Volume-2, Issue-11, November-2019

Bending Behavior of Cracked Spring Steel Under Varied Material Condition
Author(s): H. A. Vinaya Kumar
Page(s): 1-11

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Role of Adult Education in Social Development
Author(s): V. Harini, A. Arpude Basilica
Page(s): 12-15

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Impact Behavior of Corner Cracked Spring Steel Under Varied Material Condition and Service Temperature
Author(s): H. A. Vinaya Kumar
Page(s): 16-23

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Study of Different Types of Foundations for Different Types of Soils
Author(s): Jaishree Mourya, Utkarsh Jain
Page(s): 24-26

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Orientation of Rooms in a Building to Achieve Energy Efficiency and Aesthetics at the Same Time
Author(s): Juhi Pimple, Utkarsh Jain
Page(s): 27-29

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Treatment of Psoriasis Using Herbal Plants
Author(s): Silpa Pattapu, Upendra Meejuri
Page(s): 30-35

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Adaptable Architecture
Author(s): Shivani Jain, Ketan Jain, Kashmika Bose
Page(s): 36-40

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Acetylcholinesterase in Invertebrate Fauna as a Biomarker for Pesticide Pollution
Author(s): V. Agatha Christy
Page(s): 41-44

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A Study on Solid Waste Management - Vermicompost in Munnirpallam, Tirunelveli District
Author(s): V. Agatha Christy
Page(s): 45-47

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A Study on CO2 Atmosphere Level and its Impacts in Tuticorin District
Author(s): V. Agatha Christy
Page(s): 48-51

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The Applications of Operations Research in Formula One
Author(s): Yash Samani, Dev Shah, Ishika Jain, Yukta Kelkar
Page(s): 52-56

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Pollution based Navigation System for Metropolitan Cities
Author(s): S. Vairamuthu, Ishan Ojha, Aditya Soni, Kanika Varshney
Page(s): 57-59

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Real Estate Master
Author(s): A. Nagaraja Rao, Tanmay Agarwal, Pavan Kumar, Rahol Saha, Archisman Acharya,
Jigyansoo Das, Saksham Aggarwal
Page(s): 60-64

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A Literature Review on Helicobacter Pylori Management
Author(s): V. Pooja, K. Susmitha, P. Venkatesh, D. Hepcy Kalarini, R. Prema
Page(s): 65-74

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Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of BLDC Motor for Vibration and Noise Effect Along with Current Variation
Author(s): Yogesh Singh Barod, Alka Thakur
Page(s): 75-80

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Secure Health Care System Based on Mobile Computing
Author(s): M. Saravanan, J. Karthik, V. Rahul, T. Dhiliphan Raj Kumar
Page(s): 81-85

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Evolution (Avtarna) of Rasa Shastra (Pharmaceutics) in Ayurveda: A Review Article
Author(s): Ravneet Kaur
Page(s): 86-88

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A Review on Air Pollution Monitoring Techniques
Author(s): Mohammad Asim Jamal, Aditya Ranjan, Anand Prem Rajan
Page(s): 89-91

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Artificial Intelligence Review in Stock Markets
Author(s): Ujjwal Aggarwal, Anmol Saxena, Sarvjeet Herald
Page(s): 92-95

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A Literature Review on Treatment of Neuropathic Pain
Author(s): P. Priyanka, P. Vidhya, P. Venkatesh, V. Amaravathi, R. Prema
Page(s): 96-102

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A Review on Herbal Drugs Used for the Treatment of Diabetes
Author(s): K. Sai Keerthi, V. Amaravathi, P. Venkatesh, D. Hepcy Kalarini, R. Prema
Page(s): 103-108

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Study of Shell Structure and Analysis of Structure Failure
Author(s): Shraddha Malviya, Ketan Jain
Page(s): 109-110

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A Review Article of Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS)
Author(s): N. Chaithanya, V. Amaravathi, P. Venkatesh, D. Hepcy Kalarini, R. Prema
Page(s): 111-116

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Replacement of Cardiac Valves
Author(s): B. Pravallika, A. Vidhyadhar, P. Venkatesh, D. Hepcy Kalarini, R. Prema
Page(s): 117-125

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Changing of Blood Groups from AB to O
Author(s): D. Srinivas Rao, M. Jyothi, P. Venkatesh, D. Hepcy Kalarini, R. Prema
Page(s): 126-130

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The Effect of Geometric Factors on Saturation Flow at Selected Intersections of Kathmandu
Author(s): Gagan Dev Yadav, Anil Marsani
Page(s): 131-136

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A Review on Application of Sustainable Energy or Renewable Energy
Author(s): Satish Bharat Aware, Pradnya Anil Badkhal, Nisha Venugopal Singam, Pratibha Siddheshwar Madole
Page(s): 137-138

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Recognition of Emotion Using Frontal Face Image
Author(s): Pooja Chakravarti, Preeti Rai
Page(s): 139-141

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Treatment of Cancer by Using Sea Cucumber
Author(s): Dandu Sireesha
Page(s): 142-145

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Best Approach to Blocking Spam Emails
Author(s): Aditya Ranjan, Mohammad Asim Jamal, Durvesh Satish Deshmukh, M. Viswanath
Page(s): 146-149

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A Review on Valuation of Buildings, Vehicles, Machines and Equipment’s
Author(s): Aware Satish, Priyanka Sangepag, Bingi Annapurna, Mangrule Soumya
Page(s): 150-152

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Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity and Their Relationship with Academic Achievement of College Students in Tuticorin District
Author(s): V. Agatha Christy
Page(s): 153-157

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A Study About Archaeological Survey in Adichanallur
Author(s): V. Agatha Christy
Page(s): 158-159

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A Study on Children’s Recall of Various Brand Names
Author(s): P. Daniel Sharma
Page(s): 160-166

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Contributions of Some Famous Indian Mathematicians
Author(s): Sukhwinder Singh
Page(s): 167-168

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A Comparative Study to Assess the Physical Growth of Children Living with HIV/AIDS in Family Based and in Institution Reared Children in Tamilnadu
Author(s): M. Sophia Emelda, S. T. Akilan
Page(s): 169-172

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Radar and Satellite Communication
Author(s): B. J. Vishnu Vardhan, Mrudu Lahari
Page(s): 173-178

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3-D Memory
Author(s): Dake Vandana Gorakh, Rathi Arati Eknath
Page(s): 179-180

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Zeroing in on the Aspects of Cross Currency Trade in India
Author(s): Shakshi Sodhani, Shubham Thard
Page(s): 181-184

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Surface Roughness Detailed Investigation in Pocket Milling Operation on VMC
Author(s): Bobade Aniket, V. A. Kulkarni, Bobade Abhishek
Page(s): 185-191

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Investigation of Preservative Efficacy and Microbiological Content of Some Herbal Cosmetics Found in the Market
Author(s): D. H. Dongre, M. P. Puranik, P. R. Tathe, A. J. Giri
Page(s): 192-195

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A Hybrid-STATCOM with Wide Compensation Range
Author(s): Puja Prakash Bhole, Kalpesh M. Mahajan
Page(s): 196-200

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V85th Speed prediction model on horizontal Curve of Two-lane Highway: A Case Study of Naubise – Naghdunga Road
Author(s): Rajesh Dhakal, Anil Marsani
Page(s): 201-209

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Impact Performance of Crash Barriers
Author(s): Srijana Lekhak, Anil Marsani
Page(s): 210-212

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A Decentralized Platform for Secure, Autonomous and Digital Labor Search and Workflow
Author(s): Rohit Vemparala, Himanshu, Annapurna Jonnalagadda
Page(s): 213-216

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Antimicrobial Peptides Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Author(s): Arini Vijaya, K. Susmitha Reddy, P. Venkatesh, D. Hepcy Kalarini, R. Prema
Page(s): 217-220

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Utilizing Active Materials in Building Façade for Building Efficiency
Author(s): Ahmed Abdel Wahab, Mohamed Reda, Ingy Eldarwish, Mohamed AboHelal
Page(s): 221-225

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Role of IL-10 in Preeclampsia
Author(s): Mohd. Jamaluddin Razzak, Nazeema Begun
Page(s): 226-237

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Obstacle Sensing Walking Stick for Visually Challenged People Using Raspberry Pi
Author(s): Mukund Patil, Rohit Patil, Radha Borikar, V. V. Khatavakar
Page(s): 238-242

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Epileptic Seizure Detection from EEG signals using Machine Learning
Author(s): Dipti Shivaji Bagal, Asmita Rajendra Gawade, Priyanka Dhananjay Gaikwad, Harshada Tukaram Deokar
Page(s): 243-244

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Fraud Detection Using Deep Learning
Author(s): Apoorv Tyagi, Durvesh Satish Deshmukh, Nitish Surana, Aditya Ranjan, M. Viswanath
Page(s): 245-249

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Performance Improvement of Automobile Radiator by Use of Nano Fluid
Author(s): Ronak Pambhar, Iren Vasoya, Janak Malaviya, Krunal Parmar
Page(s): 250-260

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Optimization of TIG Welding
Author(s): Siddhesh N. Lad, Saurabh R. Borge, Aakash A. Gharat, Ameya A. Kambre,
Himanshu B. Vaidhya
Page(s): 261-263

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Formulation and Evaluation of Film Coated Conventional Tablet of Canagliflozin
Author(s): Sharad Joshi, Shashikant Barhate, Surajj Sarode, Saurabh Saudar, Jayashri Bairagi
Page(s): 264-270

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Harmonic Mitigation by Using Hybrid Series Active Power Filter
Author(s): Hitalee A. Mahale, Kalpesh M. Mahajan
Page(s): 271-273

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Implementation of Digital Image Processing for Plant Leaf Disease Detection
Author(s): Maithili Santosh Baitule, Aashish B. Kharate
Page(s): 274-276

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Web Based Intelligent Shipping Application for LS Logistics Company
Author(s): S. David, T. Thanigasalam
Page(s): 277-279

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CMOS Current Controlled Current Conveyor Transconductance Amplifier (CCCCTA)
Author(s): Mayuri A. Deshmukh, U. A. Kshirsagar
Page(s): 280-282

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Effect of Setback on Fundamental Period of RC Framed Buildings
Author(s): Parth Patel, Somanagouda R. Takkalaki
Page(s): 283-286

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Analysis on Mechanical Properties of a Butt Weld Using a Damaged Electrode
Author(s): P. Varalakshmi, G. Vijay Kumar, K. Anvesh, K. Sai Krishna, P. Sai Kiran
Page(s): 287-290

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Ventilation System Design for the Parking Layout of Commercial Building
Author(s): B. Phanindra Kumar, G. Chandana, K. Pavan Kumar, G. Sai Priya, J. Ruthwik Sai
Page(s): 291-293

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Performance of Multistoreyed RC Special Moment Resisting Frames
Author(s): Mujahid Belim, Somanagouda R. Takkalki
Page(s): 294-298

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A Mood Based Music Player
Author(s): Vaasu Gupta, Siddharth Kumar, M. Viswanath
Page(s): 299-304

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Secured and Traffic Free Intranet Mail Service for Kare Using Enhanced Cryptography Technique
Author(s): S. Dhanasekaran, R. Sanjay Kumar, P. Reshmi, P. Preethi, V. Vasudevan
Page(s): 305-308

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IoT Based Cashew Grading Machine
Author(s): Varsha Adrushannavar
Page(s): 309-309

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Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks using Machine Learning Techniques
Author(s): J. Ashok Lawrence, L. Alagappan, K. Vignesh Varadhan, K. Muthamilsudar
Page(s): 310-314

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Development and Testing of Vapor Absorption Refrigeration System by Solar Energy
Author(s): Chintan Vaghasiya, Niravkumar Kapuriya, Nikunjkumar Vaghasiya, Pratik Zadafiya, Ronak Pambhar
Page(s): 315-319

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Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of South Indian - An Original Plants
Author(s): Supritha Panchaksharam, Kuravappullam Vedaiyan Radha
Page(s): 320-326

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Preventing Man in the Middle Attack Using Machine Learning
Author(s): T. Raghupathi, M. Sivabalan, S. S. Jeganath, K. Muthamil Sudar
Page(s): 327-331

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A Review on Tinospora Cordifolia
Author(s): S. Venkateswarlu, U. Abhilash, Sai Koteswar Sarma, P. Venkatesh, D. Hepcy Kalarini, R. Prema
Page(s): 332-335

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A Review on Design and Manufacturing of Portable Sanitary Napkins Disposal Incinerator
Author(s): Ranjit V. Navale, Madhura Mane, Pratiksha Alam, Shalaka Bachche, S. N. Khetre
Page(s): 336-340

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Development of Heart Disease Prediction System Using Optimization Algorithm
Author(s): S. Muthuramya, J. Jeyaranjani
Page(s): 341-344

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Li-Fi based Smart Path System for Closed Space Region
Author(s): R. Janani, D. Rajinigirinath
Page(s): 345-349

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Implementation of IDS (Intrusion Detection System) for Home and Banks
Author(s): Kardile Divij Ramchandra, Shah Manan Mukesh, Pawar Pawan Chandrakant, D. N. Wavhal
Page(s): 350-352

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Cloud Computing Assuring Secured Log System for Cloud Forensics
Author(s): D. Ramanathan, G. Elizabeth Rani
Page(s): 353-356

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One Pot and Four Component Synthesis of 4 –Arylidene-2-Phenyl-5(4H)-Oxazolones or Azlactones
Author(s): Amit P. Tayade, Ramkrushna P. Pawar, Rajiv V. Khobare, Chandakant B. Mane, Nitin P. Tayde
Page(s): 357-358

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A Secure and Verifiable Access Control Scheme for Big Data Storage in Clouds
Author(s): G. Elizabeth Rani, A. Muthupandi, S. Vairamuthu, T. Santhosh
Page(s): 359-364

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Movie Recommendation System using AI and ML
Author(s): Celeste Murnal, Deepika
Page(s): 365-367

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Temperature Analysis in India Using Machine Learning
Author(s): G. Deepeka, N. Ashulin Nivisha
Page(s): 368-371

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Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning
Author(s): M. Ummul Safa, R. M. Ganga
Page(s): 372-374

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Object Detection Using Point Feature Under Vision Tool
Author(s): L. Dharshna, V. Deepthi, V. Lavanya
Page(s): 375-378

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Solar Powered Electric Grass Cutter, Pesticides Sprayer and Lighting Unit
Author(s): Prashant M. Chavan, Dhiraj V. Khurde, Sushant N. Adepwar, Shubham S. Kute,
Dipannita R. Kundu
Page(s): 379-381

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Modeling and Manufacturing of Helical Gear by using 3D Printing Technology
Author(s): P. Varalakshmi, Guda Revanth Kumar, Datrika Sri Harshitha, Chetty Akhila, Bangari Priyatham
Page(s): 382-387

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A Review on Analgesic Herbs
Author(s): Kodavatikanti Sudheer, Amaravati, P. Venkatesh, D. Hepcy Kalarini, R. Prema
Page(s): 388-391

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A Review on Seaweeds Polysaccharides based on Nonoparticles: Preparation and Application for Drug Delivery
Author(s): B. Siva Krishna, S. Pavan Kumar, K. Revathi, P. Venkatesh, D. Hepcy Kalarini, R. Prema
Page(s): 392-400

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Design and Analysis of a Connecting Rod
Author(s): K. Vinay Kumar, M. Mahesh, P. Sharan, J. Gopi, J. Venkatesh
Page(s): 401-405

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A Retrospective Study of Cervical Cytology and its Correlation with Hysterectomy Histopathology Report
Author(s): S. Anushree, B. T. Veena
Page(s): 406-408

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Design and Analysis of FDM based 3D Printer
Author(s): Suraj Takale, Meet Patel, Siddharth Singh, Gurjeet Singh, Nitin K. Kumar Anekar
Page(s): 409-411

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A Study of Conflicts in Building Projects in Faridabad
Author(s): Sandeep Pahal, R. P. Sharma
Page(s): 412-417

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Herbal Medicine: Knowledge and Attitude of Students Towards Traditional Methods of Treatment
Author(s): Shazia Farheen, K. V. N. R. Pratap, T. Madhavi Padma, V. Shiva Kalyan, P. Srikanth
Page(s): 418-421

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Weld Groove and its Effectiveness in SMAW
Author(s): P. Vara Laksmi, N. Rajesh Goud, M. Priya Ranjani, P. Arshad Khan
Page(s): 427-431

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Consolidation of C 5.0, Random Forest and Random Tree Crafts for Intrusion Detection System
Author(s): Meghana Solanki, Trupti Phutane
Page(s): 432-435

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Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate for Road Construction
Author(s): Parasharam S. Sutar, Hemanshu Ahire
Page(s): 436-438

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Abundant Species of Earthworms in Different Regions of India - A Review
Author(s): Om Prakash
Page(s): 439-445

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Modification of Ni-Cr Base Alloys for Steam Generator Tubes and Other Parts in Pressurized Boiling Water Reactors
Author(s): T. Ananth Kumar, P. Kiranmayi, Ch. Ranganayakulu
Page(s): 446-454

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The Culture of the Charismatic Activities: An Assessment
Author(s): Bernardo F. Ramos
Page(s): 455-469

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A Review on Overview of Gearless Transmission Through Elbow Mechanism
Author(s): U. Chakradhar, K. Muniteja, T. Charanteja, E. Lokesh, Ch. Tulasi Ram, T. Ajay, I. Karthik
Page(s): 470-471

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Distributed Computing for Load Balancing on Ant Colony Optimization
Author(s): Seema Sahu, Rajesh Tiwari
Page(s): 472-474

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Virtual Manufacturing
Author(s): Mupaala Bhanu Prakash, Narsingu Mahesh, Neerupaku Teja, K. Naresh, K. Pavan
Page(s): 475-482

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Seismic Response of Irregular Structures
Author(s): Kamal Singh Thakur, Mahesh Ram Patel
Page(s): 483-486

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Recent Development on Electric Vehicle
Author(s): Sarvepalli Sai Kiran, Kalapati Abhilash, Duvvuru Manikanta, Vankela Sudheer,
Uyyala Sai Kumar
Page(s): 487-492

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Effect of Plastic Waste on Tile by Using Thermosetting Method
Author(s): G. Siva Kumar Reddy, G. Javid Hussain, A. Muni Teja, P. Madhan Kumar, B. Hemanth Kumar
Page(s): 493-494

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A Role of Digital Library in the Engineering Colleges
Author(s): G. V. V. Satyavathi
Page(s): 495-502

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Implementation of House Price Prediction Model Using Image Processing and Machine Learning
Author(s): Gaikwad Purva Chandrakant, Ganjave Pratiksha Namdev, Gorade Pooja Subhash, S. S. Gore
Page(s): 503-505

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Overview and Application of Machine Learning
Author(s): Nishant Jethwa, Parth Joshi, Rohit Pandey
Page(s): 506-509

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Hybrid Power Generation System using Wind Energy and Solar Energy
Author(s): Ravula Rajendra, Kavuturi Pavan Sekher, Dampuru Vinod, Yerrama Setty Prasad
Page(s): 510-513

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360° Overview of Computer Vision
Author(s): Parth Joshi, Nishant Jethwa, Rohit Pandey
Page(s): 514-517

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Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing with Verifiable
Author(s): K. Vani, M. Kasthuri, A. Bhuvaneshwaran
Page(s): 518-520

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Design and Fabrication of Maglev Windmill
Author(s): Suraj Takale, Brijesh Patil
Page(s): 521-522

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Engineering Properties of Recycled Concrete Aggregate and Their Use in Road Construction
Author(s): Parasharam S. Sutar, Hemanshu Ahire
Page(s): 523-526

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Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET): Human Resource Planning and Rising Problem of Youth NEET in India
Author(s): Nidhi Srivastava
Page(s): 527-531

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Impact of Out-of Pocket Payments for Treatment of Non-Communicable Diseases in Developing Countries
Author(s): Siju Wills
Page(s): 532-540

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An Overview of Deep Learning in Autonomous Driving
Author(s): Rohit Pandey, Nishant Jethwa, Parth Joshi
Page(s): 541-544

Download Paper
Performance of Air Conditioning Design for a Restaurant Dining Area
Author(s): B. Phanindra Kumar, N. Ashok Kumar, P. Pavan, P. Aravind, M. Arbazz
Page(s): 545-548

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Magnetic Levitation
Author(s): Pennem Hemanth, Veraganaboina Harikrishna, Meraga Krishnarao, Kuvvakollu Rajesh, Durthati Venkatesh
Page(s): 549-552

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3D-Printing of a Piston Head of 4-Stroke S.I. Engine
Author(s): T. Venkata Ramana, A. Bheemudu, B. Nagaraju, B. Nanilawrence, E. Pavan Kumar
Page(s): 553-556

Download Paper
Deep Learning Driven Networking Applications
Author(s): V. R. Rashmi, H. D. Phaneendra
Page(s): 557-560

Download Paper
Astanga Yoga of Patanjali
Author(s): Queen Doley
Page(s): 561-562

Download Paper
A Critical Study on New Advancements in Cancer Treatment
Author(s): Deepa Sharma
Page(s): 563-564

Download Paper
Enhancement of Power Quality of Wind Farm Using a SVC
Author(s): Asheesh Srivastav
Page(s): 565-568

Download Paper
Replacement of Human Organs with Artificial Organs Using Cyborg Technology
Author(s): Y. Sushma, B. Siva Teja, B. Dilip, A. Naga Bharath Reddy
Page(s): 569-572

Download Paper
Analysis of Piled Raft by Geo-Structural Approach
Author(s): Solkar Noaman, Somanagonda R. Takkalaki
Page(s): 573-577

Download Paper
Design Approach of Double Pass Electrostatic Precipitator with Ceramic Foam Filter to Reduce Diesel Engine Emissions
Author(s): H. Devi Prasad Reddy, K. M. Vinay, A. D. Srinivasan
Page(s): 578-581

Download Paper
Design and Analysis of Modified Trumpet Axle
Author(s): Jatin Gaur, Sandeep Jain, Ashish Khaira
Page(s): 582-584

Download Paper
Design and Analysis of Bolt Joint
Author(s): Jatin Gaur, Sandeep Jain
Page(s): 585-586

Download Paper
Derivation of Remainder Theorem for Polynomial of nth Degree
Author(s): Sunny Karmur
Page(s): 587-588

Download Paper
One-Pot Four-Component Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Free Radical Scavenging Ability Evaluation of Napthyl - Aryl Substituted Imidazole
Author(s): A. K. Ameerunisha Begam, S. Jemimah Pricilla, C. Sebastian Antony Selvan
Page(s): 589-591

Download Paper
Workforce Diversity Management: Key to Inclusive Sustainability
Author(s): Priti Gupta
Page(s): 592-596

Download Paper
Design of Centrifugal Pump Piping System and Calculation of Losses Occurs
Author(s): Shreyas Basagare, Chetan Metkar, Kunal Minde
Page(s): 597-601

Download Paper
Attitude Towards Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Among Higher Secondary Students in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
Author(s): S. U. Santhosh
Page(s): 602-603

Download Paper
Image to Text Processing Using Raspberry Pi
Author(s): C. S. Shinde, Pratik Shivaji Jawale, Pritish Suresh Tare, Rishikesh Rajesh Choudhary, Swanand Bhushan Kulkarni
Page(s): 604-606

Download Paper
A Review on Various Iris Recognition Techniques Using Image Processing
Author(s): P. Navya, Jismi Babu
Page(s): 611-614

Download Paper
Cyborg Fashion: Redefining Modern Beauty
Author(s): Dolly Kumar
Page(s): 615-618

Download Paper
A Study to Assess the Nursing Care of Children with Respiratory Tract Infection in Govt. Hospital, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
Author(s): S. U. Santhosh
Page(s): 619-620

Download Paper
Effect of Quality Control Circle Application to the Employee Work Productivity of PT Z
Author(s): Wahju Inggar Fipiana, Wenda Susanto
Page(s): 621-626

Download Paper
Human Activity Recognition Using SVM and Deep Learning
Author(s): V. Parameswari, S. Pushpalatha
Page(s): 627-630

Download Paper
A Review: Six Stroke Internal Combustion Engine
Author(s): T. Lokesh, Md. Ameen, Sk. Sajidh, Jagadeesh Roy, M. Yaswanth
Page(s): 631-633

Download Paper
Style and a Brief Stylistic Analysis of the Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra
Author(s): Hemanta Rajbanshi, Bairagi Patra
Page(s): 634-636

Download Paper
Current Scenario of Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness
Author(s): Poonam Ekka
Page(s): 637-638

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Solar Powered Multipurpose Pesticide Remote Controlled Robot
Author(s): P. Michael Joseph Stalin, B. Abdul Subhahan, A. Vijay Kumar, K. Chengaiah, D. Malli Karjuna, M. Sree Hari, K. Chenchu Dinesh, T. Mukesh Kumar, Sd. Asif, V. Chaithanya
Page(s): 639-641

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A Comparative Study of Concrete Strength Properties by Using Copper Slag and Recycled Aggregates with Partially Replacement of Fine Aggregates and Coarse Aggregates
Author(s): Ravinder, Ravikant Sharma
Page(s): 642-645

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Contemplative Architecture
Author(s): Purva Puranik, Richa Joshi, Akshada Raverkar
Page(s): 646-647

Download Paper
Exploring the Passive Technique for Achieving Thermal Comfort in an Indigenous Architecture of Kerala
Author(s): J. Jasvi, J. Jessy, C. Sivamonika
Page(s): 648-654

Download Paper
A Study on Socio-Economic Background of Rice Growing Farmers in Balasore District of Odisha
Author(s): Pramod Kumar Das, Gitanjali Panda, Sanjib Kumar Majhi
Page(s): 655-658

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Non-Invasive Method for Diabetes Detection using CNN and SVM Classifier
Author(s): R. S. Parte, Ankit Patil, Adesh Patil, Apurva Kad, Swapnali Kharat
Page(s): 659-661

Download Paper
Vermi-Technology: (Vermiculture, Methods, Beneficial Effects)
Author(s): Prabhoo Singh, Hukam Singh Kothyari
Page(s): 662-664

Download Paper
A Study on Awareness of Nanotechnology in Agribusiness Management Graduates of Pune, Maharashtra
Author(s): Amit K. Patil, Aditya Bavadekar, Ganesh Rao, Prachi Lala, Deepak Andhale
Page(s): 665-667

Download Paper
Modern Day Washing Machine
Author(s): B. P. Aruna Rao, V. Supriya, A. Monisha, Penujuri Naga Sai Snehitha, Pratima P. Agnihotri
Page(s): 668-670

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Herbals are used in Non-Cancerous Fibroids
Author(s): Sandhya Godi, Anubhav Shrivastav, Pankaj Yadav, Manglesh Tiwari, Nandu Kaynde
Page(s): 671-672

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A Study on Academic Performance of Tribal Students in Thrissur, Kerala
Author(s): K. M. Vineetha
Page(s): 673-675

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Enhancement of Document Images using Geometrical Operations and Bilateral Filter
Author(s): Biny Abraham, S. Priya, K. V. Sheena
Page(s): 676-678

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Romberg's Test versus Kinect© Sense - As Assessment Tool of Static Balance Issues Among Subjects with Type-2 Diabetes
Author(s): Murali Sivanandam, Maaz Ahmed Gour, B. S. Sneha
Page(s): 679-683

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A Survey on Student Placement Prediction using Supervised Learning Algorithms
Author(s): P. N. Shejwal, Nageshwar Patil, Akash Bobade, Akshay Kothawade, Sadashiv Sangale
Page(s): 684-685

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A Study of Nutritional Profile and Antioxidant Properties of Chick Pea (Cicer arietinum L) and Horse Gram (Macrotyloma Uniflorum)
Author(s): Verma Shilpa, Sood Sangita
Page(s): 686-689

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Design and Fabrication of Highway Maglev Smart Wind Mill
Author(s): Asgar Ali, Anas Khan, Devdeep Tripathi, Vivek Kumar
Page(s): 690-691

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A Descriptive Study on Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain to Improve Demand Accuracy, Inventory and Customer Fulfillment Levels with Special Reference to CPR (Consumer Products & Retail) Industry
Author(s): Vibhore Khandelwal
Page(s): 692-695

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Impact of Sedentary Lifestyle on Teenagers (13-25 Years) in Urban Households
Author(s): Pranav Dhawan
Page(s): 696-702

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“MATLAB” Basics: Commands, Functions & Operations
Author(s): Vishal V. Mehtre, Aman Pal
Page(s): 708-710

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Author(s): Vishal V. Mehtre, Shubham Yadav
Page(s): 711-712

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