Volume-2, Issue-8, August-2019

Experimental Heat Transfer Analysis of Helical Fin with Parabolic Cross Section
Author(s): M. A. Salve, T. A. Koli, V. H. Patil
Page(s): 1-4

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Preparation and Characterization of Amorphous Carbon Nanotube-MoS2 Nanohybrid
Author(s): Binoy Bera, Diptonil Banerjee
Page(s): 5-8

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A Study on Power Semiconductor Devices
Author(s): Dinesh Kumar Choudhary, Shailesh Kumar Singh
Page(s): 9-10

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Nazik Al Malaika: The Pioneer of ‘Free Verse’ in Arabic Poetry
Author(s): Md. Abdul Wadud
Page(s): 11-12

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Understanding IT Outsourcing and Potential Effects on Countries
Author(s): Niki Malhotra
Page(s): 13-14

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Comparative Analysis of Opinion Mining KDD for Customer Reviews
Author(s): Gayika Singh, Brij Kishore
Page(s): 15-17

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Effect of Rice Husk Ash and M-Sand on Concrete
Author(s): Maddili Jayasree, K. G. Rahul Varma
Page(s): 18-20

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Impact of FDI in Multi-Brand Retail Sector: With Special Reference to India
Author(s): Virendra Kumar Gupta
Page(s): 21-22

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Screening of Medicinal Plants Against Clinical Pathogens and its Antimicrobial Activity
Author(s): Ramya Ananthapalpu Krishnan
Page(s): 23-25

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Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System based PV Energy Generation
Author(s): A. S. Kamaraja, K. Priyadharshini
Page(s): 26-30

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Development and Evaluation of Tablets Containing Powders of Benincasa Hispida and Murraya Koenigii: A Novel Anti-Diabetic Product
Author(s): K. K. Sreeshma, C. Sarath Chandran, Bijesh Vatakeel, A. S. Vishnu
Page(s): 31-35

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Quality of Work and Life in Insurance Industry
Author(s): Anupriya, Manjeet
Page(s): 36-38

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A Journey through Bengali Culture: Avenues of Kolkata
Author(s): Jhoney Barui
Page(s): 39-42

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Stress Detection using Deep Learning and IoT
Author(s): D. K. Yashaswini, Sachin S. Bhat, Y. S. Sahana, M. S. Shama Adiga, Shashank G. Dhanya
Page(s): 43-46

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One Dimensional Heat Equations and Two Dimensional Steady Heat Flow Equations and their Applications
Author(s): Anthony Muthondu Kinyanjui, Francis Muli, Joseph Njuguna Karomo
Page(s): 47-54

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Enhancement of Heat Transfer with Nanofluids – A Review
Author(s): S. G. Bahaley, A. V. Deshmukh
Page(s): 55-58

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Model Reference Adaptive Control of Overhead Crane
Author(s): Liji Ramesan Santhi, V. Vishu
Page(s): 59-62

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Evaluation of Joint Space in Patients with Normal Temporomandibular Joint using Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Author(s): P. G. Antony, Aneesh Sabastine, Migi, T. Sreelal, Anitha Balan
Page(s): 63-65

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A Study of the Present Situation of the Saurashtrian Weavers - A Minority Group in India
Author(s): B. A. Pratheshta
Page(s): 66-69

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Use of Virtual LANs for Network Segmentation and Organization
Author(s): Shubham Annigeri, Anushka Chauhan, Jaikishin Chhatlani
Page(s): 70-73

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Design and Development of Portable Blasting Machine
Author(s): Rupesh Narkhede, Ganesh Jadhav, Jagruti Rane
Page(s): 74-76

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A Study on Geotechnical Investigation and Tests on Pile
Author(s): R. Sharanya, Anand Bhat, B. R. Navyashree
Page(s): 77-86

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Experimental and Selection Criteria of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System with the help of Heat Load used in Air Condition System
Author(s): Prasanna P. Gawande, M. P. Thakur, T. A. Koli
Page(s): 87-91

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Adsorption of Chromium (III), Nickel (II), Lead (II) And Mercury (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution by Activated Carbon Prepared from Gloriosa Superba Seed Shell
Author(s): J. Kavitha, M. Manjuladevi, C. Chelladurai, N. Jeevitha, P. Siva Kumar, R. Kumaresan
Page(s): 92-93

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Secure OTP with Salting System for Banking
Author(s): Shashi Kant Pal
Page(s): 94-95

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A Study to Assess the Perception of Pain in Presence of Selected Family Members among Primi Mothers during Labour Process in Reducing Labour Pain
Author(s): N. S. Sunitha Mercy, P. Kanagavalli
Page(s): 96-98

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Optimal K-Means Clustering with Dual Distance Cost Estimation
Author(s): Silky Chourasia, Brij Kishore
Page(s): 99-102

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A Study of Extraction of Ferulic Acid from Bamboo Plant
Author(s): Aniket Shankar Sawant, J. G. Gujar
Page(s): 103-106

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A Review on the Impact of Clinical Pharmacists Intervention in the Management of Patients with Kidney Failure
Author(s): Haileyesus Beyecha Geleta, Vijender Singh, Deepa Shukla
Page(s): 107-115

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A Study of Adjustment among High School Students in Relation to their Class and Gender
Author(s): Azaleabelle Tongper War Nongbri
Page(s): 116-123

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Open Access and the Impact on Library Services
Author(s): Smriti
Page(s): 124-125

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A Computational Study on Racking Deformation Analysis of Buried Cut and Cover Box Section
Author(s): Dipika Kumari
Page(s): 126-133

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A Conceptual New Type of Tracking and Power Management S.O.C. that will Help Recover Lost or Stolen Electronic Devices even if it is Switched Off
Author(s): Shubh Gupta
Page(s): 134-135

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A Brief Comment on Judgement of Honourable Supreme Court of India in K. Subramani Versus K. Damodara Naidu
Author(s): Manisha Devi
Page(s): 136-137

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Concentration Enhancement Activities among the School Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity: Effectiveness of Selected Intervention
Author(s): Anukutty Scaria
Page(s): 138-140

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Knowledge Regarding First Aid among Teachers at Selected Primary Schools Kashipur, Udham Singh Nagar District
Author(s): Sobitha Bansal
Page(s): 141-142

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Oral Hygiene among Children: An Extensive Survey on Mothers
Author(s): Bincy Vincent, Divya Raju
Page(s): 143-144

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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of CPR among Higher Secondary Students
Author(s): Sobitha Bansal
Page(s): 145-147

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Parenting Stress among Health Care Professionals in Kerala
Author(s): Anukutty Scaria
Page(s): 148-149

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Self-Perception and Awareness of Halitosis among Female College Students: An Extensive Examination
Author(s): Bincy Vincent, Divya Raju
Page(s): 150-151

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Malnutrition among under Five Children: Effectiveness of Selected Intervention
Author(s): P. Senbagam
Page(s): 152-154

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Worm Infestation among School Age Children: Explorative Study to Assess Mothers Knowledge and Practice
Author(s): P. Senbagam
Page(s): 155-157

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A Review on Video Watermarking
Author(s): Suchi Sharma, Mohit Saxena
Page(s): 158-161

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Sentiment Analysis of the Customer Reviews and Opinion Verdict on Probabilistic Analysis
Author(s): Gayika Singh, Brij Kishore
Page(s): 162-164

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Biodegradability Test of Biocomposites of Poly Styrene Reinforced by Woven Hybrid Palm-Cotton Fiber
Author(s): G. Sujaya, V. Anbazhagan
Page(s): 165-167

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RC5 Algorithm for Video
Author(s): Anuj Sharma, Harsh Sharma
Page(s): 168-171

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Substance Abuse among the Students of Higher Secondary Schools of Manipur State (Imphal East and West District)
Author(s): Thokchom Nibeditya
Page(s): 172-173

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A Study on Employee Attrition: Effects and Causes
Author(s): Kishori Singh, Reetu Singh
Page(s): 174-178

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Electronic Resources: An Overview
Author(s): Smriti
Page(s): 179-180

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Role of FDI in Indian Retail Sector
Author(s): Shewale Harshal, Shewate Pratik, Wakte Vaibhav
Page(s): 181-183

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A Numerical Example to Explore that the Graphs of a Continuous Function and its Inverse Can Intersect at Finitely Many Points Beyond the Identity Line
Author(s): Kalyan Roy
Page(s): 184-185

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Photomineralization of Methyl Orange and Phenol by Peroxymonosulfate Activated Heterogeneous of CoFe2O4 Ferrite: A Comparative Study
Author(s): M. Srinivas
Page(s): 186-191

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Identification of Topics of Difficulty in the Technical Drawing Curriculum by Electrical and Electronics Students in the Technical Colleges in Rivers State, Nigeria
Author(s): Hillary Wordu
Page(s): 192-196

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A Study on Economic Development in India
Author(s): Nagadesi Ramarao, Gurivindapalli Sadhu Sundar Singh
Page(s): 197-201

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A Survey on Network Security for Modern Internet of Things in DDOS Attack
Author(s): N. Nithya, Aruchamy Rajini
Page(s): 202-204

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Design and Development of Smart Headlamps for Static Frame Two-Wheelers for Adaptive Turning
Author(s): Rohan Sharma
Page(s): 205-207

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An Experimental Investigation for Air Conditioning Condenser to Increase the Heat Transfer Rate by Varying the Tube Arrangement
Author(s): Shanteshwar I. Kumbhar, K. M. Mahajan, T. A. Koli
Page(s): 208-214

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Automated Teller Machine and the Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria (2010Q1 – 2018Q4)
Author(s): Albert Ogbonnia Anusi, Maryann N. Igbodika
Page(s): 215-221

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A Brief Overview of Law Relating to Dishonour of Cheques in India
Author(s): Manisha Devi
Page(s): 225-226

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A Study of Apache Cassandra
Author(s): Omkumar Badhai, Shatam Bhagat, Rohit Mandavkar, Shubham Ingole, Nidhi Gupta
Page(s): 230-231

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A Socio-Demographic Profile of Migrant Industrial Workers in Punjab
Author(s): Ketanpreet Kaur, Jasdeep Singh Toor
Page(s): 232-237

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Problem of Cotton Textiles Industry and its Management System in India
Author(s): Sayan Sarkar
Page(s): 238-243

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Small Cell Carcinoma of Thyroid with Subglottic Extension - An Undifferentiated Variety and a Rare Case Report
Author(s): Shwetima Chaudhary, Vinay Sagar, Rajendra Kumar
Page(s): 244-246

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Qualification of Structural Support System for Various Spectral Accelerations Due to Base Excitation
Author(s): Raghavendra R. Kulkarni, Gireesh Mailar
Page(s): 247-253

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Underwater Image Enhancement Using NPEA
Author(s): Renu Singh, Rekha Gupta, Santosh Sharma
Page(s): 254-258

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Optimal Placement and Sizing of STATCOM Using PSO
Author(s): Muzafar Khanday, Rahul Malviya
Page(s): 259-262

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Menopausal Women with Depression: Effectiveness of Selected Intervention
Author(s): V. C. Brelvi, V. S. Pradeep
Page(s): 263-264

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Coping Among Family Members of Alcohol Dependent Patients: Effectiveness of Selected Intervention
Author(s): Boncymol Scaria
Page(s): 265-267

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Mindfulness Among Depressive Older Adults
Author(s): V. C. Brelvi, V. S. Pradeep
Page(s): 268-270

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Alcoholism Among Students: Effectiveness of Selected Intervention
Author(s): Boncymol Scaria
Page(s): 271-273

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Reporting and Counselling of Cybercrime using Intelligent Chatbot and Geolocation
Author(s): Rushabh Mehta, Deep Gosalia, Devesh Surve, Vivek Gawande
Page(s): 274-277

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Image Steganography using Time and Frequency Domain
Author(s): Shabina N. Ahmed, Subhash Chandra, Vinod Todwal
Page(s): 278-280

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Privacy-Preserving Cipher Text Multi-Sharing Management for Big Data Storage
Author(s): V. Srikanth, J. Venkata Gopal
Page(s): 281-285

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Regenerative Braking
Author(s): Nidhip Naik, Chetan Karan
Page(s): 286-287

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A Study on Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate by Ceramic Tile Aggregate and Fine Aggregate by Marble Dust to Improve Concrete Strengths
Author(s): Madasu Venkata Vijaya Durga, K. Narasimha Reddy
Page(s): 288-292

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Analysis of the Hotel Reviews using Opinion Mining and Machine Learning Concept
Author(s): Raj Kumar Saini, Prakash Dangi
Page(s): 293-296

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Comparative Analysis of Review Analysis Algorithms
Author(s): Raj Kumar Saini, Prakash Dangi
Page(s): 297-299

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Seismic Analysis of Intze Water Tank with Different Bracing Configurations
Author(s): Chetan Agari, V. K. Verma, Aman Gupta
Page(s): 300-306

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Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Alternanthera pungens Kunth. Leaves Extract and its Antimicrobial Activity
Author(s): K. P. Nikhitha, H. T. Navyashree
Page(s): 307-310

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Theoretical Measures on Hilbert Spaces
Author(s): N. Pounrani, K. Asha Devi
Page(s): 311-312

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Algebraic Properties of S-Normal and Polynomial Matrices
Author(s): K. Usha, K. Asha Devi
Page(s): 313-314

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Importance of Regionalism in the Thomas Hardy Novels
Author(s): A. P. Kala, P. Bhanulakshmi
Page(s): 315-316

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Improving Engineering Teaching Practices through Kaizen
Author(s): M. N. Kishore, P. N. Jyothi
Page(s): 317-322

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Comparative Seismic Study of G+10 Building with and without Floating Column
Author(s): Aman Gupta, V. K. Verma, Chetan Agari
Page(s): 323-327

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Green Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles from Justicia Betonica L Leaves Extract and their Antimicrobial Activities
Author(s): S. B. Supriya, H. T. Navyashree
Page(s): 328-331

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Standard Edge Domination in Graphs
Author(s): S. Angel Rosy, M. Karthigeyan
Page(s): 332-333

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Odd and Even Number of the Zero Divisor Graph
Author(s): R. Pandimeenal, K. Asha Devi
Page(s): 334-335

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Cordially Divisor Parallelogram Graphs
Author(s): N. Shobana, M. Karthigeyan
Page(s): 336-338

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Cordial Labeling of Rectilinear Grid
Author(s): S. Haridass, M. Karthigeyan
Page(s): 339-340

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Mining Competitors from Large Unstructured Datasets
Author(s): D. Balachandar, S. Amaresan
Page(s): 341-344

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Web Mining Techniques
Author(s): Padmini Priyadharsini, S. Amaresan
Page(s): 345-346

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Usage of ATM for Banking among Generations: A Study with Reference to UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Author(s): Shruti Jha
Page(s): 347-349

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Study of Online Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities
Author(s): Sahil Kumar Pathak, Rashi Saxena
Page(s): 350-355

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The Impact of Stock Market on Economic Growth of India
Author(s): Hashim Khan
Page(s): 356-361

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Segregation of Trash for Recyclability
Author(s): M. G. Banish, U. Amogha, U. Apoorva
Page(s): 362-365

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Perception Towards English as a Medium of Communication Among Indian and Foreign Students
Author(s): K. V. Neha Muthamma, Mili Gangamma
Page(s): 366-371

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An Approach to Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Author(s): N. V. Sandya, S. B. Nalina
Page(s): 372-374

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Study of Blockchain Technology
Author(s): Safal M. Gupta, Shubham S. Kharabe, Nidhi Rathi, Achal M. Rakhunde, Dhruvika Shekhawat
Page(s): 375-377

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AlzBot: An Intelligent Chatbot for Alzheimer Patients
Author(s): Khilti Dedhia, Viren Dattani, Akash Dharod, Akanksha Chhatry, Deepti Nikumbh
Page(s): 378-380

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Design and Performance Investigation of Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic Thermoelectric System
Author(s): Tejswini P. Chaudhari, K. M. Mahajan, T. A. Koli
Page(s): 381-385

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A Survey on Image Mining Techniques and its Uses
Author(s): D. Shobana, Antony Selvadoss Thanamani
Page(s): 386-388

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Development of Mutant Fungal Strains of Aspergillus flavus for Enhanced Production of Keratinase Enzyme
Author(s): R. V. Madhumitha Indu, P. Vanitha Pappa
Page(s): 389-392

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A Survey on Challenges and Analysis of Sentimental Approaches using Data Mining
Author(s): S. Safeena, R. Manicka Chezian
Page(s): 393-396

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Hand Assistive Technology for Speech and Hearing Impaired User
Author(s): Dinesh R. Damodar, Umang V. Suthar, Sarika J. Chitrodiya
Page(s): 397-401

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Proposed Teacher Observation Guide
Author(s): Gina M. Laksamana
Page(s): 402-406

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A Study on the Impact of Intelligent Quotient (IQ) on Interpersonal Communication of the Students of Dibrugarh University
Author(s): Dhanada Choudhury
Page(s): 407-408

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Importance of Work Integrated Learning Among College Students – An Indian Context
Author(s): K. Rochelle Dilip, A. Shishira Ganesh
Page(s): 409-414

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An Experimental Study on the Use of Fibers (Coir and Polypropylene) in Geopolymer Concrete in Pavement Applications
Author(s): C. S. Sahana, R. Suhas
Page(s): 415-417

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A Study of Secular Attitude of Postgraduate Students in Relation to Gender and Discipline
Author(s): Phuloma Daimary
Page(s): 418-420

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Inorganic Growth Through Mergers and Acquisitions: A Study of Proposed Merger of Five Associate Banks with SBI
Author(s): Poonam Madan, Garima Mishra
Page(s): 421-424

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Design and Implementation of Dual Input Dual Output Boost Converter
Author(s): J. Amulya, G. S. Srikanth
Page(s): 425-432

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A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Therapeutic Interventions on Chronic Renal Failure in Terms of Knowledge and Practice Among Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis in a Selected Settings
Author(s): R. C. J. Reena
Page(s): 433-438

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A Bubble to Burst in Future: Virtualization
Author(s): Nidhi
Page(s): 439-442

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Pharmacological Evaluation of Antidepressant Activity of Brahmi Lehyam on Albino Mice
Author(s): M. Lakshmi Santha, Ch. Naga Sailaja, M. Lokesh Naik, K. N. V. S. Manideep
Page(s): 443-445

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A Study on Thin and Ultra-Thin White Topping Using Geopolymer Concrete
Author(s): M. N. Lavanya, R. Suhas
Page(s): 446-450

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A Study on Factors Influencing Employee Engagement
Author(s): Debarup Bhattacharya
Page(s): 451-455

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Wearable Technology in Combination with Diabetes
Author(s): Shreya, Himanshu Kumar
Page(s): 456-458

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A Review on Role of Pharmacist on Reducing Communication Gap Between Physician and Patients
Author(s): Tesfaye Achalu, Vijender Singh, Munish Garg Monga, Berhanu Tadesse
Page(s): 459-467

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Perception of Young Women Towards Entrepreneurship
Author(s): N. S. Akshara, R. Shivani Verma
Page(s): 468-474

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The Role of Close Relationships in an Individual’s Life
Author(s): Dhanada Choudhury
Page(s): 475-476

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Motion Planning of an Aircraft through Adverse Weather Conditions
Author(s): Mayukh Sarkar
Page(s): 477-479

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Evolution of Microfinance on Women's Empowerment
Author(s): M. Malini, V. Vadivukkarasi
Page(s): 480-481

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A Comparative Study on Usage of Piper and Durov Diagrams to Interpret Hydro Chemical Processes in Groundwater of Bichhiya Tehsil, Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh, India
Author(s): Rohini Singh, Devendra Kumar Deolia, Sanjay Tignath
Page(s): 482-485

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