How to Publish a Paper in a Journal?

If you are looking for paper publication in journal. Then this article gives an overview of how to publish paper in a journal.

How to Publish Paper in a Journal?

  • As an author, the first step is to prepare your paper in a word file (Either single column or double column). (Note: Some journals will ask to submit in the journal template format).
  • The next step is to select a journal to publish paper.
  • Once you select the journal, you should submit your paper using the journals submission system.
  • The next step is the review process, where the editor of the journal will check the quality of the paper and send the paper to review.
  • After review, the editor will make the decision on the paper. (It can be either Accept, Reject, Revision)
  • If the paper is accepted, it will be processed for publication. (A detailed guide for paper publication)

How to Publish Paper Fast?

  • The first step is to prepare your paper in a word file.
  • Read the publication process of the journal (Click here to read publication process or author guidelines of IJRESM Journal)
  • Submit your paper for review (Click here to submit)
  • You will get the decision on your paper in 24 hours.
  • After acceptance, the paper will be published in 3 days.

How to Publish a Project Paper or Engineering Paper?

At the graduation level or post-graduation level, the students carry out projects as their academic requirement.

The institutes or the professors, encourage the students to publish their project as a paper.

See the next paragraph on how to prepare a paper for publication.

Once the paper is ready, you can select journals like “International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management” to publish your paper.

Read the publication process here

Submit your paper here

How to Prepare a Paper from a Project or Thesis?

The basic structure of the paper should include,

    • Title
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Literature survey
    • Methodology/Main work
    • Results and Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • References
  1. After completion of the project, you should first prepare the methodology/main work carried out in the project.
  2. Next prepare the Results and Discussion section. In which you should analyze or elaborate on the outcome of the project.
  3. Next, write the conclusion section, which will be generally written in the past tense.
  4. Next, prepare the Introduction section. This should include a brief overview of the project topic in general. (For example: If your project is analyzing the COVID spread prediction using Machine Learning. The introduction may be, How and where COVID has begun. Lockdown, Health issues, Economy, and so on… This is a general discussion on the topic). Note: This is just for an idea. Introduction can be written in different ways.
  5. As an undergraduate, the amount of literature survey done by the student is minimum. Hence, if you have done any study on the previous works that are related to your project work, then you can include the literature survey section followed by the problem statement.
  6. The next step is to prepare the abstract. The abstract is the brief version of your work.
  7. Then select a meaningful title. For example, COVID spread prediction using Machine Learning. A meaningful title can be “A Study on COVID spread prediction using Machine Learning”
  8. References are the research articles you have studied, websites links, textbooks you have referred, etc.
  • The extended version of your paper will be your thesis.
  • The shorter version of your thesis will be your paper. (With the sections mentioned above).