Volume-1, Issue-8, August-2018

Threshold Based Load Balancing Protocol for Energy Efficient Routing in WSN
Author(s): Ranjeet Kumar, M. V. Satyanarayana, P. A Vijaya
Page(s): 1-6

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Green HRM: A Strategy to Develop an Environmentally Sustainable Business
Author(s): Akanksha
Page(s): 7-12

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Production of Cellulase by Filamentous Fungi with Sorghum as Substrates
Author(s): Vishnu Balamurugan, Gopishankar Thirumoorthy
Page(s): 13-17

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Strategies to Influence the Consumer Buying Behavior
Author(s): Pinnika Syam Yadav
Page(s): 18-21

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Winding Clamping Force Effect Due to Moisture and Insulation Aging Changes
Author(s): Vinaya B. K, Manjunath S, Rajath Shankar P. S
Page(s): 22-25

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Adsorption Studies of Phenol Removal on Activated Carbon Derived from Phoenix Dactylifera (Date Palm) Seeds
Author(s): Shobha B. T, Shashikant R. Mise
Page(s): 26-32

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Turnover Intention and Job Hopping Behaviour of Professionals - A Review
Author(s): Manjot, Rahul Sharma
Page(s): 33-35

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Job Satisfaction and Job Involvement among Employees - A Review
Author(s): Manjot, Rahul Sharma
Page(s): 36-40

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Prevention and Detection of Cancer Using Data Warehousing and Data Mining Techniques in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Author(s): S. Deepa, R. Maruthi
Page(s): 41-46

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The Muslim Communalism in India
Author(s): Chaudhary Prem Prakash
Page(s): 47-48

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Thrilling Technology of Sixth Sense
Author(s): B. G. Aktshaya, P. A. Anishma, J. Jenany, S. Udaya Kumar, Z. Salman Khan
Page(s): 49-52

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Development of Mathematical Model to Predict the Effect of Input Parameters on Feed Rate of Reciprocatory Tube Funnel Feeder
Author(s): Paritosh Singhal
Page(s): 53-56

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Inclusive Development – Role Played by Public and Private Sector Banks
Author(s): Udaya Pratap Seethamsetty
Page(s): 57-61

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Photovoltaic Power Control Module for Maximum Power Point Operation
Author(s): Pranalika Malewar, Arvind Jain, Parikshit Bajpai
Page(s): 62-64

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Naher-E-Ambari –A Case Study: Rebirth and Recommendation for Medivial Water Supply System (Part-II)
Author(s): Anand Pagare, Ajay Sawant, Kishore Lokhande, Mayuri Patil, Pranav Bansode, Dilip Gour
Page(s): 65-70

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Study on Behavior of Fibrillated Polypropylene Fibers Reinforced Concrete
Author(s): Manohara K N, Nithish Nayaka Y B, Sharanappa, Veeresha K V, Darshan M K
Page(s): 71-77

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Tourism Development in India Under 12th Five Year Plan
Author(s): John Mohmad Wani, Anisa Jan
Page(s): 78-81

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Design and Development of Helical Compression Spring for Toggle Switch Mechanism
Author(s): Sayli. H. Bhagwat, S. K. Dahake
Page(s): 82-88

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Numerical Analysis of Cold Formed Steel Angle Section Members under Tension Load
Author(s): Paul Makesh A, Arivalagan S
Page(s): 89-92

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Comparative Assessment of Corrosion Behaviour of Two Different Grades of Thermo-Mechanically Treated Reinforcing Bars in 3.5% by Weight NaCl Solution
Author(s): Sumit kumar, Ghanshyam Das
Page(s): 93-97

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Object Detection for Color Blind Applying Binary Images
Author(s): Arunabha Tarafdar, Subham Panda, Anurup Mondal
Page(s): 107-110

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Design and Implementation of Different Multipliers Using VHDL
Author(s): Chandramohan Kumrawat, Deepak Sharma
Page(s): 111-114

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Study of Factors Affecting Cost Overrun in Road Construction Project
Author(s): Pranav K. Lende, Aradhana D. Rathod
Page(s): 115-119

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A Survey on Pattern Discovery of Web Usage Mining
Author(s): Soundharya V, Ram kumar R, Prakash B, Sowndarya B, Prathiksha B
Page(s): 120-123

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Navigation System for Blind People Using Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Pankaj Dusane, Vrushabh Deokar, Janhavi Doke
Page(s): 124-126

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Sentiment Analysis
Author(s): Sanjeev Maurya, Yagyanshi Anand, Ankita Dubey
Page(s): 127-130

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Air Powered Vehicle
Author(s): Ashish V. kadu, Shrikrushna A. Naik, Rahul V. Rathod, Sumit P. Manwar, Vitthal S. Chavhan
Page(s): 131-133

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