Volume-1, Issue-9, September-2018

Internet of Things for Health Care Mechanism
Author(s): Thummala Mahesh, Md. Javeed, Diwakar Tiwary
Page(s): 1-6

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Design and Analysis of Six Speed Gear Box
Author(s): Ujjayan Majumdar, Sujit Maity, Gora Chand Chell
Page(s): 7-11

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Uses of FACTS Devices in Modern Power System
Author(s): Vinodkumar Chavda, Nimish Suchak
Page(s): 12-16

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An Improved Big Data Analysis of Diabetic Condition Based on Hemoglobin Protein
Author(s): Mohammed Tanzim Shoaib, Manisha Joshi
Page(s): 17-20

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Behaviour of Concrete Using Waste Plastic as Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate
Author(s): Arvind, Kiran Kumar, MD. Haji Pasha, Irfan A. D, Darshan M. K.
Page(s): 21-26

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An Eco Friendly Technique in Construction of Flexible Road Pavements Using Disposed Off Waste Plastic: A Review
Author(s): Shilpi Patel, Ashok Sharma, Sarita Sharma
Page(s): 27-31

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A Smart Technique for Women and Children’s Security System with Location Tracking
Author(s): Amboji Vani, Amol Purohit, Diwakar Tiwary
Page(s): 32-38

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Experimental Analysis of a VCR Engine Performance Using Neem Methyl Ester and its Diesel Blends
Author(s): M. Rambabu, K. Eswararao
Page(s): 39-43

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Comparative Study between the Volatility of Index in IVIX and Nifty 200 Stock Returns
Author(s): A. Catherine Mary, A. Velanganni Joseph
Page(s): 44-49

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Cryogenic Engine
Author(s): Batta Mahesh
Page(s): 50-51

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IoT Based Smart Helmet for Underground Mines
Author(s): Shruti P. Borkar, V. B. Baru
Page(s): 52-56

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Polyherbal Toothgel Containing Extracts of Punica Granatum Peels and Psidium Guajava Leaves Using Chitosan and Carrageenan Gel Bases: A Comparative Study
Author(s): Saranya M, Sarath chandran C, Vishnu A. S
Page(s): 57-62

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A Study on Home Loan Services Offered By Commercial Banks with Special Reference to Coimbatore District
Author(s): S. Mahalakshmi, S.Varadaraj
Page(s): 63-67

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Study of Strength Properties of Concrete Replacing MSWI-Ash for Cement and M-Sand for Fine Aggregates
Author(s): T. Chandra Sekhar, C. Siva Kumar Prasad
Page(s): 68-71

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A Study of Factors Resulting in Time and Cost Overrun in Residential Construction Projects and its Remedial Measures
Author(s): Amol Shinde, Pravin Minde
Page(s): 72-75

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Auxiliary Behaviour of Plain Cement Concrete When Mixed With Glass, Steel and Polyamide Fibres
Author(s): Chandra Prakash Maurya, Deepesh Singh
Page(s): 76-79

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Towards Intelligent Vehicular Networks: A Machine Learning Framework
Author(s): Anup Rawat, Hareram Shah, Vrushali Patil
Page(s): 80-90

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Water Quality Analysis of Byramangala Lake and its Surrounding Ground Water Quality
Author(s): Ankesh S. B, Rakesh Gulaki, Kushal R, Sudeep K. V, Shreenatha K
Page(s): 91-101

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Efficient Formulation with E-Business Strategies
Author(s): Shashanka. B. K
Page(s): 102-104

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Working with Beliefs: AI Transparency in the Enterprise
Author(s): Aditi Rajput, Diptesh Salvi, Ruchika Sharma
Page(s): 105-107

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Turing Machine
Author(s): Piyush Rane, Jithman Saini, Shubham Sharma
Page(s): 108-111

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An Analysis on MYCIN Expert System
Author(s): Ritu Bala Rai, Samyukta Sahu, Shrutika Sawant
Page(s): 112-114

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A Study on Internet of Things (IoT)
Author(s): Aashriya Wali, Praveen Shrigadhi, Ronil Surve
Page(s): 115-117

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Drop: A Simple Way to Prevent Neural Network by Overfitting
Author(s): Vishal Shirke, Ritesh Walika, Lalita Tambade
Page(s): 118-121

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The Bodoland Territorial Council and its Working in Term of Infrastructural Development
Author(s): Japungsar Basumatary
Page(s): 122-127

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Static Analysis of Hat Stiffened Plate: A Parametric Study
Author(s): Amit Kumar Pal, Naresh Nischol Harry, Rajnikant Upadhyay, Yogendra Kumar Kushwaha
Page(s): 128-131

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Applying Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Prevent Cyber Assaults
Author(s): Prabodhan Pradhan, Gorgi Pawar, Alpesh Pawar
Page(s): 132-134

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Author(s): Cheripelli Vijay, Attarde Gokarna, Badade Sagar
Page(s): 135-138

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Chatbot: An Application of AI
Author(s): Kshitij V.Wadanka, Rahul Y. Waghulde, Uma Taru
Page(s): 139-141

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Neural Network
Author(s): Akshay Auti, Chinmay Bhogle, Sameer Bhoir, Akshay Hinge
Page(s): 142-144

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Analysis of M/M/c Single and Multi-Server Retrial Queue with Variant Working Vacation Model
Author(s): D. Julie, K. Asha Devi
Page(s): 145-148

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Face Recognition Technology
Author(s): Pratik Shaha, Utkarsh Sharma, Kamlesh Pawar
Page(s): 149-151

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A Study on Impact of Growth of Internet Era on Online Stock Trading in India
Author(s): Shivangi Jaiswal, Pankaj Joge, Nisha Saw
Page(s): 152-156

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Study of Selected Support Organisations for Women Entrepreneurs
Author(s): Sanjeevani Gogawale, Sacchidanand Gogawale, Minal B. Sonawane
Page(s): 157-161

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Effectiveness of Structured Educational Programme Regarding Prevention of Osteoporosis on Practice of Middle Aged Women
Author(s): Shipra Sachan, Kamli Prakash, Upma George
Page(s): 162-166

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Salinity Induced Changes in the Leaf Characters of Avicennia Officinalis L. along the Wetlands of Kannur, Kerala, India
Author(s): Jain James, Sreeja. P, Chandramohanan. K. T
Page(s): 167-169

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Facial Feature Points Detection Using Cascaded Regression Tree
Author(s): Pushkal Thakur, Govind Wadajkar
Page(s): 170-173

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Study on Blockchain Technology
Author(s): M. Gayathri, M. Rashmika
Page(s): 174-176

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Intelligent Computing Relating to Cloud Computing
Author(s): Kiran Patil, Neha Mumbaikar, Dipali Naik, Harshada Narvekar
Page(s): 177-180

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Adaptation of Green Building Design Concept with BIM into A New Construction Market in the AEC/FM Industry
Author(s): G. Mounika, B. Hema
Page(s): 181-185

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Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Eclipta Alba (L.) Collected from Kolli Hills and their Larvicidal Activity Against Aedes Aegypti (L.).
Author(s): Latha Raju, Manoharan Manosathiyadevan
Page(s): 186-191

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Implementing Emotion Recognition Algorithm Using Physiological Signals and Enhancing Classification Accuracy for Possible Application in Depression Diagnosis
Author(s): Bala Priya C
Page(s): 192-197

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Studies on Variation of Abiotic Factors in Different Grainage Houses of Tasar Silkworm (Antheraea Mylitta D.) at Bilaspur
Author(s): Rathore M. S, Chandrashekharaiah M, Sinha R. B, Alok Sahay
Page(s): 198-200

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Artificial Intelligence Based Chat-Bot
Author(s): Sooryaprakash Pandey, Suraj More, Rachna More
Page(s): 201-202

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Some of Edge Product and Total Edge Product Cordial Labeling of Diamond Grid
Author(s): L. Prabukumar, K. Asha Devi
Page(s): 203-205

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A Study on Borel Measures for Hardy Spaces
Author(s): K. Anbarasu, M. Karthigeyan
Page(s): 206-208

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Rectangular Divisor Cordial Graphs
Author(s): S. Annamalai, M. Karthigeyan
Page(s): 209-211

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Sign Language Interpretation and Implementation Using ORB Algorithm and Machine Learning
Author(s): Omkar Pokale, Shrikant Ganoje, Aikya Banerjee, Anant Agrawal
Page(s): 212-214

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Status of Farm Mechanization and Women Participation in Agriculture in Balod District
Author(s): Dipti sahu
Page(s): 215-219

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Study on Digital Library
Author(s): Vishnu Priya S, Vaishnavi T, Saranya M
Page(s): 220-225

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Analysis of Thermal Conductivity of M-Sand Using Insulating Powder Apparatus
Author(s): Manikandan A, Manikandan S, Akilan R, Hariharan S
Page(s): 226-233

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Self-Critical Sequence Training for Image Captioning
Author(s): Pratik Rane, Anagha Sargar, Faiza Shaikh
Page(s): 234-238

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Naive Bayes Spam Filter
Author(s): Ruchira Patil, Prathamesh Patil, Mandar Patil
Page(s): 239-242

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Natural Language Processing
Author(s): Sneha Utekar, Tejali Shinde
Page(s): 243-246

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Robotics - A Tool for Education
Author(s): K. Joseph Stalin, Shweta Londhe, Deepika Kamble
Page(s): 247-253

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Software Testing in Wireless Mobile Applications
Author(s): Dhanalakshmi. A, V. Kathiresan
Page(s): 254-255

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Artificial Intelligence to Play a Game
Author(s): Pranav Mhatre, Shashank Patil, Narendra Marathe
Page(s): 256-258

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Strength Characteristics Study on Red Mud Concrete
Author(s): Jackson Peter, Ruksana C. M, Ajay Peter, Shalini Mohan
Page(s): 259-262

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Data Mining in Diagnosing of Diabetes
Author(s): Madhumitha. A, S. Venkatesh Kumar
Page(s): 263-264

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Bank Cheque Signature Verification System
Author(s): Vaibhav Tambade, Priyanka Varma, Aditya Sonawale
Page(s): 265-267

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Degradation and Removal of Paper Mill Dye Basic Orange 2 by Electrochemical Treatment Method
Author(s): Spoorthi, J. Narayana
Page(s): 268-271

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Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Cyber Security
Author(s): Saket S.Kamble, Shahistha Khan, Nitin Kulkarni
Page(s): 276-277

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Evaluation of Plant Based Cosmetic (Face Creams) Against Trichophyton Mentagrophytes
Author(s): Neetu G. Masih
Page(s): 278-279

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Effect of Protective Cover on the Buried Gas Pipe Line Subjected to Sub Surface Blast Loading
Author(s): V. Ravi Kiran, P Manoj
Page(s): 280-282

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Analysing & Evaluating the Psychometric Profile of Government School Students Studying in 9th to 12th Standard at GSSS Nilokheri, Haryana Using the Brain Checker Psychometric Test
Author(s): Ashwin Raje, Naveen Kapil, Jignesh Prashnani
Page(s): 283-286

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An Experiment on Kitchen Garden through Organic Farming Approach
Author(s): Saswatik Tripathy
Page(s): 287-290

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A Review on Various Sorting Algorithms
Author(s): Rimple Patel
Page(s): 291-293

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Copyrightability of Characters: A Study Considering Proper Allocation of Performers Rights
Author(s): Priyam Bakliwal
Page(s): 294-296

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Design and CAD development of Low Cost Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Author(s): T.Ravi, K.Sainath, Suresh Akella, P. Madhu Sudhan
Page(s): 297-302

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Principal Component Analysis Based Digital Video Watermarking
Author(s): Garima Rathour, Shakti Singh
Page(s): 303-308

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Experimental Analysis of Residual Stress of Welded Joint through Mechanical Vibrations
Author(s): G.Ramakrishna, KVVNR Chandra Moulli, K. Anil
Page(s): 309-311

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A Review: Lactoferrin Conjugated Drug Delivery System for Cancer Targeting
Author(s): Shivani Patel, Aarti Patel, Ishrat Chhowala, Shihab Patel
Page(s): 312-317

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Study to Assess the Level of Knowledge Regarding Diarrheal Management among Mothers of Under Five Children in Selected Hospital at Enathur, Kanchipuram
Author(s): A. Susan Mythily
Page(s): 318-320

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Multiple-Input Floating Gate MOS Transistor Based Differential Pair Design
Author(s): Shraddha Srivastava
Page(s): 321-324

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Knowledge on Home Care Management after Cataract Surgery
Author(s): Sumathy B
Page(s): 325-326

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Simulation of Precision Agriculture Security Using Enhanced Video Surveillance Mechanism
Author(s): Parveen Kumari, Amit Mahal
Page(s): 327-331

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Controlling of DFIG Based Wind Energy Conversion System
Author(s): Ramkesh Gurjar
Page(s): 332-336

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Economic Load Dispatch Using Genetic Algorithm
Author(s): Archana Chouhan, Preeti Gupta
Page(s): 337-339

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Custodial Violence and Human Rights of Prisoners in India
Author(s): T. Mythri Devi
Page(s): 340-346

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Mob Lynching: Lynching Scenario in India and Implementation of Anti-Lynching Laws in the Indian Legal System
Author(s): Chitrang Singh Rathore
Page(s): 347-351

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Non Voluntary Passive Euthanasia: The Ethical, Moral and Legal Arguments
Author(s): Hannah Mary Varghese
Page(s): 352-353

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A Study on Impact of Social Media Advertising among the Youth - A Survey in Bengaluru City
Author(s): Christina Liza Sleeba, Madhumitha S Nayak
Page(s): 354-357

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Simulation of Heat Effected Zone in Welding Process and Characterization of Arc, MIG and TIG Welding Methods
Author(s): A. Akshay Kumar, D. V .Paleshwar, Sainath Kasuba
Page(s): 358-362

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Industrial Welding Safety
Author(s): Manikandan A, Mohanraj S, Jayakumar K, Krishnamoorthy T, Manikandan S
Page(s): 363-368

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Removal of Dyes from Industrial Wastewater by Adsorbent
Author(s): Ganesh Pandharinath Ugale, Akash Sudhakar Wani
Page(s): 369-372

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A Situation Analysis of the Role of Micro-Finance in Women Empowerment
Author(s): Abdul Momin
Page(s): 373-379

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A Survey on Different Type of Access Control Model for Personal Health Record (PHR) System
Author(s): Sapna Patel, G.J. Sahani
Page(s): 380-384

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Survey of MQTT Protocol for the Internet of Things
Author(s): Raghi Mohanan
Page(s): 385-388

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Transient Dynamic Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction of Mixing Chamber
Author(s): Snehal Bhoknal, Dhiraj Deshmukh
Page(s): 389-394

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Rotor Dynamic Stability Analysis of Hybrid Support System
Author(s): Amar Hatti
Page(s): 395-400

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A Survey on Classification in R Programming Using Data Mining
Author(s): R. Pavithra, P. Sudha
Page(s): 401-403

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Enzyme Electrodes and its Application
Author(s): Nipanshi Tyagi, Pinki Rani
Page(s): 404-407

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Reduction of Heat Gain Using Nano Materials
Author(s): Suhani Chhajed Jain, Khushboo Lahori
Page(s): 408-409

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A Survey on Bluetooth Low Energy: A Low Power Wireless Transmission Technology
Author(s): Jyothi Joy
Page(s): 410-413

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Study of Different Types of Solar Technologies in India
Author(s): Anshika Khare, Ketan Jain, Mahima Jain
Page(s): 414-416

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Evaluation of Seed Invigoration Method in Finger Millet (Eleusine Corcana) Through Hydration-Dehydration Treatment
Author(s): Shalini.H.Horo, A. K. Chaurasia, Bineeta M. Bara
Page(s): 417-419

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Comparative Study of Different Technologies Involved in Small Sewage Treatment Plant
Author(s): Ayushi Mandloi, Ketan Jain, Khyati Shitole
Page(s): 420-423

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The Concept of Narco Analysis in the View of Constitutional and Human Rights
Author(s): Kuberinder Bajaj
Page(s): 424-427

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Climatic Conditions and Design Considerations for Hot and Dry Climate of Ahmedabad, India
Author(s): Mahima Jain, Ketan Jain, Anshika khare
Page(s): 428-432

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Patient Health Monitoring Using IoT
Author(s): Prachi N. Warbhe, S.O. Rajankar
Page(s): 433-435

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Future of Electric Vehicle
Author(s): Sanket R. Joshi
Page(s): 436-437

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A Study of Potential Application for Coal Ash Production as a Raw Material
Author(s): Devendra Chouhan, Vipul Upadhayay, Yogesh Ladhe
Page(s): 438-446

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One Nation One Election: A Critical Analysis
Author(s): Abhishek Singh
Page(s): 447-458

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Study of Seed Quality Parameters in Stored Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Seed
Author(s): Nikita Gautam, A. K. Chaurasia, Bineeta M. Bara
Page(s): 459-462

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Consumers Perception towards Online Shopping Platform
Author(s): V. Shruthi, Sneha Saravanan, Nancy Reddy
Page(s): 463-465

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Necessity to Think Beyond Male on Female Paradigm
Author(s): Somya Singh
Page(s): 466-468

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An Organizational Study and a Study on Employee Motivation with Special Reference to Dairy Industry in Erode District
Author(s): M. Sowmiya
Page(s): 469-471

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A Study on Big Data
Author(s): A. Subha, S. Joshna, P. Banu Sree
Page(s): 472-474

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Critical Analysis of Trading Through Shell Companies
Author(s): Janmejai Shukla
Page(s): 475-477

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Hazardous Waste and Environmental Impact
Author(s): Aniket Sankh
Page(s): 478-481

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Arbitration in Sports Dispute Resolution in India
Author(s): Manvi Bhandari
Page(s): 482-484

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Odd and Even Formation for Graceful Labeling
Author(s): G. Rohith, M. Karthigeyan
Page(s): 485-486

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Right to Bail and its Cancellation in Bailable and Economic Offences
Author(s): Akash Shukla
Page(s): 487-491

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Graphene – Future of Electrical Technology
Author(s): Mandlik Shivam, Manas Deo, Amol Maind, Prachi Sarode
Page(s): 492-493

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Analysis and Recognition of Stammering on “I Split It”
Author(s): Salma Jabeen, Mohammed Kaleem, Sameena Bano
Page(s): 494-496

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Wastage Heat Recovery of Vehicle Exhaust
Author(s): Sima S Dighe, Anil B Pawar, Jaideep V Joshi, Sachin N Jadhav
Page(s): 497-497

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Automatic Railway Gate Control by Using PLC
Author(s): Shivdas D. Suryawanshi
Page(s): 498-498

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Digital Piracy in the Field of Multimedia and the Need for Regulation and Enforcement
Author(s): Raasiq Shaikh
Page(s): 499-501

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Flaws in E-Contracts and E-Commerce: Better Implementation of Cyber Laws in India
Author(s): H. P. Purvik
Page(s): 502-505

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Identity Protection in Smart Phones Using Hybrid Encryption
Author(s): J. Sathya, C. N. Manokaran
Page(s): 506-507

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Analysis of Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016: A Comparative Study
Author(s): Rashika Naik
Page(s): 508-511

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Trade Secrets and Insider Trading Under the Present Indian Legal Context: A Critical Analysis
Author(s): B. Vidya Sagar
Page(s): 512-516

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Government Company and Article 12 of the Indian Constitution
Author(s): Harshit Jain
Page(s): 517-519

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A Critical Analysis on Human Trafficking and Commentary on Violation of Right to Privacy with Respect to Sting Operations
Author(s): Shruti Patil
Page(s): 520-522

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Vibration Energy Harvesting - A Case Study
Author(s): Yash Sanjay Mali
Page(s): 523-527

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Analysis to Convert Traditional Building into Green Building
Author(s): Utkarsh Jain, Smriti Mandaokar, Shreya Dubey
Page(s): 528-530

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Aviation and Environment: Need for More Stringent Legal Regulations to Regulate Carbon Footprint of the Aviation Industry
Author(s): Mehul Shandilya
Page(s): 531-538

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Comparative Study of AAC Blocks and Clay Brick and Costing
Author(s): Utkarsh Jain, Muskan Jain, Smriti Mandaokar
Page(s): 539-543

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Study of Different Contract Conditions for Various Government Agencies
Author(s): Utkarsh Jain, Shreya Dubey, Muskan Jain
Page(s): 544-547

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Sanctioned Load Monitoring Using PLC and SCADA
Author(s): Aniket V. Suryawanshi, Mahendra B. Gaikwad, Shubham R. Gaikwad, Saurabh B. Nathe
Page(s): 548-549

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Error Correction Technique for Combinational and Sequential Circuits Using TMR Technique
Author(s): G. Sripathi, C. Senthilkumar
Page(s): 550-552

Download Paper
The Role of Digital and Social Media Marketing in Consumer Behavior
Author(s): Anupam Gattani
Page(s): 553-555

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