Volume-2, Issue-7, July-2019

Analysis of Production Process to Improve Lead Time and Productivity in Fabrication by using Lean Methodology. Case Study in Turbine Component Manufacture Company
Author(s): Riko Muri, Ganjar Sidik Gandara, Ayu Puspa Wirani, Sawarni Hasibuan
Page(s): 1-7

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Evaluation of Anti-Anxiety Activity of Muntingia Calabura Linn. Leaves Extract and Fruit Juice in Albino Mice
Author(s): N. Shruthi, Kowti Rajesh, Bheemachari, H. V. Annegowda, K. S. Papanna
Page(s): 8-13

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A Brief Survey of Routing Methods in Computer Network
Author(s): Sagar K. Naik
Page(s): 14-15

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Committed Teacher: Teacher Commitment and Dedication to Student Learning
Author(s): Mehroz Akhter
Page(s): 16-17

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Fractional Integro – Differential Systems in Complete Vector Space for Controllability
Author(s): S. Savitha, N. Ramyaprabha
Page(s): 18-23

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Smart Museum having Audio Playback
Author(s): Nikita Jinralkar, A. N. Kulkarni
Page(s): 24-25

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Secure Congregate based Intrusion Detection System in Infrastructure Less Network
Author(s): Sarika Patil
Page(s): 26-31

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Comparative Study of Permeable Pavement
Author(s): Shital S. Shinde, Pratiksha Dhage, Shravani Doke, Vanmala Karande, Snehal Kale
Page(s): 32-35

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Moral Decision Making in School Management
Author(s): Mini Sohil
Page(s): 36-37

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A Review of Multimedia Cryptography Techniques
Author(s): Tarun Kumar Mishra, Mamta Sakpal
Page(s): 38-40

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Comparison and Study of Cable Stayed Bridges using STAAD Pro
Author(s): Abhishek R. Peshattiwar, Snehal Raut
Page(s): 41-45

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Effect of Dynamic Load on Footing
Author(s): Anurag Saraogi, Suhail Qureshi
Page(s): 46-47

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Fault Detection for Underground Cable
Author(s): V. Laxman, K. Sairaj, P. Laximan, P. Damu, P. Majunath
Page(s): 48-50

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An Analytical Study on Blast Wall for Increasing Blast Resisting Capacity
Author(s): I. R. Flemy Mariya, R. Nihil
Page(s): 51-53

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Grillage Analysis of T – Beam Bridges
Author(s): K. Pushpavathi, Premanand Shenoy
Page(s): 54-58

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Monetary Policy and the Performance of the Nigerian Capital Market (1986 – 2017)
Author(s): Sylvia Chikodi Anaele, Chinweobo E. Umeora
Page(s): 59-72

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The Democracy: Issues and Challenges in Israel’s Neighborhood
Author(s): Afshan
Page(s): 73-76

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How Apple Revived under Steve Jobs
Author(s): Radhika Mehta
Page(s): 77-82

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Seismic Performance of Soft Storey and Vertical Geometrical Irregular Structures
Author(s): C. A. Aiyappa, T. M. Chandini, C. Dayananda Murthy, G. K. Sahana, B. N. Bhavyashree
Page(s): 83-87

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Loading Resistance of Corrugated Web Girders
Author(s): P. A. Anusree, P. Anima
Page(s): 88-91

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How Search Engine Works
Author(s): Shaon Tewari
Page(s): 92-100

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An Overview on Blockchain Technology
Author(s): Sheetal Patil, Sonali Panda, Durva Tarale
Page(s): 101-104

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Home Automation System by using IoT
Author(s): R. Sudha, S. Arun Prasad
Page(s): 105-108

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IoT based Smart Mirror
Author(s): Priya R. Gondkar, P. A. More
Page(s): 109-111

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A Study on Strength Properties of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement with MSWI-Ash
Author(s): G. Drakshayani, A. Ramakrishnaiah
Page(s): 112-114

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Staff Nurses Knowledge Regarding Glasgow Coma Scale in Selected Hospitals in Lucknow
Author(s): P. K. Sherin
Page(s): 115-116

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Premenstrual Tension Syndrome Among Degree Students in Selected Colleges, Kerala
Author(s): S. Bismis Urumi
Page(s): 117-119

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Oral Care for Traumatized Patients: Effectiveness of Teaching Programme Among Staff Nurses
Author(s): P. K. Sherin
Page(s): 120-121

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Analysis of Mutual Funds and Share Market from 2014
Author(s): Preity Verma, Gauri Raghav
Page(s): 122-125

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A Cross-Sectional Survey on Menstrual Problems Among Students of Selected Schools in Kerala
Author(s): S. Bismis Urumi
Page(s): 126-128

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Stress Among General Nursing Students and B.Sc. Nursing Students from Selected Nursing Institutes in Lucknow
Author(s): Jomet George
Page(s): 129-131

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Stress in Clinical Practice among Nursing Students in Career Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital, Lucknow
Author(s): Jomet George
Page(s): 132-134

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Sub-Band Threshold for Wavelet based Image Compression
Author(s): R. B. Kalyani, D. Srinivas
Page(s): 135-138

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Improving the Voltage Profile and the Line Power Flows in Various Controlling System by UPFC
Author(s): Biresh Bamne, Pradeep Patel
Page(s): 139-142

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A Comparative Financial Performance of ICICI Bank and State Bank of India
Author(s): D. K. Maheshwari, Nikita
Page(s): 143-148

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Safety Studies of RaguRama Bana Chendhuram (RRBC), A Siddha Mineral Formulation
Author(s): K. Sathiyapriya, M. Murugesan, S. Visweswaran, S. Sivakumar, A. Mariappan
Page(s): 149-153

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Knowledge Regarding Osteoarthritis and its Risk Factors Among Lucknow Population
Author(s): Prince Pappy
Page(s): 154-155

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Quasi-Experimental Study to Evaluate the Effect of a Formal Teaching Intervention on Positioning of Patients After Stroke Aimed to Improve Nurses Knowledge and Practice
Author(s): Jinash Raju
Page(s): 156-158

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Effectiveness of Non-Pharmacological Interventions among Women with Osteoarthritis
Author(s): Prince Pappy
Page(s): 159-161

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Prevention of Pressure Ulcer, Nurses Knowledge and Practice in Selected Hospitals in Lucknow
Author(s): Jinash Raju
Page(s): 162-164

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Determination of the Influence of Fouling on Heat Exchangers using Control Parameters
Author(s): Shabna Shihab, A. Nasar
Page(s): 165-168

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A Study on Fuzzy Soft Gamma-Semiring Homomorphism
Author(s): K. Geetha, P. Kalaivani
Page(s): 169-172

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Web Information System for GPS Vehicle Tracking, Telematics, Communication and Advanced Fleet Management System
Author(s): N. Charanaraj, S. V. Jayanth, V. U. Dhanush, Deril Quardras, Vasudev Shahapur
Page(s): 173-175

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Harnessing Multiple Data from Twitter and Performing Sentiment Analysis on Tweets
Author(s): Hajeera Nikhat Khanam, Farhana Kausar
Page(s): 176-178

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Six Sigma Applications to Eliminate the Play Issue in K2 Slider
Author(s): Jayant, Vivek
Page(s): 179-181

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Seismic Performance of Hybrid Columns of Varying Cross-Sections
Author(s): N. S. Shicy, Sajan Jose
Page(s): 182-183

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Stability Analysis of Earth Slopes using Plaxis Software
Author(s): Shailendra S. Kallimath, Rajashekhar Malagihal
Page(s): 184-188

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Smart Android Application for Visually Blind People
Author(s): Vikram Shinde, Vaishali S. Phalake
Page(s): 189-190

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Analysis and Modeling of a Combined Cycle Power Plant using Graph Theory
Author(s): Satyendra Yadav, Nitin Jain
Page(s): 191-193

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A Review on Seed Sowing Method and Alternative Method for Small Farmers
Author(s): Ashish V. Kadu, Vipul Rathod, Vikram Matre
Page(s): 194-196

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Determination of Stability of Layered Homogenous Finite Slopes
Author(s): Pruthviraj Nayak, Rajashekhar Malagihal
Page(s): 197-201

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Optimization of Machining Parameters of CNC Lathe in Turning using RSM
Author(s): Gouri Shankar Chandra, Rinku Jangda
Page(s): 202-203

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Diabetes in Medical Astrology
Author(s): S. Sharma, Prathyangira Swamy
Page(s): 204-206

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Moral Rights and Indian Copyright Law
Author(s): K. R. Yadav
Page(s): 207-210

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Cost Optimization with Repetitive Scheduling Methods
Author(s): B. Madhavi, T. Chandra Mouli
Page(s): 211-217

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Critical Analysis of Risk Management and Mitigation of BOT Projects
Author(s): M. H. Lakshmi Devi, T. Chandra Mouli
Page(s): 218-225

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Impact of Construction Equipment Downtime in Indian Construction Sector
Author(s): K. Prasanth Kumar, T. Chandra Mouli
Page(s): 226-230

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Comparative Analysis of Artificial Intelligence based Techniques for Emotion Detection in Text
Author(s): Daljit Singh
Page(s): 231-235

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Strategic Cost Management for Construction Project Success
Author(s): M. Rajaq Baig, T. Chandra Mouli
Page(s): 236-242

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The Effects of Demographic Factors on Kenya Economic using Multiple Linear Regression Analysis
Author(s): Gitonga Harun Mwangi, Joesph Njuguna Karomo, Kokure Peter Kamaret
Page(s): 243-246

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Author(s): Prajakta R. Mhavarkar
Page(s): 247-254

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Implementation of Gulayan Sa Paaralan Program (GPP) in All Public Schools in San Nicolas District
Author(s): Carlos M. Rosales
Page(s): 255-259

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Management and Location of Booths using Android Technique
Author(s): Srishti Dikshit, Aman Singh, Brajesh Kumar Singh
Page(s): 260-265

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Travelogue of Al-Beruni on India
Author(s): Nazia Kouser
Page(s): 266-268

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Political Empowerment: Gender Balance in Gulf Countries in the Era of Globalization
Author(s): Afshan
Page(s): 269-276

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An Experimental Investigation of Concrete Properties M35 with Metakoaline Due to Addition of Copper Slag
Author(s): Rajat Dhankher, Anil Kumar
Page(s): 277-280

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To Study the Digital India Campaign and Digital Payments System in India
Author(s): Radhika Mehta
Page(s): 281-290

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A Comparative Study of Clustering Algorithms
Author(s): Silky Chourasia, Brij Kishore
Page(s): 291-293

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Analysis of Classification Algorithms to find the Key Factors Causing Road Accidents
Author(s): T. Harini, A. Jerline Amutha
Page(s): 294-297

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Management Information System to Help Managers for Providing Decision Making in an Organization
Author(s): Ketan V. Warkad
Page(s): 298-300

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Trash Bot
Author(s): A. Meghna, Merita S. Immanuel, Parvathy Subhagan, R. S. Roopak Raj, Elizabeth Varghese
Page(s): 301-304

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Eco-System of Battery Swapping Machines and Framework for Electric Scooters in India
Author(s): Manish Mishra, Snehal Ghodake
Page(s): 305-306

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Proposing a Model for Effective Construction Site Logistics Management in Pune Region
Author(s): Nikhil Neve, Hemanshu Ahire
Page(s): 307-311

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Analysis of Environmental Clearance Compliances of Residential Construction Projects
Author(s): Mahadev Hatmode, Hemant Salunkhe
Page(s): 312-316

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An Experimental Study on Performance of Ternary Blended High Strength Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Author(s): S. Madhava Reddy, M. Vani
Page(s): 317-322

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Analysis of the Causes and Minimize the Occurrence of Rework in Residential Project Due to Poor Communication
Author(s): Somraj Tanwade, Hemanshu Ahire
Page(s): 323-326

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Number Theory and its New Developments
Author(s): Mohammod Noor, Venkata Srinivasa Rao Naralasetty
Page(s): 327-335

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Comparative and Spatial Analysis of the Leed-India and Griha Rating Systems in Andheri Region
Author(s): Pratik Gajanan Katalkar, Hemanshu H. Ahire
Page(s): 336-339

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Pandya Sculptures with Special Reference to Kalugumalai Temple
Author(s): B. Sheeba Parvathi
Page(s): 340-343

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Cricket Scoreboard Automation using Umpire Gestures
Author(s): Dhanusha T. John, Kavya S. Kumar, Vaishak T. Nair, P. Visakh, B. R. Poorna
Page(s): 344-348

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An Overview on Photosynthesis
Author(s): Katikala Ramesh, Gudapati Ramesh
Page(s): 349-352

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Advanced Performance of Multimodal Disease Risk Prediction in Machine Learning using Healthcare Bigdata
Author(s): M. Janani, A. Maria Stella
Page(s): 353-356

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A Study on Customer Satisfaction at Sangam Dairy, Guntur
Author(s): Vemuri Gopichand, Sekhar Babu Kurapati
Page(s): 357-361

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Analyze and Study of ERP Systems used in Pune Region
Author(s): Mayuresh Sutar, Hemant Salunkhe
Page(s): 362-366

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Socio-Economic Conditions of Women Agricultural Labors in Tamilnadu During 20th Century - A Historical Study
Author(s): S. Kanagammal, T. Kosalairani
Page(s): 367-369

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Study of Impact in Construction Project Due to Introduction of RERA in Pune
Author(s): Shekhar Pawar, Hemanshu Ahire
Page(s): 370-373

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A Comparative Study on Different Type of Management Techniques for a Residential Building
Author(s): Akshay S. Hundekar, Shashank U. Vanakudari
Page(s): 374-377

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Impact of Demonetization on Midsize Textile Industry
Author(s): Shivani Bansal, Divyani Bhaiya, Khushee
Page(s): 378-380

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A Study on Employee Welfare and Wellness (with Reference to Heritage Pvt. Ltd.)
Author(s): Venkateswarlu Kasetti, Vasantha Rao Nanda
Page(s): 386-390

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A Background Study of MANET
Author(s): Umer Bashir, Ranjan Kumar Singh
Page(s): 391-396

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Design of Plug Flow Reactor for Dehydration of Ethanol
Author(s): O. E. Ojong, D. Amadi
Page(s): 397-402

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Image Processing Techniques for Early Plant Disease Detection
Author(s): R. Mhetre Priyanka, S. G. Shinde, P. S. Linge
Page(s): 403-407

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Power Factor Correction Different Methods – A Review
Author(s): Somnath Murlidhar Lambe, S. P. Patil
Page(s): 408-411

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Navigation System for Blind People
Author(s): Akash Surendra Hiwrale, Smita A. Bhosale
Page(s): 412-413

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To Analyze the Effect of Fly Ash, GBPS, Rice Husk Ash, RCA and Pet Fibers on Geopolymer Concrete
Author(s): Gaurav Garg, Anil Kumar
Page(s): 414-416

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Study of Supplier Evaluation and Development Practices in Supply Chain of Construction Industry
Author(s): Vinod Kale, Hemanshu Ahire
Page(s): 417-421

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A Study of Tourism Industry in India with Special Reference to North-Eastern States: Problems and Prospects
Author(s): Saurish Bhattacharjee
Page(s): 422-426

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Sequences and Series
Author(s): Yogesh Nagar, R. B. Singh
Page(s): 427-430

Download Paper
Design and Analysis of Flywheel
Author(s): Ch. Siva Kumar, B. Siddeswara Rao
Page(s): 431-433

Download Paper
Fleet Management for Construction Site in Mumbai Area with Mobile Application – A Review
Author(s): Baburao Patil, Hemanshu Ahire
Page(s): 434-437

Download Paper
Background Study of DSR in MANETs using NS2 Simulator
Author(s): Himanshi Tyagi, Umer Bashir, Ranjan Kumar Singh
Page(s): 438-448

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A Comparative Study for Object Detection and Estimation using Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network
Author(s): Pankaj Sharma, Harish Sharma, Sunita Singhal
Page(s): 449-452

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Steel Required in Angle Shaped Footing in Different Earth Quake Zone
Author(s): Anurag Saraogi, Suhail Qureshi, Rahul Sharma
Page(s): 453-455

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Correlation and Regression Analysis
Author(s): Manisha Puniya, R. B. Singh
Page(s): 456-458

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Seismic Resistant R.C.C Structure using NiTi Super Elastic Shape Memory Alloy
Author(s): Joyal Joy, P. Anima
Page(s): 459-465

Download Paper
Production of Magnesium Chloride from Seawater using CSTR
Author(s): J. G. Apka, T. Jaja, O. E. Ojong
Page(s): 466-473

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Industrial Waste Water Treatment using Activated Carbon from Waste Bamboo Stems
Author(s): A. W. O. Moun, E. O. Ehirim, O. E. Ojong
Page(s): 474-481

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Harnessing the Best of Globalization
Author(s): Niki Malhotra
Page(s): 482-483

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Financing for Agriculture: How to Boost Opportunities in the Varanasi District of Uttar Pradesh
Author(s): Virendra Kumar Gupta
Page(s): 484-487

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The Significance of Language Laboratory in English Language Teaching and Learning
Author(s): B. Nithya, D. Nivetha
Page(s): 488-489

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A Study on Digital Watermarking Techniques
Author(s): J. Priscilla Sasi, P. Arul
Page(s): 490-493

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Hemoglobin Estimation through Image Processing of Eye Image via Determination of the Density Parameter of a 2-D Wavelet Processed Image
Author(s): Vaigai Nayaki Yokar
Page(s): 494-496

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Restoration of Degraded Images using Hybrid Denoised Model with Fusion and Enhancement
Author(s): Palvi Sethi, Vishal Pareek
Page(s): 497-502

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Assessment of Upper Limb Sensory Deficit in People with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus – A Descriptive Study
Author(s): Amrita Ghosh, Shreejan Regmi, Trapthi Kamath
Page(s): 503-509

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Semiconductor Devices and Circuit
Author(s): Dinesh Kumar Choudhary, Shailesh Kumar Singh
Page(s): 510-511

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Insurance Telematics
Author(s): Mrunalini G. Deshmukh, Snehal A. Ghodake
Page(s): 512-514

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Application of Scientific Management for Performance Improvement of Small Scale Organizations
Author(s): Sanjay D. Khairnar, Kale Ashok Rangnath
Page(s): 515-518

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Passive Solar Buildings
Author(s): Akshay S. Hundekar, Shashank U. Vanakudari
Page(s): 519-519

Download Paper
Environment Friendly Cold Mix Technology for Construction of Structural Layers of Bituminous Road
Author(s): Akshay S. Hundekar, Shashank U. Vanakudari
Page(s): 520-521

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Green Buildings
Author(s): Akshay S. Hundekar, Shashank U. Vanakudari
Page(s): 522-523

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Public Perceptions of Urban Park Benefits in Kerala
Author(s): Rebeacca Saju
Page(s): 524-527

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An Input Voltage Feed Forward based Two Switch Buck Boost DC-DC Converter
Author(s): P. Mahesh, A. Yadunanda Kumar
Page(s): 528-534

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A Review of Contrast Enhancement Techniques
Author(s): Shavneet Kaur, Jaspreet Kaur
Page(s): 535-538

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Eccentric Detector in Spinning Mill Spindles
Author(s): R. Thiruppathi, S. Karthikeyan, A. Mano Abinesh, M. Kishor, R. Manikandan
Page(s): 539-542

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Investigation the Tribological Properties of Hybrid Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite
Author(s): Prakash. S. Sadgir, B. V. Varade
Page(s): 543-548

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Alzheimer Disease: A Survey on its Prediction Techniques
Author(s): D. C. Shubhangi, Archana J. Ambekar
Page(s): 549-551

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Buckling Analysis of Corrugated Web Girders Analytical Study
Author(s): P. A. Anusree, P. Anima
Page(s): 552-556

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Along and Across Wind Parameters Acting on Tall Structures
Author(s): Shruti Sinhamahapatra, Rishav Dutta, Sasankasekher Mandal
Page(s): 557-561

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Microstructure Studies of Nickel Base Super Alloy Braze Joints
Author(s): Zubair Hamid, Shweta Verma, Vijay Petley, Mallikarjun Biradar, Parthasarathi Hans
Page(s): 562-565

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A Survey on Image Encryption Techniques
Author(s): N. Prathipa, V. Sathya
Page(s): 566-569

Download Paper
A Survey on Natural Disaster Prediction in Q-Learning
Author(s): S. Vaishnavi, N. Selvarani
Page(s): 570-574

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A Brief Survey on Cloud Security Risk Assessment for Autonomous Agents Security Issues
Author(s): S. Shanmugapriya, R. Ramya
Page(s): 575-578

Download Paper
Effects of Navamsa
Author(s): A. Rajaraman, Prathyangira Swamy
Page(s): 579-582

Download Paper
Panchapakshi Shastra
Author(s): P. Valsala, Prathyangira Swamy
Page(s): 583-585

Download Paper
Experimental Study on Natural and Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete in CFST Column
Author(s): M. A. Divya, P. Anima
Page(s): 586-589

Download Paper
Women Safety using Aadhaar Card Technology
Author(s): S. Kayalvizhi, K. Sangeetha
Page(s): 590-592

Download Paper
A Novel High Step-Up Converter based on Three-Winding Coupled Inductor for Fuel Cell Energy Source Applications
Author(s): Sk. Maheena, A. Yadunanda Kumar
Page(s): 593-595

Download Paper
Feasibility Study of Solar Thermal Integration to Community Cooking Systems
Author(s): Vaibhav Kumar Sawant, J. G. Gujar
Page(s): 596-598

Download Paper
Performance Analysis of K-Nearest Neighbor Method for the Weed Detection
Author(s): Gurpreet Khurana, Navneet Kaur Bawa
Page(s): 599-603

Download Paper
Vocalized Autorobo for Physically Disabled
Author(s): M. Bhuvana, Anusha Robert, Akshay Pattar, Amit A. Patil, N. Shamala
Page(s): 604-607

Download Paper
A Comparative Study of Best Processors: Intel and AMD
Author(s): Shrayas Surya Kumar
Page(s): 608-610

Download Paper
Utilization of Waste PET Bottles as Fine Aggregate in Concrete with the Help of SCBA
Author(s): Sandeep Singh, Vishal
Page(s): 611-613

Download Paper
Modeling and Analysis of Smart Warehousing through Simulation Study
Author(s): Amal Viswam, Vineetha S. Das
Page(s): 614-617

Download Paper
A Brief Survey on Spam Mail Detection and Filtering Network System
Author(s): P. Iswarya, S. Padmapriya
Page(s): 618-621

Download Paper
Reflected Backward Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Countable G-Brownian Motion
Author(s): M. Vimala, V. Dhanasenthil
Page(s): 622-627

Download Paper
Stress and Failure Analysis of Vertical Pressure Vessel
Author(s): Prachi Balasaheb More, Santosh Hiremath
Page(s): 628-631

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