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Volume-1, Issue-10, October-2018
Last date for Submission (Phase-4 (Last Phase)): 26-10-2018
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ISSN (Online):  2581-5782
Topics and Discipline: Engineering, Science and Management
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IJRESM, Welcomes research papers, case studies, survey papers, academic project works, scholarly articles, academic articles, original or extended version of previously published papers in conferences, scholarly journals, and basic advances in the fields of Engineering, Science, and Management (But not limited to).

Aims & Scope

The scope of IJRESM is focused on Engineering, Science, and Management, from the viewpoints in the advancement of research. The scope covers modeling, design, analysis, and implementation in all aspects of engineering, science, and management. The following list of disciplines is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather to indicate disciplines that fall within the journal purview, but not limited to. 

IJRESM accept papers from any topic or research area in Engineering, Science and Management (But not limited to).

Mission Statement

The International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science, and Management (IJRESM) is an international journal for the dissemination of technical, Sciences, and managerial research, aiming at interdisciplinary research over academia and industry for the prosperity of the society.