Volume-2, Issue-2, February-2019

Chemical Speciation of Binary Complexes of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) with 1,10 Phenanthroline in Acetonitrile-Water and DMF Water Mixtures
Author(s): P. Lakshmi Kishore, V. Tejeswara Rao, G. Nageswara Rao
Page(s): 1-8

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Impact of Teamwork on Organisation Performance
Author(s): M. Apoorva
Page(s): 9-11

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Impact of Green HR Practices on Employees Performance
Author(s): Zoya Kulsum
Page(s): 12-14

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An Empirical Study on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Banking Sector
Author(s): Shivam Dubey, Suchita Shukla
Page(s): 15-19

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A Study on the Perception of Distributors towards Multilevel Marketing
Author(s): Pooja Prakash
Page(s): 20-25

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A Study on the Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Perception in Bangalore, India
Author(s): Anusha Jagadish
Page(s): 26-30

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Enhancing Corporate Governance through Ethics: In Indian Scenario
Author(s): Sk. Razia Begam, A. Srilakshmi
Page(s): 31-35

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Monitoring of ECG Signals by using Neural Network
Author(s): Jitesh R Patil, R. R. Karhe
Page(s): 36-39

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Experiences and Difficulties Faced by Family Caregivers of Hemodialysis Patients in Ranchi, Jharkhand
Author(s): Rumi Rajkhowa
Page(s): 40-42

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Care for Hemodialysis Patients; Barriers and Facilitators in Selected Hospitals in Ranchi
Author(s): Rumi Rajkhowa
Page(s): 43-44

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Current Cloud Computing and Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Architecture (SOCCA): Security Issues and Benefits
Author(s): Nasrin Munshibhai Shah
Page(s): 45-50

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Growth and Challenges of Master Teachers in the Province of Batangas
Author(s): Larry Tordecilla Ojale
Page(s): 51-54

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Screening of Antimalarial Medicines Quality across Selected Sites in India
Author(s): Baljinder K. Sandhu, Sakshi, Hari Shankar, Naseem Ahmed, Roma Rana, M. K. Das, Sagya Singh, Sartha Das, Savitri Tiwari, Neera Kapoor, Neelima Mishra
Page(s): 55-60

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Design and Analysis of Crankshaft
Author(s): Kevin Patel, Darshan Rathod, Dhaval Patel, Dhaval Patel, Mit Patel, Kalpan Desai
Page(s): 61-64

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Emotion Based Music Player
Author(s): Vinayak Bali, Shubham Haval, Snehal Patil, R. Priyambiga
Page(s): 65-70

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Design and Fabrication of Portable Solar Operated Chemical Sprayer
Author(s): K. Pradeep Kumar, S. Akilan, M. Gobinath, D. Gowtham, M. Guruprasath
Page(s): 71-72

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Online Voting System based on Fingerprint and Aadhar ID
Author(s): Kiran S. Dhawale, Darshika R. Ingole, G. A. Dashmukhe
Page(s): 73-75

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Dimensional Study on Share Price Volatility of Banking Sector Listed in NSE
Author(s): D. Sandhya
Page(s): 76-78

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Simulation of Voltage Flicker Mitigation by Electric Spring in Wind Generations
Author(s): M. Narendar Reddy, A Srilatha, D. Vijaya
Page(s): 79-81

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Solid Waste Management using IoT
Author(s): S. Anusha, M. S. Chaithra, G. V. Gowri, B. Maheshwari, S. Suma
Page(s): 82-84

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Railway Security System based on Wireless Sensor Networks: State of the Art using Labview
Author(s): Ranjita Barange, Varsha Sharma
Page(s): 85-87

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Impact of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows on Export Performance and Growth of Indian Economy
Author(s): N. S. Bala Nimoshini Supraja
Page(s): 88-91

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Bidirectional DC-DC Converter using in Electric Vehicle
Author(s): Balu Wadave, Jayshree Sonkamble, Sushma Kumbhar
Page(s): 92-94

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Parallel Computation for Layered Model based on Heterogeneous System
Author(s): Pranita A. Bhagat, Vaishnavi D. Bante, Shyam R. Ayyar, A. K. Gaikwad
Page(s): 95-97

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To Study and Survey of Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping
Author(s): Saurabh Sharma, Prabhat Dwivedi
Page(s): 98-101

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Modified Floor Cleaning Machine
Author(s): Roshan V. Dandage, Vaibhav B. Chaudhari, Mahesh P. Deore, Akshay P. Deshmukh,
A. A. Muley
Page(s): 102-104

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Removal of Phenol from Synthetic Sample by Adsorption
Author(s): B. T. Shobha, Shashikanth
Page(s): 105-110

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Irrigation System using Internet of Things
Author(s): R. Manju Haller, Parvati Kadli
Page(s): 111-114

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Development of Microstrip Filter for Telecommunication Application
Author(s): S. C. Vinutha, Parvati Kadli
Page(s): 115-118

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A Study of Methods for Recharge of Aquifers and Porous Asphalt Pavement
Author(s): V. S. Patil, D. B. Desai
Page(s): 119-126

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Evento: A College Event App
Author(s): Akshay Kumbhar, Gaurang Bhagwat, Asmita Karale, Hiral Mav, Manish Bhelande
Page(s): 127-130

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E-Braille: A Study Aid for Visual Impaired
Author(s): Salman Ahmed Kavalgeri, Raj Vasudev Chakraborthy, Syeda Farha Naz, K. J. Chaitanya
Page(s): 131-135

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Bar Bending with Cutting Machine Use in Construction Department
Author(s): Saurabh A. Dongre, Pratik V. Tokse, Shubham H. Bhalme, Rahul D. Bholajwar, A. M. Hatwar
Page(s): 136-137

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Arduino based Smart Water Level Monitoring and Controlling for Domestic Application
Author(s): Vaishnavi Raikar, Archana Ranjan, Pramodh Poddar, K. J. Chaitanya
Page(s): 138-141

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Online Digital Banking Channels
Author(s): Kulvinder Singh
Page(s): 142-142

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Door Surveillance with Smart Bell
Author(s): Manaswi Shimpi, Kamran Zikre, Daawar Latif, Deepali Shrikhande
Page(s): 143-147

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Precision Farming using Mobile Application Development: SaaS and Internet of Things
Author(s): Faraaz Ahmed, Faraz Ahmed, Ruman Pasha, Vinay Prathap, Asghar Pasha, Deva Kumaria
Page(s): 148-151

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Impact of GST on Sales of Indian Baby Diaper Market
Author(s): P. Pinakapani, K. Sri Chandana
Page(s): 152-153

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Management Practices in Food Processing Industries
Author(s): Suraj Panpatte
Page(s): 154-157

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A Study on Costing Technique and its Effectiveness
Author(s): V. Sharron Jasmine
Page(s): 158-160

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A Survey on Smart Employee Locker System
Author(s): Reshma Khalkar, Vaibhav Kadbhane, Punam Gite, Arti Darekar
Page(s): 161-162

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SWOT Analysis of Online Baby Care Product Market in India
Author(s): P. Pinakapani, K. Sri Chandana
Page(s): 163-165

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Clean India not a Movement but also Influence Attitude and Behavior - An Impact of Social Campaigns
Author(s): Priyanka Chourasiya
Page(s): 166-169

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A Study on the Identification of Employee Motivation Techniques and Proposals for Implementing the Motivating Practices in Organizations
Author(s): Cecilia Xavier
Page(s): 170-173

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Smart Solution on Leaf Disease Detection
Author(s): Madhavi D. Kalsait, Nikhil S. Mandokar, Smita S. Sawarkar, Archana Pranjale
Page(s): 174-176

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Anti-Earthquake Resistant System for Building
Author(s): M. Shilpashree Vaichal, Arun Rangappa
Page(s): 177-179

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Bioleaching of Ledo Coal (Assam)
Author(s): Birendra Kumar Yadav
Page(s): 180-182

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An Improved Approach for Edge Detection in Colored Images
Author(s): M. Savitha, Divya
Page(s): 183-185

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Optimization of Parameters on Abrasive Water Jet Machining of Glass-Epoxy Laminate
Author(s): G. J. Sushma Preetham, M. Sreenivasa Rao
Page(s): 186-188

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A Review of Literature on Leadership Styles and Employee Performance
Author(s): Amir Hussain Shah, Sabzar Ahmad Peerzadah
Page(s): 189-192

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Intellectually Automated Wheelchair
Author(s): Aishwarya Patil, Vikram Shinde, Karnsinh Chikane, Prathamesh Gunde, Malhar Devasthali,
R. Priyambiga
Page(s): 193-194

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Effect of Lamaze Method on Pain Perception, Anxiety and Fatigue among Primi Mothers During Labour Process
Author(s): Sindhu Kuruvilla
Page(s): 195-198

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Highly Sensitive Pin Accessibility for ATM using Human Body Communication
Author(s): A. Divya, M. R. Maha Lakshmi
Page(s): 199-201

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Application of Bioleaching for Recovery of Valuable Product
Author(s): Birendra Kumar Yadav
Page(s): 202-203

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Raspberry Pi based Smart Reader for Visually Impaired People
Author(s): K. Barathkumar, S. Balaji, K. N. Desikan, S. Padhmanabha Iyappan
Page(s): 204-207

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IoT and AI based Home Automation System
Author(s): Swapnil Thakare, Sharad Yadav, Amar Waghade
Page(s): 208-210

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A Review on Routing Protocols in VANET
Author(s): V. Praveen Kumar, V. Thamizharasi
Page(s): 211-216

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Multigrade Teaching in Public Elementary Schools in Batangas Province
Author(s): Celerina Mendoza-Sintones
Page(s): 217-219

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Integration of Urban Storm Water within Transport Planning-A Case of New Delhi, India
Author(s): Noopur Gupta
Page(s): 220-223

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Review of Multipurpose Agriculture Machine
Author(s): Asit Dhawale, Akash Jadhao, Sanket Hendve, Kirti Fadnvis, Sumit Hande, Ashutosh Gadling
Page(s): 224-229

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Comparative Analysis of C Shaped RC Frame by Replacing Masonry from Strut using Response Spectrum Analysis
Author(s): P. Vishal, S. V. Rajeeva
Page(s): 230-233

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Gender Marketing in the 21st Century
Author(s): Azwa Ansar, Analisa De Noronha, Saisravani Viswanadham, Sanandita Dasgupta
Page(s): 234-237

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Review on Efficiency Increasing HHO Kit for IC Engine
Author(s): Sunil Kharde, Pramod Khodade, Rohit Nagare, Ganesh Nagare, Himanshu Rajule
Page(s): 238-243

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Ergonomic and Technical Aspect in Redesign of Material Handling System
Author(s): C. R. Ashwini, Mohammed Ismail
Page(s): 244-246

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Ethernet Modbus/TCP based Weighing Transmitter
Author(s): Shweta Mishra, Bablu Gupta, Rohit Katkar, Dharmendra Gupta, Pragati Dwivedi
Page(s): 247-249

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Key Factors for Enhancing Technological Capability in Strategic Electronics in India: A Study
Author(s): Kishore Balbadra, K. Kalidas
Page(s): 250-256

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Novel Idea for Sensor Battery Recharge with Wireless Charging in Smart Washrooms
Author(s): T. Amarasimha, Vaddi Srinivasa Rao, Mohammad Imran
Page(s): 257-259

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Smart Traffic Control System – A Review
Author(s): S. Revathi, C. M. Srivarshini, S. Sawfeeq Mohammed
Page(s): 260-261

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Reliable Data Distribution Services in Cloud Computing
Author(s): Swati A. Tale, Smita V. Tembhurne, Nikita A. Shambharkar, A. G. Waghade
Page(s): 262-264

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Working of Fish like Propulsion System
Author(s): Akshay R. Wase, Mrunal R. Tompe, Anurag O. Thelkar, Pranav G.Wankhade, C. G. Deshmukh
Page(s): 265-266

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Employee’s View on Job Satisfaction: A Study on Garments Industry in Bangalore
Author(s): M. Haritha, H. Nischitha, N. Sunitha
Page(s): 267-272

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Collaboration between Corporates and Self-Help Groups – A Foreword
Author(s): R. Venkatesh
Page(s): 273-276

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Performance Improvement of Microgrid System with Three Phase Six Switch Converter Topology
Author(s): Jitendra Kumar Rajak, Arvind Jain
Page(s): 277-279

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Extraction and Properties of Papaya Seed Oil
Author(s): S. D. Appese, Naveen Kumar, Prasanna Gouda
Page(s): 280-281

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Artificial Intelligence based Helmet Wearing System
Author(s): V. Vijitha, S. Anitha, S. T. Kavya, S. Mahadhir Mohammed, S. Lokesh
Page(s): 282-284

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Transport Information Retrieval using Data Mining Technique
Author(s): S. Ashika, V. Anitha, M. Jeevitha, R. Sathyadevi, M. Umapathy
Page(s): 285-288

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Design and Implementation of Efficient Carry Select Adder using Novel Logic Algorithm
Author(s): V. Thamizharasi
Page(s): 289-294

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Impact and Experience of Social Media Marketing on Customer Engagement
Author(s): Pallavi Bhargava, Satish Chandra Ojha
Page(s): 295-303

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Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Investments in Seaports - An Empirical Analysis of Sustainable Livelihoods using Simultaneous Equations Methods
Author(s): Anil Yendluri, M. Muthyalu Naidu
Page(s): 304-311

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Hand Gesture Recognition for Home Automation
Author(s): V. Savitha, J. Nandhini, S. Kokilavani, G. Kalaiarasi, A. S. Narmadha
Page(s): 312-321

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A Study on Consumer Behaviour towards Johnson Baby Product in New Panvel
Author(s): Sharon Mathew
Page(s): 322-325

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Estimation of Shearing Force and Verification of Stokes’ Law of Viscosity
Author(s): Arup Shit
Page(s): 326-328

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Monitoring Sensor’s Data with IFTTT for Smart Home
Author(s): Rupali P. Wankhade, Sneha M. Wagh, A. G. Waghade
Page(s): 329-331

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An Efficient Scheme of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Author(s): Urmila Singh, Anshuj Jain
Page(s): 332-340

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Prediction of Heart Disease based on Certain Attributes using ACR Data Mining Techniques
Author(s): S. G. Divya, A. Amreen, R. Induja, M. Balamurugan
Page(s): 341-344

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Formulation of Medicated Chewing Gum
Author(s): Shubham E. Perane, Rushikesh B. Tanpure
Page(s): 345-346

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The Prime Number of the Zero Divisor Graph
Author(s): A. Lilly Pushpam, M. Karthigeyan
Page(s): 347-348

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Design of Low Power Comparator for 10-bit SAR ADC in Biomedical Applications
Author(s): Krishnaveni Guduru, Gowsiya Sayyad, Aruna Savalam
Page(s): 349-351

Download Paper
Heart Disease Prediction using Machine Learning
Author(s): Abhijeet Jagtap, Priya Malewadkar, Omkar Baswat, Harshali Rambade
Page(s): 352-355

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Power Management System using PIR Sensor
Author(s): Shete Rucha Rajendra, Narale Aishwarya Shrinivas, Magdum Sharvari Subhash, Bhojakar Trupti Sanjay, P. V. Balwan
Page(s): 356-358

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Introduction to Sintering Process in Additive Layer Manufacturing Processes
Author(s): Himanshu Khattar
Page(s): 359-361

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Hand Gesture Controlled Robot and Obstacle Avoidance System using Arduino for Cleaning Application
Author(s): R. Radha, M. Priya, G. Bhuvaneswari, M. Umapathy
Page(s): 362-364

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Intelligent Wheel Chair based on Hand Gesture Control
Author(s): S. Krishnakumar
Page(s): 365-367

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Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour: An Empirical Study in Homestay Cottage Accommodation in the Nilgiris, Tamilnadu
Author(s): K. Mahindra
Page(s): 368-370

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Higher Education of Transgenders in India: Opportunities and Challenges
Author(s): Pallav Das
Page(s): 371-375

Download Paper
Share Market Prediction
Author(s): Sarvesh Adgurwar, Kunal Shroff, Samip Baseshankar, Chinmay Kadke, Priti C. Golar
Page(s): 376-377

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A Comparative Study of Features of Customer Relationship Management System
Author(s): Abhilasha, Vishal Shrivastava
Page(s): 378-380

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Experimental Investigation on V-shape Flat Plate Collector
Author(s): Pragatish Sukhadia, Hitesh Dharmesh Gajjar, Sunilkumar Badriprasad Kumavat,
Vishal Shreebhagvan Agrawal
Page(s): 381-382

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Experimental Study of Photoelectric Effect
Author(s): Sandeep Yadav
Page(s): 383-385

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Universal Paper Cutting Machine – A Review
Author(s): Shah Vipul, Mistry Nishant, Shaikh Sahil, Patel Neel, Yadav Surya Prakash
Page(s): 386-387

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Design and Development of Aluminium Can Crusher
Author(s): Yashwant Attarde, Pushpender Singh, Mahendra Patil, Avinash Patil, Ganesh karpe
Page(s): 388-389

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Social Media: A Boon for Marketer of Unorganized Sector
Author(s): Reetu Sharma
Page(s): 390-395

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A Study on Blue Brain Modeling, Applications and its Challenges
Author(s): Saurav Poonia
Page(s): 396-401

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Recent Advances in the Management of Gestational Diabetes and Pre-Eclampsia
Author(s): Syed Fahid Ali, Mohammed Mohi Uddin
Page(s): 402-406

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Implementation of UART Technique in FPGA
Author(s): Yogivani Malleboina, Manisha Erigineni, G. Krishnaveni
Page(s): 407-409

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Data Hiding in Grayscale Images using Least Significant Bit Technique
Author(s): V. Thamizharasi
Page(s): 410-413

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Modification of Combustion Chamber in Boiler to Maintain Pressure and Temperature
Author(s): Chintan B. Lad, Mayur S. Patel, Priyal S. Patel, Daxal B. Patel, Chirag M. Patel
Page(s): 414-418

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IoT based Smart Waste Management System
Author(s): Nikhil Bhagwan Patil, Omkar Subhash Magdum, Harshad Mahaveer Shirguppe, Omkar Dilip Badave, C. S. Rawal
Page(s): 419-422

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A Review on 360 Degree Flexible Rotating Drilling Machine
Author(s): Kamli Harsh, Parth Mistry, Patel Akashr, Patel Ankit, Patel Hemik, Priyang A. Mistry
Page(s): 423-425

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A Study on Impact of Social Media Marketing of Decathlon on Young Adults
Author(s): Yathra Dechamma
Page(s): 426-429

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A Study on the Impact of Brand Image on Consumer Decision Making at Decathlon
Author(s): M. Ramya
Page(s): 430-433

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A Review on use of Phase Change Materials as Thermal Energy Storage in Domestic Refrigeration System
Author(s): Shamuvel Shinder, Krishnakant Pawar, Sanket Mahajan, Bhushan Tambe
Page(s): 434-436

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To Find the Content of Cold Drinks Available in the Market
Author(s): Ganesh S. Waghule, Sagar D. Magar, Gangadhar V. Pawar, Dipali P. Gadekar
Page(s): 437-438

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IoT based Electronic Door Opener
Author(s): N. Saranya, V. R. T. Nithin, S. Pandiarajan, S. Maheshwaran, R. Praveen
Page(s): 439-441

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To Remove Casting Defects Analytically with the help of Pro-CAST Software
Author(s): Dipesh N. Patel, Ravirajsinh S. Gohil, Hitej H. Patel, Nainesh N. Patel, Mayank H. Suratwala, Chandan R. Singh
Page(s): 442-444

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Role of Computer Aided Drug Design in Drug Development and Discovery: An Overview
Author(s): Sameera Begum, S. M. Shahidulla
Page(s): 445-450

Download Paper
Optimization of Pipe Rack by Study of Braced Bay
Author(s): M. G. Kawade, A. V. Navale
Page(s): 451-455

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Smart Vehicle Assistance and Theft Prevention (S.V.A.P)
Author(s): Swapnanshu Borkar, Chinmay Pohane, Palash Dharpure, Naina Batra, Nikita Chahande,
Praveen Sen
Page(s): 456-458

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A Review of Turbo Codes for 4G Networks and Beyond
Author(s): Sonal Laad, S. R. Mansore
Page(s): 459-462

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Vehicle Data Mining and Analytics
Author(s): Narsimharao Vittanala, Saurabh Ghodekar, Vishakha Sharma, Krupali Suki, Manjusha Tatiya
Page(s): 463-466

Download Paper
Wireless System for Precision Agriculture
Author(s): Utkarsha Bhaisare, Rupali Patil, Aishwarya Somkuwar, Gopal R. Jadhao
Page(s): 467-468

Download Paper
Multipurpose Suction Machine
Author(s): Anit Yadav, Patel Dhaval, Panchal Vishnu, Sinh Virendra, Singh Abhay, Shah Daxesh
Page(s): 469-470

Download Paper
Arrhythmia Detection using ECG Sensor
Author(s): Kanchan Kalokhe, Bhavana Baad, Neha Bhatkhande, Mrunalinee Patole
Page(s): 471-474

Download Paper
Resilient DFS Architecture for Enabling Trust in IC Manufacturing and Testing
Author(s): M. Agila, S. Krithiga
Page(s): 475-482

Download Paper
Strength Characteristics of Soil Glycerol Mixture: Cement as Additive
Author(s): Ashima R. Suresh, Tanuja Christopher D’Cruz
Page(s): 483-484

Download Paper
Compaction Characteristics Mapping of Kazhakuttam Soil using GIS
Author(s): J. Swathi, V. Rani
Page(s): 485-488

Download Paper
Home Automation System using ESP8266 based MQTT
Author(s): S. Balakrishnan, B. Madhurekha, N. Shobana, S. Sherlyn Selshiya, G. Sathyabama
Page(s): 489-492

Download Paper
Secure and Robust Digital Image Watermarking using Stegnography
Author(s): M. Archana, R. Bharathiraja
Page(s): 493-495

Download Paper
Pre Processing Methods for Runway Pictures Taken in Poor Visibility Conditions using Single Scale Retinex Algorithm
Author(s): A. Ashwini, Rahila Bilal
Page(s): 496-499

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