Volume-3, Issue-5, May-2020

The Effect of Service Quality, Product Variety, Price, Information Quality, Source Credibility and Store Atmosphere towards Customer Loyalty through Perceived Value and Customer Satisfaction on Berrybenka Fashion Clothing (Offline Store) Customers in Surabaya, Indonesia
Author(s): Nella Runtulalo, Ronald Suryaputra, Amelia
Page(s): 1-5

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Green Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles from Nelumbo Nucifera and Analyzing its Anticancer Activity Against PC3 Cells
Author(s): P. Swetha, G. Soundharyaa, K. Vidhyasree, P. Anitha
Page(s): 6-9

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Voice Based Chatbot for System Control
Author(s): N. Lokeswari, S. S. N. L. Priyanka, K. Amaravathi
Page(s): 10-12

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Phishing Websites Detection Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Avinash Kumar Singh, Devansh Chaturvedi, Sarbajyoti Baidya
Page(s): 13-16

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Blockchain - A Potential Solution for COVID-19 Pandemic Economical Crisis Environment
Author(s): Sivaratri S. N. L. Priyanka, N. Lokeswari, K. Amaravathi
Page(s): 17-21

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A Study On Online E-Recruitment Process
Author(s): Kamma Arpitha
Page(s): 22-25

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A Natural Language Processing Model for Speech to Text
Author(s): K. Amaravathi, N. Lokeswari, S. S. N. L. Priyanka
Page(s): 26-28

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Automated Invoice Processing System Along with Chatbot
Author(s): Priyank Doshi, Yoshita Kotak, Aarti Sahitya
Page(s): 29-31

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Industrial Security System
Author(s): Amina Qazi, Karishma Bhat, Yashraj Nemane, Rahul Chavan
Page(s): 32-35

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A Prospective Study of Online Marketing of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Service Sector in India
Author(s): Ateeq Ahmed, Devendra Dixit, Ruskin Sharma
Page(s): 36-38

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Hand Gesture Controlled Surveillance Car
Author(s): S. Shiji, N. M. Anand Krishnan, Arjun Balachandran, P. Arun
Page(s): 39-41

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A Smart Platform for Donation Handling
Author(s): Satish R. Shelar, Stella Raju Salve, Aishwarya Santosh Kedari
Page(s): 42-45

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Import and Export Trend of Natural Rubber in India
Author(s): A. S. Vinitha, L. P. Ramalingam
Page(s): 46-49

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Smart Garbage Collection and Management System
Author(s): Akanksha Chaudhary, Isha Dua, Mayur Rastogi, Ruchi Varshney
Page(s): 50-53

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Smart Class Automation
Author(s): K. Jagatheesan, P. Divya, A. Hasna Fathima, J. Jayabarathi, V. Madhumitha
Page(s): 54-56

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Extraction of Aromatic Oil from the Flowers of Chamomile Obtained from Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
Author(s): N. A. Mithbaokar, S. S. Bugade, M. M. Choudhary, A. Rane, S. S. Barve, A. S. Breed
Page(s): 57-58

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Experimental Study On Foamed Polymer Concrete
Author(s): Sneh. R. Shinde, Snehal. S. Agre, Shambala. S, Kamble, P. S. Joshi, V. R. Kasar
Page(s): 59-63

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Analysis of Cyber Security Threat Environment and Information Security System of Financial Industry Under New Situation
Author(s): Vinay Varma, Ashok S. Patil
Page(s): 64-65

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Plant Irrigation Water Sprinkler Robot
Author(s): S. Gokul, Y. Mohamed Yasar Arabath, T. Pavithran, D. Ravi Shankar, S. V. Roshan
Page(s): 66-71

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Defining Employee Experience as an Antecedent Indicator for Employee Productivity
Author(s): Anubhav Pandey, Sakshi Gupta
Page(s): 72-77

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Advanced Irrigation System Using Solar Energy
Author(s): S. S. Pathan, P. G. Sawarkar, Nishidha Wadibhasme, Mohit Meshram, Sakshi Kadu, Ekta Gite, Sakshi Dandekar, Runal Taksande
Page(s): 78-81

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A Novel DIP Method Based Detection of Malaria Parasites
Author(s): Shaik Mohammed Anjum Naaz, Shubh Laxmi, Bhgya Shree R. Hawde
Page(s): 82-87

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Implementation of Semi-Parametric Bayesian Analysis for Survival of HIV/AIDS Patients in the Case of Debre Berhan Referral Hospital
Author(s): A. R. Muralidharan, Gethahun Mulugeta
Page(s): 88-100

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E-Gram Panchayat Management System
Author(s): Sagar Hanumant Totare, Priyanka Vasant Ipkal, Poonam Balusing Pardeshi, Satish R. Shelar
Page(s): 101-104

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Design and Fabrication of Mini Hydro Turbine
Author(s): S. Gokul, S. K. Gokulnath, K. Hariharan, S. Harshit, P. Mathanguru
Page(s): 105-109

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Smart Fabric Folding Machine
Author(s): Smruti Pore, Vinay Thorat, Shrutika Sutar, Vishal Tejumali, Vaishnavi Yadav
Page(s): 110-112

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Design Optimization of 1.0 HP Centrifugal Monoset Pump
Author(s): P. L. Navaneethakrishnan, A. Dhanush Raj, M. Elogavan, Manhoj Kumaran, S. N. Murhukumar
Page(s): 113-115

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Management Information System for IMOs
Author(s): S. Vasanthapoorani, V. Saravanan, P. Thiruppathi, S. Venkatachalam, T. Kalaikumaran
Page(s): 116-118

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Consumer Perception and Attitude Towards Online Food Ordering
Author(s): Ayush Singh, Siddharth M. Nair
Page(s): 119-122

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Hidden Markov Model Based Secure Cluster Management in Software Defined Networking
Author(s): L. Leo Prasanth, E. Uma
Page(s): 123-126

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Detection of Cotton Leaf Diseases Using Image Processing and Machine Learning Approach
Author(s): K. Praveen Chowdhary, Sainath, Yaratapalli Sukumar Reddy, M. Yashas Kumar, B. G. Girish
Page(s): 127-129

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Déjà vu: Video Indexing Software
Author(s): Vinayak Dev, Mathew Albert Shibu, A. K. Pranav, Niyas, Divya Rahul
Page(s): 130-132

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Changing Dimensions of Intervention Under International Law: A Critical Analysis
Author(s): Hari Prasad Mishra
Page(s): 133-141

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Smart Vehicles
Author(s): Ajit Shete, Akshay Ghatage, Sahil Inamdar, Ashitosh Atnurkar, Jaydeep Gholap, Sujata Pardeshi
Page(s): 142-145

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A Novel and Dynamic Methodology for Early Prediction of Pneumothorax
Author(s): Pinagadi Venkateswara Rao, R. Sudharsan, M. D. Sarath Sekaran, P. Jagadeesan
Page(s): 146-150

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Improvement in Indian Voting System
Author(s): Akshay Chauhan, Abhay Goswami, Shivangi Gupta, Akash Bishwas, Varun Kumar
Page(s): 151-152

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Currency Recognition System
Author(s): Neelambika, P. Janani, K. Bhagyashree, K. Keerthana, B. C. Anusha
Page(s): 153-155

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Heterogeneous Intelligence Deportation in Video Desire Realization, Attribution and Characterization
Author(s): R. Nanda Kumar
Page(s): 156-158

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Smart Identification Using Biometric
Author(s): Anirudha M. Inamdar, Rituraj M. Dabhole, Tejas S. Redekar, Pradeep C. Dhanawade
Page(s): 159-162

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YouTube Data Analysis Using MapReduce On Hadoop
Author(s): G. B. Aochar, Siddhi Gavhane, Priyanka Dhamne, Shardul Rabade, Krishna Bhatter
Page(s): 163-166

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Design and Fabrication of Manual Farming Tools
Author(s): Piyush Bansal, Gurpreet Singh, Mehebub Alam, Vikash Sharma, Altaf Hasan Tarique, Mohammad Raza
Page(s): 167-170

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Prediction of Tariff Rate
Author(s): P. Jency Gnana Sundari, B. Gowsalya, E. Arul Prasath, T. Kalaikumaran, J. Alfred Daniel
Page(s): 171-175

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Design and Thermal Analysis of Piston
Author(s): U. Omezhilan, A. Praveen Kumar, Stephan John
Page(s): 176-181

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To Study the Role and Importance of Capital Market in Indian Financial System
Author(s): Rohan Kaushikbhai Patel
Page(s): 182-186

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Detection of Replication Attacks with Primary Key Using Localization
Author(s): D. Evangeline Nesa Priya
Page(s): 187-188

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A Study On Total Quality Management at Fratelli Wines Pvt. Ltd., Solapur
Author(s): Prathmesh P. Kulkarni, Rahul Deore
Page(s): 189-192

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Experimental Study On Soil Stabilization Using E-Waste
Author(s): R. Abhinav, K. Brundha, R. Deepika, T. Inbathamilan, R. Karthik
Page(s): 193-195

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Movie Recommender System Using Machine Learning with Hybrid Collaborative Filtering
Author(s): Aman Rastogi, Ankush Kumar Singh, Arpit Trivedi
Page(s): 196-200

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Barcode Pursuing Robot
Author(s): P. Goutham, C. R. Vignesh, M. Nikhil, K. V. Mohammed Faisal, K. Arun
Page(s): 201-203

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Synthesis and Structural Studies of Cu Substituted YMnO3 at B-Site
Author(s): Karan Pravinbhai Patel
Page(s): 204-205

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ECC - Concrete Composite Sections
Author(s): K. Fathumathul Anasi
Page(s): 206-208

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Budd-Chiari Syndrome - A Case Analysis
Author(s): K. Mageswari Mohanram
Page(s): 209-211

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Healthcare Budget and Infrastructure of the States to Combat COVID-19
Author(s): Rakesh Malhotra, Narayani Gupta
Page(s): 212-216

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Personal AI Assistant with Emotion Recognition with Python
Author(s): Fatema Ghadiali, Vinit Mahajan, Bhargavi Patawardhan, Prithvi Rao
Page(s): 217-219

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To Find Correlation Between Compaction Characteristics of Black Cotton Soil and Plastic Limit by Regression Analysis
Author(s): S. R. Thodkar, S. M. kadam, Mansi Patil, Bharti Vayal, Shubham Dhadge
Page(s): 220-222

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Plagiarism: An Empirical Study
Author(s): Deepak Chahal, Sachin Bhutani, Harsh Goel
Page(s): 223-225

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Design and Fabrication of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Cognitive Radio Application
Author(s): Pallavi Bodalkar, Akshay Gawali, Rupesh Ghate, Swapnil Khadse, Archana Tiwari
Page(s): 226-229

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Detection and Extraction of Brain Tumor Using Artificial Neural Network from MRI Images
Author(s): Aakash Rajput, Aishwary Agarwal, Mitali Narayan, Umang Rastogi
Page(s): 230-233

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A Study on COVID-19 and its Impact on B Schools in Maharashtra
Author(s): Amit K. Patil, Aditya Bavadekar, Prachi Lala, Deepak Andhale, Nitpal Singh, Ketaki Phatak
Page(s): 234-236

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A Review on Robotic Process Automation
Author(s): P. J. Rishika Dechamma, N. S. Shobha
Page(s): 237-244

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Butterfly Species Identification Using Convolutional Neural Network
Author(s): Reema Rodrigues, R. Manjesh, P. Sindhura, Samrddhi N. Hegde, A. Sheethal
Page(s): 245-246

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Development of Socks Using Recycled Fabrics
Author(s): S. Geetharani, S. Saravana Kumar
Page(s): 247-249

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Super-Capacitor Based Metro Train
Author(s): P. M. Sakharwade, A. B. Gaidhane, P. P. Gaidhane, M. J. Meshram
Page(s): 250-251

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Study for Enhanced Intrusion Detection and Response System for MANET
Author(s): A. V. Santhosh Babu
Page(s): 252-253

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Electromagnetic Fields in Healing of Minor Medical Issues in Human Body
Author(s): N. Deepu, M. Sivakumar
Page(s): 254-255

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Road Damage Detection Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Amrutha P. Ajayan, Divya Unni
Page(s): 256-257

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Price Forecast and Study of Financial Markets Based on News, Social Feed Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning and Market Data
Author(s): Tapan Mehta, Ganesh Kolase, Vivek Tekade, Rahul Sathe, Anand Dhawale
Page(s): 258-261

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Smart Luggage System
Author(s): Kajal Krishna Patil, Varsha Rajendra Chavan, Bhakti Prashant Patil, Rutuja Vikas Bhandare, Alpiya Rajekhan Mashid, Gulab Rajabhai Shaikh
Page(s): 262-264

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Web-Based Acronym Expansion Disambiguation Using Word2Vec and Doc2Vec Modeling
Author(s): S. Nithyashri, M. Piruthika, K. Tamil Kanamani, R. Menaha
Page(s): 265-270

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A Study On Online College Admission Management System
Author(s): Kamma Arpitha
Page(s): 271-273

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Advanced Proposal of Indian Cuisine Recipe Based On Ingredients
Author(s): Rahul Bhole, Hema Hadvale, Kavita Raskar, Tejaswini Mudholkar, Mrunal Gaikwad
Page(s): 274-278

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Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Author(s): B. S. Suman, S. T. Kavya, J. Jeevitha
Page(s): 279-282

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Therapeutic, Medicinal Uses and Food Applications of Aloe Barbadensis Miller
Author(s): S. Dhanyaa, S. Abinay, Deeshna, K. P. Athira, P. Arun
Page(s): 283-285

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Author(s): K. P. Biji, Aiswarya Raj, V. Akhila, R. Deepthidas, Dhaya V. Nair
Page(s): 286-289

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Data Analytics to Provide Complete Solution for Groundwater Management for the Country
Author(s): G. Shalini, H. Surjith, L. Swetha, V. Thenmozhi, T. Kalaikumaran, S. Raja Ranganathan
Page(s): 290-292

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Operations Cost Optimization for Consumables at Yoga Studio
Author(s): Sathwik Ramaprasad, B. Nandini
Page(s): 293-296

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Development of Knitted Gloves for Using Recycled Fabrics
Author(s): S. Geetharani, A. Kalaiselvan
Page(s): 297-299

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Interactive and Intelligent Shopping Cart Using RFID and RF Modules
Author(s): Manisha Khorgade, Aniket Tinkhede, Dhanshree Kurekar, Kalyani Shambharkar, Nidhi Yadav
Page(s): 300-302

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Smart Grid Technology in Power System
Author(s): Nikesh B. Ranotkar, Vijaykumar S. Patil, Pradip Mahajan
Page(s): 303-305

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A Review On Design and Fabrication of Trash Boat
Author(s): S. Vignesh, T. Ruthreesh, S. Sajeev, S. Sanjay, P. Vivin Richard
Page(s): 306-308

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Analyzing Sentiments in Twitter Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Pooja S. Nair, P. Parvathi, V. Shahina, B. Mridula Parthan, K. P. Biji
Page(s): 309-311

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GUI Based Prediction of Parkinson Disease by Symptoms Using Machine Learning Approach
Author(s): Ayamani Likitha, T. I. Jeevitha, R. Deeplakshmi, E. Archana
Page(s): 312-315

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Online Voting System Using Blockchain Concept
Author(s): Vaishnvi D. Sayankar, Roshan S. Chaware, Vashnavi D. Deshmukh, Bhupesh B. Gote, A. N. Thakare
Page(s): 316-319

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On Some Properties of Middle Cube Graphs and their Spectra
Author(s): D. V. M. Ramani, Mohammed Irshad Ali, Kota Ravi Manohar
Page(s): 320-325

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Seismic Response of Multistoried RCC Building Due to Mass Vibration
Author(s): Dhritiman Mondal
Page(s): 326-328

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A Study On Consumer Preference of Private Hospitals Over Public Hospitals in India
Author(s): Godla Dharani Krishna
Page(s): 329-331

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Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Screening of Triazine Derivatives as Antibacterial Agents
Author(s): Shraddha B. Patel, Umesh K. Gyamlani
Page(s): 332-334

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A Framework for Fast Scalable BNN Inference Using Googlenet and Transfer Learning
Author(s): E. Karthik
Page(s): 335-338

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Wi-Fi Controlled Grass Cutting Robot
Author(s): S. Shri Dhurrga, G. Radhika, J. S. Shyam Mohan
Page(s): 339-341

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A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise in COPD Patients: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Author(s): D. Lavanya Suhasini
Page(s): 342-344

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Efficacy of Selected Interventions for Improving Dyspnoea and Quality of Life Among COPD Patients: An Experimental Study
Author(s): D. Lavanya Suhasini
Page(s): 345-348

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Experimental Investigation On Walnut Shell Powder, Glass Fiber and Jute Fiber
Author(s): Puppala Pavan Kumar, Devara Manoj, Gongati Chandra, Shaik Khadar Vail, Shaik Tabrez Alam, Bijjam Nagarjuna Reddy, G. Sudhakar
Page(s): 349-353

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An Analysis On Successful Emotional Branding Campaigns On Television in India
Author(s): Godla Dharani Krishna
Page(s): 354-358

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Zero Energy Buildings: Planning and Design
Author(s): Adnan Akbar Taj, Nasir Shabbir Modi, Mujib Rafique Parkar, Mrunali Rajendra Jamdar, Snehal Siddhesh Gujarathi
Page(s): 359-362

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Design and Implementation of a Failure Point Debugging Tool for Effective RCA of an Enterprise Storage
Author(s): Shefali T. Kulkarni, M. Prajakta
Page(s): 363-366

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Automatic Vehicle Flasher Control Using Google Map
Author(s): A. Senthilkumar, G. Kaviya, K. Manojkumar, S. Indrajith
Page(s): 367-371

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Performance of Actively Managed Mutual Funds with the Benchmark Index
Author(s): M. K. Amitha, S. Pavan Kumar
Page(s): 372-375

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Implementation of Currency Recognition System
Author(s): Arjun M. Shetty, Shravya, R. Manjesh
Page(s): 376-379

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An Intelligent, Automated Toll Payment System
Author(s): V. Aruna Kumari, B. V. Brindashree, Chaitanya Tejas, D. Mithun Kumar, N. P. Hemanth Kumar, J. C. Arpitha
Page(s): 380-383

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Detection of TCP SYN Flood DDoS Attack
Author(s): Akshay Gupta, Aditya Sachdev
Page(s): 384-385

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Synthesis of Some New Pyrimidine Derivatives
Author(s): Sandip Patel, Foram Patel
Page(s): 386-388

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Forest Fire Detection and Alerting System
Author(s): O. Minu, M. Ramsiya, A. Thasini, K. Vinduja Narayanan, K. Arun
Page(s): 389-391

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Modification of a Building by Google SketchUp
Author(s): Prashant G. Sawarkar, S. S. Pathan, Ashutosh Mishra, Dnyaneshwari Ghagre, Manisha Choudhary, Sejal Awale
Page(s): 392-395

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Identification of Faults in Underground Cables by Using Arduino
Author(s): K. Kanaka Raju, B. Pavan Kumar, K. Praveen, D. Devi Vara Prasad, M. Kumar Swamy
Page(s): 396-402

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Face Recognition Based Attendance System
Author(s): Trupti Mate, Sohail Khan, Mahesh Bhosale, Rishabh Ahire, Kumar Dolase
Page(s): 403-405

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A Survey On Load Balancing in Software Defined Networks
Author(s): R. Rajalakshmi, E. Uma
Page(s): 406-409

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News Article Category Predictor
Author(s): Shriram Rao, K. Sudarshan, Abhishek
Page(s): 410-412

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A Review On Blockchain
Author(s): Abhijit, Pragya Kapila
Page(s): 413-417

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Real Time Tracking and Security System for Rural Areas Using LoRa Network
Author(s): H. Shobha, N. Bumika, B. S. Lekhana, B. S. Likhitha, N. A. Nithyashree
Page(s): 418-424

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IoT Based Fire-Fighting Robot Using Mecanum/Swedish Wheels
Author(s): V. Shilpa, S. Ajay Kumar, R. Dishanth, Nikhil S. Bharadwaj, Y. R. Prahalad
Page(s): 425-430

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Virtual Personal Assistants Using Multi Dialogue Model
Author(s): G. Srinath, D. Sreejith, Prasad Praveen, K. Nirmal, M. R. Sruthy
Page(s): 431-432

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Novel Approach of Driver’s Drowsiness Detection Using OpenCV
Author(s): Manisha Khorgade, Prateek Lende, Sneha Deshmukh, Trunal Hajare
Page(s): 433-436

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Ambulance Routing System
Author(s): A. Priya, D. Ramya Shravani, M. Ranjitha, Y. S. Sanjana, A. Sushma
Page(s): 437-441

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Synthesis and Structural Studies of Mixed Composition BaCo0.5Nb0.5O3-BaTiO3
Author(s): Himalay Manibhai Kolavada
Page(s): 442-444

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Internshala: A New Turn On Entrepreneurial Venture
Author(s): R. Devarajan
Page(s): 445-451

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A Review On Fingerprint Authentication and Portable Attendance Marking Device
Author(s): L. S. Admuthe, S. J. Patil, Deepti D. Retharekar, Aishwarya A. Patil, Abhishek S. Patil, Prasanna S. Joshi
Page(s): 452-455

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Content Analysis of Movie Aranya Kandam
Author(s): A. K. Abinesh
Page(s): 456-460

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IoT Based Smart Shopping System
Author(s): Ayuti Ashok Algur, Rituja Nandakumar Gavade, Sayali Sudam Kundale, Ashwini Mohan Kurkute, Yogita V. Sawant
Page(s): 461-463

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Help-Self: SOS Android Application
Author(s): Hemant Chauhan, Gaurav Jakhar, Rounak Vats, Shalini Goel
Page(s): 464-467

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Traffic Regulation Over Air Quality
Author(s): Swastik A. Bhomkar, Vasant Chatter, K. Akshay, Pratiksha P. Asnotkar, B. Sudhakara
Page(s): 468-470

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A Review On Big Data Using Hadoop
Author(s): Ashutosh Ojha, Ajay Rawat
Page(s): 471-474

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Fire Detection in Video Using Image Processing Technique
Author(s): Jithendra, Akash, K. Ravishankara
Page(s): 475-477

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Live Video Streaming with Audio Using Raspberry Pi in IoT Devices
Author(s): K. Varun Kumar Reddy, P. Sabarish, S. Sonu, S. Shavali, S. Hari Krishnan
Page(s): 478-481

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Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Author(s): J. Pandesswari, S. Maheswari, R. Kannigadevi
Page(s): 482-484

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Assistive Device for Deaf, Dumb and Blind
Author(s): B. S. Anirudh Bhargav, N. Gowtham, P. Pandethi Pavan, A. P. Vinay Kumar, Y. N. Santhosh
Page(s): 485-488

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IoT Based Multifunctional War Architecture Terror Bot
Author(s): N. Yogesh, C. N. Prabhavathi
Page(s): 489-490

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A Geo-Location Authentication Application for Mobile Banking
Author(s): A. Ashika, Supritha, B. Spoorthi, Jeevan, K. Sowmya
Page(s): 491-493

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How Online Food Services Like Zomato-Ubereats, Swiggy are Taking Over the Offline Restaurant Services?
Author(s): Anubhav Kumar Pathak, Muskan Saraf
Page(s): 494-499

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Study of Partially Replaced Paper Pulp Based (M-20) Concrete
Author(s): Afsha Nigar, Vijay Kumar Shukla
Page(s): 500-503

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Implementation of Smart Table Using IoT
Author(s): Pratyush Mishra, Vinay Itankar, Tushar Kharade, Shashank Shende
Page(s): 504-506

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Effective Use of Data Driven Modeling in Ecosystem Services
Author(s): C. V. Nantha Kumaar, S. J. Vigneshwar, S. Niresh, A. B. Arockia Christopher
Page(s): 507-511

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Pothole Detection Based On Accelerometer Method
Author(s): Sreelakshmi Girisan, T. V. Sreelakshmi, N. V. Swetha, Vani Suresh, K. M. Vipin
Page(s): 512-514

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Smart Irrigation System Using Internet of Things and Machine Learning
Author(s): Silja Varghse, K. M. Chaithra, C. S. Fidha, S. V. Greeshma, A. U. Megha
Page(s): 515-517

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Nutrition Deficiency Detection in Agricultural Field Using K-Means Segmentation
Author(s): R. Suguna, M. Mohanlal, U. N. Thenmozhi, K. Durgalakshmi
Page(s): 518-523

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Health Benefits of Nutraceuticals: A Review
Author(s): Sanket Shelke, Archana Salunkhe, Vishal Galave
Page(s): 524-527

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IoT Sensor Node to Monitor Harmful Environmental Condition Using LoRa Technology
Author(s): L. Sai Charan, T. Yashodha, Rohini S. Hallikar
Page(s): 528-530

View Article
AODV and ZRP Analysis for Congestion in MANET
Author(s): Manisha Mehra, Mehajabeen Fatima
Page(s): 531-535

View Article
Perception of Big Boss (Season 3 Tamil) On College Students in Chennai
Author(s): J. Nivetha
Page(s): 536-538

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Sequential Analysis of Image to Text
Author(s): T. Akhila, S. Pooja, J. S. Tejaswini, K. R. Tejaswini, Sharmila Chidaravalli
Page(s): 539-542

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Improving Standards of Agricultural Product Warehouses Using IoT Technology
Author(s): K. Brindha, S. Gayathri, V. Lalithamani, S. Nithya Priya, J. Shanmugasundaram
Page(s): 543-546

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Case Study: To Evaluate the Clinical Pregnancy Rate of iOAT Cases with Microfluidic Sperm Sorter
Author(s): Kamini Patel, Viren Patel, Vani Patel
Page(s): 547-550

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Emergency Vehicle Detection System
Author(s): V. R. Rajkiran, Renjith Krishna Menon, T. R. Rohith, Anu Rinny Sunny
Page(s): 551-553

View Article
Detection of Underground Cable Fault Using PIC 16F877A and GSM Module
Author(s): K. M. Manu, R. Agila, A. V. Ragunathan
Page(s): 554-556

View Article
Comparative Study of Runge-Kutta Methods of Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
Author(s): S. Poornima, T. Nirmala
Page(s): 557-559

View Article
An Algorithm to Create Efficient Clock Specifications Based On Synopsis Design Constraints (SDC) to Meet Insertion Delay and Timing Requirements
Author(s): J. Harshitha, M. S. Ohileshwari
Page(s): 560-562

View Article
Nutrient Content Estimation in Agricultural Automation
Author(s): Ankita Aglave, Ankita Shitole, Chetana Balip, Komal Madilwar, Keshav Bhagwat
Page(s): 563-566

View Article
Shadow Detection and Removal
Author(s): M. Ramya, T. Manisha, Padmanayana
Page(s): 567-568

View Article
IoT Based Smart Waste Management System Using Arduino
Author(s): Parul Singh, Akanksha Gupta, Saurabh Raj
Page(s): 569-571

View Article
Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Lipsticks Containing Natural Ingredients
Author(s): Priya Pramod Mane Deshmukh, Ravi Dnyandeo Hole
Page(s): 572-573

View Article
Blind Visualization with Audio Guidance
Author(s): Nikhil Solankure, Nitishkumar Gidde, Samarth Rawan, Anand Gote, Dhanraj Mahadik, V. N. Malavade
Page(s): 574-576

View Article
Design and Fabrication of Staircase Climbing Trolley
Author(s): A. P.Balaji, R. Sudhakaran, S. Mohan Kumar, S. Prakash, S. Sathiyapriyan
Page(s): 577-579

View Article
Design and Implementation of IoT Based Smart Weighing Device for LPG Monitoring and Industrial Applications
Author(s): N. S. Sushmitha, H. P. Vinod Kumar
Page(s): 580-583

View Article
Shadow Detection and Removal in Images
Author(s): M. Ramya, N. Monisha, Padmanayana
Page(s): 584-585

View Article
Infra-Red Ciphered Infringement System Using MATLAB
Author(s): Madhura Madhukar Hegde, P. S. Ajay, G. Aishwarya, K. Harshitha, R. J. Kavitha
Page(s): 586-588

View Article
Effect of Percent Replacement of Substitute Material in the Mixed Concrete
Author(s): Jaydeep Jayram Fulari, B. Kshirsagar Swati
Page(s): 589-591

View Article
Study of the Indian Paint Sector and Performance of Companies
Author(s): Sagrika Mahajan, Aakriti Jain, Sachin Patidar, Vivek Bhardwaj, Soham Karnawat
Page(s): 592-597

View Article
Development of Carbon Fiber Based Structural Health Monitoring System for Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Conduits
Author(s): A. P. Pavankumar, K. R. Channakeshava, T. Rangaswamy
Page(s): 598-601

View Article
An IoT Based Smart Parking System
Author(s): Manisha Raut, Shivam Naskulwar, Akshay Dongre, Sameer Lule
Page(s): 602-604

View Article
A Study On Digital Banking After Demonetization
Author(s): G. Suriya, K. Krishna Veni
Page(s): 605-609

View Article
Hyperloop Transportation System
Author(s): Ayush Tayal, Gaurav Bisht
Page(s): 610-613

View Article
Modelling of Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Using Bidirectional Converter
Author(s): Pankaj M. Maskar, Pranay Bawane, Aditya Pawar, Tejas ghodake, Abhishek Kulkarni, Manish Sabale
Page(s): 614-617

View Article
Smart Agriculture System Using IoT
Author(s): S. Swathy, S. Vidhya, M. Vidhyaa, A. Bhuvaneshwaran
Page(s): 618-621

View Article
Two Layered Compression Framework to Mitigate Data Storage in Fog and Cloud Nodes
Author(s): M. Sushmitha, M. Yashaswini, A. Yashaswini, B. M. Kavana, L. A. Shubhashree
Page(s): 622-625

View Article
A Study and Analysis of Inventory Management at City Cool Ice-Cream
Author(s): Sameer Barve, Rahul Deore
Page(s): 626-627

View Article
Tracking and Spatial Identifying of Victim Location with IoT Based System Using iBeacon
Author(s): T. Kalaichelvi, K. Ragavi, R. Raji, D. Trideshwari
Page(s): 628-631

View Article
Application of Image Processing Techniques in Rice Crops for Disease Identification
Author(s): Nithin D. Souza, K. S. Vivek, B. Reshma
Page(s): 632-634

View Article
Image Annotations
Author(s): Khan Sumaiya Iftekhar, Waghmare Krutika, Belkar Nisa Riyaz, Mansi Deore
Page(s): 635-637

View Article
Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Author(s): Nair Krishnanjali Krishnan, M. Sreeshma, A. Madheena Beegam, K. M. Manju, K. P. Biji
Page(s): 638-640

View Article
Design of an Embedded High Efficiency Intelligent Smart Trolley
Author(s): N. A. Akshatha, Nikshitha, Nidhithi, S. Jyothi, K. Aishwarya
Page(s): 641-644

View Article
Road Accident Detection and Communication System
Author(s): M. Sivarajan, S. Shahad, S. Sreeju, T. Muhammad Mubashir, S. Divya
Page(s): 645-646

View Article
Design, and CFD Analysis of Compact Plate-Fin Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Using DMLS Technology
Author(s): Abhishek Joshi, L. Krishnamurthy
Page(s): 647-650

View Article
Early and Later Age of Performance analysis of Precast Concrete Using Virgin Polypropylene Fibers
Author(s): Ashwini R. Patil, Nikhil D. Rokade, Chaitali N. Bagul, Sparshali C. Ahire, Manali J. Ahire
Page(s): 651-653

View Article
Facial Recognition Based Attendance Management System Using Raspberry Pi
Author(s): Prakash Jadhav, Chilukuri Madhu Vamsi Krishna, V. Chandana, L. Krithika, Anusha Shetty
Page(s): 654-658

View Article
An Experimental Survey On a Geographical Phase Design for Connected Vehicle Networks
Author(s): Dayanand Patil, Sanjivkumar Shinde, Vinod Saundatte, Mahesh Gaikwad, Chetan Arage
Page(s): 659-661

View Article
Movement Detection Using Web Camera
Author(s): Sayesha Anvekar, N. Shivani, K. Aishwarya
Page(s): 662-663

View Article
Time Series Prediction of Success Rate of Agricultural Products
Author(s): Mary M. D’souza, K. V. Apoorva, L. Lavanya, B. Meghana, S. Sneha
Page(s): 664-667

View Article
Smart Energy Monitoring System Using IoT
Author(s): Manoj Dhande, Yash Gupte, Parth Gite, Aman Bhat
Page(s): 668-669

View Article
Investigation of Site for Dumping Urban Waste in Bangalore Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technique
Author(s): K. T. Vishnu Saseendran, A. S. Shrinivas, N. Ranjan Rao Chauhan, H. P. Preetham, G. Venkatesha
Page(s): 670-676

View Article
Traffic Monitoring System with Road Safety
Author(s): Rakeshkumar Girdharlal Shankar, Dharmit Jagdishbhai Kakadiya, Arunsingh B. Rajput, Vinas Rameshbhai Gondaliya, Kishan Rameshbhai Gabani, Parshant Shantibhai Rupapara
Page(s): 677-679

View Article
An Analysis of Control Strategies for Micro Grid Systems
Author(s): K. Saravanan
Page(s): 680-684

View Article
Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud
Author(s): Dhanashree Gopal Wadnere, Vishal B. Ohol, Bhushan S. Chaudhary
Page(s): 685-688

View Article
Crop Disease Prediction Using IoT and Machine Learning
Author(s): Vikram Kumar, Sudhanshu Ranjan, K. Mohan
Page(s): 689-691

View Article
Photovoltaic Based Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System Using D-STATCOM
Author(s): Sudha D. Parmaj, M. C. Butale
Page(s): 692-694

View Article
RFID Based Security System Using Arduino Module
Author(s): Akash Khare, Jitendra Yadav, Dhanraj Shardhana
Page(s): 695-697

View Article
Development of Blind Assistive Device in Shopping Malls
Author(s): Kothakapu Sowmya, Gade Tharun, Chinthanippula Yeshwanth, N. Srinivas
Page(s): 698-700

View Article
Machine Learning Analysis of Emotion Detection in Adults
Author(s): H. Mohan, N. Smitha
Page(s): 701-705

View Article
Swarm Robots for Warehouse Management
Author(s): Gondi Bala Yogi, Sk. Mahaboob Bhasha, Chekoti Sai Ram, M. Prema Latha
Page(s): 706-709

View Article
Machine Learning Based Prediction of Heart Stroke Using Diverse Algorithms for a Comparative Analysis to Provide Accurate Results
Author(s): M. Abirami, V. Lalitha, G. Prathistaa, A. V. Revathi
Page(s): 710-713

View Article
Bullish Eye on Stock Market when Indian Economy Weeps
Author(s): Sheikh Yajidul Islam, Ashish Kumar Gupta
Page(s): 714-719

View Article
Author(s): R. Hemanth, B. A. Prajna, S. Gangothri
Page(s): 720-720

View Article
A Study On Adoption of Digital Banking in India
Author(s): S. J. Syed Ashik
Page(s): 721-724

View Article
Agriculture Crop Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Author(s): N. P. Ganapathi, K. Sudarshan, Ananthakrishna Bhatta
Page(s): 725-727

View Article
Enhanced Device for Security and Health Purpose Using IoT
Author(s): A. Kathar Patcha, S. Mani Kandan, S. Venkatesh, S. Panimalar
Page(s): 728-731

View Article
Identification of Gender Using Facial Images
Author(s): Lakshitha Kulal, Aravind Naik, Namitha Kumari, R. Shreepriya, Sushmitha Acharya
Page(s): 732-733

View Article
A Review On Sustainable Green Building in Indian Context
Author(s): H. V. Shree Ranga, C. R. Vinuth, V. Vikas, Sahebgoud, G. P. Shivashankara
Page(s): 734-736

View Article
Coal Mine Safety System Using Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s): M. S. Sudha, Kishore Kumar, N. M. Madhukesh, Naveed Baig, T. Naveen
Page(s): 737-740

View Article
A Review On Model Analysis and Suitability of Vortex Turbine in Indian Condition
Author(s): M. T. Abhishek, C. M. Kumar, Mayur M. Savali, G. Rakshith, P. Shivaprasad
Page(s): 741-745

View Article
E-Pulseline Web Application for Doctor-Patient Appointment System Using PHP
Author(s): Aayush Pathak, Shriyansh Shukla, Diwakar Yagyasen, Aditya Singh, Abdul Hasan
Page(s): 746-748

View Article
Design of a Small Motor Prototype by FDM of PLA
Author(s): Vignesh V. Suvarna, M. Rakesh
Page(s): 749-751

View Article
Smart Home Security System Using IoT
Author(s): P. Prathibha, Alok Kumar, Abhay Singh, Kumari Parul, Shubham Jaiswal
Page(s): 752-755

View Article
Content Based Image Retrieval Using ORB
Author(s): Arun Kumar, Kuldeep Singh Yadav, Kunal
Page(s): 756-758

View Article
Smart Pulmonary System with Doctor Appointment
Author(s): Prakash Jadhav, R. N. Sharath Gowda, B. M. Suhas, B. R. Santhosh Gowda, K. Hithesh
Page(s): 759-762

View Article
Smart Car Parking System
Author(s): Amol Dhumal, Saili Sawant, Tanmay Balekar, Anas Momin
Page(s): 763-765

View Article
Smart Mirror with Google Voice Assistance
Author(s): M. Manu, K. Rasikh Mohammed, E. Vishnu Prasad, Silja Varghese
Page(s): 766-767

View Article
Author(s): Deepak R. Kulal, K. V. Rajesh, S. Gangothri
Page(s): 768-769

View Article
COVID-19 Pandemic in India and Role of Lockdown in India
Author(s): Deep Navanitkumar Pandya
Page(s): 770-772

View Article
Anorexia Nervosa: A Literature Review
Author(s): Surabhi Verma
Page(s): 773-776

View Article
Nanotechnology for Controlling Water Pollution
Author(s): Mohit
Page(s): 777-778

View Article
Smart Garbage System with Garbage Separation Using Object Detection
Author(s): D. Vinodha, J. Sangeetha, B. Cynthia Sherin, M. Renukadevi
Page(s): 779-782

View Article
The Bounce Back Impact with Some Experimental Proof from India
Author(s): P. Rathna, A. Ravikumar
Page(s): 783-787

View Article
Smart Health Monitoring System Using IoT
Author(s): Velaga Naga Sri, B. Nandhini, M. Saraswathi
Page(s): 788-790

View Article
Device to Device Communication Using Advanced Distributed Algorithm
Author(s): Divya Panchal, V. Noor Mohammed
Page(s): 791-794

View Article
Grasping Household Unit Cuisine Vitality Decision in Rustic India
Author(s): P. Rathna, A. Ravikumar
Page(s): 795-800

View Article
An Attribute Assisted Reranking Model for Web Image Search
Author(s): Jadhav Supriya Suresh, V. R. Marathe
Page(s): 801-803

View Article
Diagnosing the Diseases in Pepper Plant Using Image Processing Technique
Author(s): K. V. Bhargavi, L. S. Vidya, J. C. Srinidhi, C. Yashaswini, V. K. Moksha
Page(s): 804-807

View Article
Potent Action of Disinfectant in Targeting Spread of COVID-19 Using Drones
Author(s): Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Srividhya Muralidharan, Pramila Joseph, Gokul Devendran
Page(s): 808-810

View Article
Adaptive Device On Mobile Detector with Sustainable Dual Generation of Power
Author(s): S. Kavyashree, H. T. Ullas, C. K. Sanjay Kumar, S. C. Sachin, Nandeesh
Page(s): 811-813

View Article
AWS EC2 Instance
Author(s): Tarun Rawat, Atul Durgapal
Page(s): 814-816

View Article
A Review of Brahmi Plant its Uses and Chronic Effect on Human Memory
Author(s): Prapti Jagtap, Prajakta Lekawale, Prajakta Dhone
Page(s): 817-818

View Article
A Review On Study and Solution Over Parking System and Traffic Flow at Metro Station
Author(s): Saurabh Ghante, Ayush Tirankar, Nikhil Harsola, Shubham Wadkar, Akash Charbhe
Page(s): 819-822

View Article
A Low Cost Approach in Upgradation of Automobile Intra Communication System
Author(s): Roushan Harris Ahmed, K. R. Prakash
Page(s): 823-826

View Article
A Review on Termination Detection in Distributed Systems
Author(s): Aditya Raghu, K. N. Ajay Shastry, H. R. Chetan, H. Nikith
Page(s): 827-832

View Article
A Review On CZTS Thin Film Solar Cells
Author(s): Vidya Shivananda Chavan, K. Chandra Sekhar
Page(s): 833-835

View Article
Design of Smart Mirror Based On Raspberry Pi
Author(s): B. A. Rani, R. Vinay, C. Darshan, H. S. Shashank, H. N. Bhavana Jain
Page(s): 836-840

View Article
Black Box for Vehicles
Author(s): Deeksha, B. Deepa, Fathima Raheeba, Fathimath Safana, Alwyn Edison Mendonca
Page(s): 841-844

View Article
Smart Parking System
Author(s): A. Ashwin Kumar, K. Ganesh, S. Jithish, S. Sathish Kumar, T. Kalaikumaran
Page(s): 845-848

View Article
Flood Monitoring and Warning System Using IoT
Author(s): T. Sneha, K. Priyamvada, N. B. Reema, V. Baby
Page(s): 849-851

View Article
RedTacton Han Based ATM Control System
Author(s): T. S. Preethi, H. R. Ananya, M. Deepthi, R. Dikshitha, M. Kavya
Page(s): 852-855

View Article
Experimental Investigation On Eco-Friendly Concrete
Author(s): D. Swaran Sabthagiri, V. T. Srivathsa, L. Shashikumara, Asif, S. Chethan Kumar
Page(s): 856-858

View Article
Road Accident Analysis Using Machine Learning
Author(s): N. Sridevi, M. V. Keerthana, Monisha V. Pal, T. R. Nikshitha, P. Jyothi
Page(s): 859-861

View Article
Applications of IoT to Improve the Life of Mentally Disabled People
Author(s): H. M. Madhu, Arnab Bose, M. Balaji Gowda, Rashmi R. Uppin
Page(s): 862-865

View Article
Cyber Security Threats and Security Measures
Author(s): Latika Kharb, Nikhil Varghese, Shivnath Jha
Page(s): 866-867

View Article
Securing the Secret Data Using Homomorphic Encryption and Ciphertext-Policy Attribute Encryption Algorithm
Author(s): Gaurav Sharma, Rishabh Mishra, S. Devanand, P. Adlene Ebenezer
Page(s): 868-872

View Article
Cricket Ball Bowling Machine Using Mechanical Leverage and Spring
Author(s): V. Surya, P. Prem Kumar, M. Vinoth, T. Prasanna Venkatesh, C. Narayanaswamy
Page(s): 873-875

View Article
Bladeless Windmill by Electromagnetic Induction
Author(s): V. Sangeetha, E. David
Page(s): 876-878

View Article
Performance Evaluation of Internally Cured Concrete (ICC) Using LECA and Cinder
Author(s): Sanjay L. Mudigiri, Mallikarjun, Manjunath Patil, Akash Kumar, R. Shanthi Vengadeshwari
Page(s): 879-881

View Article
Palm Print Recognition Using PCA and SOM Algorithm
Author(s): Pooja, D. S. Rajesh
Page(s): 882-884

View Article
Internet of Things - The New Trend
Author(s): Deepak Chahal, Divya Gupta, Devbiswas Negi
Page(s): 885-887

View Article
Unlocking the Opportunity in COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis by Using IoT Built Farming for Creating Alternative Value Chain in Agriculture Domain
Author(s): Soniya Joshi, Surendar Vishnoi
Page(s): 888-890

View Article
A Study of Investors Perception Toward Mutual Funds as an Investment Avenue (With Special Reference to Rajkot City)
Author(s): Piyush Mehta, Brijesh Vakani, Nayankumar Chauhan
Page(s): 891-894

View Article
Smart Power System
Author(s): R. Revathi, R. Muthunivedha, S. Pragadhe, S. Susma, S. Tharunika
Page(s): 895-898

View Article
Movement Detection Using Camera
Author(s): P. N. Shikhira, Silpa Sasidharan, K. Aiswarya
Page(s): 899-900

View Article
Automated Vehicle Theft Prevention Using Atmega Embedded Systems
Author(s):  R. J. Kavitha, G. Vignesh, S. Jayanth, D. Madhuchandra, J. Yashwanth
Page(s): 901-904

View Article
Infant Monitoring System Using Convolutional Neural Network
Author(s): R. Pradeep, S. Pavithra, E. Preetha, A. Nathiya, R. Ranjani
Page(s): 905-909

View Article
Mobile Based System Control
Author(s): Apoorva Manjunath Naik, U. S. Archana, K. Ashika, K. M. Chaithra, B. Reshma
Page(s): 910-912

View Article
Detecting Phishing Website Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Neelambika, S. Nisharani, R. Neha, B. Latha, R. Chaitanya
Page(s): 913-915

View Article
Disaster Victim Identification Using Convolutional Neural Network
Author(s): Kavya Prasad, T. V. Layana, Reshma, K. Vydehi, K. M. Vipin
Page(s): 916-917

View Article
Detection of Live Electrical Wire and Prevention from Electrocution Using WSN
Author(s): Sneha Sunil Vaidya, S. M. Anvitha, O. H. Akshatha, V. Mamatha Shree, N. C. Karthik
Page(s): 918-922

View Article
Braille Code Conversion Using Verilog
Author(s): K. Basavaraja, Apoorva Pujari, N. Karthika, Ravishankar Holla
Page(s): 923-924

View Article
Feasibility Study and Advance Designing of Solar System
Author(s): Monik Dholariya, Dhyey R. Savaliya, Nikunj Ajani, Harshal Dholariya
Page(s): 925-934

View Article
The Significance of Micro and Small on the Canvas of UAM Registered MSME
Author(s): Rakesh Malhotra, Narayani Gupta
Page(s): 935-937

View Article
Salesforce Customer Relationship Management
Author(s): Kiran Devadiga, Pallavi Shetty
Page(s): 938-939

View Article
Web Technologies
Author(s): Deeksha
Page(s): 940-942

View Article
Smart Gloves for Mute People Using American Sign Language
Author(s): Devangi K. Sonawala, Zil R. Vansiya, Vadoliya Dixita, Umang H. Patel, Arihantkumar M. Patel, Harshkumar K. Morker
Page(s): 943-945

View Article
Low Wind High Speed Wind Turbine
Author(s): Suma V. Shetty, Nesar Gaonkar, Kartik P. Kulkarni, Hemanth Tavane, S. Harsha
Page(s): 946-950

View Article
Use of AI based Chatbot for Providing Health Related Information
Author(s): R. S. Abisree, Anushria Sai, M. Ganga, S. Sathish Kumar, T. Kalaikumaran
Page(s): 951-956

View Article
Dengue Outbreak Prediction Model Using Machine Learning Algorithm
Author(s): Harshit Pandey, Shreyansh Sharma
Page(s): 957-959

View Article
Wireless Sensor Networks for Data Acquisition and Remote Actuation
Author(s): Prakash Jadhav, Rima, Sadiya Anjum, P. H. Pushpalatha, N. Yashaswini Shree
Page(s): 960-964

View Article
Automated System to Detect Alcohol in Automobiles for Safety
Author(s): A. Shreyas Raju, P. Janardhan, K. G. Thippeswamy, M. Nandeesha, R. Bhargava
Page(s): 965-967

View Article
Heterogeneous Traffic Data Collection Using Video Image Processing
Author(s): R. Eshwar, Arpitha N. Rao, Bharath S. Reddy, C. R. Poornachandra, C. C. Abhijith
Page(s): 968-971

View Article
Influence of MCN’s on YouTube Business Model for Content Creators in Chennai
Author(s): N. Subramanian
Page(s): 972-974

View Article
Recognizing Pickpocket Suspects from Enormous Scale Open Travel Records
Author(s): S. Sajini, T. Madhan, E. Kathiravan, J. Mervin Kumar
Page(s): 975-977

View Article
Smart Irrigation System
Author(s): Rama Gaikwad, Shivraj D. Dhanawade, Prasad Dilip Chavan, Ketan Milind Mate, Yash Uday Pore
Page(s): 978-980

View Article
Changes in Consumer Behaviour Due to COVID-19
Author(s): Naibedya Mohanty, Anindita Pramanik, Sohom Majumder, Sayan Karmakar
Page(s): 981-986

View Article
Repair Go
Author(s): Aniket Bankar, Chetan Kamde, Kalyani Karule, Prajakta Sawarkar, Uttkarsh Milampure, Vyankesh Dighore, Yash Kokare
Page(s): 987-990

View Article
Slowdown in Indian Automobile Sector and Consumers
Author(s): Chandransh Tiwari
Page(s): 991-997

View Article
The Therapeutic and medicinal Use of Camphor in Ordinary Life
Author(s): Rutuja A. Ware, Dhanashri S. Ghude, Mansi P. Akolkar, Megha G. Bhise
Page(s): 998-999

View Article
A Method of Producing Patterned Quartz Slabs
Author(s): Mahesh Baradabadi, K. R. Prakash
Page(s): 1000-1003

View Article
Borewell Child Rescue Machine
Author(s): D. Sampathkumar, N. Naveen, M. Sarjun Hallaj, S. R. Sudharson
Page(s): 1004-1007

View Article
Any Time Medicine (ATM) Vending Machine for Medicine Self-Dispensing
Author(s): Y. G. Usha, Shruti C. Tiganibidari, M. V. Sai Mangala, T. B. Rekha, M. N. Ravi Shankara
Page(s): 1008-1011

View Article
Development of an Automatic Error Testing Device for Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
Author(s): Annaiah, M. Rakesh
Page(s): 1012-1016

View Article
Bill of Materials Comparison Tool and Mass Inertia Volume Density Application
Author(s): K. J. Joseph Jeslin, K. Kavinesan, A. Raj Kumar, J. Manikandan, Stalin Durai
Page(s): 1017-1020

View Article
Study and Analysis of Kaizen Tool in UHT Plant of Hassan Milk Union Limited
Author(s): B. J. Divya, P. Kiran
Page(s): 1021-1026

View Article
Recognizing and Monitoring Artifacts Using Frame Difference and Morphological Algorithm
Author(s): U. Akshay Vaidya
Page(s): 1027-1031

View Article
Cooling Load Calculation of New Academic Building of Asansol Engineering College
Author(s): Sourabh Choudhary, Shantnu Sharma, Sayak Saha, Sanu Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Rohit Vishwas, Kaushal Kishore
Page(s): 1032-1036

View Article
Computerized Fee Collection and Transfer Certificate Module
Author(s): Animesh Pandey, Gaurav Kumar Trivedi, Divyanshu Singh, Vikas Kumar Yadav, Shailja Pandey
Page(s): 1037-1039

View Article
IoT Based Solution for Monitoring of Pollution through Pesticides in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Author(s): Janat J. Mejula, S. Jeevitha, K. S. Jyothipriya, G. Renuga Devi, T. Kalaikumaran
Page(s): 1040-1042

View Article
Formulation of Herbal Syrup for Maintaining Blood Creatine Level
Author(s): Nikita S. Kabade, Swapnali S. Ilhe, Deepali S. Chitale, Bhairavi B. Raut, Mayuri V. Chavan, Pooja B. More
Page(s): 1046-1048

View Article
Smart Agro-Robot
Author(s): M. Sandeep, M. Sangeetha, L. Tejas, S. Thejaswini, N. Shamala
Page(s): 1049-1052

View Article
Detection and Analysis of EEG Signals Before and After Meditation
Author(s): Mallikarjun A. Hadli, Nikith K. Kottary, Pradyumna S. Acharya, Shwetha Baliga
Page(s): 1053-1056

View Article
Real Time Automated Process Controlled by Using PLC and LabVIEW
Author(s): H. B. Bharath, M. Rakesh
Page(s): 1057-1060

View Article
Real-Time Communication Between REXROTH PLC and MATLAB on MLPI Technology
Author(s): Kundeshwar Kundapura, R. Banupriya
Page(s): 1061-1064

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Design and Fabrication of Economically Feasible Aquatic Robot for Floating Debris Detection and Collection
Author(s): S. Kavyashree, N. M. Samarth Raj, C. S. Shreejan, H. J. Raghava, Varshasrinivas
Page(s): 1065-1068

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Smart Assistive Shoes and Cane to Guide Visually Challenged Person Using Arduino Microcontroller
Author(s): G. Manoj Kumar, R. Sandeep Yavav, Y. Pavan Kumar Reddy, Shaik Feroj, S. Rohith
Page(s): 1069-1073

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Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil by Cement Kiln Dust
Author(s): H. N. Sridhar, M. S. Darshan, G. A. Abhilash, R. Karthik, G. S. Jagadeesh Chandra Bose
Page(s): 1074-1079

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An Experimental Study On Properties of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Sugarcane Bagasse Ash and Glass Powder
Author(s): Raghvendra Singh Bhadoriya, V. B. Bharath
Page(s): 1080-1084

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Empirical Mapping of Customer’s Expectation from Organized Apparel Retail Outlets
Author(s): Himanshu Misra, Shalini Singh
Page(s): 1085-1092

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Social System Talk Dissemination Predication
Author(s): S. Sajini, Naveen Joseph, G. Prasanth, J. Joshwin Daniel
Page(s): 1093-1095

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Online Polling System
Author(s): Ajeet Kumar Lodhi, Raghuveer Sachan, Ali Samar, Anshi Singh, Shubhangi Pandey, Shivangi Singh
Page(s): 1096-1099

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A Novel Approach for Classification of Heart Disease Using Machine Learning
Author(s): P. V. Kavitha, C. Naveen Kumar, M. Ajith, K. Dayasudan
Page(s): 1100-1104

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Detection of Fake Online Reviews
Author(s): G. Mamatha, C. L. Ashritha, N. Harshitha, M. Neha Muthappa, R. K. Sanjana
Page(s): 1105-1107

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Machine Learning for Smart Energy Monitoring of Home Appliances Using IoT
Author(s): Komal Ramchandra Tippe, Pooja Ashok Surve, Rashmi Sanjay Kodulkar, Kajal Kashinath Salgar, Supriya Kumar More
Page(s): 1108-1110

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The Impact of COVID-19 On the Petroleum Industry
Author(s): R. Sandhya, J. Bhavani
Page(s): 1111-1115

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Drowsiness Detection System
Author(s): Nanditha S. Rao, Saritha Shetty
Page(s): 1116-1119

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Demographic Dividend: India vs. China
Author(s): Krishna Patel
Page(s): 1120-1124

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AI Enabled Healthcare Chatbot Systems for Hospital Web Applications
Author(s): Karthik Saligrama, Pallavi Shetty
Page(s): 1125-1127

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An Efficient Water Management and Monitoring System Based On IoT
Author(s): S. Shobha, R. Pavithra, K. S. Pramila, Pooja Basavaraj Morki, G. Nikitha
Page(s): 1128-1132

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Eye Blink Conversion to Text and Call using Video Oculography
Author(s): M. Sukrutha, S. Suriyarashmi, P. K. Sowkya, R. Usha, D. Sudarsanan
Page(s): 1133-1136

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A Study On Online Marketing Through Consumers
Author(s): Kamma Arpitha
Page(s): 1137-1139

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Improving Cloud Storage Security Using Encryption with Gmail Verification
Author(s): B. Atchaiya, B. S. Murugan
Page(s): 1140-1143

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The Alternate Lending Revolution in the Digital Era
Author(s): Sanjay Vissa, Deepti Bhumaraddi, N. S. Narahari
Page(s): 1144-1148

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Kannada Shabhdakosha
Author(s): Kavyashree R. Bhat, Saritha Shetty
Page(s): 1149-1151

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Building an Intrusion Detection System Using Machine Learning Framework
Author(s): Vishal Shingate, Shital Gulghane, Shivani Bondgulwar, Gaurav Awari, Parth Sagar
Page(s): 1152-1154

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Implementation of Lab Report Digitization
Author(s): S. Bhaggiaraj, R. Nisha Sri, A. Rinose Farhana
Page(s): 1155-1157

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Man is not Merely an Evolution, But Rather a Revolution
Author(s): Divya Peddapalyam
Page(s): 1158-1160

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Identification of Adulteration in Rice Granules Using Neural Network and Image Processing
Author(s): Cynthia Rodrigues, Sheetal Rodrigues, Kavya Naik, Pooja Bhat, Preethi Salian
Page(s): 1161-1164

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A Study on Plastic Manufacturing Industries After Implementation of GST
Author(s): Ajay Jaikumar Sharma
Page(s): 1165-1169

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Gamification Based Learning
Author(s): Akarshan Agarwal, Shreevaths K. Satish Rao, B. M. Mahendra
Page(s): 1170-1171

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An Efficient Method for Detection of Stealing in Software Defined Network
Author(s): Kalyani Gade, Pranali Panchwagh, Unnati Sarode, Shubham Naikwadi, Anisaara Nadaph
Page(s): 1172-1175

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Hardware Design of Two Phase Motor
Author(s): Sandip S. Godhade, Hrushikesh Y. Kale, Suhs S. Dhere, Giridhar K. Kore, Snehal B. Pandhare, Mrunal S. Joshi
Page(s): 1176-1178

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Animal Detection for Wildlife Using IoT
Author(s): S. Subheiksha, P. Rasika, K. Priyanka
Page(s): 1179-1183

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Detection of Phishing Website using Feature Extraction and Optimal Selection
Author(s): P. V. Kavitha, R. Rakesh, S. Vijayan, K. Venkata Narashima Rao
Page(s): 1184-1188

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A Machine Learning Approach to Improve Robustness and Detecting Malicious Nodes
Author(s): A. Dinesh Kumar, K. Chadan, Prathima Mabel, K. N. Rama Mohan Babu
Page(s): 1189-1191

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Vehicle Detection and Warning System Using Arduino at Intersection Crossing
Author(s): H. Vinay Kumar, D. Suma, M. Shruthi, M. Vidya Shree, S. Zeba Tasneem
Page(s): 1192-1194

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Fingerprint Based Vehicle Starter and Vehicle Tracking System
Author(s): Gopu Priyanka, Bala Bhadruni Pranavi, Krishnamsetty Manaswini, A. S. R. Sai Srinivas, A. V. Rajan
Page(s): 1195-1197

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Power Management of Low Voltage in Substation Using PLC and SCADA
Author(s): H. Sheila, G. S. Raghuveer, B. K. Shashankgowda, S. Shivakuamar, B. S. Yogeesh
Page(s): 1198-1202

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A Review on FOTA Update Mechanisms Available for In-Vehicle Embedded Devices
Author(s): M. S. Tejaswini, Neeta B. Malvi
Page(s): 1203-1206

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Development of Two-Wheeler Use for Farming
Author(s): Dhyey R. Savaliya, Periskumar Savani, Monik Dholariya, Uttam Khunt
Page(s): 1207-1215

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Web Browser Automation Using Geb
Author(s): Amrita Ticku, Deepika Yadav
Page(s): 1216-1220

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Development of Algorithm for Pick Place and Path Mimicry by Industrial Robots
Author(s): Ananth Adiga, M. Rakesh
Page(s): 1221-1226

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Design and Manufacturing of Automatic Differential Self Locking System
Author(s): Aparna Joshi, Rutuja Kamthe, Sanskruti Babar, Pratiksha Shelke, Nitish Gandhi
Page(s): 1227-1229

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A Comprehensive Study on Social Network Mental Disorder Detection
Author(s): Fayza Patekari, Agreney Ramesh Happa, Abhinav Deodhar, Pavan Kulkarni
Page(s): 1230-1231

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Design and Analysis of Gantry Automation System for Crankcase Machining in VMC
Author(s): Omkar Dhumal, Vinood
Page(s): 1232-1234

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A Note On “A Novel Accuracy Function Under Interval-Valued Pythagorean Fuzzy Environment for Solving Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Problem”
Author(s): Akanksha Singh, Nikhilesh Singh
Page(s): 1235-1237

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A Survey On Crop Yield Prediction Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Pooja Sachin Jirage, Pratiksha Rajendra Patil, Sarika Surendra Mali, Mayuri Prakash Koshti, Snehal Sunil Kandekari, P. K. Akulwari
Page(s): 1238-1240

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Smart Cap with Voice Output
Author(s): Roshin Sosa Philip, M. Shreeparvathy Devi, Pooja Krishnan, M. Parvathy, Sruthy Rajendran
Page(s): 1241-1243

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Soil Stabilization Using Lime, Plain and Perforated Plastic Strips
Author(s): G. A. Abhinandan, Bhavimata Gurubasavarajaiah, C. Chethan, R. Gagan, K. Gurunath
Page(s): 1244-1248

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Brain Tumor Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Author(s): Shreya Pai, Mrunal Kurade, Nikita Nakil, Vidya Ringane, P. K. Akulwar
Page(s): 1249-1253

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I2C Controller Implementation Using FPGA and Applying it to 8-Bit ADC
Author(s): Venkatesh, Archana R. Kulkarni
Page(s): 1254-1256

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