, Sampada Shivkar, Ruchika Ahire, Sachin Bojewar
Page(s): 218-220

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Sustainable Approach Towards Developing Herbal Nano-Finished Cloth Mask to Reduce the Propensity of Asthma
Author(s): B. Jeyanthy, V. Preethi
Page(s): 221-224

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IoT based Smart Talking Energy Meter (ISTEM)
Author(s): A. Syed Mustafa, Soumya Shree, Afreen Bokhari, P. Anitha, S. Babitha, Nadiya Sayedi
Page(s): 225-229

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A Smart Monitoring System for Lockers
Author(s): S. Pavani, S. Firose Jahan, Y. Rajasekhar, M. Yogiswara Reddy, S. Imran Basha
Page(s): 230-233

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Smart Banking Machine Embedded with Iris Biometric Controlled System
Author(s): K. Jeevitha, R. Uma, R. Sangeetha, A. Preethi
Page(s): 234-238

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A Survey on Question Answer System
Author(s): Kalyani Shinde, Anjika Singh, Reshma Shitole, Pallavi Singh, Sumit Harale
Page(s): 239-242

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A Smart Trolley System using RFID
Author(s): Amruta Pokale, Kajal Pilane, Prakash D. Kshirsagar
Page(s): 243-245

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Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Author(s): Rishi Ittan, Shaurya Chawla
Page(s): 246-249

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Inferring Fuzzy Mapping Concept for Rotifer Species Occurrence from Species Expression Data
Author(s): E. Venukhaa, T. Jenifer
Page(s): 250-253

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Software Review and Searching Statements for Designing Process Reading by Requirements
Author(s): D. Aishwarya, R. Anitha
Page(s): 254-256

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Farmer Customer Relationship Management System
Author(s): Apoorv Bhiwandkar, Sneha Bhalekar, Parth Gala, Parth Parekh, Jaya Zalte
Page(s): 257-259

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Car Anti-Theft System using GPS and GSM Module
Author(s): S. J. Karale, Sweety Awchat, Piyush Rewatkar, Shantanu Mankar, Harshal Khapekar,
Tejas Atram
Page(s): 260-262

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Design and Fabrication of Four Wheel Steering System
Author(s): Rahil Pednekar, Gulvir Parihar, Rahul Sahu
Page(s): 263-267

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A Review on Hybrid System with Solar Energy
Author(s): Babar Vidya, Kuchekar Pallavi, Jadhav Priyanka, Lokhande Swati, A. V. Hanchate
Page(s): 268-270

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Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression Symptoms During Pregnancy Among Women’s Residing in Sitamarhi Dist., Bihar
Author(s): Nirjala Kumari
Page(s): 271-272

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Anemia During Pregnancy, Descriptive Survey in Sitamarhi Dist., Bihar
Author(s): Nirjala Kumari
Page(s): 273-274

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A Survey on DNA Computing
Author(s): Shivam Shivhare, Anurag Upadhyay, Shwetav Sharad
Page(s): 275-277

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IoT based Wireless Security System
Author(s): Mandar Hate, Manjunath Gowda, Kaustubh Kubal
Page(s): 278-279

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Application of Linear Programming in Mathematics and Approach for Optimal Solution
Author(s): Vinai Mehrotra, Ashok C. Patil
Page(s): 280-284

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Automatic Bike Side Stand
Author(s): Navendra Pratap Singh, Anant Agrawal, Anas Khan, Anil Kumar Rajpoot, Anshul Verma, Sandeep Kumar Verma
Page(s): 285-286

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Stereo Matching using HSAD-Hessian OpenSURF Technique
Author(s): Tamanna Ashraf Siddiqui, Akhilesh Mishra
Page(s): 287-291

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Compiler Optimization Techniques to Improve the Performance for Large Data
Author(s): K. S. Shivakumara, V. M. Hemanth, Akhthar Unnisa, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 292-294

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Multi-Objective Programming (MOP) Model for Aquaculture Production Systems in the Northern India
Author(s): Hraday Kumar, Rakesh Singh, Satish Chandra Verma, Vijay Kumar Pal
Page(s): 295-298

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Implementation of E-Mentoring System
Author(s): Indu Anoop, Rutuja Patil, Pradnya Godambe, Anwish Vast
Page(s): 299-301

Download Paper
Lexical Analysis using JFLEX Tool
Author(s): V. Poornima, K. Sreeram, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 302-303

Download Paper
Value Analysis of a Laptop
Author(s): Pranay Gawas, Kalpesh Jadhav, Chaitali Gharat, Shital Patel
Page(s): 304-305

Download Paper
Emergency SMS Bot
Author(s): Vidya Chitre, Shruti Barangule, Rimi Mishra, Nikita Jadhav
Page(s): 306-308

Download Paper
Experimental Analysis and Performance Optimization of Thermoelectric Generator
Author(s): Kunal B. Saykar, Dipak S. Patil, R. R. Arakerimath
Page(s): 309-312

Download Paper
Financial Inclusion: Barriers from Supply Side and Demand Side
Author(s): Gourav Kumar
Page(s): 313-316

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A Survey on Child Security in School Bus System
Author(s): Mayur Gharat, Ankush Jare, Pratiskha Pawar, Ankit Sanghvi
Page(s): 317-319

Download Paper
Targeted Advertisement using Behavioral Data and Social Data Mining
Author(s): Deepak Koli, Gaurav Kotawadekar, Prajakta Kamble, Pragati Pejlekar
Page(s): 320-322

Download Paper
Electric Vehicle Chassis Design and Structural Analysis by using CAD and CAE Techniques
Author(s): D. Arun, D. V. Paleshwar, K. Sainath
Page(s): 323-327

Download Paper
Experimental Analysis of Contact and Contactless Tachometer
Author(s): Mainak Bhaumik, Ambika Yadav, Deepak Vishwakarma, Vikas Kesarkar, Suraj Khadpe
Page(s): 328-329

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Evaluation and Formulation of Okra Extract (Mucilage) Containing Moisturizing Hair Conditioner
Author(s): Karuna Vilas Mane, Mayuri Umakant Manthen, Snehal Sangappa Mhamane
Page(s): 330-332

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Support Delivery Program for Middle Level Managers in Private Secondary Schools in the Three Cities of Batangas
Author(s): Leonora M. Rodriguez
Page(s): 333-340

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Informative Mirror
Author(s): Madhura Dastane, Preeti Kumari, Pranali Alekari, Jyoti Sangogi
Page(s): 341-342

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Automatic Railway Gate Control using Arduino Uno
Author(s): Yash Dev Varshney, Akash Kumar Singh, Rohit Ranjan, Praveen Singh
Page(s): 343-346

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Purification of Water Samples
Author(s): Shweta Chauhan, Tejas Parmar, Parmeshwar Jangid, Patel Mihir, Shah Parth
Page(s): 347-349

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A Study on Foamed Concrete with Silica Fume and Polypropylene Fibers
Author(s): R. Deepthy
Page(s): 350-352

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A Study on Fly Ash Bricks by using Lime and Gypsum
Author(s): Rutuja Ananda Deshpande, Priyanka Prabhakar Mane, Pragati Vilas Balande, Shradha Pandurang Sonale, Udaykumar Bhaskarrao Khamkar
Page(s): 353-355

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Shadow Banking – A Study on Growth of them in Rural and Semi Urban Areas of India
Author(s): Akhil Sharma, Laveena Mehta
Page(s): 356-360

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Heat Exchange using Nanofluid in Solar Water Heating System
Author(s): Rajesh Kumar, Amit Kumar Tiwari
Page(s): 361-365

Download Paper
IoT based Pirate-Box
Author(s): Yash Doshi, Jatin Parmar, Nishad Lalit, Kanchan Dhuri
Page(s): 366-367

Download Paper
Three Factor Graphical Authentication Mechanism
Author(s): Vivek Solvande, Jay Chokshi, Mandar Gharat, Aparna Patel, Namit Kadget
Page(s): 368-371

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Secure Multi-Modal Summarization using Machine Learning
Author(s): Gopish Mundada, Piyush Nimonkar, Rashmi Kabra, Ruchali Sudke, N. P. Kulkarni
Page(s): 372-374

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Stream Processing for FPGA Accelerators
Author(s): Sapana Mahawar, Ajmeet Singh
Page(s): 375-378

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MANET: Adaptive Network for Adversity
Author(s): Juhi Aggarwal, Avinash Chander Verma, Shailesh Maurya, Saurabh Patel, Arun Kumar Teotia
Page(s): 379-380

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Student Electronic Voting Security System for Educational Organization
Author(s): S. Vennila, W. Rose Varuna
Page(s): 385-387

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A Review of Online Signature Verification using Velocity Parameter
Author(s): Rahul, K.S.S.K. Karthikeya
Page(s): 388-392

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Density based Traffic Light Control System using Edge Detection Algorithm for Accident Mode Analysis
Author(s): Abinav Anand, Hamza Moheet, S. M. Zain Ahmed
Page(s): 393-397

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Proportional Integral Observer Based Load Frequency Control for Stable Operation of Power System
Author(s): Md. Alamgir Hossain
Page(s): 398-402

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Introduction to Image Restoration
Author(s): Amit Kumar Sharma, Kapil Sachan, Kajol Gupta
Page(s): 403-405

Download Paper
A Call to Deal with Technical Support Scams
Author(s): Musadiq Bin Javid, Sudeshna Chakraborty
Page(s): 406-410

Download Paper
Blockchain: Destiny of Monetary and Cyber Security: An Overview
Author(s): B. Likitha
Page(s): 411-415

Download Paper
Author(s): Suchitra Singh, Kousik Midya
Page(s): 416-418

Download Paper
Formulation and Evaluation of Cream from Fresh Yellow Latex of Argemone Mexicana Linn Plant
Author(s): Amol Laxman Hirake, Obaidullah Parvij Ahmed Hundekan
Page(s): 419-422

Download Paper
Resume Sorting using Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): V. V. Dixit, Trisha Patel, Nidhi Deshpande, Kamini Sonawane
Page(s): 423-425

Download Paper
Location and Tracking System Device (GPS) using Wireless Technology
Author(s): M. Malini, R. Sankar
Page(s): 426-428

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Appraisal of Computer Literacy Among Grade IV to VI Teachers in Coral Na Munti Elementary School in the District of Agoncillo: Basis for ICT Enhancement Program
Author(s): Angelita C. de Castro
Page(s): 429-432

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Hotel Food Delivery System without Plastic with Shortest Path in GPS using Mobile App
Author(s): Rutuja Maslekar, Pooja Bacchewar, Mansi Bhonsle, Atul Patil, Anurag Jaiswal
Page(s): 433-435

Download Paper
Change Detection in Geo Cover Area through Satellite Images
Author(s): Sumit Vishwakarma, Atul Pathare, Pooja Sao, Varsha Bhosle
Page(s): 436-438

Download Paper
Weight Optimization of Valve for Cost Effectiveness: Using Value Analysis
Author(s): Siddhesh Darole, Abhishek Gaikar, Prashant Gaikwad, Shital Patel
Page(s): 439-441

Download Paper
Fire Detection, Monitoring and Alerting System based on IoT
Author(s): Shreya Gosrani, Abhishek Jadhav, Krutika Lekhak, Devesh Chheda
Page(s): 442-445

Download Paper
Future Home-Advanced Technology
Author(s): Satyendra Singh, Amit Kumar Sharma, Karan Saini, Reetek Verma, Prashant Verma
Page(s): 446-449

Download Paper
Smart Inventory System with AppiFii
Author(s): Shreya, Neeraj Singh, Rohan Bhardwaj, Prince Saini
Page(s): 450-451

Download Paper
Compilation Techniques to Improve Efficiency in Communication
Author(s): Pallavi D. Naik, Ritu Pravakar, S. Sirisha Reddy, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 452-454

Download Paper
A Study on Iterative Code Optimization using Machine Learning
Author(s): G. R. Amith, K. N. Tejasvini, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 455-457

Download Paper
Application of IoT in Deep Water Culture
Author(s): K. R. Ravi, Shashikanth Chavan, L. Manoj, Manjunath Kotari
Page(s): 458-462

Download Paper
A Survey of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques for Compiler Optimization
Author(s): K. Manasvi Bhat, Pratiksha P. Anchalia, Rushali Mohbe, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 463-466

Download Paper
Hybrid Code Optimization Technology
Author(s): M. Supriya, B. K. Harini, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 467-469

Download Paper
OCR to Read Credit/Debit Card Details to Autofill Forms on Payment Portals
Author(s): Pranav Raka, Sakshi Agrawal, Kunal Kolhe, Aishwarya Karad, R. V. Pujeri, Anita Thengade, Uma Pujeri
Page(s): 478-481

Download Paper
Integrating Plan for Backwaters Transportation with Tourism Development: A Case Study of Kochi City Region
Author(s): V. B. Bigith, H. S. Kumara
Page(s): 482-486

Download Paper
Synthesis of ZnO-HNPS for Functional Fabric Finishing using Zinc-Herbal Nano Complex
Author(s): S. Geetharani
Page(s): 487-491

Download Paper
Scheduling of Operating System Services
Author(s): Tarun, Ashish Sharma, Shivam Kesarwani, Kaushal Kumar
Page(s): 492-493

Download Paper
International Commercial Arbitration: An Indian Perspective
Author(s): Poonam Kumari, Geetika Sood
Page(s): 494-497

Download Paper
Real Time Translation using Syllable Comparison
Author(s): T. Thiyagu, S. L. Narasimhan, M. Aravind, V. Nagarjun
Page(s): 498-501

Download Paper
Development of HDL Modules for E-Learning
Author(s): Rohit Anchan, Paramjeet Singh, Ajay Jaiswar
Page(s): 502-504

Download Paper
A Study of Sanitary Napkin Packing Method for Hygiene and Eco-Friendly Environment
Author(s): K. Swetha, M. Kavitha
Page(s): 505-507

Download Paper
Analysis of Bridge Embankment using Plaxis 2D
Author(s): Navnath Shinde, Mitansh H. Agrawal, Paresh Patil, Asif Bhure, Ankit Badjate
Page(s): 508-510

Download Paper
Connecting Social Media to E-Commerce: Using Microblogging
Author(s): Maske Tejal, Nale Mayuri, Nale Sonali
Page(s): 511-513

Download Paper
A Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour with Reference to Big Bazaar, Vijayawada
Author(s): Rajulapati Venkata Siva Rao, Sekhar Babu Kurapati
Page(s): 514-519

Download Paper
Mode Division Multiplexing in Free Space Optical Communication
Author(s): Amit Kumar, Anju Tripathi, Ashu Verma
Page(s): 520-526

Download Paper
A Study on Training of Employees at Vijaya Diary, Vijayawada
Author(s): Vasantha Rao Nandam, Venkateswarlu Kasetti
Page(s): 527-534

Download Paper
A Comparative Study on Various Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Author(s): U. Swetha
Page(s): 535-538

Download Paper
Tunnel Analysis using Plaxis 2D
Author(s): N. T. Shinde, S. R. Kuwar, A. P. Khairnar, Y. J. Khairnar, S. R. Shivde
Page(s): 539-540

Download Paper
Assessment of Ground Water Quality by using Water Quality Index in Karaikal
Author(s): T. Senthamizhselvan
Page(s): 541-544

Download Paper
An Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Agricultural Wastes on the Cement Stabilized Clayey Soil
Author(s): B. Abhila
Page(s): 545-551

Download Paper
Compiler Optimization using Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Kiran, H. K. Kiran Raj, Punith C. Jigali, R. Rahul, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 552-556

Download Paper
Design of Circular Polarized Transmitter for RFID Tag
Author(s): Akansha Nair, Rashi Gupta, Saher Ansari
Page(s): 557-559

Download Paper
Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine
Author(s): S. Divya, I. K. Santhosh David, M. A. Prince Ray Raj
Page(s): 560-563

Download Paper
Desktop Data Search for Big Data using Classifier and Indexer Technique
Author(s): Harshita Shukla, Vinod Todwal
Page(s): 564-567

Download Paper
High-Resolution Level Gauge based on FMCW Radar
Author(s): Nihal R. Singh, Vishal Jadhav, Abhishek Kaushal, Vinit Kumar Dongre
Page(s): 568-570

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Smart Helmet using IoT
Author(s): Pratiksha Balgude, Revati Bhoite, Sagar Baral, S. P. Borate
Page(s): 571-573

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A Study on Work Life Balance of School Teachers with Special Reference to Vedharanyam
Author(s): R. Kubenthiran, S. Venkatesh
Page(s): 574-577

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Manpower optimization using Lean Tools
Author(s): Rohan Hemant Hajare, Girish Kotwal
Page(s): 578-581

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Comparison of Size Reduction of Printed BALUN Transformer
Author(s): Melvia Vinilda Dsouza, Darshil Dave, Kartikey Singh
Page(s): 582-588

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Effect of Bamboo Grid and Geonet on Clay
Author(s): Anuja Vijayan, Tanuja Christopher D’cruz
Page(s): 589-593

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A Review of Existing Approaches to Increase the Computational Speed of the Python Language
Author(s): M. Varsha, S. Yashashree, Drishya K. Ramdas, Sini Anna Alex
Page(s): 594-598

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Digital Food Ordering System using Android for Mess
Author(s): Pandhare Sonali, Shrike Priyanka, Swami Megha, Takawane Pratima
Page(s): 599-603

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Design and Fabrication of Adaptive Steering Controlled Headlight
Author(s): K. Sathish, A. Kamesh Kumar, R. Karthick, B. Karthik, D. Kausic
Page(s): 604-607

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Crowd Scanning in Real Time
Author(s): Ahmer Usmani, Prathamesh Naik, Sagar Chavan, Ashwin Nair
Page(s): 608-610

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Development of Tunable Defected Ground Structure for Multiband Application
Author(s): Aashish Jain, Pravin Patel, Shubham Singh
Page(s): 611-613

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To Implement Software for Campus Recruitment
Author(s): Madhura Chindarkar, Sayli Chitale, Rahul Choudhary
Page(s): 614-616

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A Review on Electrical and Electronics Measuring Devices
Author(s): Nikhil S. Borse, Pratik P. Soni
Page(s): 617-621

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A Novel Hybrid Brain Mapping Technique with Computational Enhancements
Author(s): Sameer V. Devipur, Drishya K. Ramdas
Page(s): 622-624

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Compiler Optimization and Performance Enhancement using Parallelism
Author(s): Ravi Kumar, M. Rajath, S. N. Pratheek, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 625-629

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A Smart Railway to Reduce Accidents using Sensors
Author(s): P. Baalabarathi, M. Puneeth, V. Bhuvaneshwari
Page(s): 630-632

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Effect of Lignosulfonate on Compaction and Strength Characteristics of Clayey Soil
Author(s): Geethu Vijayan, Aswathy Sasikumar
Page(s): 633-636

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Semi-Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine
Author(s): A. Vimal, R. Ajith Velayudham, P. Deepak, K. Elangovan, W. Fredric Prem
Page(s): 637-639

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Compression of Plastic Carry Bags
Author(s): Nikhil A. Dukare, Anirudha A. Kinage, Advait S. Sukalkar, Vipin R. Chaure
Page(s): 640-642

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Formulation of Antibacterial Soap by using Okra Seed Extract
Author(s): Nikhil Nagesh Malji
Page(s): 643-645

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Practices and Experiences of School based Feeding Program (SBFP) Implementation at San Juan Elementary School
Author(s): Khimberly L. Dimaculangan
Page(s): 646-650

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Implementation of Emotion based Music Player from Facial Image using SVM
Author(s): Pratiksha Yadav, Jyoti Jangid, Purini Vani, Purnima Chandrasekar
Page(s): 651-654

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Design and Fabrication of Multi Drive Pulley Transmission using CVT
Author(s): A. Vimal, Rubesh, Saranraj, Shundeep, Vijayaraj
Page(s): 655-658

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Intensified Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (Praise) Implementation: Proposed Gawad Tomasino Awards
Author(s): Marites Q. Balba
Page(s): 659-663

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Different Types of Bridge Models and their Load Testing
Author(s): T. Ravi Kumar, P. Usha Sri, B. Durga, P. Shankar, D. Madhu Priya
Page(s): 664-667

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A Study on Design and Testing of Smart Speed Breaker
Author(s): T. Ravi Kumar, P. Ramya, T. Balaji, B. Mamatha, P. Shankar
Page(s): 668-671

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Design of RF based Dryer for Leafy Vegetables
Author(s): Shweta Aher, Dhananjay Gaonkar, Namrata Deshmukh
Page(s): 672-674

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Streetlight Automation and Accident Detection Systems
Author(s): Anant Salunke, Sudhir Kumar, Shital Mahajan, Gauri Mane
Page(s): 675-677

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