Volume-3, Issue-4, April-2020

Design and Fabrication of Two Wheeler Parking System
Author(s): A. Janet, R. Dhipakumar, S. Harishankar, A. Bharathi, G. Ashok
Page(s): 1-5

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A Study On Socio-Economic Status of Realtors in Kanyakumari District
Author(s): R. Evalin Latha
Page(s): 6-9

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Solid Waste Management of Srinagar City
Author(s): Muneela Rasool, Furqan Qureshi
Page(s): 10-15

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Mobile Application for Human Facial Recognition to Identify Criminals and Missing People Using Tensor Flow
Author(s): R. Jhanani, S. Harshitha, T. Kalaichelvi, V. Subedha
Page(s): 16-20

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Design and Implementation of Women Safety System Using Mobile Application in Real-Time Environment
Author(s): S. Juhitha, M. Pavithra, E. Archana
Page(s): 21-26

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Copy Prevention of Project Reports for Institution
Author(s): Ajay Pratap Singh, Aakash Kumar, A. B. Divyanshu, Ajay Kr. Singh
Page(s): 27-30

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Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger and Pump for Increased Flow Rate
Author(s): K. A. Aravint Saamy, M. Harish Mahadevan, R. Vijay, B. Ganesh
Page(s): 31-33

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Whiz Calamity Detection and Location Identifier Using Mobile Application Development
Author(s): N. Mohammed Arshad, R. Anbarasan, K. S. Sudhishna, A. Suriya, M. Raja
Page(s): 34-36

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Effective Audio Steganography Based On LSBMR Algorithm
Author(s): B. Sharmila
Page(s): 37-40

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Private Labels vs. National Brands: How Consumer Perception of Private Labels Plays a Role
Author(s): Darshit Vora, Kayvan Kuvadia
Page(s): 41-46

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Smart Sun Tracking System with Real Time Simulation
Author(s): Shivam Vishwakarma, Shubham Agrahari, Suraj Patel, Gaurav, Adesh Mishra
Page(s): 47-54

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Budget Operative Cloud Server Provisioning for Expected Concert of Huge Records Analytics
Author(s): J. Jenifer Bala, K. Chandra Prabha
Page(s): 55-59

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Profit Maximization for Cloud Brokers with Priority Aware Pricing in Cloud Computing
Author(s): P. Harini, C. Rukumani Khandhan
Page(s): 60-64

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Design and Fabrication of Automatic Cradle
Author(s): Vimal, S. Murugananthan, B. Raj Kumar, R. Raja Kumar, D. Ranjith
Page(s): 65-67

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Online Property Management System
Author(s): D. Karthika, P. Senthilraja
Page(s): 68-71

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Travel Guidance and Management System with Hotel Price Forecasting Feature
Author(s): Mangesh Paunikar, Suraj Singh, Aditya Nair, Shreyas Jadhav, Suvarna Satkar
Page(s): 72-76

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Smart Agriculture Using LoRa Technology
Author(s): B. Deepika, R. Abishek, K. Pugazharasir
Page(s): 77-82

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Impact of Prefabrication Technology and Equipment On Profitability
Author(s): Mrunali Neskar, Ashish Ugale
Page(s): 83-86

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Survey on IoT based Bridge Health Monitoring Systems
Author(s): Vaishali Hirlekar, Parth Doshi, Viraj Shetty, Ajinkya Tungare
Page(s): 87-91

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Federal Administrative System for Transparency
Author(s): Kajal U. Narwade, Tejal D. Walke, Vaishnavi V. Kachole, Nayan A. Patil, A. N. Thakre
Page(s): 92-95

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Twitter Sentiment Prediction
Author(s): Shraddha Bajpai, Raghav Singhal, Vaibhav Jain, Manish Srivastava
Page(s): 96-98

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A Smart Helmet On IoT Technology for Safety and Accident Detection
Author(s): S. S. Ashwini, N. S. Ganesh Udupa, Nikki Sweta, M. D. Shahbaz Alam
Page(s): 99-102

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A Review On Friction Stir Processing of Aluminium Alloy Surface Composite
Author(s): S. Divya, D. Elavarasan, M. Kishor, K. Manisekar, R. Manikandan
Page(s): 103-108

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Solar Operated Water Trash Collector
Author(s): S. Malavika, S. Meena, E. Indhumathi, M. Nandhini, S. Srinivasan
Page(s): 109-111

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Fashion Product Image Classification Using Neural Network
Author(s): Ananya Prajapati, Anamika Kaushik, Priya Gupta, Sonal Sharma, Surbhi Jain
Page(s): 112-114

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Soldiers Navigation and Health Monitoring System using GPS and GSM
Author(s): D. Poornakumar, R. Periyanayaki, M. R. Pradheepa, N. Prakashkumar, S. Nandhini
Page(s): 115-118

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A Review on Biotin (Vitamin H)
Author(s): Nilesh N. Shinde, Shraddha T. Nemane, Yuvraj M. Katu, Ajid K. Mule, Sushil S. Kore
Page(s): 119-121

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Cryptocurrency: A Means for Economic Revolution
Author(s): Rudri Mehta
Page(s): 122-129

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Behaviour Transitions in Humans, - Triggered by Corona: A Descriptive Study
Author(s): A. Abirami, Reena Shyam
Page(s): 130-132

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Consumer Perception Towards Products and Services of Resilin Rubtech
Author(s): Darshan Patel, Dharmaraj Solanki
Page(s): 133-136

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Simulation of Runge-Kutta Fourth Order Method and Exact Analytic Solution and Determination of Error by Using MATLAB
Author(s): Janki M. Patel, Kinnari C. Patel
Page(s): 137-139

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Effective Use of Water for Farming Using IoT
Author(s): V. Shilpa, Dimple Bhatt, V. Deepika, B. S. Deepak, B. N. Kiran
Page(s): 140-143

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Optimization of Pozzolime Concrete with Silica Fume and Brick Dust
Author(s): D. Nanda Kumar, S. Tamil Selvi, M. Sandeep Kumar
Page(s): 144-147

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A Study On the Consumer Preference and Perception of Food Delivery Brands
Author(s): Guruprasad Muthuseshan, Radhika Goel, Ashish Chhajer
Page(s): 148-153

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Automation of Bio-Gas Plant to Reduce Failure Conditions
Author(s): Anil T. Lohar, Ketaki C.Mahalunge, Akanksha S. Patil, Nikita N. Patil, Prajakta R. Sud
Page(s): 154-156

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Design and Fabrication of Weed Removing Machine
Author(s): R. Thiruppathi, M. Chinraj, S. Karthikeyan, K. Kavibharthi, A. Mano Abinesh
Page(s): 157-160

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Crack Detection in Railway Track Using Image Processing
Author(s): Rasika Dhongadi, Prachi Lambat, Mahima Das, Shubham Hadge, Akhil Gotmare
Page(s): 161-164

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Security Holes: An Insight of Mobile Operating System
Author(s): Deepak Chahal, Akshay Singh, Anish Kumar
Page(s): 165-169

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Low Cost Eye Tracking System for Completely Locked-In Patients
Author(s): Rinkal Prakash Gatade, Manali Machindranath Mhaskar, Bhagyashree Ganesh Kokambe
Page(s): 170-172

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Overview of Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s): Deepak Chahal, Gurjeet Singh Padam, Varsha Khandelwal
Page(s): 173-175

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A Study On Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Ergonomic Aspects in Construction Projects
Author(s): W. Femina, R. Vino Priya, P. Rupa
Page(s): 176-184

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Medical Database Using Internet of Things
Author(s): S. J. Indra Prashanth, R. Harikrishnan, M. Kamalesh, U. Karthikeyan
Page(s): 185-187

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An Efficient Spam Detection System for Online Reviews Using Advance Data Mining Algorithms
Author(s): Sonali Ratnakar Nawale, S. M. Aher
Page(s): 188-191

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Use of Hexacopter for Agriculture Application – A Review
Author(s): C. E. Kolambe, S. D. Dalavi, S. V. Bundele, S. R. Jadhav, S. S. Gaikwad
Page(s): 192-193

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Design and Analysis of Heat Exchanger and Condenser in PA Plant
Author(s): K. Dhilip, N. Dhanushraj, T. Jagadeesan, S. Ramya
Page(s): 194-198

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Scenario of FMCG Sector in India After Implementation of GST
Author(s): Ashish Chhajer, Divakar Sharma, Aditya Patel
Page(s): 199-202

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An Exploratory Study of Blockchain Technology and its Future Applications
Author(s): Salomi S. Thomas
Page(s): 203-208

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Batch Cycle Time Optimization of Characteristics for Automotive Coatings
Author(s): S. Azhaguvel, S. Karthick, T. Vijay, B. Ganesh
Page(s): 209-211

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Optimum Use of Matrix and Linear Algebra for Technological Development for Human Being in Real Life
Author(s): Reena M. Patel, Falguni M. Patel
Page(s): 212-215

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Design of Debutanizer Column to Increase the Production of Polyisobutene
Author(s): C. Ajith Kumar, K. S. Ajithram, K. Kannan, B. Ganesh
Page(s): 216-220

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Impact and Suggestive Measures for Education, Banking, Insurance and NBFCs in India On the Outburst of COVID-19
Author(s): Prasad Naik, Yash Babrekar
Page(s): 221-224

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A Study on Application of Data Analytics in Different Sectors
Author(s): S. Krishnaprabha, R. Rahul
Page(s): 225-229

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Automated Copra Grading System Using AI
Author(s): K. Sri Poojitha, R. Teena, V. Udhaya Prabha, S. R. Janani, T. Kalaikumaran
Page(s): 230-234

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Experimental Study On Concrete with Foundry Sand
Author(s): S. Shibu Jain
Page(s): 235-238

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Seismic Performance of Elevated Water Tank
Author(s): M. Vinu
Page(s): 239-244

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Experimental Investigation of Self-Healing Concrete
Author(s): S. Shijilin Prem Shirold
Page(s): 245-249

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A Review on Aeroplane Detector in Restricted Area
Author(s): Satish Bangar, Ashutosh Mhaske, Sourav Chakranarayan, Abhishek Jabade, Amita Dubey
Page(s): 250-251

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Practice of Work Life Balance in Order to Improve Organizational Performance
Author(s): Ananta Sahu, Bibekananda Rana
Page(s): 252-254

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Production of Biopolymer from Bones
Author(s): B. Ganesh
Page(s): 255-256

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Herbal Antimicrobial, Antiseptic Dusting Powder of, Seeds of Daucus Carota L., Curcuma Longa, Leaves of Azadirachta Indica, Seeds of Trachyspermum Ammi
Author(s): Kotwal Sonali Balasaheb, Sonali Y. Shitole, Ravi Hole, Kunal Hake
Page(s): 257-260

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Detecting and Classifying Fetal Brain Abnormalities Using Deep Learning
Author(s): Pooja Jagadeesh, S. Subashini, R. Vaishnava Lakshmi
Page(s): 261-266

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Analysis of Pile Cap with Geo Textiles Fibre Using ANSYS
Author(s): M. Anila, V. Anisha Mol
Page(s): 267-271

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Does Digital and Social Media Marketing Play a Major Role in Consumer Behaviour?
Author(s): Manu Vasudevan Unni
Page(s): 272-278

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An IoT Cloud Based ECG Monitoring System
Author(s): Vaishnavi Pisal, Ashwini Tarate, Shrutika Shinde, Sonal Nikam
Page(s): 279-281

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The Study of Flexural Behavior of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars in Reinforced Concrete
Author(s): H. Hanio Merinkline
Page(s): 282-285

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Decolorization of Scrubber Wastewater by Reduction and Coagulation Process
Author(s): E. Sundarrajan, R. Thirumangai, V. Hemachandar, B. Ganesh
Page(s): 286-289

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Anomaly Based Network Intrusion Detection Using Ensemble Machine Learning Technique
Author(s): Y. Vinoth Kumar, K. Kamatchi
Page(s): 290-297

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A Smart Driving License System in RTO Using IoT
Author(s): R. Aarthi, M. Ragave, G. Ragavi, M. Geetha
Page(s): 298-301

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A Review On Utilization of Cow Dung in Plaster and Concrete
Author(s): P. Magudeaswaran, Swathy Vijayan, S. Vishnu Priya, V. Muthukumar, R. Mohan
Page(s): 302-305

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Impact of COVID-19 On Agricultural Marketing in India
Author(s): Mahesh Mahadeo Kadam, Ajitkumar Rowniyar, Hema Yadav
Page(s): 306-311

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Smart Grid Technology in Distribution System
Author(s): Kanchan Rajwani, Sudhanshu Kumar Pandey, Divya Gulati, Jitendra Saini, Subash Chandra Swami
Page(s): 312-315

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The Capital Structure Position of Indian Industries an Analysis of Indian Industries
Author(s): Rohan K. Patel
Page(s): 316-320

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Brain IoT: Design and Development of Virtual Brain to Life for the Secrets
Author(s): P. Sangeetha, P. Sangeetha, B. Sowndharya, K. Sri Lakshmi, B. Sharmila
Page(s): 321-323

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SDN Enable Value-Based Traffic Management in Resource Constrained Sensor Devices
Author(s): K. Vinodh Kumar
Page(s): 324-327

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A Hypothetic Study of Experiential Sellout and its Influence on Underwriter at Online Platform
Author(s): Reeta Tyagi, Manisha Yadav, Sushil Kumar
Page(s): 328-331

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Implementation of ALU by Vedic Algorithm
Author(s): D. Sai Shradha, Ch. Kavya Madhuri, B. Ravi, D. Sudheer, K. Madhavarao
Page(s): 332-334

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Reactive Power and Voltage Control of Generator Protection for Steam Power Plant
Author(s): R. Joe Chandran, D. Ashok
Page(s): 335-339

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An Experimental Study On Properties of Lightweight Concrete Using Foaming Agent
Author(s): S. Saji Pray
Page(s): 340-342

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Development of Environment Monitoring and Controlling System in Greenhouse Using IoT
Author(s): Rutuja Jagdale, Tejaswini Bagal, Sonal Nikam, Deepika Kore
Page(s): 343-345

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Machine Learning for Vaccines
Author(s): Deepak Chahal, Anjali Singhal, Gaganmeet Bahri
Page(s): 346-349

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IoT Based Fire Fighting Robot
Author(s): S. Alone, K. Mahakalkar, T. Madankar, P. Maske
Page(s): 350-351

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Removal of Contaminant in Soil by Column Equipment
Author(s): V. Monisha
Page(s): 352-353

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Implementation and Validation of Zero Liquid Discharge System
Author(s): S. Kalidhasan, S. Logeshwaran, E. Vignesh, B. Ganesh
Page(s): 354-355

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An Experimental Investigation On Concrete Strength for Replacing Fine Aggregate by Filtration Waste
Author(s): R. Shalisha
Page(s): 356-359

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E-Gram Panchayat
Author(s): Satish R. Shelar, Sagar Hanumant Totare, Priyanka Vasant Ipkal, Poonam Balusing Pardeshi
Page(s): 360-362

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Deep Learning-Based Grading of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Semantic Segmentation
Author(s): Razat Agarwal, Aditya Mahamuni, Noopur Gautam, Piyush Awachar, Parth Sagar
Page(s): 363-365

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Load Balancing Mechanism for Web Servers Based on Software Defined Networking Using POX Controller
Author(s): Shubham Khochare, Nikhil Ghadi, Akshay Waghmare, Sachin Darekar
Page(s): 366-369

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Automatic Management and Segregation of Images
Author(s): Sonali Mhatre, Omkar Patil, Omkar Malbari, Shubham Tayshete
Page(s): 370-372

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Lane Detection Using Tensorflow
Author(s): Arushi Jaitley, Anshika Singhal, Apoorva Singh, Ayushi Agaarwal, Arpesh Kumar Singh
Page(s): 373-375

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Credit Loan by Direct Selling Agent Using Customer Relationship Management
Author(s): Pragati Khond, Prerana Dhale, Shweta Zoting, A. R. Dandekar
Page(s): 376-380

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A Comprehensive Review of Approaches and Challenges of a Recommendation System
Author(s): Lakshmi Narke, Azra Nasreen
Page(s): 381-384

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Spammer Detection and Fake User Identification on Social Networks
Author(s): V. N. V. L. S. Swathi, B. Mouna Shruthi, R. Himavanth Kumar
Page(s): 385-388

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Heart Disease Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): P. Kishoreraja, S. Palanivel Rajan, Aagnay Kariyal, T. Palani Raja
Page(s): 389-392

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Exam Cell Automation
Author(s): Harshita Suvarna, Shuhul Koul
Page(s): 393-395

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Picture Based System to Resist Surfing Attack
Author(s): Vishal Wakunj, Aishwarya Dhumal, Ketan Kachve, Priyanka Kurumkar
Page(s): 396-399

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Intermolecular Interaction Studies of Chlorpheniramine with 1-methanol at 303K
Author(s): Sampandam Elangovan, Tilahun Diriba Garbi, Yilak Alemu Abbo
Page(s): 400-402

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Experimental Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Dry Cooling Method by Using Phase Change Material
Author(s): P. L. Navaneethakrishnan, G. Naga Shanmuga Pradeep, M. Pugalenthi, P. Ramkumar, C. Sathish
Page(s): 403-405

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Bridge Health Detection System
Author(s): Namrata Rade, Chavan Mayuri, Ghadge Pragati, Lonkar Shweta, Shelke Dipti
Page(s): 406-409

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Comparative Study On Seismic Behaviour of Flat Slab and Grid Slab Using ETABS
Author(s): P. Sharmini, X. Steni
Page(s): 410-413

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A Review On Dissimilar Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium Alloys
Author(s): S. Vignesh, K. Akshaya, B. Bhavadharani, C. Divya Dharsini
Page(s): 414-418

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Optimization of Raw Material Usage and Improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in Injection Moulding Process
Author(s): G. Vasantha Kumar, K. Vimalraj, T. N. Jegadesh, B. Ganesh
Page(s): 419-424

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Production of Biodiesel from Mahua Oil
Author(s): B. Ganesh, S. Velmurugan, S. Ramya, G. Sampath Kumar, G. Mohan Kumar
Page(s): 425-427

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Sign Language Translation System for Dumb and Deaf
Author(s): S. S. Kadam, Bhagyashree Sarode, Chinmayee Modak, Khushboo Singh
Page(s): 428-430

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Surveillance Robot Using Raspberry Pi
Author(s): Rutuja Dhumal, Kalyani Deshmukh, Kajal Patil, Varsha Surwase
Page(s): 431-434

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Smart Mirror-Assistant for Smart Life
Author(s): Sonali Dambre, Dilshad Shaikh, Kiran Shinde, Komal Patil
Page(s): 435-437

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Banking Products with Reference to HDFC Bank Ltd.
Author(s): Shagun Pandey, Ankit Jaiswal, Piyush Tyagi, Shweta Kataria, Mayur Phatak
Page(s): 438-443

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Working Capital Management of Nestle India
Author(s): Kamma Arpitha, Pavan Kumar
Page(s): 444-447

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Vehicle Crash Avoidance and Security System
Author(s): Janhavi Sakhare, Saurabh Borde, Tejshri Phand, Ayusha Zagade, Aayub Mulani
Page(s): 448-450

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Energy Generation Through Footsteps Using Piezoelectric Sensor
Author(s): JP. Divya, J. Sree Vidya, C. V. Sneha, G. Roopa
Page(s): 451-452

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Enhanced Honey Encryption Algorithm on e-mail with Increased Message Space
Author(s): Apoorv Singh, Chandraket Singh, Samridhi Mishra
Page(s): 453-456

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Experimental Investigation of Flexural Member with Opening in Web
Author(s): P. M. Eso Kumary Paul, E. Abina Evanchalin
Page(s): 457-460

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Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Vegetation Index Changing Due to Precipitation in Erode District, Tamilnadu
Author(s): M. Devaki, V. Manikandan, S. M. Meganathan, V. Monisa, P. Mugila
Page(s): 461-464

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Fruits Quality Management System
Author(s): Nazish Fatima, Bhosale Komal, Kadam Sayali, Kamthe Pooja, Mohite Prerna
Page(s): 465-467

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A Review of Phytosome as a Good Carrier
Author(s): Gita Sahu
Page(s): 468-470

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Artificial Intelligence in Modern Technology
Author(s): Natasha Kumawat, Pankaj Bhamriya, Divya Vashistha, Aniruddh Saxena, Avinash Kumar, Varsha Kumari Sen
Page(s): 471-473

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Predicting Temperature of the Computer System Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Shubham Temkar, Chetan Bora, Rohit Piske
Page(s): 474-476

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A Study of Savings and Investment Pattern of Salaried Person with Special Reference to North Gujarat Region
Author(s): Monal Kumar Babulal Sathvara
Page(s): 477-481

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A Study on Use of ICT by Rural Households in India with Special Reference to Agriculture
Author(s): Kaushik Kishore Phukon, Manashi Hazarika
Page(s): 482-487

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Impact of GST in Construction Industry
Author(s): Nikhil P. Rane, Pranav K. Lende
Page(s): 488-491

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Design of a Smart Wheel Chair
Author(s): P. Shivani, P. Bhagya Sri, G. Meghana, Ch. Vandana
Page(s): 492-496

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A Smart System for Donation Handling of Charitable Trusts and NGO's
Author(s): Satish R. Shelar, Stella Raju Salve, Aishwarya Santosh Kedari
Page(s): 497-499

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Analysis of DORA - Digital Optimized Real-Time Assistant
Author(s): K. M. Aldar, Shital Ganpat Mare, Madhura Anilkumar Khadake, Rahul Ramesh Patil
Page(s): 500-502

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Automat Stationer
Author(s): Radhika Laddha, Anuj Shah, Parth Kasodariya, Shubham Dadsena, Sandeep Mishra
Page(s): 503-505

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Food Recognition and Nutrition Estimation Using Deep Learning
Author(s): Abhishek Chaturvedi, Chetan Waghade, Shraddha Mehta, Sneha Ghugare, Ashish Dandekar
Page(s): 506-510

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A Study On Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic On Food and Agriculture Sector in MH State
Author(s): Amit K. Patil, Aditya Bavadekar, Ganesh Rao, Abhijeet Thange, Nitpal Singh
Page(s): 511-513

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Virtual Speed Breaker
Author(s): U. Karthikeyan, E. Govardhanan, M. Kaaviya, V. Gokul Sundar
Page(s): 514-515

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A Review on Hybrid Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems
Author(s): K. Saravanan
Page(s): 516-520

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Productivity Improvement in Small Scale Industry Through Plant Layout
Author(s): Priyanka Sonawane, Rahul Deore
Page(s): 521-523

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GUI Based Prediction of Electricity Price and Units for College Appliances Using Random Forest Technique
Author(s): D. Beulah Pretty
Page(s): 524-527

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Smart Mirror Using Raspberry Pi
Author(s): Paresh Mhatre, Anchal Awari
Page(s): 528-530

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Design and Fabrication of Air Conditioning in Confined Space
Author(s): A. Vimal, M. Ajay, R. Ashwath, P. Chandrakand, R. Dhamodhara Prasad
Page(s): 531-534

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A Study On Consumer Satisfaction Towards After Sales Services
Author(s): Fenny Patel, Dharmaraj Solankil
Page(s): 535-537

View Article
Visual Cryptography - A Secure Medium
Author(s): Aashutosh Sehgal, Abhinav Chaudhary, Aditya Sangwan, Ajay Sharawat, Vishal Jayaswal
Page(s): 538-540

View Article
A Comprehensive Study On Need of Cyber Security
Author(s): Abhishek Bhardwaj, Justin Devassy
Page(s): 541-543

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Smart Traffic Systems Using Li-Fi Technology
Author(s): M. Vasavi, A. P. Sudha, G. R. Vasantha Priya, S. Sylvia Irish
Page(s): 544-546

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The Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Principle in Automobile Industry
Author(s): Ashwini M. Bharshankar, Rahul Deore
Page(s): 547-551

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A Study on the Behavior of Recycled Aggregate in SCC
Author(s): Anuj Kumar Sharma, Sumit Sharma, Nishkant Gautam, Sumit Ahirvar, Indrajeet Sharma, Mitendra Yadav, Chandan Gupta
Page(s): 552-554

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Smart Rationing System Using RFID Technology
Author(s): Prachi Dhuri, Siddhi Tawde, Aditi Patade, Pratidnya Shejwal, Sunil Patil
Page(s): 555-557

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A Study On the Microbiological Quality of Raw Chicken Meat in Dehradun
Author(s): Adeeba Naaz, Neha Agarwal, Irtiqa Syed, Rajendra Prasad
Page(s): 558-563

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Diagnosis of Dermatological Diseases Using 3D Imaging and Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): J. Soniya, M. Ramyaa, M. Suruthi, S. Annie Sheryl
Page(s): 564-570

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An Audio Aid for Indoor Navigation for the Blind
Author(s): Monika Rathod, Alfiya Mukadam, Priyanka Koli, Santosh Tamboli
Page(s): 571-573

View Article
Alarm Communication Management Using Open Access Protocol
Author(s): H. J. Shwetha, N. Rajesh
Page(s): 574-577

View Article
Optimization of Resources and Productivity Using Festoon System
Author(s): Kalpesh Khairnar, Rahul Deore
Page(s): 578-580

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Personalized Cancer Diagnosis
Author(s): V. N. V. L. S. Swathi, Varun Vanaparthi, Sudhamshu Challa, P. Venkat Narayana
Page(s): 581-585

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To Find Mechanical and Durability Property of Self-Curing Concrete Using PEG-400 Reinforced with Steel Fiber
Author(s): Shweta Gundecha, Snehal Mali, Tanmay Thorve, Prajakta Sakhare, Vaishali Satvi, Salma Sayyed
Page(s): 586-589

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Automobile Black Box for Accident Analysis
Author(s): P. Ardra, Ayisha, Ayisha Showkath, M. R. Sruthy
Page(s): 590-592

View Article
Earthquake Detector Using Arduino
Author(s): Silja Varghese, Acksa Varghese, Aiswarya Jagadees, E. K. Anupriya Vijayan
Page(s): 593-595

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IoT Based Landslide Detection and Monitoring System
Author(s): M. R. Sruthy, R. Anjana, R. Archana, V. Dhanya, A. H. Hridya
Page(s): 596-599

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Lateral Placement of Vehicles on Urban Arterials Under Mixed Traffic Conditions
Author(s): Devendra Suresh Gavande, P. L. Naktode
Page(s): 600-606

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Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Shaft Drive Bicycle Without Chain
Author(s): Madugundu Ganesh, K. P. Archana, K. Hari Prasad, Chandrashekar Ankad, G. Sudhakar
Page(s): 607-610

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Android Application for Accessing Bosch Rexroth PLC
Author(s): N. Senthil Madasamy, B. Aishvarya, K. Deepak Kumar, K. Vinith
Page(s): 611-613

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Optimization of the Combination of Polymer Formulation of Salbutamol Sulphate Microspheres by Inotropic Gelation Method
Author(s): Priya P. Mane Deshmukh, Harshada S. Deshmukh, Devta H. Shinde, Swapnali S. Jadhav
Page(s): 614-617

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A Multi-Objective Model for Locating Fire Stations in Nagpur City
Author(s): Vivek Sharma, Aniruddha Ramteke
Page(s): 618-622

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An Efficient Method for Theft Detection in Software Defined Network
Author(s): Kalyani Gade, Pranali Panchwagh, Unnati Sarode, Shubham Naikwadi, Anisaara Nadaph
Page(s): 623-624

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Seismic Analysis of a RCC Dome Using Staadpro - A Review
Author(s): Sunil Payghan, Amit Bankar, Bhushan Sonawane, Gaurav Gawai, Harsh Nyati
Page(s): 625-629

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Microbial Remediation of Spilled Petroleum
Author(s): Deeshna, K. P. Athira, S. Abinaya, S. Dhanyaa, P. Arun
Page(s): 630-632

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Intelligent Taxi Route Recommendation
Author(s): Bhawana Dakhare, Monika Gajare, Shreya Kasurde, Nikhila Thasale
Page(s): 633-637

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Plant Leaf Disease Identification System Using MATLAB
Author(s): B. S. Murugan, V. S. Sharmilaa Thaarani, A. Subathira, M. Vishanthini Devi
Page(s): 638-641

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Dynamic Identification of Spam Words, Phishing URL’s, Misleading Products, Agencies and Categorization of Message System
Author(s): M. Dhivya, S. Anbarasi, J. Nivetha, I. Preethi
Page(s): 642-646

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Automatic Pill Dispenser and Consumption Monitoring System
Author(s): S. Jayamani, D. Mohanram, L. Nandhakumaran, T. Nila, S. Nivetha
Page(s): 647-649

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Smart Electronic Voting Machine System
Author(s): Harshad Gaikwad, Sayali Mahadik, Sayali Athawale, Rohini Gaykar, Tilottama Dhake
Page(s): 650-652

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A Review On Compressor Less Refrigerator
Author(s): S. Vignesh, S. Karthiban, S. Karthikean, R. Kishore, S. Manikandamoorthi
Page(s): 653-655

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A Study on Customers Satisfaction Towards Products of Hero MotoCorp
Author(s): Preet Kamlesh Patel, Taral Patel
Page(s): 656-660

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Modeling Smarty Web Search Engine Using XML Cluster
Author(s): U. Tharani Chitra
Page(s): 661-664

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Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic System for Material Handling in Three Directions
Author(s): Suraj Dashrath Potphode, Seema Rewatkar, Vijay B. Sirboina, Nitin B. Maske, Rahul Kuthe, Tekeshwar Bhaje, Vaibhav Thakre
Page(s): 665-666

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Management of Equipment in Construction
Author(s): Anagha Jaijith
Page(s): 667-671

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Internet of Things Based Weather Broadcasting
Author(s): Ankush Sukhdeo Daund, Sumeet Mohan Daund, Sadashiv Prabhakar Shinde
Page(s): 672-674

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Sentiment Analysis - A Survey
Author(s): S. Palanisamy, S. Gavaskar
Page(s): 675-678

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Criminal Identification System Using Face Detection and Recognition
Author(s): Abhinav Kumar, Aakash Jain, Aayush Chaudhary, Akshay Malik, Anuradha Taluja
Page(s): 679-681

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Autonomous Indoor Mapping Using Raspberry Pi
Author(s): S. R. Sridhar, R. Praveen, M. Neu Pramod, T. Jagadesh
Page(s): 682-685

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Identification of Misbehaviour and Packet Loss Activities in Mobile Adhoc Network
Author(s): G. Malathi
Page(s): 686-693

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