Volume-2, Issue-12, December-2019

An Investigation on Combined Replacement of Cement by GGBS and Natural Sand by Slag Sand on Strength of Concrete
Author(s): V. B. Bharath, S. Jagadeesh, P. Somesh
Page(s): 1-12

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Security in Cloud Computing
Author(s): B. Rajesh Kumar, K. Guna Sekhar, M. Charan Kumar, K. Hari Kumar
Page(s): 13-17

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Analysis of Basic Data Types in C
Author(s): R. Vishal, Vishal Vaman Mehtre
Page(s): 18-20

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Factors Affecting the Selection of Schools by Parents/Guardians
Author(s): Mousami Bagchi
Page(s): 21-23

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Talent Management and Employee Engagement
Author(s): Rashmi Panchbhai, Swarana Parmar
Page(s): 24-26

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Attendance System Using RFID and Fingerprint with Location Detection
Author(s): Dhamankar Akash Rajesh, Gorade Prashant Shivaji, Nalawade Pranit Chandrashekhar,
C. S. Arya
Page(s): 27-29

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Effect of Silicon Content in Steel During Galvanizing
Author(s): Vijay Singh
Page(s): 30-31

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AutOCR: Automatic Obstruction Clearing Robot
Author(s): Tanmoy Das, Swapnil Sambhav, Rahul Yadav, Pushkar Kumar, Rahul Singh, Suraj Yadav
Page(s): 32-35

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Implementing Swarm Robotics for Transferring the Object to the Destination
Author(s): Adhalrao Sanket Pravin, Chavan Prashant Shankar, Gaikwad Onkar Balasaheb, A. V. Kanade
Page(s): 36-37

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Pulse Width Modulation
Author(s): M. Naganetra, R. Ramya, D. Rohini
Page(s): 38-39

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Design and Fabrication of Battery Operated Agricultural Weeder
Author(s): Akash Singh, Kartik Srivastava, Kaushal Kr. Yadav, Kishan Singh
Page(s): 40-41

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Design and Evaluation of Two Wheeled Balancing Robot Chassis
Author(s): Mandava Saiteja, Kanneboina Thirupathi Rao, Kalisetty Gurusuman, Chennmaraju Pavan Kumar, Adaka Harish
Page(s): 42-44

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A Study of Green Marketing and its Impact on Consumer Preference
Author(s): P. Thanga Durai
Page(s): 45-48

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Online Evaluations in Educational Sector and its Implementation
Author(s): Harshan Goodwin Hector, U. S. Rashmi, A. Parkavi
Page(s): 49-51

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Demystifying Woman in Novel of Doris Lessing
Author(s): Kiran Sarit
Page(s): 55-59

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A Review on Content Based Image Retrieval
Author(s): K. V. Sinsha, M. Hyna
Page(s): 60-62

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Language Usage of the Missionary Families of Christ
Author(s): Bernardo F. Ramos
Page(s): 68-85

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A Glimpse at the Learning Styles of Grade 12 STEM Strand Students of the University of the City of Manila as a Focal Point of their Learning Ability Concerning Spelling in Filipino
Author(s): Bernardo F. Ramos, Victoria R. Ramos
Page(s): 86-90

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Missionary Families of Christ Exuding a Different Kind of Charismatic Leadership
Author(s): Bernardo F. Ramos
Page(s): 91-121

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A Comparative Study of High Strength Concrete Properties by Using Waste Foundry Sand with Replacement of Fine Aggregates
Author(s): Vinay, Ravi Kant Sharma
Page(s): 122-125

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Eco-Friendly Utilization of Fly ash to Formulate Aggregate and Bricks
Author(s): Sushmita Sapkal, Vaibhav Shetty, Sushant Mondal
Page(s): 126-129

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A Review on YouTube Data Analysis Using MapReduce on Hadoop
Author(s): Krishna Bhatter, Siddhi Gavhane, Priyanka Dhamne, Shardul Rabade, G. B. Aochar
Page(s): 130-132

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Consortia: An Overview
Author(s): K. S. Satyashree, Y. Mahesh, K. S. Chudamani
Page(s): 133-136

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A Review on Design and Manufacturing of Manually Operated Stair Climbing Mechanism
Author(s): Omkar Babar, Dhananjay Godse, Suraj Kadate, Harshal Zalte, Rahul Patil
Page(s): 137-141

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Fault Identification and Diagnosis of Helical Gear Pair by Experimental Vibration Analysis
Author(s): Pravin Gawali
Page(s): 142-144

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Mind Machine Interface using Internet of Things
Author(s): Manan A. Patel, Nidhi K. Zala, N. Senthil Murugan
Page(s): 145-148

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A Grid Search Based Response Surface Methodology for the Optimum Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Clerodendrum splendens
Author(s): Aarcha Jayakumar, K. V. Radha
Page(s): 149-153

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Determining the Stevedoring Industry Structure in the Tema Port of Ghana and its Implications
Author(s): Ama Ayensua Tandoh, Mei Guo
Page(s): 154-156

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Flexible ATM Framework for Cold and Hot Drinking Water and Mobile Charging
Author(s): Nikhil Eknath Kokane, Nikita Vinayak Jadhav, Pranjal Sanjay Borse, Kalyani Dnyaneshwar Ghangale
Page(s): 157-158

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Formulation and In-vitro Drug Release of Metformin HCL Extended Release Matrix Tablet
Author(s): Anil Keshav Pawar
Page(s): 159-162

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Land Use Planning for Peri-Urban Area
Author(s): J. Bhatariya Hinal
Page(s): 163-167

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The Effects of Globalization on African Culture
Author(s): Isidore Agbanero, Obonyano Dickson Bonaventure
Page(s): 168-169

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A Study on Job Satisfaction of the Employees of Axis Bank, Nagpur
Author(s): Anjali Yadav, Priti Rai
Page(s): 170-173

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A Study on Women Entrepreneurs in Nagpur
Author(s): Rajashree Kale, Priti Rai
Page(s): 174-175

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Dental Phobia Among Patients – A Hospital Based Cross Sectional Study
Author(s): A. Vinita Mary, R. Kesavan, Aliya Misreen, Ameer Sirhan, Divya Ravichandran
Page(s): 176-179

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Housing Policy in India: Challenges and Reforms
Author(s): Yash S. Shah, Sejal S. Bhagat
Page(s): 180-183

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Design and Simulation of Speed Control of DC Motor Using Chopper
Author(s): D. Dinesh Kumar, V. Hari Krishna, P. Chandana, P. Vijaya, P. Maheswari
Page(s): 184-186

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An Approach to Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Author(s): S. B. Nalina, K. Sumathi
Page(s): 187-190

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Awareness Regarding Heat Exhaustion Among Dental Student’s
Author(s): Nuzhath Begum, K. V. N. R. Pratap, T. Madhavi Padma, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 191-192

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Use of Quality Seeds and Rice Productivity in Odisha: An Analysis
Author(s): Pramod Kumar Das, Gitanjali Panda, Sanjib Kumar Majhi
Page(s): 193-195

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Rajasthan Edible Oil Scenario: A Review
Author(s): Rahul Kumar Jain, Akshay Singhal, Ayushi Jain
Page(s): 196-199

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A Novel Technique to Protect the Stealing of Authorization Code Using Hybrid Approach
Author(s): M. Christina Ranjitham, C. Karpagavalli, D. Asir
Page(s): 200-209

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Impact of Plastic Bags Usage on the Environment
Author(s): Poladi Deekshitha, K. V. N. R. Pratap, T. Madhavi Padma, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 210-212

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Attitude of Dental Students Towards Elections
Author(s): P. Praful Kumar, K. V. N. R. Pratap, T. Madhavi Padma, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 213-214

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Mobile Communication Culture Among Adolescents
Author(s): Sai Ravali, K. V. N. R. Pratap, T. Madhavi Padma, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 215-216

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Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Facial Makeup Among Dental Students Aged 18-25 Years - A Cross Sectional Study
Author(s): Deekshitha Poosa, K. V. N. R. Pratap, T. Madhavi Padma, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 217-218

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Efficiency of Modified Product Estimators Under a Super Population Model
Author(s): Vyas Dubey, Jaya B. Rathore, Ujjwal Dubey
Page(s): 219-222

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Advancements in Inverter Technology for Industrial Applications
Author(s): K. C. Ramakrishnan, T. Suneel, T. Balamurali, Sk. Lal Jan Basha, Sk. Kowsar
Page(s): 223-224

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A Review on Replacement of Bricks by Hebel Blocks
Author(s): S. Kavyaa
Page(s): 225-229

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Natural Calamities Detector using Microcontroller
Author(s): Shamal D. Pawar, Pushkaraj P. Gharat, Abhishek S. Dani
Page(s): 230-232

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A Survey on Disaster Management Among the Dental Students
Author(s): P. Navya Sri, K. V. N. R. Pratap, T. Madhavi Padma, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 233-234

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Construction of a Knowledge Graph for Query System
Author(s): Abhilash. T. Bedadur, Deshmukh S. Vaishali
Page(s): 235-237

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The Evolution of Axial-Field Electrical Machines
Author(s): J. Praveen, K. Bhargavi
Page(s): 238-240

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Single Sign-on for Heterogeneous Social Networking Sites
Author(s): Xavier Bhausaheb Bansode
Page(s): 241-244

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Effect of Urban Morphology on Road Noise Distribution
Author(s): Mehta Bhoomi Ganeshbhai
Page(s): 245-248

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Autotronics Education – An Active Learning Approach
Author(s): K. Bala Pratap, J. Harsha Vardhan, S. Venkata Ramana
Page(s): 249-254

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The Effect of Technology Face-To-Face Communication
Author(s): Avula Amulya, K. V. N. R. Pratap, T. Madhavi Padma, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 255-257

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Recent Advances in Liquid Type PV/T Configurations
Author(s): Sd. Althaf, S. Y. P. Praneeth, Sk. Saleem, Challa Babu
Page(s): 258-260

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Impact of Environmental Pollution Among Dental Students
Author(s): P. Srujana, K. V. N. R. Pratap, T. Madhavi Padma, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 261-262

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Online Examination Portal
Author(s): Niraj Sunil Bharambe, Sanjana Ramesh Bhangale
Page(s): 263-267

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Automatic Time Table Generator
Author(s): Savita Appaso Bandgar, Rutuja Balaso Moglade, Anuja Ajit Chougule, Deepika Avinash Bhosale
Page(s): 268-269

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Atidhi Devo Bhava: A glance on Indian Tourism
Author(s): G. Akshay Kumar, R. Mohan Kumar, S. A. N. A. Mashahaddi
Page(s): 270-272

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Smart Toll Taxation Using RFID
Author(s): B. Pramodh Kalyan, C. Poorna Sai, Ch. Lakshmi Sukrutha, C. Datta Sai Reddy
Page(s): 273-276

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Construction Control: The Cloud Based Construction Site Management System
Author(s): Amit Kharat, Saanica Ghate, Sagar Bhujbal, Rushikesh Kordel, Krushna Belerao
Page(s): 277-278

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Experimental Investigation on Evaluation of Heat Recovery in Air Compressor
Author(s): Vinod C. Bodhale, R. S. Shelke
Page(s): 279-285

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Smart Home Security System
Author(s): G. Siva Prasad Reddy, B. Kumar Reddy, B. Lokesh, B. Ashok, I. Govardhan Reddy
Page(s): 286-288

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A Comparative Study on Non-Performing Assets and its Effect on Financial Performance of Public and Private Sector Banks
Author(s): C. Tejashwini, Ramani
Page(s): 289-299

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Effects of Nitrate on Human Health – A Review
Author(s): D. B. Ananya, U. Anusha, S. Arpitha, Reshmi Susan Chacko, Anupama
Page(s): 300-302

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Author(s): Sudhanshu Chaubey, Avinash Dhuria, Ashwini Rajput, Deepali Shrikhande
Page(s): 303-306

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Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle
Author(s): G. Venkata Praveen, G. Maneesh Kumar, D. Mukesh, D. Vineeth
Page(s): 307-310

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Localizing the Energy Harvesting Empowered Underwater Optical Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s): Vanta Rajitha, Varra Raviteja, Uyyala Rakesh, Nellore Mahesh Reddy, Gumma Divya,
A. Y. Vishnuvardhan
Page(s): 311-314

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Probiotics and Benefits
Author(s): Mahaeswari Sivaraman
Page(s): 315-316

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Congestion Control Algorithm: A Survey
Author(s): S. Suruthi, M. Rithika
Page(s): 317-319

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Commercial Tools in Speech Synthesis Technology
Author(s): D. Nagaraju, R. J. Ramasree, K. Kishore, K. Vamsi Krishna, R. Sujana
Page(s): 320-326

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Behaviour Based Safety in Workplace
Author(s): G. V. Arockia Kabil, V. Sundararaju
Page(s): 327-333

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Exploring the Business Model with Special Reference to B2B in the Tourism Sector
Author(s): Balakrishnan Ravishankar, Prabu B. Christopher
Page(s): 334-341

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Escape from a Black Hole
Author(s): Mahek Srivastava
Page(s): 342-343

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Improvement Congestion Control in Computer Network
Author(s): D. Nagaraju, V. Chandra Sekhar, Battina Priya, G. Blessi, G. Ramyasri
Page(s): 344-345

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A Review Based on Milk and it’s Vending
Author(s): M. H. Manmohan, N. B. Ankitha, G. Aishwarya, Kumbhar Trupti
Page(s): 346-348

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Demand Side Management for Motoring and Lighting Loads
Author(s): I. Abinaya, R. R. Rubia Gandhi, H. Vidhya, M. Karthik, R. Thangaraj
Page(s): 349-352

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Design and Analysis of Flywheel by Using Ansys
Author(s): B. Swetha, Ch. Siva Kumar
Page(s): 353-355

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Automatic Hand Sanatizer Dispenser Unit
Author(s): Ambuj Katare, Akash Patel
Page(s): 356-359

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Automatic Attendance Using Image Processing Techniques
Author(s): M. Parthasaradhi, M. Anil Kumar, K. Jagadeesh, K. Pavan Kumar, V. Bharani
Page(s): 360-362

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Housing Construction System
Author(s): Sneha Shashikant Lokhande, Niraj Sunil Bharambe
Page(s): 363-371

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Confined Space and its Safety
Author(s): S. Sugeth, R. Shiyam Prasanna
Page(s): 372-373

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Antimicrobial Activity of Acylaminoacids and Acylaminoacid Amides Synthesised from Imidazolinone by the Simultaneous Reduction and Hydrolysis
Author(s): T. D. Sobha
Page(s): 374-375

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Identification of Printed Bilingual Documents (Odia + English)
Author(s): Prangya Paramita Pradhan, Priti Priyadarsani Pradhan
Page(s): 376-377

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Automatic Soil Irrigation Using Arduino
Author(s): Lokesh, Sumanth, Bharath, Sireesha, Charan
Page(s): 378-379

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Effectiveness of Autogenic Relaxation Among Depressive Menopausal Women in Selected Areas of Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Author(s): Gracy Mathew
Page(s): 380-381

Download Paper
Premenstrual Syndrome Among Adolescent Girls of Selected Higher Secondary Schools in Agra
Author(s): Gracy Mathew
Page(s): 382-384

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Ergonomics in Musculoskeletal Disorders Due to Usage of Mobile Phones
Author(s): R. Kaviyarasan, A. Chandran
Page(s): 385-388

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Intelligent Mirror Using IoT
Author(s): Abhishek Singh, V. P. Basanagouda, P. Darshan, A. P. Yoganandini
Page(s): 389-391

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Understanding Stakeholder Motivation for Adopting Green Practices: Cases of Proactive and Reactive Responses to Green Innovation for Triple Bottom Line
Author(s): Boidurjo Mukhopadhyay, B. K. Mukhopadhyay
Page(s): 392-397

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Credit Card Fraud Detection System Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Punam Deshmukh, Pooja Selukar, Snehal Yadav, Tejaswinee Bandgar, Vaishali Latke
Page(s): 398-399

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A Study on Why Most of the Startups Fail?
Author(s): Subash Sharma
Page(s): 400-405

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Hateful Speech Detection on Social Media using Deep Learning: An Overview
Author(s): Priya Jamdade, Shalini Manikrao Kudke, Anuradha Kale, Karuna Kamble, Ganesh Kalyani
Page(s): 406-409

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A Review on Plastic Waste Management Technology
Author(s): Pooja S. Nikam, Somnath D. Vibhute
Page(s): 410-412

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Reaching the Unreached Through Corporate Social Responsibility
Author(s): Anupama Shetty, Srujan Goud, Smitha Thomas
Page(s): 413-415

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Use of Waste Plastic in Bituminous Concrete
Author(s): Lokesh Nallathuru, B. Pavan, T. Venkateswarlu, K. Keerthi, P. Adarsha
Page(s): 416-417

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Design and Experimental Analysis of Magnetic Climbing Robot
Author(s): Mansi S. Chabukswar, Ravikant K. Nanwatkar, Aparna M. Bagde
Page(s): 418-425

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Effectiveness of Muscle Strengthening Exercises Among Old Age People with Osteoarthritis in Selected Old Age Homes in Kanpur
Author(s): Shivani Negi
Page(s): 426-427

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A Quasi Experimental Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Isometric Exercise for Senior Citizens Suffering from Osteoarthritis at Selected Old Age Homes in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Author(s): Shivani Negi
Page(s): 428-429

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A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Osteoarthritis Among Adults Residing in Vidisha District
Author(s): Mohammed Imran
Page(s): 430-431

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A Quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Efficacy of Non-Pharmacological Interventions Among Women with Osteoarthritis in Selected Hospitals in Vidisha District, Uttar Pradesh
Author(s): Mohammed Imran
Page(s): 432-434

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A Study on Role of Individuals to Reduce Pollution in Metropolitan Cities
Author(s): C. Tejashwini, Ramani
Page(s): 435-438

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Earthquake Analysis of a Building with ETABS
Author(s): Faiza Manzoor, Sabreena Muhammad
Page(s): 439-440

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A Review on SEPIC Converter Topologies
Author(s): Ibrahim A. AlMohaisin, Ahmed A. Mahfouz, V. T. Akhila
Page(s): 441-443

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Singh’s Sandwich Technique (SST): A Novel Method in Management of Neglected Acetabular Fractures
Author(s): Ashish Singh
Page(s): 444-449

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Isolation of Metal Tolerant Microorganisms from the Municipal Solid Waste of Kolhapur
Author(s): Dige Komal Tanaji, Mrunal Dattatray Ulape
Page(s): 450-453

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Breeding Biology and Ecology of Anopheles Stephensi in Kota Region, Rajasthan
Author(s): Smriti Johari
Page(s): 454-463

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Effectiveness of Training and Development Program with Reference to Real Image Media Technologies (P) Ltd.
Author(s): K. Baranidharan, S. Sankar, P. S. Immaculate, N. Selvakumar, T. Surulipal
Page(s): 464-470

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Load Frequency Control of 2-Area System by Whale Optimization Algorithm
Author(s): Narendra Choudhary, Kapil Parkh, Raunak Jangid
Page(s): 471-475

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Assessment of Knowledge on Periodontal Ligament Injection Among Dental Students in Khammam - A Cross Sectional Study
Author(s): V. Harshitha Reddy, T. Madhavi Padma, K. V. N. R. Pratap, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 476-478

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Article 370: Its Positive and Negative Aspects After Abrogate
Author(s): Sona Shukla, Firdoos Ahmed
Page(s): 479-481

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Process Validation of Rabepraziole Sodium Tablets (Rabi 20)
Author(s): Roshani Prajapati, Kashif Hussain
Page(s): 482-485

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Effect of Probiotics on the Metabolic Pathways of Warburg Effect in Cancer Model
Author(s): P. Kiruthiga, K. M. Saradhadevi
Page(s): 486-489

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Costus Igneus and Herbal Drugs Increases the Antidiabetic Activity
Author(s): Sandhya Godi, Manglesh Tiwari, Kavita Sawkare, Syed Wasim, Aayesha Abbassi,
Nandu Kayande
Page(s): 490-493

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Drishti: Voice Assisted Text Reading Smart Specs for Visually Impaired Persons
Author(s): Chitranjali Tanwar, S. Dakshayini, R. Gagana, Mythri M. Hegade, Manjusha Mane
Page(s): 494-496

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Formulation and Evaluation of Antifungal Microsponge Loaded Gel
Author(s): Pankaj Singh Khanka, Kashif Hussain
Page(s): 497-501

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Projector Adjuster Using Smart Phone
Author(s): Nipun S. Kadam, Supriya N. More, Sampada D. Waghmare, Sangram G. Vibhuthe,
Pallavi R. Suryawanshi
Page(s): 502-503

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Formulation and Evaluation of Glimepiride Sublingual Tablets
Author(s): Kiran Bhatt, Popin Kumar
Page(s): 504-507

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Eve-Teasing and its Psychological Influence Among Health Care Students
Author(s): S. Shiva Poojitha, T. Madhavi Padma, K. V. N. R. Pratap, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 508-510

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Design and Analysis of Aircraft Wing
Author(s): D. Vasu, R. Srinivasulu
Page(s): 511-513

Download Paper
Effect of Zr on Dielectric, Ferroelectric and Impedance Properties of Na0.5Bi0.5Ti0.8 Zr0.2O3 Ceramics
Author(s): Dibakar Panda, B. B. Mohanty, P. S. Sahoo, R. N. P. Choudhary
Page(s): 514-518

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Buckling Analysis of Aircraft Stiffened Panel Cylindrical Shells
Author(s): Y. V. S. Raghava, G. Sarath Kumar
Page(s): 519-523

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WSN Based Intelligent Control System for Sericulture
Author(s): R. Ashwitha, Vidhya Vikraman, S. Shashank, Veeramma M. Angadi, J. Sindhu
Page(s): 524-525

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Derivation of the Nernst Equation from the Butler-Volmer Equation
Author(s): T. Gowsulya Rita, J. Stanley Stella
Page(s): 526-528

Download Paper
Impact of Occupational Stress and Job Satisfaction among the Employees of Information Technology Industry in Coimbatore
Author(s): R. Radhamani, P. Paramanandam
Page(s): 529-532

Download Paper
DWT Based Biomedical Image Compression
Author(s): Jallu Sateesh, Muddapu Harika
Page(s): 533-539

Download Paper
Innovative Techniques and Concepts for Teaching and Learning of Linear Programming Problem
Author(s): R. Prabakaran, S. Jayaram, R. S. Abhiraami
Page(s): 540-544

Download Paper
Human Chatbot Interaction
Author(s): Rohit S. Barwade, Sakshi Khatakali, Suraj Tate, Vrishali Tupat, Shweta Gurav, Pranali Tate
Page(s): 545-546

Download Paper
Design and Implementation of Text Cryptography for Multi-Languages and Resolving Type Cast Issues
Author(s): Tarun Kumar Mishra, Nimish Arvind
Page(s): 547-550

Download Paper
Prevalance and Distribution of Arsenic in Groundwater in Rural Parts of Raichur District, Karnataka, India
Author(s): B. Shwetha, E. T. Puttaiah, B. Ananth Nag
Page(s): 551-553

Download Paper
Movie Promotion Application
Author(s): Sneha Shashikant Lokhande
Page(s): 554-563

Download Paper
Impact of Cosmetic Procedures Among Health Professional Students
Author(s): T. Vennela, T. Madhavi Padma, K. V. N. R. Pratap, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 564-565

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A Survey on Smart Self Segregating Bin
Author(s): N. Laxmisowmya, V. Adarsh, Aravind Kumar, C. S. Veena
Page(s): 566-570

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Awareness Among the Consumers of Raigad and Udham Singh Nagar Regarding Green Marketing
Author(s): Yogita Madhukar Patil, Namit Ajai Bhatnagar
Page(s): 571-575

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A Study on Medicinal Plants of the Aravalli District, North Gujarat
Author(s): Chaudhari Arth Suresh Kumar, Kheem Singh Dahiya
Page(s): 576-580

Download Paper
The Refugee Women in West Bengal and its Influence on Bengali Culture
Author(s): Ushashee Nandy
Page(s): 581-585

Download Paper
Factors Affecting the Profitability of Selected Public Limited Textile Mills – A Study of Textile Hub of India (Surat)
Author(s): Neha Sachdeva
Page(s): 586-591

Download Paper
A Study of Central Sector Schemes of MSME
Author(s): Mayuri Bhusari, Priti Rai
Page(s): 592-595

Download Paper
A Review Study of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment
Author(s): Anand L. Singh, Kiran D. Bhuyar
Page(s): 596-598

Download Paper
A Study on Financial Performance of Indian Bank and Karur Vysya Bank
Author(s): B. Sowmiya, T. R. Anandhi
Page(s): 599-602

Download Paper
A Review on Performance Analysis of Regenerative System and its Application
Author(s): Harshil Mehta, Rakesh Sukhadia
Page(s): 603-605

Download Paper
Electronic Health Record Sharing System Using Smart Contract
Author(s): K. C. Suhas Holla, Shraddha S. Varekar
Page(s): 606-608

Download Paper
Commercial Bio-fertilizers - An Efficiency Assessment
Author(s): Dipti Lalit Patil
Page(s): 609-611

Download Paper
Financial Performance of Bank of Baroda and Bank of India
Author(s): T. Sandhiya, T. R. Anandhi
Page(s): 612-616

Download Paper
A Comparative Study on Financial Analysis of State Bank of India and Central Bank of India
Author(s): T. Sandhiya, T. R. Anandhi
Page(s): 617-620

Download Paper
A Study on Financial Performance of ICICI and IDBI
Author(s): M. Mahalakshmi, T. R. Anandhi
Page(s): 621-625

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