Volume-1, Issue-1, January-2018

Optimized Security Enhanced System for File Transfer using Classical Encryption Technique
Author(s): S. Sindhu, P. K. Saran, J. S. Tharun
Page(s): 1-3

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Online Employee Assessment System using Cryptography
Author(s): S. Seerarutselvi, R. Soubarnica, K. Suba Nandhini
Page(s): 4-6

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Channel Estimation Based On TDS-OFDM under Severely Fading MIMO Channel
Author(s): S. Pushkala, C. Vanitha, C. Rajeshwari
Page(s): 7-13

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Minimum Conditional BER Probability Receiver for Adaptive Equalizer based SC-FDMA
Author(s): T. Vasanthi, R. Akilandeswari
Page(s): 14-20

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Planning and Scheduling of Lift Irrigation using Microsoft Project
Author(s): S. Ramya, S. Yamini
Page(s): 21-24

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An Experimental Investigation to Design and Fabricate Gearless Transmission system for power Transmission between Shafts
Author(s): B.Logesh, M. Dinesh Raja, R. Gokul, P. Dhinesh Kumar, P.S. Jithu
Page(s): 25-29

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Development of Digital Video Stabilization based on Feature Point Detection
Author(s): Sushant J. Pende, Kishor K. Pandyaji
Page(s): 30-33

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Biometric based Classroom Monitoring System
Author(s): Saro Rishvanthi K, Sowmiya B, Varshini M. M, Reshma B. Nair
Page(s): 34-36

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A Study and Development of Conventional Steerable Bogie Frame on Train Engine
Author(s): R. Mohammad Giyahudeen
Page(s): 37-40

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Micro-Structural, Magnetic and Electrical Studies of Nickel Doped Y3Ba5Cu8Oy (Y-358) Superconductors
Author(s): K. Srinivasan, C. George Thomas, N. V. Ashoka
Page(s): 41-45

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